VideoStudio :: Applying Transition Effects To Just Overlay Track?

Mar 17, 2013

I thought this would be fixed with version 6 but I guess it isn't or maybe I'm still just doing it wrong. How do you apply a transition effect to just the overlay track. For instance I want to apply dissolve to an animated gif that I'm using in my overlay track but when I do it gets applied to everything and even the primary track blacks out and then dissolves back in. So frustrating. I switched over to final cut pro because of this but love the ease of use of VSP so I bought version 6 hoping this issue had been fixed.

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VideoStudio :: Transition On Overlay Affects Video Track

Feb 26, 2011

When I apply a transition to a clip on the overlay track (and/or title track) the transition is applied to the video on the video track... even if the clip on the video track is 'in the middle' to where the transition is on the overlay track. e.g. If I apply a dissolve (or any transition) to the overlay clip... the clip on the video track will go through said transition also. VSX4

In other words, the clip on the video track goes through the transition applied on the overlay or title track.

This does not seem right. I saw nothing in preference that would affect this and I saw no way of 'de-parenting' the video track with the overlay or title track. (By de-parenting I mean separating the tracks so what happens on one does not affect the other.)

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VideoStudio :: Transition Effects Work On Any Track Above It?

Sep 22, 2012

I'm currently using Pro X4.

I would like to know how to use a Transition without it affecting all tracks above it?

For example, if you apply a crossfade transition to a title track to make it fade-in, it will also affect the video track(s) above. The videotrack will suddenly turn black and then fade in together with the title.

Actually it will affect every track above the transition effect. So if you use for example the 'Switch Off' transition on the 2nd title track, it will also switch off the 1st title track, any possible overlay tracks and the main video track.

I can't imagine this should be happening. Is it a bug on my computer or is it a software issue

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VideoStudio :: Transition Effects On Video Overlay Tracks?

Aug 30, 2011

i wanted to try it because of its flexible overlay capabilities. I have a main video on the background and i want a small overlay video to appear on top of it, but to come in with a transition. I couldn't make the transition to effect only on the overlay video, it effects the whole video (both main and overlays together). Is there a way to make it work only on the overlay video?

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VideoStudio :: Can't Use ColorFast On Overlay Track?

May 25, 2013

I've installed NewBlue ColorFast, and it shows up in VS X6 as expected. If I drag and drop it onto the video track, the changes I make apply, no problem. But if I drag and drop it onto the overlay track, then make the changes I need, they don't stick … they go away when the dialogue is closed. Is this filter limited to the video track only? Or do I have a problem here?

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VideoStudio :: Overlay Track Options

Feb 13, 2012

I rendered (in animation software) a series of .png files with transparency for an overlay in VidStudio. 150 of them that all need to be shortened from the default photo duration of 3:00 seconds. Plus, for each one, I will need to adjust the size of the overlay track. Is there a way to manage the entire track for these adjustments? Or a place to adjust the preferences..?

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VideoStudio :: Overlay Track Speed

Aug 26, 2013

When I try to combine 2 videos to play over each other (i.e. one full screen one anchored in a corner) the overlay track plays at an accelerated rate with no sound, whereas the main video will play as normal. However if I switch them around the same problem arises, the overlay video plays fine the main accelerated with no sound.

If I play them separately they will both play fine. The video I am trying to anchor was recorded with a webcam and therefore may be the problem. If I need to give more details w/ specs etc.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X5 - Fade In / Out Overlay Track

Nov 5, 2012

I'm just about ready to buy Corel Studio Pro X5, but one "issue" is bothering me, I cannot fade in and out the overlay track. I can drag the cross-fade onto the image or video, but it doesn't cross-fade with the actual video. Instead, the screen suddenly goes black and the overlay track fades in. Same on the way out, it just fades to black (queue the music ) and then the underlying video pops back in.

I'm using the 30-day trial Video Studio Pro X5.

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VideoStudio :: X4 Titles In Overlay Track?

Mar 7, 2011

Using Video Studio X4 I have noticed that I can insert a Title to the overlay tracks. The initial title goes to the title track, but can be dragged to the overlay track.

I’ve had a look at the track manager and as expected there is still the option to use two title tracks. Even so the ability to use the overlays for titles is very interesting.

