Lightroom :: How To Capture List Of Steps In Editing Particular Photo In Text File

Feb 7, 2013

I have just edited some photos for a friend who was short on time, and now she would like a list of the steps I took in editing.  Is there any way of listing those steps in a text file I could send her?

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Lightroom :: Embedding Editing Steps In A File?

Apr 2, 2014

I have been trying all week to find out if there is a way to embed editing information into a file upon exporting it from LR. Can you use metadata? What I mean, is, years down the road, I want to remember how I edited a particular photo... Is there anyway for me to do that so it's in the photo's properties?

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Photoshop Elements :: Why Can't Find And Open Text Layer On Photo (PSD File) For Editing Using IMac

Apr 11, 2013

When I open Photoshop Elements 10 Editor to edit a text layer on a 511KB 412x292 psd photo the text layer is not shown.  How do I open the text layer?  How do I edit the text layer?  How do I save the finished work product?  The background layer is locked.  I can't unlock it.  I have tried any number of approaches none of which open the text layer for editing. 

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Lightroom :: Editing Photo In External Application - Only Original Raw File Seen

Nov 27, 2011

After editing a photo in an external application, only the original raw file can be seen. The edited photo is hidden, even when searched for by name.
I have been reduced to the following workaround, which has the drawback of deleting all the original raw (.cr2) edits: Edit the photo; edit in external application; save and close. Back in lightroom, delete the raw file (from lightroom only); then close lightroom, reopen it and then at last I can see my edited file. Then I have to re-import the raw file and of course the edits have disappeared. But at least the final result can be seen.
The photos are supposed to be in a stack, but there appears to be a bug in this function because you can only ever see the raw file.

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Lightroom :: Canon S100 Photo Capture Time Correct But Video Capture Time Is Wrong?

Jan 6, 2013

I have a Canon S100 and just started importing photos and video into my LR 4.3 catalog. I convert RAW to DNG, and the Capture Time on the photos in LR is correct. However, the video Capture Time is shifted forward exactly 8 hours. I know how to correct the video Capture Time, but is there anything I can do to stop this from happening in the first place? I looked at what the metadata looks like in Bridge.

Date Created = Correct Capture Time
Date File Modified = The time I imported the file into LR.
Date Created = Capture Time + 8 hours
Date File Modified = Correct Capture Time

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Lightroom :: Change Photo Capture Time

Jun 1, 2012

Change the photo capture time

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Lightroom :: Is There A Way To Copy Capture Time From One Photo To Another

May 20, 2012

I'm recently re-scanning some photos that were originallly scanned quite a few years ago. Giving them the same name as the previous scanned (only with a _1 at the end), I import the newly scanned photo to the same folder (which is how I organize my photos), to be able do compare and later copy metadata from the original scan to the latter. As I haven't yet done any flagging or rating, most metadata will contain only keywords. But stored under "Metadata" in Library view, "Capture time" is also stored, but I cannot find it anyway among the "Copy Metadata" options. Is there something I have missed, or is there a work-around somewhere?

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Lightroom :: After Editing In Perfect Photo Cannot Unstack Edited Photo In 4?

Apr 21, 2013

After editing in perfect photo I cannot unstack the edited photo in LR4. The thumbnail shows the number of photos in the stack, but right click/expand stack has no effect. The edited photo is not showing.

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Photoshop :: Favored Steps / General Rule For Image Processing / Editing

May 17, 2012

When one decides to edit a photograph what do people use as a rule of thumb to know what to do 1st.Assuming one will change contrast, do something to the color,  enlarge a photo, use onOne software to create a frame, delete a wire etc.

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Lightroom :: Change Photo Capture Date To Unknown In 5.2?

Nov 24, 2013

How do I simply change a photo capture date to unknown in Lr 5.2?  I scanned some photos that somehow automatically got the scanned date input as capture date and I need to reset it to unknown. 

