After Effects :: Current Time Indicator Won't Move To End Of Comp In CS6

May 31, 2013

The current time indicator won't move to end of comp in AE CS6. I setup a new comp at 10 seconds. When I drag the current time indicator OR hit the End key to bring the current time indicator to the end of the comp it stops at a value of 9:23. Is this a bug?

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After Effects :: Can't Preview The Frames By Moving The Current-time Indicator

Sep 28, 2013

I'm following some tutorials on digital tutors and I see that an easy way to preview the frames is just by simply moving the time indicator, and the frames will play in real time by just moving the current-time indicator back and forth.
However, it doesn't work for me for some reason, when I move my current time idncator, the only thing  see is the frame what it was on, and won't update until I let go of time time indicator.

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After Effects :: Current Timeline Indicator Skips Frames When Previewing

May 31, 2013

when I preview my video, the current timeline indicator skips to the next 10 frames and I would like to know if there is a way to decrease  the amount of fames being skipped to.

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After Effects :: Time Indicator Goes Back To Beginning Once It Reaches End

Apr 15, 2014

When I preview my comp the time indicator goes back to the beginning once it reaches the end,  Is there a way so that it stops at the end of the work area or timeline?  Its not on loop, its on play once but I don't want it to go back.

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After Effects :: Aligning Text Animations In Nested Comp (imported PSD) To Music In Main Comp?

Mar 10, 2014

I've imported the PSD file as a comp, and made changes to the text animation, but this is now a nested comp, and the music is in the main comp. How do I change the timing of the nested comp while still having visibility of the music track?

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After Effects :: Reduce The Opacity Of A Comp Within A Comp Seamlessly?

Jun 11, 2013

I have comp A (imported from PS) that's a rectangle background with text & lines above it - which is inside comp B.
While on B I'm reducing the opacity of A from 100 to 0, normally over 10 frames, and the text and lines' opacity goes down normally... except the rectangle background! It's opacity is staying the same during the first 9 frames and then going from 100 to 0 in the last one.
As an experiment I replaced that PS layer with a solid from AE and it works fine. The whole comp's opacity reduced gradually from 100 to 0 over 10 frames.
What causes some layers to behave as described above?

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After Effects :: Way To Trim Precomp To Current Layer Time?

Feb 3, 2009

I've got an animation pretty much done as far as timing goes and everything. Now I'm going back and editing some things that require adding a few layers to add some things to the current layer that already is trimmed appropriately to the correct time.

Any script or something that will create a composition from a layer using the length of the layer's in and out point instead of the whole comp time?

Right now I'm opening the precomp, hitting "i" "b" "o" "n", then right clicking on the comp range bar, choosing trim to comp time. Then I go back to the main comp, move the time back to where the layer previously started and hitting "["

So it all goes by pretty quick, but I consistently have to do that like 20 times. And no, it isn't completely necessary, but if I have to give the file to someone else it makes it Much easier to see what's going on if they can see the actual length of a layer. If you leave it at default it appears the layer is needed for the entire composition.

So, is there a way to script that or something? I usually just need to do something like add some text, simulate a graphic display, or create some fake animated depth of field or something like that. I don't like to add more than one layer per action in the main comp, so if more is needed then i usually precompose it as to not have more than a hundred layers or so for the bulk of the comp.

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After Effects :: Hold On Last Frame For Remainder Of Comp

Apr 2, 2013

I have a clip on a layer that is 6:20 in length. I want to hold on last frame for the remaining time in comp (10:00). I am fairly new to AE. I am using CS6.

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After Effects :: Comp Renders As Black Screen?

Dec 3, 2012

My AE comp renders as a full-length video of a black screen (with audio, when enabled). Comp plays fine in RAM preview, and I've tried all types of codecs and disabling RAM intensive effects, though I'm working on a quad-core i7 macbook pro with 8 gigs of RAM, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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After Effects :: Colours In An Image Comes Out Different After Rendering Comp?

Apr 16, 2013

For a project, I've imported a jpeg file that I made on Photoshop. The colors look perfectly fine on the RAM previews and stuff but after I render it, just that specific jpg image comes washed out. It should be dark grey / almost black but after rendering into .mov that image becomes medium grey. It's noticeably more washed out and lighter. All the other colors in that image are also noticeably lighter as well.
I have set my working space to my monitors color profile and I have proofed the colors after saving on Photoshop.

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After Effects :: Why Does Pasting Multiple Layers Into A Different Comp Ruin The Order

Feb 25, 2013

I have 6 layers in a comp, and I'm taking them across, via copy/paste, to another comp.  Each second layer is an Alpha channel for the one below it.  However when they're pasted into the next comp they ALWAYS are reversed, or randomly resorted, ruining everything about their blends and alpha relationships with one another.
Why does After Effects do this? Is there a way to prevent it from happening?
This doesn't just happen in this instance, I've noticed it nearly always happening when pasting multiple layers. 

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After Effects :: Motion Blur Effect Doesn't Stop After The Comp Stops Moving?

