Illustrator :: How To Place Small Square In Front Of Multiple Lines Of Text

Sep 17, 2012

I would like to place a small square in front of multiple lines of text. I want to use it like a square that would be used as a checklist.
1. Where I can find a square in the Glyphs panel?'
2. If I create a square shape, and want to place it front of each line of text layed out in a text box, what is the best way to line the square on each line with each line of text?

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Illustrator :: How To Use Minus-front On Multiple Lines Or Objects

Jan 6, 2014

What i'm trying to do is cut multiple circles in half (45° angle), i know that i need first "outline stroke" to make the circle lines into object (i think it's called). I have used "offset path" to get more of these lines.
I was told that if i want to cut the other half of the circle i need to use pathfinder, but everytime i use the "minus front" option, it leaves me with only on half circle while i mad 2 circles, the second circle disapppeard. How can i cut both circles in one go. (is there a way to combine these circles (not grouping))

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Illustrator :: Won't Paste In Place / Front / Back On Selected Artboard

Aug 22, 2013

I am having trouble with the Paste in Front/Back function. I will copy my selected layers and then want to paste them in place on the selected artboard next to it and often times it pastes it back on the artboard where it copies from. Sometimes the function does what I want, but often times it pastes in a different location, either on the same artboard, or next to the artboard where I want it pasted. It also tends to slightly move the X and Y values (again, sometimes). Each time I go to paste, I am creating a new layer and selecting the artboard where I want everything pasted, but sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't. I am using CS5 on MacBook Pro.

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Illustrator :: Click On Item With Direct Selection Tool - Get Small Square On Each Bounding

Oct 3, 2013

When I click on an item with the direct tool I used to get a small square on each bounding box line which I could use to adjust the size of the object. Somehow it's gone away - how do I get it back?

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Illustrator :: Gradient On Multiple Lines Of Text?

Aug 20, 2013

I want to apply a gradient to multiple lines of text so that the gradient flows throughout all of the text and not just line by line. 

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Illustrator :: How To Outline Multiple Lines Of Text

Jun 19, 2013

how to I outline multiple lines of text to create a filled outline around a group of text like this:

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Illustrator :: Transform Dashed Lines Into Separate (small) Lines?

Jul 22, 2010

I need to transform a lot of dashed (single) lines into separate lines... Who can tell me how to do this in a few clicks. I don't need an outline of the dashed line. So the black dashes I need, the white in between the dashes I want to loose.
See the example. I need the second lines.

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Illustrator :: Drawing Lines In Front Of A PDF?

Dec 16, 2012

Version: CS6
OS: Microsoft (Windows 7)
I brought a pdf into Illustrator and I want to draw a line over a portion of that pdf, but when I draw the line it appears to place it behind the pdf - obscuring portions of the line. I have tried selecting the new line and bringing it to the front or selecting the pdf and sending it to the back without any success.

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Illustrator :: Creating Multiple Lines Of Text That Can Be Edited By One Line

Mar 19, 2013

I was editing a file in illustrator that a past designer set up and he set it up so that there are multiple lines in a column of text that are linked some how so that the first line of text can be edited and the rest will change with it.

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AutoCad :: Drawing Showing Square Symbol In Front Of Dimension?

Apr 17, 2013

I have a drawing showing a Square Symbol in front of a dimension. Don't know what it means.


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Illustrator :: Text Box Will Not Come To Front Of Color-filled Box

Feb 20, 2013

what I do, my text box will not come to the front of my color-filled box. Is this a pc bug? I am used to working on Illustrator with a mac and experience little problems. I am using CS5 with Windows 7.

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Illustrator :: Get Text That Is Overlapping To Alternate From In Front To Behind?

Oct 4, 2013

I'm new to the adobe family and I'm working on a design for one of my friends and he came across a look he was wanting. The problem is I cant figure out how to get the text that is overlapping to alternate from in front to behind and so on and so forth.

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Using TEXT Not MTEXT To Create Multiple Lines Of Text?