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VideoStudio :: Crossfades In Overlay Track

Sep 29, 2013

I have seen tutorials and used successfully the process needed to produce a cross fade between the primary video and overlay tracks in VS pro x5, but it's a process requiring several steps. I was recently revisiting my VS version 9 located in another computer when I noticed that VS9 seems to automatically place crossfades between the two tracks.

Is it possible to do this in VS pro X5? Was this feature abandoned on versions later than VS9?

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VideoStudio :: AVI Files Inserted To Overlay Track?

Jan 21, 2011

When I place an .avi file onto the overlay track it will only play the sound and not the video. The screen just remains black with the sound coming through.

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VideoStudio :: Overlay Track Default Size?

Nov 25, 2013

When I add a photo/clip into an overlay track, it is always too small and I end up having to re-size every one of the clips/photos.

Is there a way to define the size of the "default size" of an overlay clip/photo?

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VideoStudio :: Pro X2 - Align Still Image On Overlay Track?

Feb 18, 2011

How do I align/rotate a still image on the overlay track using Corel Pro x2. and is it possible to place text on the still image?

Windows XP H/P t650uk
2 Gbt memory
80Gb hard drive

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VideoStudio :: Trimming Clip In Overlay Track?

May 8, 2012

I can't seem to trim a clip in the overlay track. When I'm scrubbing through it the F3 and F4 keys will not work. This is a clip that I have already used Multi-trim to create.

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VideoStudio :: How To Move Overlay Track Through Timeline

Nov 11, 2011

How can i move an an overlay track through the time line ?

EX. the overlay track is a logo & i want it to keep moving around the screen through the video.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X4 - Inserting Photo On Overlay Track

Aug 23, 2011

An Overlay track has a photo on the end of the track, there are also photos at the start of the track.

When right clicking on this track behind a photo at the start end of the track to insert a photo behind an existing photo, the new photo goes behind the photo at the end of the track.

Is there any way to use right click and insert the photo where you want it?

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VideoStudio :: How To Put Text Behind Overlay Track Image

Dec 3, 2011

i wanna write text but make it behind the overlay image track , how can i do that ? every time i write text it comes in front of the image.

I'm using X4 version.

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VideoStudio :: Can't Put Border Around Overlay Track Clip

Jul 14, 2012

I can’t put a border around an overlay track clip once it has been rotated. If I put a boarder around an overlay track clip prior to rotation then it is removed upon rotation.

I use VideoStudio x4.

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VideoStudio :: Overlay Track Picture Size?

Nov 24, 2011

Is there a way to set the relative picture size of an overlay image in the preview window (picture in picture) to a presetted size and AR by default. My overlay pictures never have the original AR unless I select "original aspect ratio" every time.

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VideoStudio :: Creating Transparent Backgrounds For Overlay Track?

Jul 27, 2011

I am making a montage of previous logos for a piece of software. As one can guess there will be a lot of pieces I want transparent. The montage will be a moving animation-like video, making it look at though you are moving towards the most recent logo.

I have created .png files of each logo (exporting from CorelDraw 11) making their backgrounds transparent. I then drag and drop the clip on to an overlay track. (I used an instant project and it came with overlay tracks which have an option checked called "Apply filter to Alpha channel," With the "Apply filter to Alpha channel," option checked I set the overlay track to fit the screen and then click the maintain aspect ratio. At this point all the places where the original picture isn't is transparent, but not the background of the picture. I'm making the overlay track size the size of the screen so I can have the logo move across the screen within the picture-in-picture filter which I then add to the overlay track. When I customize the PIP filter I have the logo fade in for the first half second or so in the middle of the screen, then move and tilt to the right or left (I alternate every other logo). At this point I think that the "Apply filter to Alpha channel," is still on, I then create a chroma key with the adjust colour similarity at 100 to make the background of my image transparent (I'm not sure why that part isn't automatic; I'm using two Corel products and I have created an alpha channel in the .png file so that as soon as I put on the timeline it should be transparent, but that doesn't happen, it goes back to the colour I originally made transparent in CorelDraw). Once I have created this chroma key, the space that was originally transparent due to the "Apply filter to Alpha channel" option, goes black. (this area is the spaced enclosed by the extents of the overlay track size and the edge of the .png file). When I right click on the logo in the timeline, there is no option to "Apply filter to Alpha channel" which I guess means you can't have a chroma key and this Alpha filter on at the same time. To remedy the black space I go to the transparency slider and set the value to "1" which gets rid of the black immediately and doesn't seem to make the rest of the image transparent at all (I'm sure technically speaking it does but 1% transparency isn't enough to notice in the .png file).

