Illustrator :: Click On Item With Direct Selection Tool - Get Small Square On Each Bounding

Oct 3, 2013

When I click on an item with the direct tool I used to get a small square on each bounding box line which I could use to adjust the size of the object. Somehow it's gone away - how do I get it back?

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Illustrator :: Selection Tool Suddenly Acting Like Direct Selection Tool During Click-and-drag

Aug 22, 2012

This morning, my Selection Tool (the filled-in arrow) is acting like a Direct Selection Tool (the hollow arrow), but only when I click and drag on a group.  It ends up select the anchors within the group rather than the whole group itself.
I've checked my preferences, quit and relaunched Illustrator a few times, and nothing seems to fix it.  The problem briefly went away a few minutes ago, but came back when I quit and relaunched for good measure.
It's happening in Illustrator CS 5.1.  I have CS6, and that version works fine, but I'm waiting on some plugins to be updated for it, so I'd like to use CS 5.1.  I'm also running the latest Suitcase Fusion 4.

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Illustrator :: Move Selection Tool To White Square On Bounding Box For Resizing

Aug 28, 2013

I am using Illustrator CS4. When I move my selection tool to the white square on the bounding box for resizing, I am not getting the normal arrows that appear. When I click on the box and move the pointer the entire box and image move. This was working OK until about 5 hours ago.

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Illustrator :: The Selection Tool Is Working As Direct Selection Tool

Oct 4, 2013

Using the  selection tool i should be able tp reduce or shrink the size of the box or an image as a whole without changing the format. Iam not able to do that. I think i disabled something in my illustrator.

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Illustrator :: Use Convert Point Tool After Direct Selection Tool?

Sep 21, 2013

I don't understand if the problem is the same of this: [URL]
Any way i do not understand with after using -convert point tool- the tool -Direction tool- (2) do not leave me to manage both the direction handles (3). I try to upload a screenshot:
(1): how work Direction tool (it moves both the direction handles).

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Illustrator :: Cant Change Direct Selection Tool

Feb 4, 2011

i cant change all my tools...i cant change direct selection tool,line segment tool and exc..

İ vvant to dravv circle (oval). For this i must change "Rectangle tool" ..BUt i cant change it..

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Illustrator :: CS2 - Can't Select Points With Direct Selection Tool

Apr 3, 2013

Noramlly in CS5 and any other version of Photoshop or Illustrator that I know of, if you click a point in an object, it will show the handles for transforming the line. As I'm creating something today, it works for a while and then stops. Yesterday I had the same problem. I drew a few things and then suddenly, the Direct Select Tool is not showing any transform handles.
I can get them to show if I can click and drag a box over the point, but this is slow and doesn't work well for layered art. I already tried resetting my illustrator preferences.
Also, in CS5 there's a simple icon that you can click to convert the currently selected point from a curved point to an angled point. Is there not such a thing in CS2?

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Illustrator :: Direct Selection Tool To Select Multiple Objects

Nov 21, 2013

When I use the direct selection tool to select multiple objects that also contain an image within a clipping set, occasionally the clipped image is included in the bounding box, even if it and its clipping mask are not selected.  Selecting other objects includes them in the bounding box, but even after deselecting everything the bounding box around the image remains and the only way to remove it is to drag a handle (which resizes the image) and then undo the action.  Obviously this is annoying and seriously interrupts workflow.  I've had this issue ever since CS4.

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Illustrator :: CS6 Direct Selection Tool Dragging Object Rather Than Creating A Marquee?

Jul 21, 2013

When I click and drag with the direct selection tool, I'm getting a drag on the object rather than a marque for selecting points. As soon as I click, the tool switches to the black arrow tool. Did I mess up a setting somewhere? I'm not using any modifier keys.

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Photoshop :: Square Selection Tool, The Selection Edges Are Rounded Rather Than Square

Jan 18, 2009

When I use the square selection tool, the selection edges are rounded rather than square. I can't remember how to rset this.

How do you make the edges square by default?

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Illustrator :: How To Scale A Straight Path Without Square Bounding Box

Feb 18, 2013

When I create a straight path, the controls to scale the path are along the path. But once I click off it then try to skale again, a square-shaped bounding box appears. How do I get rid of the square-shaped bounding box in order to scale a path from its ends like when I first created it?

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Illustrator Scripting :: Simple / Direct Method To Identify Index Of Selected Item In List Box

Jul 16, 2013

I can't seem to figure out a simple/direct method to identify the index of the selected item in a list box.

I feel like I'm missing something, but I can't seem to figure which (if any) property returns an index number if you use it with the .onChange callback for a ListBox.

The following code accomplishes what I need but isn't particularly efficient or elegant and can get muddled if you introduce multiple lists to check.

