Maya Modeling :: Can't Find Split Polygon Tool

Jul 19, 2012

I'm following a tutorial in 2012 (Modelling a polygonal mesh) which states 'Select Edit Mesh > Split Polygon Tool'. There is no such tool listed in the Edit Mesh drop down and I can't find it anywhere.

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Maya Modeling :: Polygon Split Tool Does Not Split All Polygons

Sep 2, 2013

I made all my polygons with the same technique but somehow interactive polygon split tool does not split all polygons... I attached a file with which I have problem. Split tool just "disappears" after submitting changes... 

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Maya Modeling :: Edit Mesh Menu And Select Split Polygon Tool

Jun 3, 2011

I am a newbie, and doing the helmet tutorial. It is asking me to go to the edit mesh menu and select the split polygon tool. It isn't there. where is it.

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Maya Modeling :: Fill Hole With Polygons Then Clean Up With Split Polygon Tool

Aug 20, 2012

I am building some geometry and need to fill in this area, (ie fill hole with polygons then clean up with split polygon tool) but I am new to nurbs and am trying to do this model with nurbs. I usually use hull mode and move the hull down into the piece of geometry, but it won't move correctly that way.

So in the picture below i am trying to fill the red area and have it go into the green surface. The curvature of the green area makes it not line up correctly(ie fitting to the curvature of the green surface) when using the "moving hulls" approach. I was seeing if there was an easy way to go about this.

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Maya Modeling :: Split Both Sides Of Polygon

Aug 23, 2011

I added 2 split lines to this polygon using the split polygon tool but the other side didn't split. how can i split both sides together in order to make it equally?

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Maya Modeling :: Split Polygon And Can't Merge Border?

Jul 13, 2012

I have a model of gums and a set of teeth. What I am trying to do is create an animation where the fourth tooth back on each side of the upper gums disappear then create a blendshape causing the front teeth to move back and fill in the gaps as well as condense the gums so there isn't a gap here either. I am not exactly sure what the best way to do this would be, I am newer to Maya. My question is; Is there and easier way to do this because once I delete the faces and have a divides mesh I go to Mesh->Seperate and select Vertex mode on both and combine the meshes manually by selecting each vertex with the move tool and while holding "V" dragging the vertex over to the adjacent vertex on the opposite mesh. The issue im having is that the width of the mesh starts smaller upfront and progressivly gets bigger as you move to the back of the gums so by deleting a middle section the two meshes dont line up. The back mesh is much wider than the front. I am also worried that when i go to create a Blendshape to transition from the origional mesh to the new shortened one that will pull the teeth back to a perfect smile. I have heard that when creating a BS both meshes need to have the same number of Vertices and after removing a section mine wont. I am also concerned because after the two meshes have been sewn using this process I am left with an ugly point of intersection all the way around my mesh that has proven difficult to blend using the 'Sculpt Geometry Tool' with a falloff/Soft Mod.

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Maya Modeling :: Why Does The Split Polygon Points Disappear

Jun 23, 2011

Im supposed to connect them like they're displayed in the picture. I did both of them separately but i just did all four to show how i want them. Im supposed to connect those two but when i press enter when im done, it disappears. Then use the insert edge loop tool to make the neck line smaller.

Both Pictures are the same. The second one just has backface cullin under display

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Maya :: Interactive Split Polygon Tool

Aug 19, 2012

Sometimes when i want to add an edge between two others edges, the tool just does not create a new edge and I don't see any error popping. Some other time, it will create an edge but it's not going to place it where I wanted it to be. I would like to know how I could fix this problem and or what should i change in the option box.

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Maya Modeling :: Use Create Polygon Tool

Oct 12, 2011

I'm trying to use the Create Polygon tool. My problem is that when I click to create a polygon I don't see anything. I can keep clicking and clicking to create points, which it apparently IS creating, but I don't see anything until I switch through one of the View types (wire frame, shaded, etc.).

I know I'm supposed to see the verts the second I click but that's not what I'm getting, it's more like I need to just go through the motions of blindly creating my shape, change views, and then edit the resulting verts and edges later.