Oct 4, 2011

3rd party tool which didn't match our scaling needs the file is a fas so I have tried to reverse engineer the whole function using trial and error. The following code works perfect except we need multiple (x amount) lines of text I have at current the M txt function which mimics and is effective for today however we need all lines to be individual.

I’m playing round with a loop but how to achieve my need..He had a 3rd party tool which didn't match our scaling needs the file is a fas so I have tried to reverse engineer the whole function using trial and error.

The following code works perfect except we need multiple (x amount) lines of text I have at current the M txt function which mimics and is effective for today however we need all lines to be individual.
;Starting lisp program...(defun C:REDtext ();Creating Layers (if non existant)...(command "layer" "m" "TEKST-1.5mm" "lt" "continuous" "" "c" "1" "" "");Memorising previous layer...(setq MYOLDLAYER (getvar "clayer"));Setting requierd layer...(COMMAND "LAYER" "SET" "TEKST-1.5mm" "");Setting variable "MYHEIGHT" to "DIMSCALE" x 2...(setq myheight (* 2 (getvar "DIMSCALE" )));Requesting and storing usser defind point...(setq MYPOINT (getpoint "Start punt :")); Requesting and storing user defind text...(setq MYTEXT (getstring T "Nieuw tekst :"));Placing text...(command "text" MYPOINT MYHEIGHT "0" MYTEXT); Restoring previous layer...(setvar "clayer" MYOLDLAYER);Closing lisp program...)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Get Small Diameter Square Tube

Feb 26, 2011

How can I get square tube as small as 1 inch in frame generator. The smallest I have is 1 1/4. Is there a content library that I can download that has smaller square tubing.

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Lightroom :: Imported Small (2.25 Square) - How To Resize Photo

Oct 20, 2012

I imported small (2.25 square) .
All was well untill I tried to print. Preview panel blank Photo in top corner at original cell.

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Photoshop :: Doesn't Place Pixel Inside Of Square

May 13, 2012

Ok so I work a lot with doing pixel art and ever since I updated Photoshop I'm having the issue when zoomed in to look at pixels quite large and I'm using the pencil tool at size 1 for a square pixel and I go to draw it doesn't place the pixel inside of the square, it puts it up and to the left of my cursor which is very odd and very annoying to try and work with.

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Illustrator :: How To Place Text On A Path

Jan 28, 2013

I attempted to place text on a path.  I drew an oval, selected text on a path tool.  The text start is at the very top and wraps around the path clockwise.  I try to select the path 'handle' but I cannot. 

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Illustrator :: Create A Layout With Small Amount Of Text Per Page

Sep 9, 2012

With the Artboards feature now available,  should i still use InDesign to create a layout  for a simple children's picture book with a small amount of text per page? It would be much easier for me to stay in Illustrator. My plan is to create a a pfd book and an ebook for sure - and possibly, later a printed book. I'm completely stumped about how to make the right choice. BTW - I don't plan to produce the ebooks via InDesign but through a simple iPad App that just allows you to lay in a picture and put the text over it.I'm using CS4.

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Illustrator :: Imported Image Comes Small And With Low Resolution When Trying To Fill Text

Sep 6, 2013

I am trying to fill my text with a texture or image.

Heres my process:

I type my text, select it and click on the "draw inside" button.

I then go to place and select my image.

The image comes tiny with dimensions of x- 430mm and y-340mm.

Obviously when i stretch it out to cover the text, the image becomes blurry. Whats happening here?

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Illustrator :: How To Place Some Text Inside A Shape

Oct 24, 2010

I select a shape and choose file > place to place some text in it, though the text does not display, the stroke also disappears indicating that it seemed to do something.

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Illustrator :: How To Place Text On Spiral Surface

Sep 16, 2012

I've draw a blue spiral surface and I got to place text along this black hub line, so it should look as text is printed on blue spiral (perspective and all).I had an idea to outline text, narrow it on one end (to achive perspective) and make pattern brush. But it's pretty hard to tweak path to look realistic (somewhere text is wide and somewhere is narrow, and looks messy).