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Photoshop :: Editing Photo In CS3 Program Shut Down / Will Not Reopen PSD File

Jul 25, 2013

While editing a photo in CS3 the program shut down and will not reopen my psd file. The error message reads "cannot complete your request because of a program error" -- it is a very large file (I have been saving it all along) and I had just "flattened layers" and went to open up a new, blank photo file when it shut down. Is there anyway to get this file to open?

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Photoshop Elements :: Photo File Names Not Seen In 12 Editor While Editing?

Dec 5, 2013

How can I see the file name of a photo while editing in Photoshop Element 12?

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Photoshop :: Editing Text In CS3 File Causes Crash / File Originally Created In CS6

Jun 24, 2013

Trying to edit text in Photoshop CS3 file causes a crash - Tried on multiple PC's.File originally created in Photoshop CS6 with "Maximise PSD/PSB File Compatibility" set at "Always".
Document size A4, using Arial Regular. RGB. 8Bits. 72dpi
Colour Profile: sRGB IEC61966
Multi business licence for CS3 and CS6 Design Standard/Premium/Master Collection all on PC

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Lightroom :: Photo Routed Back To LR For Further Editing

Jul 5, 2013

I'm a bit confused about the round trip process. If LR is non-destructive, what happens when a virtual copy photo is sent to Photoshop? I notice that Photoshop seems to be working on the original photo.
How then is photo routed back to LR for further editing? Does LR track editis made in PS?

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Photoshop Elements :: Cannot Get Photo To Show Up In Lightroom After Editing In 11

Dec 22, 2012

I cannot get my photo to show up in Lightroom after editing in Elements 11.  I did choose Elements Editor in prefs.  In fact, I already got support from Adobe about this issue a month ago.  It did work then

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Lightroom :: How To Use Layers To Further Edit A Photo In Elements After Editing

Oct 23, 2013

Is there a way to use layers to further edit a photo in Elements after editing in Lightroom?

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Lightroom :: PS Filters Greyed Out When Send Photo For Editing

Jan 27, 2014

When I send an LR photo for editing in PS CC, some of the filters are greyed out: artistic, brush strokes, distort, pixelate, sketch, and texture. but when I open the photo directly in PS, they are there.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Put Edited Photo Back After Editing In Lightroom

Dec 1, 2013

How to put a edited photo back in Photoshop Elements after editing it in Lightroom?

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Lightroom :: Captured Photo From Video Stacks - Cannot Select For Editing

Jan 11, 2012

So I have to say I love LR4, the only prob is if I capture a frame from one of my videos I cant access it. When I go to grid mode just like Julieanne does my captured photo is stacked on top of my video & I cant select it to edit it.

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Photoshop :: How To Simplify List Of File Types In Save-As File Type List

Nov 11, 2013

How to I simplify the list of file types in the Save-As file type list? I use less than six file types. I have no need for most of these. It would be nice to have my top 5 and then the ability to go off-menu if needed for others.

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Photoshop :: Editing Text Of A GIF File

Jan 19, 2006

This is first time I am using photosop, and I dont know much, It will be appereciated if any one could help me, I ahve to edit the text of a GIF file, there is a background in the GIF file and text is on top of backgroung image, I have no idea how to edit the text.

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Lightroom :: Change Image Resolution And Merge Photos Along With Standard Photo Editing?

Jan 8, 2013

Currently looking at buying either Lightroom 4 or Elements 11 at home - can I change image resolution and merge/join photos along with the standard photo editing - would be using this app for my travel pics, family photos and photobooks?

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos From One Hard Disk To Another But Not Loosing Editing History On Photo

Nov 12, 2011

I have one hard disk filling up with photos, so I have purchased a secondary hard disk to expand my storage.  I would like to move my shoots from 2010 to that new hard disk, but I don't want to loose all of the edits saved on them in LR3.  I have experimented with moving non-important images that have edits on them, then re-importing them.  Unfortunately, LR3 does not preserve that history. 

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Lightroom :: Photo Editing Software Program To Combine Burst Photos From GoPro?

Feb 18, 2013

I'm looking for a photo editing software program to combine my burst photos from my GoPro Hero 2 camera into a single photo. Will  Photoshop Lightroom allow me to accomplish this.

