Lightroom :: What Algorithm Is Used By Export Module When Resizing A Picture

Feb 26, 2013

Is it using the same choices as Photoshop (Bicubic Smoother for enlarging, Bicubic Sharper for downsizing)? There are times when I prefer to use Smoother even when downsizing, as the Sharper algorithm results in over-sharpening (to my taste), but there does not seem to be a way to choose a specific one. Are there any workarounds for the lack of choices in the Export module?

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Lightroom :: Develop Module Changes Not Reflected In Library Module Or On Export

Sep 14, 2012

After making changes to an image (sharpening, exposure, contrast, etc, etc) in the develop module, when I head over to the library module, the image does not show the latest changes. What's worse is when I export a JPG of the image, it exports the original! What's the point in having LR?

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Lightroom :: Keyboard Shortcut For Going From Picture To Picture In Develop Module

Jul 22, 2013

What is the keyboard shortcut for going from picture to picture in Develop module?

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Lightroom :: Export Resizing In LR3

Oct 25, 2012

I've been trying to export jpeg images from LR 3, and sizing them to 1110 x 525 pixels, @ 72dpi, the dimensions of my blog header. However, despite inputing these values, the exported jpeg image is sized at 793 x525. Quality is set to 85 and nothing else is checked. Am I missing something? I've also tried the "dimensions" and the "width/height" box choices, but it always outputs at the same 793 x525.
The files are from a Nikon D2h (a little old), RAW.

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Lightroom :: Some Picture Are Blurred In Book Module?

Oct 3, 2013

Sometimes, some pictures are bulrred in the book I try to organize. The same picture in library is OK
Can I send my book to Blurb without fear ? Is it sur that the picture will be OK on the book ?

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Lightroom :: Picture Do Not Show In Print Module After Upgrading?

May 22, 2012

Picture do not show in Print module after I upgrade the frm LR3 to LR 4

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Lightroom :: 5.3 Export With Resize Option Not Resizing?

Dec 17, 2013

Just updated my LR to 5.3 from the CC and noticed a weird problem that I never encountered before in LR4 or 5.x (before 5.3 that is). I usually export pictures from RAW format to either TIFF or JPG (100% quality) and depending on purpose I use batch resizing, e.g. 1080 pixels on short edge ... well that whole Resize setting gets ignored by LR 5.3! It still exports full size (full RAW size in this case) into JPG or TIFF, but it won't resize .
I found out that I checked the "Don't enlarge" box in Export dialog under Resizing, that's when resizing was not working. After I unchecked it then it works fine, but still what does that have to do with anything if we are talking about downsampling images from 5184x3456 pixels to 1620x1080 ...

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Lightroom :: Develop Module - Copying Settings From Previous Picture

Apr 1, 2013

Is there a way in the Develop Module to press the Previous button at the bottom of the page to copy all the settings from the previous picture used, but NOT the CROP?

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Lightroom :: Develop Module - 1:1 And Export Don't Look Same

Jan 27, 2012

I'm using the last version of Lightroom (3.6 if I'm not wrong) and I'm facing a very uncomfortable issue with the Develop module.
I adjusted precisely every color luminance and saturation so it looks rather good in the Develop preview (set to fit), and did an export...
The preview I worked on and the export simply don't look the same.
I work with NEF files from my NIKON D3100 DSLR on a Mac OSX 10.7 MBP.This cannot be the external display profile not correctly adjusted since I viewed every pictures on the same screen.I unchecked every boxes from the presets tab in the settings window.
Here are some screenshots and exports.
Fit preview in the Develop module (left) and the actual export of the same picture (right).I didn't activated any lens correction option and adjusted any color. This is the RAW file and its direct export.Screenshot of the preview window on top of noise correction options (left) and the same area once I zoomed in in the main preview (right)
A couple of days before today I was using Camera RAW from PS CS5 to correct my NEF and was only keeping exports in JPEG. I decided to use LR 3 on my entire workflow and I'm being skeptical...
EDIT : i can join any required file or screenshot if required. I have some other shots having tthe same issue (a lot of ones indeed...)
EDIT 2 : i just found out the picture has much more acurate colors (relatively to the export ones) in the Library module in fit preview (Loupe I guess)

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Lightroom :: Book Module - Export To Jpg Missing?

