Paint.NET :: Resizing Canvas To Object

Jun 14, 2013

I have a rectangular object directly on a transparent background. Is there an easy way to resize the canvas to the object? 

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Paint.NET :: Canvas Resizing When Importing Picture?

Aug 17, 2011

I'm trying to make a picture compostion out of several pictures. I want the canvas to be fixed from the beginning and stay fixed. The problem is that whenever I add a picture using "Layer -> Import from file" and the imported picture is larger than the canvas the canvas get resized to the size of the imported pictue. Is there a way to prevent that?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Fit Large Object To Canvas?

Mar 3, 2012

I'm guessing that this is a super simple question, but evidently I'm not sharp enough to figure it out....I've imported a bitmap file [.tif] into PP, & it's MUCH larger than the letter-size canvas I'm using. So I'm wondering what the simple method is to fit that bitmap to the canvas. The thing that's driving me nuts is, I select this big bitmap [it's roughly 3300 px by 2800 px, FWIW], go into Image > Resample, & under "Image size" it's giving me 11.0 x 8.5! And why PP is saying that the image is already the same size as the canvas--well that's why I'm writing this post. Cause I don't know why.

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GIMP :: Resizing Images To Fit The Canvas?

Aug 12, 2012

I can size the canvas perfectly, but when I add an image as a layer and try to resize the image, it will not resize to fit the canvas.

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Paint.NET :: Canvas Size Shrink When Creating New File / Canvas

Jun 3, 2011

When I go to create a File/New Canvas, sometimes the canvas area shrinks a lot.

Is it possible to keep the original canvas size ?

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Photoshop :: Keep Guides Centered When Resizing Canvas

Nov 7, 2012

I'm working on a 960 grid layout, with all the vertical guides showing the grid.
I want to increase my canvas width from 960 to 1200, keeping the artwork centred, so in the canvas size dialog box I select the center anchor. Unfortunately this keeps the artwork centred but the guides always move left, as if they're anchored to the left of the canvas.  This means the guides are no longer in position.
Is there any way to add more canvas to both sides while keeping the guides where they are relative to the artwork?

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GIMP :: Resizing Image Resizes Canvas?

Oct 2, 2011

I have a canvas and it's 2048x2048 the image is 2041x2041 but there's this ugly gap on the sides and if I use the zealous crop tool it changes the canvas to 2041x2041. This aint what I want.

I want the image to be 2048 with the canvas so, I do image resize, thinkin oh this will work.

but nah, if I image resize it changes the whole canvas, I just want the image to change, and besides that if the canvas is 2048 the image resize tool will say the Image is 2048 even though the image it's self is 2041. So I guess what I'm sayin is there's a bug or something which makes the image resize tool resize the canvas instead.

So how would I go about resizing my image to fit the 2048 canvas?

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Photoshop Elements :: 7.0 Image And Canvas Resizing

Jan 14, 2014

I've scanned and saved a paw print from my dog with the purpose of shrinking it to be able to make a stamp. But every-time I resize the image to 1.5 cm and the canvas size to 4 cms more (5.5 cm) when I come to print it (luckily haven't printed on expensive special paper yet) the settings change and it comes out bigger?

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Photoshop :: How To Stop 3D Text From Resizing / When Resize Canvas

May 12, 2013

When I resize canvas my 3d text also resizes.How do you stop the 3d text from resizing when canvas resizes?

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Photoshop :: How To Stop 3D Text From Resizing When Resize Canvas

Apr 15, 2012

When I resize canvas my 3d text also resizes. How do you stop the 3d text from resizing when canvas resizes???

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Photoshop :: CS6 Glitch - Resizing And Transforming Things Canvas Goes Blank (black)?

Jan 16, 2013

i have installed photoshop cs6 on my computer and have this problem... usually when im resizing and transforming things, either the canvas goes blank (black) or outside the canvas in the photoshop window get pixelated (the pixel grid shows up) and it is glitchy.[URL]...