And now, the problem:There is a white-ish boarder at the edge of the .png picture. and try as i might, I cannot get rid of it. It really ruins the transparent effect. Is there a way to remedy this? or a better way of getting the effect I want which doesn't need to use both the transparency and the chroma key? I've just thought of making a really large .png file with the logo at its center and zooming in quite far in, so there is a white back ground wherever i move the logo and then using a single chroma key to get ride of the background.

[UPDATE]It is the NewBlue PIP that is creating this boarder even when you turn off all boader, shadow and reflection there it is with the boarder of the transparent portions. I also tried rendering this portion to see if it still showed up and its still there even after rendering. Also my idea of making a large picture didn't work, you can't go bigger than 100% when in the PIP editor so the border is still there, closer tot he edges of the screen, but still there none the less.

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VideoStudio :: Difference Between Video Track And Overlay Tracks?

Aug 20, 2013

What is the difference between the Video track and the Overlay tracks?

I noticed that I cannot trim the "overlay" clips, but when I added some screen recording to my folder and placed it on the timeline, it automatically goes to the Overlay track. And from there, I cannot trim them as the scissors icon is greyed out. Is there a way to add those clips to the video track instead of the overlay track if there is no other video in the way?

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VideoStudio :: Layer Static Images On Overlay Track?

Feb 14, 2012

Spent all night working on a more complex "test" of V4 and it appears I ran into an overlay brick wall. My last component is a series of 6 social media-like icons and I only have two overlay tracks. It appears that I can select a group of images to drag to an overlay track but they are applied sequentially. I need them to persist to the end of the video.

Is there a way to layer static images? I see that with shapes and titles I can go hog wild in one overlay.

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VideoStudio :: Connecting Video Track With Overlay And Audio?

Mar 1, 2012

I am assembling a project with a few video, overlay and audio clips. Everything is timed the way I want, but I decide to add a few seconds to the beginning. I insert the additional clip and all the video clips move over, but all the other clips (overlay and audio) do not move. It takes a long time to adjust everything and get the timing correct again.

Is there anyway to LOCK the audio and overlay clips to their corresponding video, and have them move together when I insert video in the beginning?

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VideoStudio :: Sound When Playing Clip In Overlay Track?

Jul 23, 2013

In edit, when I select Clip and play a clip on an overlay track, there's no sound. Yes, I can first click on the sound mixer and then it plays but what a waste of time. Project will play but then I have to isolate the clip. How do I get sound playing under Clip when the segment is in one of the overlay tracks?

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VideoStudio :: Overlay Transitions Affect Main Track

Jun 5, 2012

I'm making a video slideshow for my friend's wedding and I'm trying to use some overlay pics in a couple segments but want the overlay track to dissolve with the main track and can't get it to work for some reason. Specifically I'm trying to make a remote control pop into the bride's hand (I'm using "Grow Old With You" for one of the songs and thought it would be cute during the "even let you hold the remote control" part). Anyway I went through the trouble of creating the remote control object etc. but even though I can drag a transition to the object it doesn't seem to affect it any. Instead it affects the main track.

Here's what happens specifically...I have dissolve applied to both the main track picture (the bride) and the remote control (overlay track)...and the dissolves are set to trigger at the same time. The bride starts to fade but the remote control stays solidly on the screen - and then something weird happens, the object transition effect seems to overwhelm the main transition for a second and the whole screen flicks black for a second and then abruptly goes on to the next slide. If I delete the object transition effect the abrupt black screen thing doesn't happen but the remote control obviously doesn't fade either, which makes the video seem very amateurish. I checked all the edit settings for both the main and overlay tracks and nothing seems to work with this. I can't believe a glitch like this could have existed for this long without Corel fixing it...Right?

