After Effects :: Using A Keyed Layer As A Track Matte?

Sep 18, 2013

I am experiencing a strange issue on a comp I am working with, and due to the way its set up, and the pre-comps etc, I am not even sure how to go about asking the questions!
1) To start:
I have a comp with 3 Footage layers. One 4K Moving background image from Video blocks, interpreted at 25FPS. One R3D clip of one of our ships, camera on a tripod and ship "Waggling" slightly up and down - kept in RAW mode for clean keying. A duplicate of this layer, used as the colour corrected layer.
I have a Comp that contains the RAW footage, Keyed, and the colour corrected footage below it and set to Alpha matte.
Above is the settings and the output of the ships wing.
This is then precomped, and engine glows, contrails and thrusters etc are added with Null objects, lights, optical flares and particular:
at this point, everything looks great, this is then further precomped into a new comp, where it is placed above the background layer - and here is where the issue happens. It is almost as if the trackmatte is a frame or two behind the colour layer:
<-- notice the blue edging from the blue screen.
I track these layers backwards and forwards through the precomps, and I cant figure out why this happens?
(there are keyframes on the trackers above, and the contrail precomps for position, and a scale change over time on the ship layer in the final comp.) If I pull the ships precomp into the final comp as a new layer - the issue remains. If I double click to open the ship layer, the issue is not visible.

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Photoshop :: Garbage Matte Layer Mask?

Aug 22, 2008

in doing a chroma key on lab mode playing with a and b values (I got all that) and at the end he added "if necessary add a garbage matte layer mask" I have no idea what he meant, tried to find out thru all the icons but nothing has that name ....

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VideoStudio :: Transition Effects Work On Any Track Above It?

Sep 22, 2012

I'm currently using Pro X4.

I would like to know how to use a Transition without it affecting all tracks above it?

For example, if you apply a crossfade transition to a title track to make it fade-in, it will also affect the video track(s) above. The videotrack will suddenly turn black and then fade in together with the title.

Actually it will affect every track above the transition effect. So if you use for example the 'Switch Off' transition on the 2nd title track, it will also switch off the 1st title track, any possible overlay tracks and the main video track.

I can't imagine this should be happening. Is it a bug on my computer or is it a software issue

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After Effects :: Apply Mask Track Feature On CC?

Nov 24, 2013

How do I apply the mask track feature on After Effects CC?   I can't seem to find it.

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VideoStudio :: Applying Transition Effects To Just Overlay Track?

Mar 17, 2013

I thought this would be fixed with version 6 but I guess it isn't or maybe I'm still just doing it wrong. How do you apply a transition effect to just the overlay track. For instance I want to apply dissolve to an animated gif that I'm using in my overlay track but when I do it gets applied to everything and even the primary track blacks out and then dissolves back in. So frustrating. I switched over to final cut pro because of this but love the ease of use of VSP so I bought version 6 hoping this issue had been fixed.

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After Effects :: Merge / Blend 2 Layers To Move And Track Together?

Nov 8, 2013

I have an old man whose eyes are slitty and so I have created a white with a layer and feathered it round his wrinkles and it looks ok.  I can add mask track to this in ae and also track it in mocha. I have an iris import clip that I then need to add to the white.  It is in .png.

I cannot make a mask path appear on the layer information to the left of the screen so the iris dances about and can't be tracked.
How do I blend the white mask layer and the iris layer so they move as one?   Do I put them together then track them togethr in mocha?
I have spent a day on this trying to figure it.  On top of that I would also like to clone an eyelid half open so that I can put this on top of white layer, iris layer and then eyelid and track all together. But if possible the white and iris moving together would be enough.
In the instructions on youtube I have also found that when I hit 3d little cube icon I get a black background on the iris and not the old mans face how do I get rid of that?
This is for a man who gets wolf eyes in the film.  Would it be easier to get some wolf eyes in photoshop and stick those on? the clip is just 4 secs long.

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After Effects :: Track Camera Unable To Obtain Dynamic Link Server Connection

Apr 8, 2014

This has been hit and miss. I am now consistenly getting a dynamic link server connection trying to use Track camera in After Effects.
Windows 7 proffesional
i7 processor
I have enabled all the recommended programs through my firewall. I see the dynamiclink server is running in my task manager, I have closed all other programs, no antivirus, I have restarted my computer, no luck with this.
Also to add additional information:
It seems that when I try to do replace with After Effects composition in Premiere Pro I am getting error: The importer reported a generic error
and also when I first launch After effects I am getting a failure to load a few plugins from CineForm including importer

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GIMP :: Track Changes To Layer Visibility?