Jun 5, 2012

My export to jpeg in the book module seems to be missing in Lightroom 4.1. It is not located under export to pdf.

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Lightroom :: In Export Module Simple Watermark Does Not Appear In Photos

Nov 17, 2013

I make it a habit to always place a simple watermark on all my photos during Export. When i was using LR3 this always worked, but when I recently updated to LR5.2 the Copyright watermark does not show in my photos. I tried several repetitions exporting to .JPEG files, making sure that the Watermarking box is checked. Still, the photos do not show the Copyright symbol and my name.

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Lightroom :: How To Export Book Module As INDD File

Mar 10, 2012

Book Module: Export as indd file and management
I would like to request a feature to export a book module as indd file.  I like PDF's but .indd is nice also so we are able to to more in depth layouts.

Having Lightoom being able to manage all your pictures and book layouts would be nice, alot of things can be done in one application.

Another Feature:  Using Lightoom as book layout management.
Being able to send a page(s) of the book from lightroom into InDesign to do indepth layout and editing, then being able to send it back into lightroom Almost similar to how you can send a photo from LR in Photoshop to do indepth editing and then send it back into lightroom.
This could and will ease the workflow of book management and layout design.  So lightroom will not only be able to manage photos, but also indesign and book layouts. [URL]....

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Lightroom :: 5 Export Video In Slideshow Module Fails?

Feb 3, 2014

Does LR 5.3 support video card NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT (MacPro Quad (2007 vintage) running 10.7.5)?

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Lightroom :: Unable To Export From The Book Module In LR4.4 To Blurb

Apr 28, 2013

I have made a book in the book module and was really looking forward to send it to Blurb for printing. I push the "Send book to Blurb... " button but nothing happens. I have tried to export to PDF and JPEG aswell, but nothing. I am Connected to internet, I have an account at Blurb but no reaction. Are there any settings I have missed or are there any bugs that prevents me from exporting? Do Blurb ship to Norway or is that the problem?

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Lightroom :: 4 Develop Module Differs From Export File?

Aug 20, 2012

I'm running LR4.1 on Macbook Pro OS X 10.6.8, monitor is calibrated with Spyder3Elite.

I was working on a photo in LR4 and I made adjustments in Develop module until it looks good to me. I exported the RAW file to JPEG with sRGB color profile and applied Standard Sharpening for screen. Here's how it looks:
Left side is LR4 Develop module, Right side is Mac Preview, Soft proofed to my monitor color profile.
I have no problem with the color on both applications and I have given up on the amount of noise that is significantly magnified (even exporting without sharpening gives so much more noise than Develop module displays... ) but look at those stars!!
How come the export shows SO many stars while LR4 Develop module sorta "hides" them? The look on Library module is closer to the exports when it comes to the stars only, but the absence of NR makes it way too horrible to look at longer than a second

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Lightroom :: Export Individual Layouts In Book Module?

Apr 12, 2013

I have created a book in LR and exported it as JPGS and modified a few pages in PS with some graphic embellishments. I now want to change a few layouts in LR and only export those few layouts, not the whole book.

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Lightroom :: Batch Resizing - All To Same Smaller File Size Then Export To A New Folder?

May 16, 2013

How can I resize a batch of files, all to same smaller file size, then export to a new folder?

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Lightroom :: Book Module Export To JPEG Does Not Apply Sharpening?

Aug 21, 2012

I'm running LR4.1 on Windows 7 64 bit with 5D MK ii raw images and just discovered the Book module 'Export Book to JPEG' produces files that do not have output sharpening applied.
Book = JPEG
Size = Standard Landscape
Cover = Hardcover Image Wrap
JPEG Quality = 90
File Resolution = 300 ppi
Sharpening = (Every setting produces the same results)
Media Type = (Every setting produces the same results)
When selecting 'Book = PDF' the sharpening is very obvious and is applied as expected based on the Sharpening setting:
Glossy Low = least sharpening
Matte High = most sharpening

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Lightroom :: Develop Module - Possible To Export Changes Made To Image Recorded Under History Tab?

