Lightroom :: When Click Save - Opens Save-As Dialogue Box?

Feb 16, 2013

When I export a file from Lightroom 4 to Photoshop Elements 11 to edit. I make my edits, then click "Save." For some reason it opens the "Save-As" dialog box. How can I fix this so that I only click "Save" and then let the file return to Lightroom?

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Photoshop :: Cannot Save Images From CC As Dialogue Box Opens With Cannot Save Image

Sep 9, 2013

I cannot save images from Photoshop CC as a dialogue box opens with "cannot save you do not have write access

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Photoshop :: Save For Web - Dialogue Box Is So Huge - Save Button Off Screen?

Sep 14, 2013

I'm running Windows XP with Photoshop CS6. Since the "Save" button runs off the edge of my monitor, I can't click Save. I also can't move the dialogue box up far enough to get to it before running out of screen space. I tried just hitting the enter key, but nothing happened. I end up having to do a control-alt-delete to get out of Photoshop altogether.I've never had this problem before when I had CS2 or with the CS6 I have at work.Is there a way around this?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: If Click Save It Should Automatically Save In 2011 Format

May 25, 2012

i am using autocad 2013 student version at home and at college i am using autocad 2012. so when i create drawing in 2013,dosent open on 2012"it says incompatible version". i like to save all my dwg files automatically in 2011 format, i dont want to click save as and change it 2011 format.what i need is whenever i finsh working on drawing, if click save it should automatically save in 2011 format.

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Photoshop :: Can't See PDF Format In (save As) Dialogue Dropdwon?

Nov 26, 2013

Im trying to save a psd/tiff file to pdf and i can't see the format PDF from the selection.
my file is cmyk, 300dpi and my PS version is CC

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Photoshop :: When Save PNG File At 300 Ppi It Opens At 299.999 Ppi

Jun 10, 2012

This is driving me nuts. When I save a photoshop file as a .png at 300 ppi, when I open it it is 299.999 ppi.
I wouldn't mind for my personal use, but these are digital files I sell. Believe me, I will get emails about it.
Even when I open the .png file and change the ppi to 300, if I open it again it's once again 299.999!

I am saving files with a transparent background with compression no interlacing. I'm using save as, not save for web.
Here's the interesting thing.
1. This started happening when I got my new iMac with Lion and installed CS6. Did both at the same time.
2. My assistant, this happens with my assistant who is on PC with Photoshop CS5.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Save As - Dialogue Box Doesn't Show

Nov 26, 2013

Everytime I go to 'save as' the dialogue box does not show. All that it will do is ask me what file format I want and to type in the path (see pictures).

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Shortcut Paths In Save As Dialogue?

May 10, 2013

Whenever I go to do a "Save As" or an "Open" (not from Vault), over on the left it has a gray area that says "Workspace", "Libraries" and under "Libraries" says "Content Center Files".

How do I edit this to add some standard network locations where we often save things? I often "Save Copy As" to save DXFs into another folder, completely separate from the project file, so sheet metal can get to the flat patterns to burn them out. It would be nice to have a shortcut to this location.

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Photoshop :: CS5 Opens Automatically When Save Any Image From Anyplace On The Web?

Sep 13, 2013

Photoshop opens automatically when I save any image from anyplace on the web and it is nerve racking! CS5 is the version. how to stop it from opening like that?

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Illustrator :: Save-as And Open Dialogue Box Options - Windows Vs Adobe Style

May 8, 2013

I have two PC's side-by-side, running the same version of CS6. On one PC, I can see my Libraries from the "save as" and "open" dialogue boxes and on the other I have can't have have to dig down to find the folders I want to save to. I don't have any plug-ins installed, and I have not edited the registry.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Save As Dialog Box Opens In Wrong Folder

Feb 28, 2013

We had a project folder named A.  We created a new project folder named B and copied the AutoCad files from A to B.  On one of our workstations if you open a drawing from folder B, then click save as, the dialog opens to folder A.

Not a big problem, but since the files are named the same it can be confusing... 

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Save A Drawing By Save / Save As And Ctrl+s It Works As Qsave

Dec 15, 2013

I use autocad architecture 2013 and it works just fine until the save turns to qsave whenever i want to save a drawing by save, save as and ctrl+s it works as can I turn it back to SAVE ?

