GIMP :: Resizing Images To Fit The Canvas?

Aug 12, 2012

I can size the canvas perfectly, but when I add an image as a layer and try to resize the image, it will not resize to fit the canvas.

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GIMP :: Resizing Image Resizes Canvas?

Oct 2, 2011

I have a canvas and it's 2048x2048 the image is 2041x2041 but there's this ugly gap on the sides and if I use the zealous crop tool it changes the canvas to 2041x2041. This aint what I want.

I want the image to be 2048 with the canvas so, I do image resize, thinkin oh this will work.

but nah, if I image resize it changes the whole canvas, I just want the image to change, and besides that if the canvas is 2048 the image resize tool will say the Image is 2048 even though the image it's self is 2041. So I guess what I'm sayin is there's a bug or something which makes the image resize tool resize the canvas instead.

So how would I go about resizing my image to fit the 2048 canvas?

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GIMP :: Resizing The Two Images

Feb 3, 2012

I have two images that I didn't create, but need to be re-sized. A wide gradient bar with rounded-corners and a box with rounded corners (attached). I suspect I may need to recreate these in GIMP (unless there's another way).

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GIMP :: Resizing Causes Blurry Images?

Jun 6, 2011

I have a jpg file 1500x1024 pixels. If I resize it down to 400x300 and save it, the image quality is fine in the Gimp window. When I view it outside of Gimp, like in Image Viewer or FSpot its very blurry.

I resized the same image on a Mac using Photoshop and this did not happen, the resized image was perfect. Is it some sort of limitation in Gimp?

In the Scale Image dialog box the interpolation is set to Cubic. In the Save As jpeg dialog box I have checked Optimize Smoothing is set to 1.00 Subsamplingis set to Best Quality

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GIMP :: Resizing Images Blurs Everything

Jan 29, 2012

I have a 70x70 image that i need to shrink down to 40x40 in the preview when i shrink it down the image looks bloody perfect, however when i select OK it just blurs everything up. why cant gimp just keep the quality it has in the preview? its like it deliberately wants to ruin my day. I reduced the image in Cubic and in Sinc but neither was good enough.

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GIMP :: Process To Convert Canvas Size On Many Images?

Jun 9, 2012

I have a folder of 50 images. The images are all different sizes and dimensions (ranging from about 400x600 to 1600x900).

Separately, I have a little design on a canvas in HD dimensions (1920x1080).

The end goal is just to be able to lay out all the photos on the center of the canvas as 50 new individual images (with the HD dimensions of the background canvas).

Obviously, to load in 50 unique images and then export each of them would take a long time. So I was hoping that there is a way to both (a) automatically combine multiple unique images to a common background, and then (b) export them all.

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Paint.NET :: Resizing Canvas To Object

Jun 14, 2013

I have a rectangular object directly on a transparent background. Is there an easy way to resize the canvas to the object? 

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images With Resizing Tool

Dec 12, 2012

I need to be able to re-size images that are large than 1MB in order to put them on our MLS site.

My previous computer had 2 arrow icons on the desktop.

One was for re-sizing horizontal pics and the other for re-sizing vertical pics.

I could simply drag/drop the image file onto these re-sizing icons and they would be re-sized.

The smaller file size thumbnail would appear on the desktop.

How can I get these re-sizing tools on my new computer's desktop?

I am using CS6.

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Photoshop :: Keep Guides Centered When Resizing Canvas

Nov 7, 2012

I'm working on a 960 grid layout, with all the vertical guides showing the grid.
I want to increase my canvas width from 960 to 1200, keeping the artwork centred, so in the canvas size dialog box I select the center anchor. Unfortunately this keeps the artwork centred but the guides always move left, as if they're anchored to the left of the canvas.  This means the guides are no longer in position.
Is there any way to add more canvas to both sides while keeping the guides where they are relative to the artwork?

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Paint.NET :: Canvas Resizing When Importing Picture?

Aug 17, 2011

I'm trying to make a picture compostion out of several pictures. I want the canvas to be fixed from the beginning and stay fixed. The problem is that whenever I add a picture using "Layer -> Import from file" and the imported picture is larger than the canvas the canvas get resized to the size of the imported pictue. Is there a way to prevent that?

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Photoshop Elements :: 7.0 Image And Canvas Resizing

Jan 14, 2014

I've scanned and saved a paw print from my dog with the purpose of shrinking it to be able to make a stamp. But every-time I resize the image to 1.5 cm and the canvas size to 4 cms more (5.5 cm) when I come to print it (luckily haven't printed on expensive special paper yet) the settings change and it comes out bigger?

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Photoshop :: How To Stop 3D Text From Resizing / When Resize Canvas

May 12, 2013

When I resize canvas my 3d text also resizes.How do you stop the 3d text from resizing when canvas resizes?

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Photoshop :: How To Stop 3D Text From Resizing When Resize Canvas

Apr 15, 2012

When I resize canvas my 3d text also resizes. How do you stop the 3d text from resizing when canvas resizes???

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Photoshop :: CS6 Glitch - Resizing And Transforming Things Canvas Goes Blank (black)?

Jan 16, 2013

i have installed photoshop cs6 on my computer and have this problem... usually when im resizing and transforming things, either the canvas goes blank (black) or outside the canvas in the photoshop window get pixelated (the pixel grid shows up) and it is glitchy.[URL]...