Jan 29, 2014

Under the Develop Module is it possible to export the changes made to an image recorded under the History Tab?

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Lightroom :: Book Module / Export To PDF And Blurb Stops With Error At Two Page Spread

Apr 8, 2012

I have a 66 page book created in the book module..

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Lightroom :: Existing DNGs Affected By Newer RAW-Algorithm?

May 22, 2013

I'm thinking about switching to the DNG-Format for the RAW-Files taken with the Fuji X-E1.
When the initial RAW-Conversion for this file type was recently replaced by a much better one, my RAW-Files were automatically updated. I wonder if this would also have happened if I had saved my RAWs under the DNG-format.
Or, in other words, does a DNG include all the data from the original RAW allowing it to be reprocessed when a better technology is available ?

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Lightroom :: When Export From 5.3 - Picture Looks Different

Mar 23, 2014

I have been experiencing some issues with LR since the update to 5.3. When I edit the pictures, I chose to export it, the color look very different in the PC than in LR, I am attaching a screen of the differences, as well as my settings. I found that most issues were caused by color space not being set to sRGB, but in my case it is. Is there some other issue that I seem to have?

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Lightroom :: Print Resolution Box Left Unchecked - How Algorithm Choose PPI

Sep 9, 2012

In the Print Module, with the Print Resolution box left unchecked, how does LR choose the ppi that will be sent to the printer? I realize that it is using an algorithm to choose a ppi.

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Lightroom :: 4.2 - Error By Export A Picture

Oct 30, 2012

Lightroom 4.2: Error by export a picture

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Lightroom :: Images In Library Module Aren’t As Sharp Compared To Develop Module

Nov 28, 2013

For some reason images in the library module aren’t as sharp compared to the develop module. If I’m in develop images are nice and sharp but as soon as I select the library you can see the image quality drop and image becomes less blurry!

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Lightroom :: Sharpening In Develop Module Is Not Shown When Switching Back To Library Module

Feb 7, 2014

Sharpening applied in develop module is not shown when switching back to library module. It looks the problem occurs when having size to "FIT".  With 1:1 there seams to be no issue. Export also looks fine in 1:1.    
I use Mac 10.9.1, LR5.3, Nikon NEF 24Mbit from D600.
I hope this is a way to get support from Adobe.

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Lightroom :: Error Message When Switching From Library Module To Slideshow Module?

Jan 26, 2013

I am running LR4 ver4.3. All of a sudden I receied an error message stating cannnot switch to module. I have tried all the usual stuff before going out to the web to look for fixes. On adobe's site they recommended 6 things which I did exactly as instructed and still nothing..I am running iMac mountain lion and everything on my computer is up to date.

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Lightroom :: Moving Photos From The Develop Module To The Web Module

Dec 8, 2011

When I move photos from the develop module to the web module they get a garish/reddish look . I want the photos in slide shows to look like they do in the Develop module. How do I do that?

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Photoshop :: Resizing Picture

Jun 1, 2009

I am using PhotoShop 7.0 on Windows XP Pro.

I have a hi-res picture (3000x2000 with a resolution of 300).

I want to covert it to a picture for our website (300x214 with a resolution of 72).

I've tried a number of ways but always seem to get a tiny photo.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Subject From A Different Picture

May 28, 2013

I trying to add subject from different pictures into one picture (as shown in the picture attached). the problem that I have is: when I drag one subject to another picture, the subject come bigger than the subject in the new picture.

How can I resize the subject picture so it would have the same height as the other subject (as shown in the picture attached).

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Photoshop :: Multiple Picture Resizing

Oct 3, 2005

My camera is often used to take pictures in different events for my college. I am required to email those pictures to a person. But before I send them I must resize them all to 580 by 435. The way i currently do it right now is i go to "Image Size" and resize each individual picture from there. I was wondering if theres a way to just be able to resize all of the pictures in a folder to a specific size without having to do it one by one. it would make my life alot easier since its usually about 20 pictures at a time.

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