Paint.NET :: Easy Way To Remove Random Single / Groups Noise Pixels?

Sep 26, 2012

I have pictures that have different objects over a canvas like/un uniform back ground.

I need to remove that background without any part of the objects them self.

I mange to get most of the background out using the magic wand , but i'm left with many random single/groups of noise pixels left in the picture since they were not captured with the magic wand.

most of the time i can remove those using the eraser or use the selection tools with different shapes around the pixels and press delete.

but those methods take lots of time, specially around a complex objects and as i'm getting near to them, i need to make my selections/eraser radius smaller and smaller.

I have tried to use a plugin called "Reduce Noise" that i found , but it does not work.

faster way how to remove this noise pixels without any part of the objects?

a plugin that "scans" the image/selected area and remove all pixels that are surrounded by transparency in it?

p.s I can't always select only the object/s itself/them self and just move it/them to a new picture.

p.s.2 maybe a plugin that the user can choose up to what size, a group of pixels, should be removed ?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Remove Noise Reduction

Dec 3, 2011

1.    When to apply noise reduction is very positive and unequivocal.

2.    There are no two ways about it.

3.    You better get it correct.

4.    You don't want your images to look like Phil's images. Read the following very carefully
PS:  Is the DxO RAW converter still considered to be the best noise removal software on the market.  How well will it do on my old JPEGs.

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Paint.NET :: White Background / Remove Noise From Large Drawing?

Dec 14, 2012

I have rather large blueprint that is black and white. Their is some noise around some of the black lines / text / etc on the drawing that I want to get rid of as well as get rid of the white back round all together (which I am hoping will reduce the file size a bit).
How to best remove the white backround / remove the noise from this large drawing?

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Paint.NET :: Remove Transparent Pixels?

Feb 18, 2013

I need to know how to make these pixels in the picture go away. I tried making the background black but It makes it look ugly. Is thier an eaiser way to do this?

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GIMP :: How To Delete Random Pixels

Apr 7, 2013

I'm working on a very small scale, and need to find a way to make an image which consists of 4 colors, randomly spread around the 16x16 pixels.

I have not been abel to get the desired affect with any of the noise filters, so I was thinking I could make 4 layers, one with each color, delete the parts I don't want and just merge them down.

Now, with such a small scale, I could do the work by hand, but I have to repeat the process at least a dozen times, and I want it to look truly random.

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Photoshop :: Getting Random Blocks Of Black Pixels In Blue Areas Of Image

Aug 27, 2013

For no apparent reason I am opening images where there would be a blue background, and getting blocks or streaks of black pixels. Using CS 5. How do I prevent or correct?

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CorelDRAW X6 :: JPEG Export - Keep Getting Random Columns Of White Pixels To Right Of Graphic Image

Aug 24, 2012

When I am exporting a jpg from CorelDraw X6, I keep getting random columns of white pixels to the right of the graphic image. If I switch the matte color in the export dialogue to black, I get random amounts of black pixels. In X4, when I would export a jpg, the resulting file would be cropped right to the image edge, with no extra pixels. I'm getting anywhere from 1 to as many as 8 columns of extra pixels on the right hand side, which is problematic for utilizing the resulting files for page layout.

I achieve the same results when choosing "Export for Office" and "Export for Web".

I'm running a 64-bit install on a Win 7 64-bit box.

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Paint.NET :: Ordinary Layer Shift (move Pixels) By Multiples Of Pixels Is Not Sufficient

Feb 5, 2013

I have several layers in an image, and I need to align them precisely. The ordinary layer shift ("move pixels") by multiples of pixels is not sufficient. Is there a tool or plugin for PDN that allows sub-pixel shifts (i.e. moves by fractions of pixel)? And rotations by very small angles?

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Photoshop :: Masking Multiple Layers In Different Groups With A Single Mask?

Apr 9, 2012

author one mask that effects multiple layers without using a group mask?  Unfortunately I can't throw all the layers in a group and use a group mask in this case since the layers that I want to share the mask must be in different group folders.  (I am using actions to export the results of each group to the different flattened files.)  So I have similar but not identical layers in separate groups that I would like to share one authored mask.  I also can't use smart objects because the layers are not identical. 

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Illustrator Scripting :: Ungroup All Groups Then Create A Single Group?

