Illustrator :: Align Type Of Different Sizes?

Oct 1, 2012

Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but how do I align the type of different sizes. The F's don't align.
I realize this is probably designed in the typeface.
Here's a screen shot: [URL]

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Illustrator :: How To Align Stroke To Outside On Outlined Type

Apr 25, 2013

I've converted the type to outlines but the choices to align the stroke to the outside and inside stay grayed out.

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Illustrator :: Paragraph Align Left Acts Like Align Right

Apr 30, 2013

Occasionally paragraph allignment works opposite for left & right align, usually on Illustrator documents with Russian type.
In additon on center align text I set my cursor to input a period at the end of a sentence, and the period instead gets added to the beginning.
In character palette language is set to English USA, this is point text.
I created a new point text and this is happening, if I paste text from another document alignment works fine, font is Arial black but happens with all fonts.

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Illustrator :: How To Change Type Insertion Point Vs Type Tool Cursor Position

Feb 11, 2014

I'm using AI CC now, but I noticed this problem in earlier versions of AI: If I want to place a one-word label on an illustration I move the type insertion cursor to a speific point on the screen image and click, but then the flashing insertion point, where the label will actually start, pops up elsewhere, usually a line or two above where the cursor was, and a pica or two to the left, forcing me to type the label, then move it into position rather than simply typing it in the right place and moving on. The problem is merely annoying, but I'd like to fix it. It's probably a matter of ignorance-I simply haven't read the right documentation, but I don't know what to call the problem. Where can I find out how to change the position of the cursor relative to the insertion point?

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Illustrator :: Error Message / Can't Create Type (with Type On A Path Tool)

Apr 29, 2013

I want to create text on a circle path, so drew the circle, went to the "type on a path tool" and clicked on the circle. I keep getting the message "can't create type". I have tried to use the direct selection tool to select the circle first and without the direct selection.

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Illustrator :: Type Tool Doesn't Select Type By Double Clicking Or Click And Drag

Mar 18, 2013

My Type Tool does not select type by double clicking or click and drag. (Windows CS 5 V15.1). This is what I have tried so far and the problem still exists.
Check preferences for "Text": "Select text-object by path only" should be off. Checked. It was off. Didn't fix it.
Check the toggle for Show/Hide Edges in the View menu. Cmd(Ctrl)-H. Checked. Edges Showing. Didn't fix it.
Trashed my Prefeerences. Didn't fix it.

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Illustrator :: CS5.5 Type Not Editable Not Selectable With Type Tool?

Jul 2, 2012

Working on a poster in Illustrator. Have added area type, using the type tool. Now I'd like to increase the size of one line. I can't select or edit any of the type with the type tool. I moved the type to a new layer, saved, closed Illustrator, restarted my Mac (OS X 10.7.4). Looked in preferences, in case there's an issue there. No luck.
By the way, I also don't see handles when in the selection tool any more. Don't know if that's related.

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Illustrator :: Resizing Multiple Items Of Different Sizes

Jan 16, 2013

Is there a way to resize multiple items of different sizes all at once? Say I have five boxes measuring 1", 2", 3", 4" and 5" but i want them all to measure 6", is there a way to resize them all at once?
Mac OS X 10.7.5
Illustrator 16.0.0

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Illustrator :: Why Is There A Limit To PNG Export Image Sizes

Jun 26, 2012

This came to my attention around the CS4 era, but I've recently noticed still remains with CS6 - but just why is there a limit as to what image sizes we can export PNG files at [AKA around the 8000x8000 area at 400dpi for me]?
Surely as long as we have the computing power [and RAM] than we should be able to export beyond the 10000/400dpi pixels range [or does it depend on the computer]?

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Illustrator :: How To Calculate Ratios From The Actual Sizes

Mar 15, 2013

I am doing design exhibitions with interior design. The interior designer sends me an AutoCAD file. The AutoCAD can calculate ratios from the actual sizes, how about the Illustrator? Can it calculate in the same way? For example, draw the line 2 meters from ratio 1:30. Now, we have to compare and calculate length in manual way which is inconvenience for us.
[URL] ....