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Photoshop Elements :: Resizing Canvas For A Photo (TIFF) - Extension Color Grayed Out

Nov 26, 2012

When resizing the canvas for a photo in some but not all saved images the canvas extension color is greyed out. The particular photo is saved as a Tiff. Why is this and how can I solve the problem.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Many Images

Aug 12, 2004

I've about three hundred images that I want re-sized (they're currently around 3000 pixels wide).

Is there a way to re-size them all at the click of a button? Can I for instance record an action, and then apply it to all the images at once?

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images Clearly

Feb 20, 2004

I take photos of jewelry and work with them in Photoshop 6.0. I'm trying to take photo of very small items in closeup mode. If I print them out at normal size, they come out very clear but if I resize them so that I may fit many shots on a 8.5 X 11 inch page, the become very blurry. How do I resize closeup shots in photoshop so that they come out clear at smaller sizes?

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images

Apr 16, 2008

I am using Photoshop CS (older version). I am having a problem with resizing images. Prior to sending this, everything was working okay and now nothing will resize. my file path was file menu > automate > batch > and then I would choose my source and destination for the resized images.

In the end, all the newly resized images would stay the same size as before.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images

Sep 22, 2005

reguarding digital photographs. I have been working in Photoshop for 10 years, but I just started serious digital photography. I purchased the Canon Eos Rebel XT 8mp camera. My question is what is the best way to resize images? The camera produces 3456 x 2304 pixel images. Which comes out to 48 x 32 inches at 72 dpi. I have tried the Bicubic Smoother and Sharper settings. For example I am designing a magazine cover with one of these images, obvisouly it needs to be a high res image for printing. What is the best way to size down that image? On the flip side, I want to print one of those images at 24x36 for a poster design, alsohigh res printing. What is the best way to size that as well? I am just looking for a workflow and getting the most out of this great camera.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images

May 5, 2004

I'm currently learning PS and I'm cant figure out how to re-size an image
that has been placed on to another image.

For example, I have a picture of a beach and I place a logo on to that image.

Now, I want to make it a bit smaller. Do I have to re-size it BEFORE I
drag it on to the other image?

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Photoshop :: Re-Sizing Canvas Images?

Sep 20, 2013

have a 3rd party illustration software program that can import my work into Photoshop (PSD).  My probelem is with resizing my canvas in the 3rd party software for print needs.  Would you reccomend Photoshop to assist me with resizing/scaling my imported image(s) for regular and larger professional print needs?

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Photoshop :: Multiple Images On One Canvas.

Aug 27, 2008

There is a well known Photography studio chain that takes pictures in a white room and produces a multiple image canvas, which it frames and sells to you at an extortionate cost.

Is there any easy way of producing the same result with Photoshop ?

I have experimented with layers, but getting the pictures lined up in the right position has proved problematical. Ideally I'd like someone to tell me that there is a utility or plugin that allows you to create a canves,drag and drop, resize, add borders/effects and edit picture onto a grid, resulting in a professional finish.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Large Images

Aug 7, 2012

This is probably a basic one for most people, but I'm pretty clueless... I've got a fairly large image (3000px) that I need to scale down to 500-ish px. How do I best go about doing this without getting that awful 'halo' effect? I've tried gradually scaling down without much success.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Multiple Images At Once?

May 5, 2003

photoshop to resize multiple images at once?

I've got all these huge size images taken with a digital camera that I want to shrink down to 640x480 or so for upload to my galleries at I'd hate to do them one by one.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images :: Keep Clarity

May 21, 2004

How can I shrink an image to like 1/20th of the size, but still keep clarity?

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Photoshop :: Resizing Multiple Images

Apr 16, 2004

I am resizing photos for the web and it is a tedious job to do one at a time.

Is there a way to do all at once?

They are all going to be the same size.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Multiple Images

Jun 9, 2004

Is there a way to resize multiple large images(like ones just downloaded from your digital camera) to a size that several can be e-mail at one time?

Not really interested in loss of quality, just want to share several images by e-mail.

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Photoshop :: Thumbnail/Resizing Images?

Dec 1, 2004

I am in the process of resizing Tiff images to JPEG thumbnails, 640x433 pixels. The problem is finding the best solution to do batch processing. I have archived my "Clouds," files on 10 DVDs so far and still have the original folders on my HD.

I want to now resized them to archive on CDRs, for distribution to stock houses etc., thus I need your assistance. The integrity, color, quality has to mirror the original images.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Images & Tutorials

Nov 20, 2008

Formerly using other image software, I have just loaded up CS2 and have a quick project to output that has about 1,000 images in it. All the images need to be stretched width wise by about 133%. Can someone direct me to a quick way to do this on ALL the images quickly instead of one by one as I did with my old software? The images are all .BMP's

Also, and second to the above, if someone can direct me to Adobe CS2 tutorials either free online or purchasable on DVD that would be quite helpful.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Multiple Images

Aug 16, 2004

I have a folder that has about 100 photos. They are 2048 x 1536 and are around 1.2 MB in size. Also, their orientation is mixed. Meaning, some of them are horizontal (landscape) and some of them are verticle (portrait).

How do I mass-change their size?

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Paint.NET :: Images Not Resizing Correctly?

Oct 9, 2012

I have been using Paint.NET on my laptop for a really long time, I just installed it on my desktop and I am having a problem with resizing. Every image I resize the image gets all distorted around the edges, high and low resolution images! If I take the same image and resize it on my laptop it looks prefect but if I resize it on my desktop it looks horrible!

For example on the image I attached, I shrunk the Pinterest P I use often, as you can see one looks great (laptop version), the other not so much (desktop)!

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