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Maya Modeling :: Interactive Split Tool

Jan 6, 2013

I could not solve with this tool: Interactive Split Tool. I select edges that normally want to cut.

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Maya Modeling :: Cut Out A Piece Of A Polygon

Aug 21, 2012


This is my model. Simple.

Now the only thing I want to do is to cut out this:


I used the Extrude tool just for visualization. The problem is, working with booleans apparently doesn't work for such objects, it works for freshly created clean polygons, but not for this one, when I try to use "Boolean difference" both objects disappear.

Extruding doesn't work because the faces are still there and I cannot delete them for whatever reason:


My cursor is pointing on the little face, but both are being highlighted. Making a hole through the the "Make a hole" function doesn't work because it only deletes faces as it seems.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Select Only One Polygon

Sep 8, 2011

First of all I am new to Maya, only 4-5 hours of playing through the menu and I've stumbled upon a big issue for me. I can't select polygons after I've deselected them, I can only right click- select all but that's useless when I want to work on just 1 polygon. How to select a polygon?

With NURBS, the "Select Tool" works just fine, but with Poly, nothing happens.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Select A UV On Polygon

Feb 13, 2011

I select a UV on my polygon and it gives me two corresponding uvs in the texture editor, i`ve tried sew uvs and merge uvs in the texture editor but it doesn`t seem to work, is there something i should know?

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Maya Modeling :: How To Rotate A Polygon Manually

Apr 13, 2013

I need to rotate a polygon manually so that one of its vertices snaps to a vertex/edge/face of another polygon. How can that be done?

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Maya Modeling :: Create Many Holes In Polygon?

Mar 22, 2012

I am self taught and only using maya for about 3 months now but the situation where an object that needed many small holes has caused me some problems 3 times now.

In the current situation I am essentially modeling a CPU and a CPU socket. there is ~240 pins on the cpu and that will connect with the socket where there should be 240 holes to match.

The only method I know is boolean difference but that causes the entire polygon cube to disappear instead of creating a hole in it.

what is another method for creating many small holes? another example is a piece of formed metal that has small holes in it for air vent.

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Maya Modeling :: Get Distorted UV Map When Polygon Is Smoother

Feb 24, 2012

When I apply a Uv map into my model it fits very well. But when I apply Smooth, it gets very distorted. How can I resolve this.

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Maya Modeling :: Can't Get Selection Handles On Polygon Faces

Aug 12, 2011

in order to get a head start on my next class, I bought the book: Introducing Maya 2011 by Dariush Derakhshani and have been following along with the tutorial projects within.

The issue I am having is probably a silly noob thing, but I can't get the selection handles (for polygon faces) to show up on a simple polygon sphere. I can see the handles on the corners of individual faces, but not the ones that are supposedly in the center of each face.

I have tried going to Display > Transform Display > Selection Handles but nothing happens. I have tried this while selecting the sphere with options under both "Select by Object Type" and "Select by Component Type" with no results.

I am running Maya 2011 on a Macbook Pro on OSX.

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Maya Modeling :: Unable To Select Face Of A Polygon

Aug 27, 2012

I have attached a picture of what it continues to do when I attempt to select a face of this polygon I revolved from a cv curve tool line. Accidentally copied dual screen. I have been running into countless problems while trying to manipulate this revolved surface like a polygon but there is something stopping me. How do I just select an edge or a face without the entire thing lighting up with yellow dots and not actually selecting anything! I try to hold shift and click other faces but that doesn't work either!

If I could somehow delete the action of revolving a line to treat the independent tessellations as one uniform polygon. I am very new to this program and I don't know where history might be.

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Maya Modeling :: Input Tab Not Showing Up When Creating Polygon

Jan 19, 2014

My Inputs tab dont show up when I create a polygon, so i can't edit subdivs? Happens when i try to add subdivs to a newly made polygon primitive.

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Maya :: Unable To Find Polygon Transparency Sorting

Apr 29, 2011

I just started using Maya 2011, and in 8.5 the view window had a dropdown menu to change the viewport to polygon transparency sorting. Well there is no dropdown menu in 2011. So where do I change it? I can't tell if I'm clipping my model onto itself without doing a render.