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Photoshop Elements :: Resizing Canvas For A Photo (TIFF) - Extension Color Grayed Out

Nov 26, 2012

When resizing the canvas for a photo in some but not all saved images the canvas extension color is greyed out. The particular photo is saved as a Tiff. Why is this and how can I solve the problem.

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Update Outline Width After Resizing Object If Scale With Object Selected

Dec 14, 2013

Resizing objects is a mess in CorelDRAW X6 when objects are outlined with Scale With Object enabled to retain proportions after resizing.

None of the tools dealing with outlines (e.g. Contour or even Outline itself) continue to work properly after resizing the object.

I strongly suggest to recalculate outline property values after resizing if Scale With Object is checked. Don't just do it hidden somewhere internally in the object model by applying a temporary scaling factor. Instead actually recalculate the actual property values if Scale With Object is checked.

CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X6.4  @  Windows 7/Windows 8 - 64 Bit, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

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3ds Max :: Viewport Canvas Object Disappears

May 21, 2013

The viewport canvas is a great tool, I have had it working in previous versions of max but in 2013 I just can't get it to work.

The object it's self has been unwrapped and collapsed to poly no different to what I've done in the past. I bring up the viewport canvas dialog box and everything is normal until I select the paint brush tool and the object disappears, it's still in the scene but I just can't see it, it seems as though the viewport clipping has become very narrow, closing the dialog box the object returns. I've tried large and small objects, nitrous and direct x, and nothing seems to work.

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Illustrator :: How To Canvas Fit To Copied Object

Aug 11, 2012

I know you cant crop in Illustrator like you can in Photoshop.But is it possible to copy an object and create a new canvas and have it so that it fits exactly to the object? I just want an object on its own, but I dont know how to do this if it is possible.

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AutoCad :: Basic 3D Object Resizing

Nov 29, 2011

I was wondering how you can resize 3d objects, eg) there is a wall 5 feet long and a hole for a window 1ft from the left. How can I resize the wall to, say 9ft with the window hole staying 1ft from the left hand side? Assume I can only resize from the LHS as the RHS is attached to another wall or something.

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Photoshop :: Add Canvas To Cropped Smart Object

Aug 21, 2012

Using PS6 64 bit.
I bring in an image as a smart object, crop it (with 'delete cropped pixels' checked) and then attempt to add canvas on all sides. The image reverts to its pre-cropped size with the added canvas on 3 sides.
If I flatten the smart object before adding canvas, it works fine.
Is there any way to get this to work with a smart object?

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Photoshop :: Smart Object Masks Resizing

Nov 5, 2013

I have encountered a problem with the masks I use on smart object layers resizing so that they only extend to the bounds of the image they are masking in photoshop cc. The problem occurring is that many times the mask is 1px too small, and leaves a hairline border of the masked image visible. This seems to be happening when the smart object is saved/updated or resized. One work around is placing this smart object in a group and then masking that group, but this is not an ideal way to organize my files and is not always applicable.

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CorelDRAW X3 :: Resizing Restrictions - Set Restraints To Object

Jul 8, 2011

I'm trying to create an object that has a minimum size restriction, so it can be increased in size but it can't be reduced beyond a set size. Is this possible?

Also is it possible to set restraints to an object so that it can only be resized in proportion to itself, i.e. it can only be resized using the diagonal points rather the horizontal/vertical points as this may alter the object (e.g. squash or stretch the object).

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Paint.NET :: Resizing By Percentage

Mar 19, 2011

I have some hand drawn patterns that need resizing by percentage and printed. However, when I resize, it shows exactly the same and prints exactly the same.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Canvas Size After SP2

Jul 4, 2012

Image menu>canvas size: I can no longer type new dimensions in the number boxes. I have to use the sliders or the arrow keys.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Canvas Size On X4

Dec 13, 2011

I've been using PSP for a long time now (fisrtly PSP7 and now PSP9) and I wanted to buy the new version PSPX4. I downloaded the free-trial version and I saw that it is impossible to generate files bigger than 10'000x10'000 pixels. In the canvas size menu, it's impossible to give a higher number. The problem is that a made bigger files with PSP9 and I'd like to keep on working on it without resizing them.