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Illustrator :: Can Have Artboards That Are Different Sizes As Part Of Same File

Aug 22, 2010

When making new artboards:
1. how do you make it so it is a multi-page document for printing?
2. can you have artboards that are different sizes as part of the same file?
3. what is the point of changing the order of artboards?
4. do you use extra artboards for coming up with ideas off of the main canvas? because it seems you could also do this just outside the boundaries of the main artboard.

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Illustrator :: Way To Change Multiple Artboard Sizes?

Jun 27, 2013

Is there a way to take a document that has multiple artboards and adjust all of these sizes without selecting them one at a time?

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Illustrator :: Two Machines Saving Same File As Different Sizes?

Jun 19, 2013

My coworker and I both have the same version of Illustratir (CS6) and both use Lion on iMacs, but today noticed something weird. He saved a file similar to a file I had done before as both an eps and a pdf and his file size was more than twice what my file sizes usually are. I thought it was odd, so I copied everything from his file into a new file (same dimensions) and saved out an eps and pdf (default settings), and like I thought, my files were less than half the size of his.
Why would two machines be saving identical files at different sizes? Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing? Everything in the file is vector, if it matters. There's not even any editable text.

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Illustrator :: Reducing Huge File Sizes

Jul 20, 2010

I am making very detailed artwork in Illustrator that ultimately has to be uploaded to a website as a pdf file. This artwork takes ages to save and when converted to pdf format, even at the lowest quality pdf, the files are huge. What is the best way to get the file size down? Turning the files into low res jpegs somewhat defeats the purpose of making detailed vector art in the first place.
The artwork has a lot of repeated elements that could be turned into symbols but I'm told this doesn't fix the problem of huge pdfs.

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Illustrator :: Custom Predefined Document Sizes?

Oct 14, 2012

Is it possible to create AND save predefined document sizes instead of the standard US-letter, US-legal, A4, A3…? And DELETE these for video and screen sizes, ect., which I don`t need? I need my own standard sizes (print) for a daily working basis like business cards -> 85x55, postcard ->... A4). So that I don`t have to type the measures again and again manually within a new document or existing artwork. I normally combine all printproduct (drawingareas) for a client in ONE AI file.
(AI CS6)

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Illustrator :: Cannot Align Two Objects On Each Other

May 30, 2013

I have done a completely clean install of Creative Cloud CS6 on my mac on Mountain Lion. First time opening Illustrator, and I cannot center two vector objects on each other. Rather, when I click to center them (vertically or horizontally) it actually pushes them further apart! It also appears to be arbitrarily selecting another object on my art board when I select these two (there is no grouping overlap, it makes no sense). I've looked around before, and have 'align to selection' checked, and 'snap to grid/snap to point' unchecked in the 'view' dropdown. Going to try to trash my preferences, but this is literally the first time I've opened it, so I can't see how that would be an issue!
I use this tool CONSTANTLY in what I do, so this is really troubling.

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Illustrator :: Resizing A Paragraph Of Text With Different Font Sizes?

Jun 12, 2010

I am creating a restaurant menu which has a lot of different sized text.  Is there a way to mass change the sizes of the fonts all in one go?I'd like to be able to reduce all the lines by 1pt in one go, is there a way to do that?

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Illustrator :: Printing Postscript From Multiple Page Sizes?

Apr 30, 2013

I'm working at a screen shop, printing .ps files for film. Most of the art is provided from the client on seperate artboards of varying size. In the print dialog box I select "custom" from media size options. This sets my page size to the size of the selected artboard. The problem is each page needs to be a different size so I am forced to print each page one at a time. Is there a way for illustrator to change the media size per artboard?

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Illustrator :: Unable To Type Vertical Letters With The Vertical Type Tool?

Apr 15, 2013

I choose the vertical type tool or the vertical type on a path tool or the vertical area type tool...and all I get are letters that are rotated 90 degrees clockwise that go down in a vertical line.  The effect is the same as if I took one of these lines that I am typeing here and rotated the entire line 90 degrees clockwise.  That is not the effect I want.  I am tying to get vertical letters stacked on top of one another in a line going vertical.  I watched videos and they simply pick the tool and it functions this way, but when I pick the same tool I do not get this vertical orientation of the individual letters, but the 90 degree rotated letter. 

