Maya Modeling :: How To Extrude Edges

Nov 27, 2011

My model loses lambert on only certain faces every so often. Might be related to clicking on camera or trying to extrude certain edges. I want to delete the camera but this happens to the model every time i touch the camera. I can't reapply the lambert by pressing 6 or assigning new material. if you know what's happening.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Make Border Edges Out Of Edges

Jun 8, 2011

I'm trying to snap a head with it's neck with the merge edge tool, but somewhere along the way, the edges lost there border edge characteristics and now I can't merge the edges. Is there a way to make the edges back to the way they were?

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Maya Modeling :: UVs On NURBS Extrude?

Jun 9, 2011

I have created a NURBS rope with Surfaces>Extrude. I choose NURBS so that I could get nice UVs on the rope automatically, but they are actually all stretched out (see attached shot). Is there a setting in the Extrude process that could get more uniform UVs?

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Maya Modeling :: How To Set Up Hotkey For Extrude

Jun 21, 2013

I am trying to set up hotkey for extrude, I mean in Polygons - EDIT MESH - EXTRUDE... But its not here in Hotkey Editor...

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Maya Modeling :: No Extrude Tool?

Mar 3, 2012

On an iMac on OSX ver. 10.6.8.

Going thru the Getting Started tutorial. When I started doing the "Drawing a Polygon" lesson everything was cool 'til I tried to extrude the bottom part of the helmet. I select Edit Mesh> Extrude, but the extrude arrow/handles don't show up on the polygon. I tried to Modify the Tranformation Tools, but as you can see in the screen shot, there isn't really anything to modify. Tried to reset it. Nothing. Tried to go in the Preferences, but I don't know what to set, if anything. I tried to turn of the Construction History, but I don't even see that icon. Tried to reinstall Maya. No improvement.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Extrude To A Separate Object

Jan 15, 2012

I have built a polygon mesh of an alien and I would like to cover him in armour plating. To do this I selected various faces and extruded them outwards (see picture).

However I would like to be able to select this extrude as a separate object (because I want to texture it differently later on). Is there any way I can extrude to a separate object?

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Maya Modeling :: How To Extrude A Group Of Faces

Jul 24, 2011

I'm not new to modeling, but new to Maya. I'm trying to extrude a group of faces, but it is making me extrude them at the same angle they are at in the model(local I think). How do I change the axes to extrude the faces straight up instead of at the angle they are at?

I know this is easy in Max, but I can't find it in the Help File of Maya.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Extrude A Cube Along CV Curve

Nov 16, 2012

I am trying to extrude a cube along a CV curve, but I seem to be running into two issues.

Here is the first one.


For some odd reason I am not seeing the option called "use selected curve for extrusion" in the extrude window. Does it even exist in Maya 2012? Or did they take it out?

And here is my second issue.


Since there is no option called "use selected curve for extrusion", I have to experiment with the "Poly Extrude Curve" options. But when I do....the mesh gets all messed up and it always seems to come to a point at the other end of the CV curve.

Why can I not see the option "use selected curve for extrusion"? And why does my mesh keep coming to a point at the end of my CV curve?

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Maya Modeling :: Extrude Manipulator Tool Not Show Up

Dec 2, 2011

Extrude manipulator tool will not show up when I try to extrude. I don't know how to turn on the construction history either.

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Maya Modeling :: Extrude On Curve - How To Make Corner Tight

Sep 24, 2011

I am trying to make some trim work to go on a project of mine. Im using a shape then tryig to extrude down the curve is there a way to make the corner tight or a plugin to make trim work easier. you can see in the first image what im trying to make and the second my curve and what i get when im done.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Extrude Multiple Faces And Get Them To Rotate Along The Center Of Object

Dec 30, 2012

I'm trying to extrude multiple faces, and then get them to rotate along the center of the object so that they can all sort of have the same angle radiating from the center. In the picture, the one on the top Left is my starting point. I would like to rotate those faces, for example, so that they will all be flat (picture on Right which I achieved through vert snapping to grid) but the only results I can produce are the 2 small pictures on the bottom. =(

Is this possible?

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Maya Modeling :: How To Move The Edges

Jun 5, 2011

I'm creating a face, but what I want is to have whatever happens on the right to happen on the left, instead of clicking each point to move the edges. I tried just cutting the face in half and duplicating, but I don't know how to flip second copy.

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Maya Modeling :: Edges Will Not Delete

Feb 13, 2014

I have several edges that will not delete. There are no faces connected, so the edges are suspended in space. I can select any number of edges but when I press delete they just deselect. I don't have more then one line occupying the space, nothing is hidden, and restarting maya hasn't worked.

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Maya Modeling :: Aligning Vertices And Edges?

Oct 12, 2011

Is there some way to make the Scale Tool stop when multiple selected verts or edges are aligned, like in Max? I've noticed that you can overshoot when trying to align this way. I suppose there is always snapping to grid..

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Maya Modeling :: Selecting Individual Edges

Apr 7, 2013

when I select an edge for example the edges close to it are selected as well and turn yellow and the farther ones turn red and move when I move the edge I selected. I'm pretty sure this a simple problem, like a button I need to toggle, but I seriously can't find it. How do I select individual edges?


I found out that this was cancelled by just pressing B.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Select Two Edges Or Vertices

Jan 23, 2012

What I'd like to know is whether Maya can do accuracy.