May 26, 2012

Can I make it so that the undo history in Gimp doesn't track changes tolayer visibility?

(I do a lot of compositing with layers, so I don't really want it to tracklayer visibility changes so I have a nice undo history with only changes Imade to the image.)

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VideoStudio :: Layer Static Images On Overlay Track?

Feb 14, 2012

Spent all night working on a more complex "test" of V4 and it appears I ran into an overlay brick wall. My last component is a series of 6 social media-like icons and I only have two overlay tracks. It appears that I can select a group of images to drag to an overlay track but they are applied sequentially. I need them to persist to the end of the video.

Is there a way to layer static images? I see that with shapes and titles I can go hog wild in one overlay.

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3ds Max :: Track View - How To Change Layer Order With Shortcuts

Aug 4, 2011

When Googling I found some pages saying that it should be possible to change the order of the layers in Track View with shortcuts, but they don't say how. Can't find anything about this in the customize dialog.

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Photoshop :: Cropping To Keyed In Dimensions

Jul 21, 2013

I am having problems with the cropping tool, Working with a fine art 800dpi 16 bit scan and I want to create an accurate crop to keyed in dimensions, in this case 12 cm x 12cm. Everything I try to key in the width and height dimensions, leaving resolution blank, I get varying results.

Either the crop box just sticks to the original scan size which is bigger or is not drawing to 12 x 12cm, usually smaller when I check off against rulers, despite keying in 12 x 12cm! Erratic results for any other dimensions I type in when I view against rulers. Tried clearing in case settings are sticky but to no avail. Can do this all day long in Elements 11 with consistent results. Tried everything in CS 6.

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3ds Max :: Integrating Keyed Footage Into Virtual Newsroom

Mar 3, 2011

I am using a pre-built virtual newsroom set. The artist has setup the scene using final render and in the environment there is 'beach_probe.hdr' I have tracked the talent on greenscreen (w/alpha) and want to import the talent with the tracking into the set. What is the preferred method for placing the talent in 3d space for proper placement and using the tracking data?

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VideoStudio :: Video Track Holding Sync With Music Track

Jan 28, 2012

When cutting video shots in sync with a music track how can I remove part of a clip and replace with a new shot. I know there is a replace clip facility but there appears to be no way of editing the new clip. What I would like to do is leave blanks in sync with the music and fill in correct length of shot later. The same question for overlaying video shots of an interview and holding sync when returning to interviewee.

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VideoStudio :: 6 Connecting Voice Track To Video Track During Editing?

Dec 9, 2013

In VideoStudio 6, how does one connect the voice track to the video during the editing process?

My specific issue is that I have to go back and edit material sometimes that precedes the voice track I already have laid down, but when the time frame of the material after my new edit I have to go back and drag the voice track to the proper location. I would like to be able to permanently "attach" the voice track to the specific video clip and have it follow that clip as it is moved, time wise, during the editing process.

Is there a means to make this happen?

PS - I realize there is a work around way - just publish each clip and then rebuild the final project but that is NOT what I want to do.

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Premiere Pro :: Export Greenscreen Keyed Video Has Noisy Background

Mar 10, 2014

Maybe I'm doing this totally wrong, but why can't I output just the man and a transparent background? The key is clean in Premiere. The output file (shown) is 32 bit, so there is an alpha channel, but when played in VLC player you see the noisy background instead of black or transparent. I want to send a client a cleanly keyed video for for further editing.
Quicktime DNxHD export codec from AME

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VideoStudio :: Link Audio Track To Video Track

Jan 17, 2012

I see that you can split the audio from the video. Can you do the reverse and link the audio back into the video say after you split, cut and mute an off camera scream? It would just make it easier to add clips before the edited one, although it's not all that hard to sync things up.

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Premiere Pro :: Why Can't Link A Mono Track With A Stereo Track

Feb 20, 2014

Or can I? "Link" is greyed out

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Photoshop :: How To Keep Layer Effects On One Layer From Affecting Another Layer

Jun 7, 2012

I have found that when I use the Layer Styles on one layer and then make a new layer or select a shape that creates a new layer that when I go to add Styles to the new layer/new shape the previous layer is affected by how I set the Bevel & Emboss, Direction, Altitude, Drop Shadow etc etc.
For instance, let's say I have a ...
BG > New Layer > draw an ellipse and then add a Bevel with an  > Angle of 89 and an Altitude of 30 and then I add a New Layer > open the Styles and go to change the Angle to say +89 or whatever and the Altitude to say 45 ... the first Layer/Shape Effects change.
How I can keep one Layer from being affected by an other Layers Effects'?
I have found that if I Rasterize a Layer Effect that I can add a "double" effect on the same layer but I haven't tried the to do this with separate layers. However, for most of the work I am doing I cannot use the Raster because everything needs to be true vectors.
I have a Dell Laptop/Windows 7 Home Premium that's a 64 bit

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3ds Max :: Use Note Track In Track View?