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Illustrator :: How To Align To Lines That Are Curved

Mar 11, 2013

How would I match up line 1 to the second line with the perfect curve towards it?

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Illustrator :: Shapes Will Not Align Correctly

May 5, 2013

Look at the photo I provided.
The rectangle will not to the circle correctly or evenly. This has been happening too much recently and I move on and find a way around it. I've had enough though.
I've turned off and on Snap to point, Snap to grid, Smart guides. Everytime I drag the rectangles edges to the circles, they magically somehow snap back to the original spot or further than I wanted it.

Nothing fixes it. I'm extremely furious! Why is the edge of my circle able to be there but not the edge of the rectangle? I've even tried to increase and decrease the shapes. Still, nothing.

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Illustrator :: How To Align 2 Halves Of A Circle Next To Each Other

Aug 5, 2012

Let's say I've cut a circle in half, and then placed both halves on either side of the art board. Is there a way I can align them back right next to each other so that they appear as a circle once again?
None of the tools in the "align" window allow me to do that.

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Illustrator :: Why And When Using Align To Pixel Grid

Mar 23, 2014

Align To Pixel Grid a bit more thoroughly. I understand how to use it - to turn it on & off, but I'm a bit confused about the "why & when" of using it. F.I. I'm creating a picturebook with text. So when I export / or save for web, I'll be turning the vector art and text  as an image. My understanding is that using ATPG will eliminate the jagginess of the text that would occur, when it becomes an image, if I did not use ATPG.And conversely, if I don't use ATPG, the text will be jaggy when exported to jpg or png. Is this correct?

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Illustrator :: Align To Key Object Specifying Up Or Down (left Or Right)

Mar 24, 2014

I hope I'm just overlooking something! Is there a way to specifiy whether align to key object moves vertically down or up (or horizontally left or right.) Sometimes the objects move up and other times they move down, ect, ect...

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Illustrator :: Shapes Dis-align When Scaled?

Jun 18, 2013

in the left is my outlined shapes zoomed right in on a corner all perfectly alligned (3 shapes in total next one is ontop of another perfectly inline) then next is the preview zoomed in as you can see not perfectly inline and next is my full image so you get an idea.
My probelm is when scaling like i've done here it causes the shapes to come out of line and then causes the overall image to look bad. But when i made the original pic it was fine its just when i resize this happens but as you can see the outline is fine?

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Illustrator :: How To Align Objects 1/8" Apart

Feb 27, 2014

How do I align objects 1/8" apart.  Illustrator wants to round .125" up to .13" I have a die cut to make and it's throwing off my alignment

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Illustrator :: How To Align Star On A Line

Sep 26, 2013

I have a path that's coming out from an arbitrary angle, and I want a star at the end of the line, but perfectly centered so that the line bisects one of its inner arrows, if that makes sense.
I've made a separate star and a separate path, but I can't seem to hand-align it correctly.

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Illustrator :: How To Align The Strokes To The Center

Sep 12, 2013

I cannot add multiple strokes to a font.  The program only allows me to align the strokes to the center.  While on shapes it allows me to align the stroke inside, outside, and center. .

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Illustrator :: Reducing Large Files Sizes For Print Outs

Mar 20, 2014

I have created a file in illustrator 23in x 67in which is 137mb how can I reduce this as small as possible to be able to print it, as when I save it as a pdf it reduces to 27mb which is still to large.

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Illustrator :: Live Corners Widget Disappears At Small Sizes?

Feb 18, 2014

I often need to create icons at small sizes 6-12 (pts) so that it's easy to copy and paste into InDesign. On small corner areas, the widget disappears. When I scale the vector drawing up, they appear. I can work on them larger and just scale them back down in but was wondering if there was a setting or something to get them to show at the smaller sizes.

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Illustrator :: Stroke Around Shape Won't Align To Center?

Sep 12, 2012

When increasing the width of a stroke around a shape the stroke is not centered... WHY DOES IT DO THIS??? Even if I use the controls in the stroke window to change this it sill plays up.

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