So my question is : Is it only a limitation of the trial version or is it simply impossible to work with bigger images than 10k x 10k ? I hope there is a simple solution because PSP9 encounters some problems with Win7...

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Paint.NET :: How To Restrict Size Of The Canvas

Jul 9, 2013

I like quite a bit more than Gimp. I do, however, like the Single Window Mode in Gimp, allowing me to tab my windows together, then lock the cluster to the side. It doesn't cover the image, either.
I was just wondering if there is a plug in that would emulate something similar for I can't stand constantly moving my windows around based on the size of my image. It drives me up a wall. Even something to restrict the size of the canvas, so it can't go under the windows would work.

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Paint.NET :: How To Reveal Image Outside Canvas

Jan 8, 2013

If I paste an image which is larger than the canvas size, a part of the pasted image will be outside the canvas. How can I resize the canvas so it will reveal only the image outside the canvas but no extra white space is shown.
By using the built in "Resize canvas" function, there is a lot of trial and error involved.

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Paint.NET :: How To Copy Between Layers And New Canvas

Nov 24, 2012

I have pdn file that has multiple layers so when I go to the one I want to copy to another canvas entirely, I used the lasso selection tool and copy.

Well, it did but what it copied was a blank lasso with the nubs around it. I think (I was just trying any and everything to get it to copy the image not a blank.) I think! I made a duplicate layer and then it showed up.

Is that the way to transfer one layer's image into another canvas? Or is there a surer and easier way.

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Paint.NET :: Turn Off Shadow Of Canvas?

Apr 25, 2010

As I was cropping this image from a black background (not layered), I forgot to crop a single column of black pixels. However, I almost missed it, because the canvas always has a small shadow, for the simple purpose of looks. Is there any way to turn this off?

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Paint.NET :: Can't Get Text To Print On Canvas

Nov 19, 2012

ONLY--now when I go to the layer I made the original changes on in Text, it refuses to let me type new ones. The little symbol shows up and the long line for text size and placement, but it will not take the text.

My mentor who is out of pocket right now--hey you know who you are!--said I should try using esc because I probably had a selection hanging around. So I did--and did--and did. Even used ctrl z a few times thrown in! No luck.

I did manage to "fool" pdn enough to copy and post one of the text pieces I need, but no more. It's on to me.

I don't want to post a scrnshot because I don't want this particular thing on a public site like Photobucket. With my mentor we've been able to use email and attachments.

why the text tool won't work beyond placement and flashing vertical line.

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Paint.NET :: Moving Objects On The Canvas

May 16, 2011

I notice that, for example with the the text creator, you can move the text around the canvas before it "freezes up" so to speak

How can I move text, or an object, around after this happens

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Paint.NET :: Get Image To Stick Out Of Canvas?

Oct 7, 2011

How do u get an image to stick out of the sig or canvas? i know how to paste and render inside of the sig/canvas.

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Paint.NET :: Canvas / Font Sizes

Oct 10, 2013

using Paint for a few months with great results, but i'm having problems trying to get font sizes to fit a page i.e.A4, i set the canvas size dpi etc, but can't get for example the the letter H in Stencil font to fit to the page without selecting it and stretching it manually which makes it not look correct, the font size won't go past 288.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 Program Does Not Allow Resizing

Oct 7, 2012

Problems with the resize facility? The program does not allow resizing on some photographs but it does on others, even those taken on similar settings (same ISO) within minutes of each other. Pressing the resize option or the new button on some photos brings up the resize widow at top left of the screen with no data and only the word 'Static' where the original data should be shown and nothing in any of the other various boxes. Inputting data in any of the boxes does not work and the OK button does not work either. On other photos the usual resize window comes up in the middle of the screen with original photo data shown and all the usual options displayed for the required resize.

The same photographs which will not resize in X5 resize normally in my X3 version and I get the message "Requested parameter not found in the repository" when attempting to resize the photos on my laptop copy of X5.

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