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Editing File With Many Text Layers

Aug 29, 2012

I've got a serious issue since the begining of my Photoshop CS6 installation.It's not happening to all my files but few are enough !
I explain myself : When I open a file with many text layers and when I try to edit one of them the text is instantly remplaced by another random text present in this same file.Then the file seems to be corrupted because when I open it with CS5 it does the same thing.
I can't re-edit those files and I must rewrite all those text layers, this is not possible to handle that in a professional way.I tried to launch the script for texts crashes but nothing works.

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Editing Text Off A PDF Image File

Jun 5, 2013

I have been given the source pdf image file for a product label by a  designer, so I can edit things myself.

I am able to remove the text, move things around on the pdf image using Corel Draw, but I want to edit the actual customised text to name it differently, in the exact same style as previously used by the designer.

E.g. it currently says "Green Tea", but I want it to say "Coffee".

Is there a way to do this at all using any of the tools? 

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Photoshop :: Generate Generic Buttons Off A Text List From An Outside File?

Mar 30, 2007

I have like nearly a hundred generic buttons I need to make. The size of the button is the same only the centered text needs to be changed for each. It seems silly to have to copy/paste/output them from my text file one by one. I did some Google hunting but don't think im using the right keywords to find what im looking for. Anyone have any advice or links to learning about automating this process in PS CS2?

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Photoshop :: Trouble Editing Text After I've Saved It In A PSD File

Feb 7, 2006

I was currently working on a project in photoshop, and i had a text layer I saved it as a psd to make any later changes, and now when i want to change the "text" layer it does not change, What i mean by change is when i click my type tool to change the spelling of the text the text is not slected instead it makes a new layer.

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Lightroom :: All History Steps Disappear

Sep 17, 2013

LR5 Win7.  I open a previously edited image in Develop module.  I click on the first step of the history ("import....").  Immediately, all the history steps disappear, and a new step appears, "Post-crop vignette style: paint overlay."  There are now just two steps in my history. When I try to click on the first/origial step, LR doesn't let me do that, it immediately jumps to (highlights) the "post-crop..." step.  If I go to the Effects panel, the only option under style is "paint overlay."  If I add a few more edits (change color, etc.) they work fine. But as soon as I click on the first history step, the same thing happens again.
Update as i work on this: if I click on ANY previous step in the history, LR adds the "Post-crop..." step at the top and does not then let me click on any previous step.
This does not happen with photos I have edited recently.  It only happens with previously edited photos.  I think it only happens with photos with 2003 or 2010 process, but it doesn't happen with all of them.
Then I tried opening one of these photos in the Develop module.  I create a virtual copy, then go back to the original.  I click on the first history step in the original, it does this strange thing described above.  If I add more history steps to the original, then click on the first step, it also does this strange thing.  However, if I add edits to the virtual copy, then click on the first step, it does not do this strange thing.
What I have tried:

-I have opened and restarted LR.
-I have gone back to a catalog from a few days previously and it exhibits the same behavior.
-I have tried updating the process before clicking on the earlier step, and this does not prevent the behavior.
I wanted to try to re-install LR, but when I try to download it, I get this message, "We're sorry, something seems to be wrong on our end. Please try again later."

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Export Assembly Parts List (BOM) To Text File?

Apr 3, 2012

how I can export an assembly parts list to a text file that can be opened by notepad?

I want to do this from the IAM file, rather than from an IDW file.

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Paint.NET :: Save / Export History To File Or Clipboard As Text List

Jun 16, 2012

would it be possible sometime in Paint.Net to save/export to the clipboard the history box as a text list of what we did ?

since I use many effects and settings in a given PDN, I sometime wants to write me some notes about how i did something and the steps i used to do it, before my old memory lets me down.

I know that the PDN it self has the history, but now I need to go over all the list and manually write/type down in notepad the list , which most of the time is very long.

Having the ability to save/export the history box text to a file or to the clipboard, make it easy to edit the list and keep track/notes of steps and ways to do something.

I don't need the settings used in the effect/adjustments , but just the TEXT names of the steps taken as shown in the history box.

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