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GIMP :: Set To Save On First Click?

Jan 5, 2012

Am doing a lot of pix-editing.. Would like to disable the save conformation pop-up, so edit saves on first click-save.. There's too much repetition in commands in the computer these days.. It isn't efficient enough to be smooth when the user is in high-gear.. Seems OS's cater to those who make mistakes and can't think.. I.E.: "eliminating delete confirmations".. You hard lesson lose only one file of pix, or notes, then never do it again...

Would be nice if there was a tiny dot on the window, just under the pix, that saves the edit to where it originated, when clicked... Would be sweet if the user could disable all the time wasting safety features, and just have Gimp save the edit every 60-seconds, like word processors do...

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Photoshop :: Click On File To Save To Web - Dialog Box Is Too Big

Jul 30, 2013

I am trying to optimize an image in Photoshop CS5 and when I click on File to Save to the Web the dialog box is too big and I cannot reach the commands at the bottom to change anything.

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Photoshop :: Dialogue Windows Opens Off-screen

Mar 20, 2007

When I open "Image>Image size" for example, the dialogue window that opens appear half way off-screen, and I can't access it. The only way for me to close it is to use the Esc button.

Every time I open one of theese windows, they wander off a couple of pixels, until they can't be reached. Sure, I can try to reset their position manually each time I use them, but that's not how it's supposed to be.

I need a way to reset all windows positions. The workspace options doesn't seem to include the dialogue windows, so that's no use.

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AutoCAD LT :: Properties Dialogue Box No Longer Opens On Screen?

Feb 20, 2013

My properties dialogue box no longer opens on my screen. I've tried opening it uning the icon and the command line with no luck. When I click the icon my screen will flicker bun the box does not open. how to get it back?

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Photoshop :: CS5.1 Not Working While Using Save / Save As / Save For Web Options?

Oct 22, 2013

I am facing problem while using Save / Save As / Save for web options in my Photoshop. On clicking Save / Save As commands, my photoshop gets closed abruptly and I am losing all data. If I choose Save for Web option, the file Save dialog box appears and when I click on the 'Save' button, the application gets closed abruptly.
It was working fine yesterday. My version is bundled in the Technical Communicator suite 3.5 and I faced some problems with Adobe Acrobat, for which my IT team took support from Adobe and got it resolved just two days ago. (Case ID - 184809966)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't Save / Save As Or Any Other Variation Of Save

Dec 31, 2013

I am having a catastrophic error in Inventor 2013.

When I attempt to save a drawing I have completed, I cannot save!

Can't save, save as or any other variation of save.

This is my issue every time I click save.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Know User Click Discard Or Save When Close Document?

Aug 7, 2013

I have a problem. I use AutoCAD 2010. I want  to know the use click save or discard button when close the document. I know the "Saved" Property of  AcadDocument can tell me the result. However, I could not use the AcadDocument Class. Because there is another plug-in, when i use the com class just like AcadDocument , it will tell some i only can use .net Class just like Document. Is there any Proprty to get it ?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Unable To Save Change To Right Click Customization

Apr 11, 2012

When I change the User Preferences "right click customization" to "Repeat Last Command" and "ENTER" then hit "Apply & Close" it reverts back to the default settings.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: How To Save All Opened Files With One Click Of Button

Aug 17, 2011

I have multiple files open in Corel every day, and then, at the end of the day I have to run to get my lift (never at the same time!) and I would love a way to save all my files with just a click of a button.

I know Dreamweaver had this function - not sure if it still has, but I would love for Corel to have this so I don't have to scroll through all my open files and save them! If the file is not named it can pop up the save as box as usual and leave it open till the next day.

I have to save before I go, as we have very unreliable power and the UPS systems are not reliable either.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Pull Down Menu And Click Save As Instead Of Window Opening

Apr 17, 2012

All of the sudden, when I go to the pull down menu and click "Save As", instead of the window opening where I can physically choose where I want to save or save over, I get the file directory in the command line. I even typed in the folder directory and it still doesn't save it there. Why the sudden change?