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VideoStudio :: Overlay Track - Jagged Edges In Animations With Green Screen?

Jul 14, 2013

VS6 Ultimate
Windows 7

I am trying to render some small animated clips to be used as overlays in home movies. I am animating in a program called Poser. I animate 30 to 60 second clips rendering them over a green background (0 blue, 0 red, 255 green) and output them in Uncompressed AVI at 1280x720. When I bring them into VS6 they look great on track 1 but when I put them onto an overlay track they suddenly 'go small'; I right click and change to 'Project Size' (which I have set to 16:9) and apply the Chroma Key; this is where I begin to get the Jagged Edge effect? Especially on anything with a straight edge - for example: I have a Skull and Crossed Swords that I want to spin 360 - the sword edges become so horribly jagged, it just is not acceptable.

However, still using Poser as my 3D rendering engine, I can render a still and save out as a PNG and it will import into VS6 and overlay (as a Still) just fine. I did try rendering Each Frame of the spinning skull as PNGs and assemble the animation in VS6 and again I ended up with the jagged edges...even if this did work it would not be do-able with my 6sec clip of a waving flag (too many frames!)

Perhaps my AVI aspect size to VS6? I notice that while in VS6 I am working in only 720x480 however my final target is to burn to DVD in Wide Screen (I also would like to have MPG and/or AVI to play direct from computer on home entertainment system to TV)

A little background: I do historic reenacting at various events, shows, parties, Tall Ship events, Ren Fairs, and such. The overlays I want for various use: Title effects, overlay photos/videos within the project. Video files come from my Sony HDR-CX430V, photos from Canon SD790IS.

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VideoStudio :: Resize Photo Or Video On Overlay Track To Exact Size On Timeline?

Jun 14, 2011

I am using photos for a slideshow. How do you resize a photo or video on the overlay track to the exact size on the timeline? I know you can use the resize handles but is there a faster way?

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VideoStudio :: Missing Transition Effects

Dec 12, 2011

I recently upgraded from X2Pro to X4 ultimate and I'm missing some transition effects that I had in X2 but are not in X4.

I'm really disappointed that transition effects and other stuff from X2 content pack are not included in x4 ultimate, and I cant find any content pack for x4 on corel website, is there any?

Can I use transition effects from X2 in X4? I hate to have to use X2 after paying for X4 Ultimate just for transition effects

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VideoStudio :: Video Is Skipping After Transition Effects?

Mar 11, 2013

After creating a DVD or HD Blu-ray disc to watch on my HD TV the video skips after every transition effect while watching the DVD or HD Blu-ray disc on my tv's and computers. The videos do not skip when I upload them to the internet.

I'm using external USB 2 hdd and USB 3hdd

VS ProX5 and VS12

The properties for my video:

File format: mpeg2
file size-1,173.668
duration-478.378 sec


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VideoStudio :: Can Create And Made Transition Effects In Pro X4

Sep 23, 2011

Can I create and made transition effects in vs pro x4? Or need other software for it.

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VideoStudio :: Audio Jumping Out Loud At End Of Transition Effects

Apr 5, 2013

At the beginning of the cross fade transition effect the audio drops out completely and suddenly get's loud at the end of the effect.

I'm using external USB 2 hdd and USB 3hdd
VS ProX5 and VS12

The properties for my video:
File format: mpeg2
file size-1,173.668
duration-478.378 sec

video format: mpeg-2, upper field
attributes: 24bits, 1440x1080, 16:9
frame rate: 29.970
data rate: 25000

Audio type-mpeg audio layer 2
total samples-18, 166,967
attributes-48000hz, 16bit stereo
bit rate-384

a. Where did they originate (camcorder, internet, TV card etc) Camcorders-SonyFX1 HDV and Canon XHA1 HDV
b. How did they get onto your hard drive (download, firewire, USB cable etc.) Firewire

Project Properties-
NTSC drop frame (29.97 fps)
MPEG files
24 bits, 720 x 480, 29.97 fps
Upper Field First
(DVD-NTSC), 16:9
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 8000 kbps)
Audio data rate: 256 kbps
Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)

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