Any way to duplicate this same behavior with better code
var res = "palette {text: 'Example List', properties:{resizeable:true}
pnl: Panel{orientation: 'row',preferredSize: [400,600],
list1: ListBox{preferredSize: [400,550], properties:{multiselect:true,numberOfColumns:2, showHeaders:true,columnTitles: ['List 1', 'Subitem 0']}},


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Photoshop :: CS6 Direct Selection Tool Without Altering Path

Jun 12, 2012

Prior to Photoshop CS6, a curve on a path could be moved using the Direct Selection Tool without altering the path beyond the two enclosing points. If you manipulated the curve, only the inside handles of the two points (that create the curve) would change - and only in length - as shown below:

Unfortunately, in Photoshop CS6, if you manipulate the path curve with the Direct Selection Tool, the handles both sides of the points move freely - affecting the path beyond those points:

- is there a way to revert to the prior behaviour? The Photoshop CS6 behaviour may seem more intuitive (or something), but it's less precise and alter parts of the path that are fine already.

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Photoshop :: CC - Working With Paths / Direct Selection Tool

Jun 19, 2013

Since version CS it was very easy working with paths with the direct selection tool. I just upgraded to Photoshop CC, and noticed this annoying bug:
When I select and anchor point using the Direct Selection Tool, I can no longer de-select it clicking inside the shape. This is so frustrating when working with icons.
I used to grab the Path Selection Tool to select the entire vector shape, then I switched to the Direct Selection Tool  if I wanted to modify a specific anchor point. All I needed to do was clicking inside the shape, then select the anchor point I wanted to work with. Now if I switch from the Path tool to the Direct Selection one, if I click inside the shape it doesn't deselect anything, if I click on an anchor point, it doesn't deselect the other anchor points. I figured out that if I click on the path of a different vector shape, then I can go back and select an anchor point on the vector shape I was working with, but it's too much work for de-selecting a point.Is it a bug or a new way Photoshop CC behaves?

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Photoshop :: Any Way To Lock Vector Layers To Direct Selection Tool

Aug 9, 2012

Nothing is more tedious than not being able to use the direct selection tool to grab multiple points because there is another shape under it on a different layer. I'd think that locking those layers would prevent selection, but it does not.

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Photoshop :: Selecting Vector Shapes Points With Direct Selection Tool?

Jun 24, 2013

When I try to select points in my vector shape (this one is selected), and I have other vector shape behind that one, I start dragging with Direct Selection Tool in order to select those two points, I got selected three points, two from first vector shape, and one more form shape that was behind and in the area where I was dragging selection. Also, now both vector shape become selected. Why is this happening if only one vector shape was selected?
I'm using Photoshop CC.

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Illustrator :: Direct Selection Of Text Frame Anchor Points In CS6

Apr 24, 2013

Using the Direct Selection Tool I will often click and drag over one corner or side of a shape to select those specific anchor points. This works perfectly on a shape. However, I've noticed this doesn't work on a text frame. Using the same technique on a text frame results in all anchor points being selected. The only way, to my knowledge, to select specific anchor points on a text frame is to actually click on the anchor points themselves. If my memory serves me correct (Though there's a good chance I'm imagining things.) in past versions of Illustrator the aforementioned technique would've worked. What gives, CS6?

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Illustrator :: How To Place Small Square In Front Of Multiple Lines Of Text

Sep 17, 2012

I would like to place a small square in front of multiple lines of text. I want to use it like a square that would be used as a checklist.
1. Where I can find a square in the Glyphs panel?'
2. If I create a square shape, and want to place it front of each line of text layed out in a text box, what is the best way to line the square on each line with each line of text?

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Illustrator :: Paste Copied Item To Specific Location Determined By Point-click

Oct 30, 2013

In most vector based programs I am used to using a function which allows you to paste a copied item to a specific location determined by a point-click. I find this endlessly more useful than pasting to the centre of the screen, or even paste in place, as both are rarely anywhere near where I would like an object to be. I find the function of point-click paste does away with endless dragging of objects across the screen.

CS6 13"MBP-2012-Mavericks

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Add Direct To PDF Icon Menu Item

Feb 17, 2012

add the direct to PDF icon menu item to AutoCAD 2012.

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Illustrator :: CS4 Type Tool - Selecting Won't Work By Double Click Or Click And Drag?

Jan 4, 2012

Illustrator CS4
I'm not exactly sure what happened, but suddenly my Type Tool can not select type by double clicking or click and drag any more.
I'm using Illustrator CS4 (14.0.0) on a MacPro with OSX 10.6.8.

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Photoshop :: Can't Use 3D Tool - When Click There Is No Selection?