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Illustrator :: CS6 Crashes After It Opens And Click On Anything?

Jan 30, 2014

Every time I open illustrator and click on the pen icon, open a document, etc etc it crashes. I am using a Mac computer OS X version 10.9. I only have downloaded fonts from on this computer. Nothing else has been installed or downloaded.  I have tried opening the program while holding CMD/OPT/SHIFT,uninstalling illustrator and redownloading but it still does not work. Below is the error message I get:
Process:         Adobe Illustrator [34729]
Path:            /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS6/Adobe Illustrator


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AutoCAD 2010 :: 2012 Crashing Whenever File Open / Save Or Save As Selected

Jun 27, 2013

I have the student version of AutoCAD 2012 on an HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium OS.  I originally installed AutoCAD in June of 2012.  It worked fine for 9 or 10 months but now whenever I select File/Open, File/Save, or File/Save As, AutoCAD stops responding and the spinning blue donut appears.  AutoCAD never comes back and I have to close it from Task Manager.  I uninstalled AutoCAD and reinstalled it, and the process went smoothly.  However I still have exactly the same problem with the File operations.  I apply Windows updates, but other than that have not made any changes to the software on the laptop.  AutoCAD works fine for everything except the File operations.  I am able to save with CTL/S and am able to open AutoCAD files from File Manager. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Won't Save TIFF File Over Original / But Brings Up Save As Window

Mar 20, 2014

URL....I am using PSE 12 as a photo editor for Aperture 3.5.1 and the photo is duplicated (as a tiff) in Aperture and PSE editor opens with the image.  When I close the file and say to save the file it brings up the save as window.
I tell PSE 12 to "on first save -- save over current file" it now brings up the "save as" window and won't save over the file (changes the file type from .tiff to .tif)

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Photoshop :: Override Action (save-as) Command With Save For Web Batch Processing?

Jul 6, 2013

I've created an action that uses the save for web dialogue to optimise images for the web. When I use the batch command to process a full folder of images, even though I have "Override action "save as" command" checked, it ignores this and still uses the location that was used when the action was created.
Apparently this is a known issue in CS6 and previous versions but whether this has been fixed in Photoshop CC?

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Save / Save As / Copy / Cut / Export And Some More Tools Doesn't Work

Jan 11, 2012

I have a problem with CorelDraw X4, some tools like save, save as, copy, cut, export doesn't work.

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Paint.NET :: Batch Single Folder Path Location Save / Save As

Dec 4, 2013

AND/OR a open tab recovery cache or way to extract the images that get lost during a crash of PDN.
Number two on my list behind your fantastic new layer functionality that I had been dreaming about for three years. I NEVER close PDN. The ONLY time it closes is once every week or two when the 20, 30, 50 tabs that I have open, finally overwhelm my system. I bounce back and forth so much that there is no way to continuously save them as I make changes cause it would jack up my workflow by taking up too much time.
No way around it, this is just how I work. It would be lovely if PDN was able to, similar to After Effects, popup an error box saying it was about to crash and did 'you" want to save the session. Especially, now, with 4, as while it is a super duper version upgrade, the crashes were daily, with me, and I couldn't keep losing that much data. Sophie's choice, for me. The old layer window or daily crashes.

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AutoCAD LT :: 2012 And Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 And SAVE Doesn't Save?

Jun 16, 2011

using ACAD LT 2012. If he opens a DWG file from a Sharepoint site, makes some changes to the drawing and then SAVES the file, his changes are NOT saved and there is no indication that they were not saved. Needless to say this is critical.

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Illustrator :: Save Files With Spaces Instead Of Dashes In Save For Web Dialog Window?

May 17, 2012

How to save files with spaces insted of dashes in Save for Web dialog window in Illustrator CS6?

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Photoshop Elements :: Save And Save As No Longer Show File Size?

Jan 23, 2013

I have Photoshop CS6 and Elements Premiere 11 and both were showing estimated file sizes properly up until a couple of weeks ago, and both stopped at the same time.  Using Image, Mode I have verified on both that the images I am trying to save are 8 bit and not 16 bit images.  I am on Window 7, 64bit.

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