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Maya Modeling :: Can't Select Polygon Objects Or Faces Properly

Dec 13, 2011

i'm having a lot of troubles with a free rig i downloaded at creativecrash [URL]. I'll keep it short as i have quite a lot of things to explain: I animated my shot, and everything was ok. Now i have to shade/light/render my shot using vray, trying to create brand new vray materials; I started from my robot-character. Here comes the problems: - I can't select the polygon geometry(i asked the rigger, and he said the geometry were imported as references at rigging time). There are no geometry layers in reference or template, then there must be somthing else causing me the problem. I can access to the object via hypershade, i can click on the shape node and i can see the geometry selected, but then, when i try to access faces, i can't select them!in no way. This means i can't create selections for materials, and so i can't shade as i liked. I tried to selecte faces using the select by materials feature in the hypershade (as the character has some pre created basic materials)but again, i'm not free to assign materials where i want, and i just can use the pre-existing face selections and work on those, but it's not enough for me. [URL]

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Maya Modeling :: How To Turn Polygon Face With Selection Handle Visible

Oct 26, 2012

How to turn polygon face with selection handle visible on (every small dot that appearing in the middle of each face). I'm a Maya starter.

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Maya Modeling :: Make Live Snapping To Polygon Face Center?

Apr 29, 2011

I'm using the Make Live feature on a low poly object to create new objects. For example, using the live object as a shell to create new polygon with the "create poly" tool. It seems to only want to snap to the center point of each face on the object.

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Maya :: Interactive Split Tool

Jan 21, 2013

I've ran into an issues with the interactive split tool. Every time I try to create an edge from one place to another it's created at an entirely different point.

Basically, I'll line the dot (excuse my terrible vocab) with one edge, and the other with an edge directly across from it, it'll create a new edge from the first place I specified and end it somewhere else (other than the second point).

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Maya Modeling :: How To Find Center Point

Mar 29, 2013

How to find the center point in auto desk Maya...I know use the center point but i can't find the to find the exact coordinate of the 3d object created using auto desk Maya? [URL]...

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Maya Modeling :: Can't Find Icon In 2012

May 18, 2012

he creates a cylinder where the side faces have only one subdivision, meaning each of the 20 side faces are a single rectangle with no subdivisions. Then he wants to add a subdivision around the entire cylinder. He clicks on a icon and touches one of the edges of one of the faces and there appears a subdivision around the entire cylinder. Not only that but he can take his mouse and move that ring up or down to whatever position he wants. In this case he moved it up close to the top to sharpen the resulting smoothing.

I cant find the icon in 2012. Where is the command to do this located?

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Maya Modeling :: Can't Find Object In Viewport

Dec 20, 2013

I don't find my object anymore in the "3d world" of Maya.

Is there a way to teleport to it?

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Maya :: 7.0.1 - Cannot Find Procedure Symmetric Modeling

Apr 15, 2011

I'm getting an error regarding the symmetricModelling procedure not being found when I try to use the now-classic RapidRig.mel script in Maya 7.0.1

The error is specifically "Maya Error: Cannot find procedure "symmetricModelling".

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Maya Modeling :: Can't Find Selection Mask Options

May 10, 2011

I'm working from a book tutorial and the book wants me to "turn off Surface Selection" in the "Selection Mask Options".

I've looked everywhere but can't find "Selection Mask Options".

Is there something like a "Maya 2011 Bible" out there (or even 2010 or 2012)? The publisher that makes the Bible series does not seem to have made one for Maya since 4.5. I was wondering if there was a book or website that simply listed every Maya option with a short description and its location.

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Maya Modeling :: How To Find And Delete Specific Node Types

Oct 23, 2012

How to delete all ik handle nodes in a scene and all constrain nodes in a scene.

My rig is so complex that going in and deleting one by one seems like a crazy process but if there was a way to get the outliner to show only ik_handles and or constrain nodes then I could just select them and delete them and this would save me a lot of time.

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: How To Split Polygon

Nov 14, 2012

How to split polygon?I am using "bpoly" function when I split the polygon but It's inconvenient. Any better way to split polygons?I go over the functions through help desk.

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