For instance: Is it possible for me to select two edges or vertices and type in an exact distance that I would like to have between them.

Very fine accuracy is not required.

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Maya Modeling :: Bridging Without Open Edges?

Jul 28, 2011

After closing a polygon hole using bridge tool, I always get disconnected edges so my question is how to do a proper bridge operation that won't end up with open edges?

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Maya Modeling :: Select ALL The Edges Of A Face?

Oct 5, 2011

i am modeling a cello.... the forward edge of the body frame is a single face. in order to bevel it, i have to select all the edges... there are lots. for reasons that surpass understanding, MAYA does not recognize the edges of a 'corner' to be an edge loop. nor will it retain the selection with a selection mode change as some apps will (ie: select face, change to 'edge select' and have all the edges selected).

is there some simple way to select ALL the edges of a face?

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Maya Modeling :: Double Verts And Edges

Jan 22, 2012

The image shows what my problem is. I can't select faces unless I go inside the object, but the normals point outwards, and I have double edges and verts that merge won't fix. URL...

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Maya Modeling :: Bridge Tool Does Not Merge Edges?

Dec 27, 2011

It seems the bridge tool does not merge edges as one would expect it to. I realize that the workaround is to follow the bridge operation with a merging of the edges on either side of the bridge. Shouldn't such a common operation be done correctly?

Maya 2014 / Mudbox 2014
27" iMac (late 2012)
3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 with 32GB RAM

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Maya Modeling :: How To Join Edges Of Two Separate Polygons

Jul 1, 2011

I'm brand new to Maya just started last night. I'm trying to join two edges of two seperate polygons to achieve one nice smooth edge. I select the merge edge tool and select one edge - its all good - then I try to click another and nothing happens; and ofcourse when I hit enter it says select more than one edge .

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Maya Modeling :: How To Smoothen Solid / Hard Edges

Oct 26, 2012

im having a hard time smoothing the edges of my character. i tried deleting the hard/solid edge but maya cant and always ->// Warning: Border edges cannot be deleted merged yes its already merged with the body... i tried to relax the vertices but still didnt work

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Maya Modeling :: Freezing Or Locking Trim Edges?

Jul 25, 2011

So, say I created a complex 2D curve, then used planar to make a surface with it, and now want to sculpt that surface to add some dimension to it. Is there any way to lock down the trim edges so they stay put? I tried selecting all trim edges, going to the channel box, and selecting Freeze -> All, but this didn't work.

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Maya Modeling :: Don't Highlight Edges Of Selected Geometry?

Jan 6, 2014

So, in max there is a way to turn this off.  So that when you select an object the edges are not visible.  That way, when you select and object and have a look at it, you do not have to be distracted by the wire frame.

 Is there a way to do this is Maya?  I'd lke the geo to appear as flat shading without the wireframe visible even when I select it.The reason is, I want to select it, and work on the UV mapping.  I'd like to make some changes to the map, and see how they look on the model without having to deselect the mesh each time I make a change and what to see it without the wireframe.

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Maya Modeling :: Removing Edges / Leaving Vertices

Nov 12, 2011

Would this be a problem when exporting, sculpting, final rendering etc. Or would i have to rebuild the edges?

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Maya Modeling :: UV Texture Editor Move Edges?

Apr 8, 2011

so in the texture editor. as far as i know we can only move the verts around (with F12). we can select edges, to see where they relate on the mesh, but we can't move them. is there any way to move edges of the layout??

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Maya Modeling :: Separate The Edges At These Two Vertexs (red Circles)?

Jun 11, 2011

How do I seperate the edges at these two vertexs (red circles) and connect them together (green line)

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Maya Modeling :: Smoothing Corners And Edges On Round Surfaces

Jan 18, 2013

I have been trying to figure out if there is a more efficient way of doing this for some time. It seems so basic but it always comes to play in my smoothing process.

For all you more experienced modelers, what is the best way to have the edges and corners stay at their 90 degree angles when smoothing while not compromising the roundness of the surface with artifacting or pinching in the corners. I find this problem when creating extrudes with sharp corners on curved/ round surfaces then smoothing them.

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Maya Modeling :: Hide Measurements Displayed On Faces And Edges?

Oct 31, 2012

How can I hide the measurements displayed on the faces and edges of my mesh here?

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Maya Modeling :: How To Change Default Soften / Harden Edges

Mar 17, 2013

I have been having this problem for a while now that whenever I extrude or create something thats not totally smooth the edges by default are hardened. For example if I create a 12 faced cylinder it will hard edge everything including the verticle edges. Back when I first started using Maya i dont remember having to select specific edges to soften which can get very tedious and take up time.

I feel like there should be some sort of way to harden horizontal edges and soften verticle edges but I cant find the solution anywhere. Is there any way to change the default soften/harden edges?

Will post pictures upon request.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Close Nurbs Surface Edges After Trim

Nov 14, 2011

I've been modelling in Maya for less than a day so go easy on me!

I'm in the process of making a traffic light and have got a bit stuck on the shade around the light.

I first made a profile curve and revolved it to get a kind of cup shape. The profile curve double backs on itself so the revolve is not completely flat.

Next I projected a curve onto the side of the revolve to get the wavy shape of the light shade, and trimmed the excess off.

Now I have my lovely traffic light shape, but the ends where the revolve was trimmed are not attached. (Because I double backed the profile curve)

Is there any way I can close up this gap?

(I've attached some screenshots).

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