Feb 12, 2013

Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x32
Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit
Version: 6.1
System architecture: AMD CPU Family:15, Model:15, Stepping:2 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3
Physical processor count: 1


Installed components:
   A3DLIBS.dll   A3DLIB Dynamic Link Library  
   ACE.dll   ACE 2012/01/18-15:07:40   66.492997   66.492997
   adbeape.dll   Adobe APE 2012/01/25-10:04:55   66.1025012   66.1025012
   AdobeLinguistic.dll   Adobe Linguisitc Library   6.0.0  
Optional and third party plug-ins: NONE
 Plug-ins that failed to load: NONE
Flash: NONE
Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

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Illustrator :: When Using Direct Select Tool In CC - All Little Dots / Targets Show Up

Jan 16, 2014

This morning I had an update and now when I use my direct select tool, all these little dots/targets show up, how do I turn that feature off?

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InDesign :: Content Disappears When Editing Until Click With Selection Tool

Mar 28, 2014

Maybe it's a problem with Mavericks or with my Mac Mini late 2012. But when editign text with anchored images and other text frames, all the contect disappears. When I click outside the box with the selection tool, everything works ok again. It seems to me a visual glitch, because the content does not really disappears, only in does not allow you to "visually" edit it. If I use a visualization setting of low quality (image boxes shown as gray boxes) everything works as usual. Any clue?

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GIMP :: Make Free Select Non-square Selection Perfect Square

Mar 22, 2013

I used the free select tool to free select an area of an image that is not a square (odd shape), how do I make that selection a perfect square if pasted to new image or new layer??? rectangular would be fine too...

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Photoshop :: How To Disable Double-Click That Closes Selection With Lasso Tool

Nov 11, 2012

I've been using Photoshop for more than 10 years now, more extensively in the last couple of years. I am a perfectionist, efficient and work very fast.
I don't understand why Photoshop programmers are not listening to their users and considering requested features to perfect Photoshop...but concentrating more on, like adding yet another set of filters or more polygon shapes we don't need !
One of the most important tools in Photoshop, for me at least, is the LASSO SELECTION tool. I generally have at least 15 layers for a project, you can probably guess that the SELECTION tool is my best friend.
The most frustrating thing using Photoshop is : the mouse double-click to close the SELECTION. You have no idea how many hundreds of times for the last 10 years I've cursed the Mother-F out of Photoshop...and time wasted on re-selecting again...
Don't advise me to modify my mouse double-click speed, or using the pen tool to select and reconverting to work path...those are not THE SOLUTION and you know it ! I've hoped for years now, for a new feature in every new version of PS preferences to disable the selection double-click.

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Photoshop :: Disable Double-Click Isolation With Path Selection Tool

Jun 24, 2013

When working with Paths in photoshop, I have developed a work flow that revolves around adding anchor points to an existing path and repositioning the added anchor point with the Direct Selection Tool.

The Issue I am having is whenever I create an anchor point and attempt to move it too quickly, that it instead enters isolation mode and the point is not moved. The result either having to greatly reduce the speed at which I work or repeat the movement several times until it works.
Is there a way to disable this feature?

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Illustrator :: Single Click Object Selection Extremely Slow

Aug 24, 2012

I don't have any particular speed issue with illustrator CS6 in general. However there is a massive speed problem when I'm trying to select on object on the artboard with a single click.
When selecting a object by creating a "rectangle" over the object it works fine and normal speed. When clicking the object to select it, nothing happens for about 3/4 seconds, then the loading little rainbow circle appears and loads for another 3/4 seconds...

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InDesign :: Double-click And Triple-click Text Selection?

Jul 18, 2013

Since we updated to CC, I have a very good chance of this not working evey time I try it. Maybe 10% of the time, it will select the word/line as it should.  My prefs are identical for this feature as they have for the past several version of InDesign. My partner also has trouble with copy/paste in InDesign and Illustrator as well.

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Photoshop :: CC Error When Hitting Enter With Direct Selection

Jul 25, 2013

This error message appears when I have the Direct Selection tool selected, but have not selected an object. Every time I press Enter I get the alert: "Could not complete your request because of a program error." It doesn't matter what file I have open.
I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.5, 2.2 GHz, 16 GB memory. This is just one of several weird bugs I've encountered in CC.

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Photoshop :: Dragging With Path Or Direct Selection Too Leaves Outline

Feb 9, 2013

I'm experiencing this incredibly annoying behavior in PS over the past 10 days. Dragging with a selection tool (or shape tools) used apply a thin dotted outline only when the mouse was depressed—very useful for knowing what area would be selected. Now I don't see that outline until I release the mouse button (or stylus) at which point the outline persists (see attached screenshot). The behavior is sometimes corrected with a restart, other times not.
I'm on a macbook pro 2.4GHz with 16GB of RAM running 10.8.2 and CS6 13.1.2 x64 Extended.

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