Jul 30, 2013

I'm having trouble getting a script together where I can ungroup all groups in a document, then put everything under a single group. Everyhting I'm working with has a single layer, but for some of the arts I'm importing have groups within groups ect. To run certain actions I've made properly after I need eveything to be in one, single group.
I searched for an answer and found this (wirtten by Carlos Canto)
function ungroup(whereToUngroup, group) // where to ungroup? layer, document, other group?
for (i=group.pageItems.length-1; i>=0; i--)
group.pageItems[i].move(whereToUngroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING);
But I'm having trouble getting it to work.

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Photoshop :: Remove Noise And Artifact -...

Feb 26, 2009

I'm struggling with a stock agency on a few images where the rejection is for "Artifact" and "Noise". First, let me ask - are these the same? They sometimes list these problems independently. They state that "camera setting and RAW processing are the likely cause". I don't "think" my camera settings are the problem - 100 ISO, 16.7mp RAW's.

So the question is this; how do I tell if I have these issues in a file? They are inspected at 100%.

Next, if I have these issues, what is the best way to fix them? I know of the noise reduction filter, however, not sure of the best settings. Or, should I be considering 3rd party software?

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Photoshop :: How To Remove Noise Effectively

Jun 18, 2004

way to remove noise from picture taken by digital camera (particular those taken at low light condition)? These noise are scattered all around the picture. I tried to use the filter -> Noise --> reduce noise function, but the result is not good. There are still plenty of little grains when viewed at 1:1 scale. If I apply the neutralize, the whole picture will be blurred out.

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GIMP :: How To Remove Noise / Sharpen Further

Nov 3, 2013

how to further sharpen this photo and further reduce noise

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VideoStudio :: Remove Or Reduce Wind Noise?

May 11, 2012

Using Corel VS X4. I am trying to reduce or remove wind noise from video clips. These clips also have narration, which at times is inaudible due to the background wind noise! Any way to remove or reduce this background noise?

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GIMP :: How To Remove Noise From Scanned Image

Dec 13, 2013

Using Gimp 2.8 in Windows 7. I have a scanned image of a topological map. At areas where the contour lines get too close, squares appear in between the image (See attached photo). Is there a good way to remove these extra squares in the contour lines rather than tracing the lines manually?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Video Editing - How To Remove Image Noise

Aug 29, 2012

When you import a video that has image noise into Photoshop cs6 is there a way of removing it? Is it done in the same way as what you would do in removing noise from a photograph?

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VideoStudio :: X3 - Remove Noise From Audio Voice Overs

Dec 25, 2010

can we remove noise from audio voice overs using video studio x3??????

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Photoshop :: How To Remove White Pixels From Image

Jun 4, 2013

I have accidentally made my drawing in black and shades of black (grey) on a white background in Photoshop. Is there a way I can delete the white pixels only and then have only the grey and black pixels remaining? If possible, I don’t want a hard pixellated edge where the white and grey/black pixels meet.
What I want remaining is only the black and grey lines with a transparent background.

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Photoshop :: Remove Stray Pixels Command?

Apr 4, 2013

i have two scans i am cleaning up and i am noticing that there are a whole lot of single pixels on some of there a good way to automatically remove these instead of doing this work by hand?

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GIMP :: How To Remove Stray Pixels On White Background

Nov 3, 2013

I rebuilt my line on white background from Rich2005 and Ofnuts. My latest version is darker, smoother higher res and wider (see attached).

The problem now are stray pixels, many of them unattached to the line itself. I spent a lot of time with an eraser, but still haven't gotten them all. THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!

I found this excellent link on the subject. [URL] RobA even has a script to do what I want. However, I don't think it is GIMP 2.8 compatible, as I can't seem to find it to run it.

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Photoshop :: Using Crop Tool To Remove Unused Pixels / Artboard

Aug 23, 2012

I have a clipped image that I've placed a drop shadow on (using layer styles) on a transparent background.  I want to quickly use the crop tool to remove any un-used pixels or artboard. 
I tried to activate "show the layer edges", but it does not account for the layer style/drop shadow I've placed and also it goes away when you start to use the crop tool itself.  So this doesn't really work.
Is there another way to do this?  Other than eyeballing it?  I want the image too be cropped as tightly as possible, but I do not want to tight too tight and cut of the drop shadow. 