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Photoshop :: How Do I Keep Multiple Text Lines In A Single Layer?

Mar 14, 2005

How do I create multiple lines of text in a single layer. Everytime I finish with a line and want to go to the next, I hit 'Enter', but that completes the text. If I click on the layer image again, then it creates another layer.

So basically if I have 10 lines of text, I end up with 10 layers of text as well. Needless to say, this becomes to much trouble if I have to center each line of text and add blending options to 10 layers instead of one.

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Illustrator :: How To Place Text From External File As Updatable Link

Apr 15, 2013

Currently we create presentation documents InDesign. Each presentation page is a linked Illustrator file (the file contains drawings and description texts). We write the text in Illustrator instead of over it in InDesign because multiple designers/writers will work on each page. We have text that sometimes appear on multiple pages, this text has previously been copied and pasted into each Illustrator file that it needs to appear in, this is inefficient and prone to error.

Is there a way to link to a text file in Illustrator that remains updatable? I poked around here and found information relating to Variable Data – things similar to Data Merge in InDesign. This isn't the solution I'm looking for however. It seems like a plugin or script is the solution.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multiple Lines Of Text In A Custom IProperty

Aug 29, 2006

way to get multiple lines of text in an iProperty? I am using a custom iProperty named "Title" so users can insert the drawing title into the title block using the custom iProperty. The only problem is that the title comes out all on one line and goes outside the title block. Should I be using iproperties or is there a better way?

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Revit :: Visibility Of Lines Placed In Front Of Filled Region?

Nov 20, 2013

I have created a 'Title Block' family which I am wanting to use as a 'drawing stamp', being used to mark an existing drawing sheet carried forward to another phase of the project as being from the previous phase.  To do this I have created a filled region with an opaque white background and a grey border (gray) to form the extent of the 'stamp'.  I have then created a number of labels for the relevant information and added some lines as borders to the labels.

The problem comes when it is used on a project sheet since the label border lines do not appear.  Since the commands to 'send to the back' or 'bring to the front' are absent when editing a title block I wonder why this is?  Logic suggests that the only workaround is to create a number of filled regions, in jigsaw style, one for each label and to use their borders as the label borders.  However, this seems an enormously long winded an probably kilobyte hungry way of achieving something that should possibly be very simple.  I have to say that it may also have an easy solution that I may have used before but forgotten.

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Paragraph - Select Multiple Lines And Apply Same Text Format

May 19, 2011

Can I select multiple non-sequential text lines in paragraph text and apply one and the same text format (font - bullets - tabs - alinea space etc)?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Wipeout Lines Not Coming To Front When Printing

Jan 10, 2013

when printing in view ports, wipeouts don't show. wipeouts are transparent.

ive tried copying the same wipeout lineweights and pasting it in new documents but have no problems there. i've tried re saving under a brand new document but still no luck. apparently it's only happening in the same 2 documents.

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Illustrator :: Can Draw A Line From Multiple Other Lines End Points?

Oct 25, 2012

Is there a somewhat easy way to draw this blue line, other than manually click on each anchor points at the top of the black lines?

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AutoCad :: Place A Small Perpendicular Line In Specific Length And Put Their Coordinate To Excel Sheet

Jan 28, 2012

At center line I want to place a small perpendicular line in specific length and put their coordinate to excel sheet(export coordinates).

I have already two programs for this, one for placing objects on curve with specific length and 2nd for pick & export coordinates to excel or other type of file. but this is very lengthy process & need too big time. but I think it cab be done in a single command written in lisp.

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Illustrator :: Automate Object Selection From A Place On Window To Another Place On Artboard

Dec 24, 2013

I want automate selecting an object from a place on the window to another place on the artboard in Illustrator.

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Illustrator :: How To Carry A Curve Using Zigzag Effect Across Multiple Lines

Mar 15, 2013

I'm trying to make a curve that follows a path that changes direction. I've tried to carry the zigzag effect accross line using the compound path option, but the curve double in on themselves and don't make a continuous line.

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