Aug 15, 2011

I'm curious how many of you use note track in the track view/dope sheet? It is running damn slow here, 15sec to add a note track, 30sec adding a note in dopesheet and 1 mins before I could open up the note editor. I doubt it is being useful at all.

Moreover, the infamous Max MotionClip Manager bugs is caused by that... so do you really use it?

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VideoStudio :: Push Video In Video Track After Title Track Is Completed?

Feb 16, 2011

Is there any way to push the video in the video track after the title track is completed ....

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After Effects :: 3D Layer Disappears In CS6

Aug 17, 2013

When I turn a layer into a 3D layer it disappears.  If i turn draft 3D on it will reappear, or if I preComp it will reappear. continuous rasterize is not on so its not that.  Active camera is set in preview window, so its not front view thing.

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Photoshop :: Add Layer And Effects On TIFF?

Sep 12, 2013

I guess my question is as follows: If I were to open a tiff file in photoshop, and add layers and effects on that tiff. file, am I loosing any quality or is there no real difference between working with raw files and tiff files?

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Photoshop :: Rasterize Layer Effects?

May 13, 2004

How would you "rasterize" the layer effects? So that instead of it being the object with the effects on it its just the individual pixels with no effects on them ... does that make sense?

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Photoshop :: Merged Layer Effects

Jun 30, 2006

I have two layers.. One is a simple shape with a raised bevel.. The other layer is text centered over the shape with a bevel of its own that makes the text look engraved.. The problem is when I go to merge the layers, I lose the text layer effect.. I have to merge the layers so how can I stop the text bevelled effect from disappearing?

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Photoshop :: Clip Layer Effects?

Apr 8, 2009

I was just playing around and wanted to put a text layer on top of another layer, I hit a problem with drop shadows though.

I would like the drop shadow only to appear on the bottom layer, at present it drops some of the shadow into what is empty space

Here is an image to show you what I mean

Arh seems I can not upload images yet, well think of a transparant background

layer one is an oval disk and layer two is some text.

The text starts half way up the disk and reaches above it, I want to get rid of the drop shadow that is above the disk.

(my username is also a domain com or uk where I put the images)

Is there a way to clip the effects to the bottom layer, I have been messing with masks but its not happening for me.

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After Effects :: Layer Missing When Render?

Aug 31, 2013

I have created a short 4 second comp and it all plays back fine until I actually try to render it. I've tried rendering the layer on it's own in a seperate comp and it disappears then as well and just becomes a white screen, but the original one when put into a comp works fine. I've spent hours editing it and putting it in place so i really don't want to start again.

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After Effects :: No Light Layer Nor Fotocamera

Apr 3, 2013

In After effects CS2 I cannot simply open fotocamera layer as well as Light layer, a pop-up message appears and says: “After Effects canot parse ò.9#. JL L5ò” ? Also I can't open the preferences, a similar pop-up message appears

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After Effects :: Why Don't Have Layer Option In Trapcode Particular

Jun 17, 2013

I don't now if this is the right forum, because Trapcode Particular is from Red Giant and not for Adobe, but.. I'm using After Effects CS6 and I installed Trapcode Particular. When I select layer emitter, I can't choose a layer. Under layer is no option to select layer.

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After Effects :: Can't Get Puppet Pin To Move With Layer

Mar 20, 2014

I have separated Illustrator images for a character, I applied the puppet pins to one of the layers and tried to rotate it. The puppet pins stay stationary, they don't move with the layer. THis is frustrating, because all the instructional videos I've seen says to "just rotate and move the mesh" but that doesn't work. Even when moving the pins, the image gets cut off and warped what is only inside the mesh.

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After Effects :: Can't Convert AI Layer To A Path

Jan 12, 2014

I made a graph in Illustrator. So I imported all of my layers as .ai layers, and I've come to a point in the tutorial where I'm supposed to convert the vector object into a path in After Effects, but when I right-click it the option isn't there.

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After Effects :: PSD Layer Disappears During Render?

Nov 20, 2013

I've never used a Photoshop psd image in AE CS6, but yesterday I did, thinking I could tweak more's a flat (non3D) one-layer image with alpha.  I dragged it into the project.  The layer has some intense rotation expressions if that matters. I can work on it fine, it plays using RAM preview and I can save a portion of it as a RAM Preview Save, which is also fine.  But when I render to a video file, the object disappears complete....I just get a black screen. 

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