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Create Noise

Nov 14, 2013

how do I create such "dirty" noise like this orange background?


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Paint.NET :: Add Noise To Transparent Layer?

Feb 7, 2013

I want to use the "Add Noise" effect but have it apply to a transparent layer. In other paint programs, this would just add generated noise pixels to the currently selected layer, but in Paint.NET it appears like it's using the source pixels as input for the noise effect. While visually this effect is pretty on existing image, it doesn't work on transparent layers. Is there a way to just add regular noise to my transparent layer? What I'm just trying to achieve is generate a television static effect, but have those pixels that were left untouched by the noise effect remain transparent. I need the transparency for use outside of Paint.NET. Is there a way to do this?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Digital Noise Removal

Dec 16, 2011

I actually do like using the software and I do like the updates and where it is heading.

I ran into a small problem last night when using the Digital Noise Removal plugin. I was playing with settings and unlinked the Noise Correction sliders and moved them about. Then I tried linking them back and clicked on the Large slider to make further adjustments when a blank alert dialog popped up. I can click the blank button and it disappears and seems to continue work, although the settings barely move. Each time I adjust the Large slider after this I get the same dialog.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Noise Filter Plugin

Oct 18, 2012

What is a VERY good noise filter plugin for X4 or X5? In the past few months I demo's Adobe's Lightroom which had an excellent noise removal capability.. AMAZING really. The problem with Lightroom was NO support for PNG files.. and I have 10's of thousands of them. Many of my images need such a noise filter, and the stock one isn't so hot.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Digital Noise Removal X5?

Jan 8, 2013

A question for the PSPx5 experts. Under Adjust/Digital Noise Removal there is a check box for 'Camera Preset'. I like to use this and have set up a preset for my Nikon D7000. The problem is that if I'm not quick to click the check box, PSPx5 starts to run the noise removal. (It seems as though once started there is no going back. If I start again I get an 'over processed' image). Is there a way of opening Digital Noise Removal with the 'Camera Preset' as the default? Or is the 'Last Used' option using the 'Camera Preset' that I last used? Ideally I would like the 'Camera Preset' box checked all the time.

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Paint.NET :: Noise Reduction On B&W TIF Images - Bad Speckling

Dec 12, 2012

I use all day long in my career - I have the task of editing age old technical drawings that have been scanned. Some go back 50+ years.
I'm looking for a plug-in on steroids similar to the "Reduce Noise" that is already contained within Some of our drawings are QUITE speckled and the existing command doesn't "despeckle" enough. 
I've looked on the forum and came across "GREYCstoration Wrapper" , which was supposed to have been replaced by the "Reduce Noise" plug-in. Both of those return an error page when I try to view the post. 

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Photoshop :: Remove Single Pixles?

Feb 19, 2004

I have a large image that has been scanned in as just pure black and white. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of noise in the form of single black pixels all over the image.

Apart from manually erasing all of the pixels (the image is huge!), how else could I do this. Is there a way to automatically select any single pixels within an image so that I could just delete all of them at once, or perhaps if I blurred the image sufficiently so that they disappeared and then sharpen the image?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 - Vertical Noise Band On Images

Aug 24, 2013

I just spent 30 minutes describing in detail a problem I am having with PaintShop X5, and the connection timed out and I lost everything.

Since Corel stated pushing some upgrade notices to my PC about X6 I have been getting weird vertical noise bands on my images that had previously been fine.

This appears on RAW, and TIFF in the manage window and the edit window. JPEG images appear to be fine.

I have uploaded a file attachment after much bruh hah hah about image size in dimensions and number of bytes thta shows the problem.

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Revit :: Paint Command In Groups?

Jan 9, 2012

I am doing a duplex home and need to paint the walls in diferent finish materials, but this command doesn't apply materials externally to the group editor, so when I enter to edit the group, both unit are painted equal.

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Illustrator :: Creating Paint Groups In CS (11)?

Sep 16, 2013

there is probably a simple solution to this but I am stuggling to create a paint group in CS of multiple paths. I have been stuck with doing some work on Illustrator 11, and not familiar with these old versions. I am a CS4-6 user and am used to the select all paths.... Live Paint ... good to go.What is the procedure in the earlier versions ? E.g., a compound path required ?

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