Jun 30, 2012

I am animating comps in After Effects CS6, and I'm quickly moving objects across the screen using positioning keyframes and changing size using scaling keyframes.  Most of the time it works great; but sometimes the motion blur effect keeps appearing *after* the object has stopped moving.  Not just for a second -- but forever.  It appears correct when scrubbing on the timeline, but when I render the final output movie, a non-moving object sometimes has motion blur all over it. 
Sometimes I can fix it by un-parenting some layers inside the comp...  other times it doesn't fix it.  Sometimes I just delete it and start over and it works.  Seems more like a bug then something I'm doing wrong.
I also tried on my Mac Pro tower and Macbook Pro laptop in case it was a graphics card issue; it isn't, the exact same problem manifests itself in both areas.  I did just discover that turning continuous raster OFF does seem to fix the problem--but then my vector images are blurry when I zoom in...  and that again sounds more like a bug, not like an incorrect setting.

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AutoCad :: Select / Move Dimensions To Move Up / Down Same Time

May 11, 2011

In the example below, I would like to select the three dimensions 14'-1 3/8's, 2', 28' and be able to move them all up or down at the same do I do that?


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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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After Effects :: Some 3rd Party Effects Crash After Period Of Time?

Feb 16, 2014

Specifically the Boris Continuum plugins. I get this error: 
Seems to happen for really no reason, even if I apply the effect and let the comp sit idle, it hapens after a minute or so.
Win 7x64, AE CS6 11.04, 16 gb of RAM GPU: GeForce GTX560ti

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Reference The Default Timeline's Current Time

May 22, 2013

I'm trying to use the default timeline's current time inside an if-statement's validation code (the code itself being inside a symbol), but I can't seem to find a way to reference the default timeline's current time.
My code would be something along the lines of this:
(upon clicking the buttton)
if (default timeline > 1 second and default timeline < 6 seconds)
play default timeline at 6 seconds
else if (default timeline > 6 seconds and < 11 seconds)
play default timeline at 11 seconds

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Illustrator :: Move Dialog Box - Start With Values Set At Current Position?

Jul 17, 2012

With an object selected and the Selection tool active, I press Return to get the Move dialog box.
For some reason, there seem to be random values entered in the Horizontal and Vertical fields. Instead, I just want the boxes to always start at 0 so that I can decide where it moves, instead of having to clear these fields manually.
how to get this box to behave as I want it to?

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After Effects :: Unable To Allocate Enough Memory To Render Current Frame

Mar 2, 2014

I bought this AE file  URL...Here is the error message I get when trying to render...After Effects error: Unable to allocate enough memory to render the current frame (18172 x 18172 @ 8 bpc). Either decrease the memory requirements for the rendering of this frame, or install more RAM. (12805). For more information, see (7 :: 66)
I even tried to render the project without making any changes. No luck
Is my laptop inadequate for this type of work?When it says - (18172 x 18172 @ 8 bpc) is that the resolution it's trying to output? The project is 6 seconds long and 1920x1080 resolution. I can render it at half resolution, but not at the 1080 res.

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Illustrator Scripting :: Create JS Script To Move Objects Away From Common Center Based Upon Their Current Position

Jan 17, 2014

I was hoping to create a JS script to move objects away from common center based upon their current position. I was thinking to use a single selected path item as the center based on its position x/y and width/height. Using this reference point the script would then move away all other path items from this center point based on a desired amount and with uniform increments given their current location from this center. I was thinking cos and sin would be my friend in this case, however they seem to have become my foe instead. ;-)
Does this sound doable? What am I missing, doing wrong, misinterpreting? Below is a non-working attempt, I can't seem to sort things out, perhaps I was close and missed it or maybe I am super way off and its more complex than I thought. However at this point I am confused across my various failed attempts this only being one of them. 
// Example failed code, nonworking concept
var docID = app.activeDocument;
var s0 = docID.selection[0];
pID = docID.pathItems;
var xn, yn;
var stepNum = 20;


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Paint.NET :: Move More Than 1 Layer At The Same Time?

Feb 12, 2012

currently I'm working on a picture that consists of many other pictures and their layers. Now, if I want to cut edges of pictures with the same angle, it would be great to see the angle in the lasso mode. Sometimes this can also be handy when selecting rects.

edit: How can I move more than 1 layer at the same time?

edit: When saving/reopeneing the project, the pictures in the layers loose their original pixels, so I cannot resize them to their original width/height wihtout losing quality. What can I do about that? I.e. I think a picture needs to be bigger I have to delete it and reimport it?

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Photoshop :: How Do I Move An Image And Its Path At The Same Time?

Aug 31, 2007

I've been using Photoshop since it first came out, and need to brush up on some things. I can't remember how to move an image and it's path to a new photoshop file at the same time.

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After Effects :: Time Shift Of Footage?

Feb 14, 2014

I have two compositions, second is a copy of the first. On the second's layers i use other footages with other start points, while the keyframes of the layers should stay there (related to the layer). I have replaced the the second's footages by alt-drag&drop. But i can not set other start points. So how can i shift the footage behind the layer?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Move More Than One Node In Action At A Time?

Apr 17, 2013

Is there a way without grouping nodes to move several at the same time in action?

Having to group nodes just to rearrange the layout is too slow.

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GIMP :: Quickly Move Through Layers Viewing One At A Time?

Sep 17, 2012

I just want to draw some simple animations, and I was thinking of using the layers as frames, like with gif creation. I know you can use pageup and page down to quickly shift focus from one layer to the next, but is there a way to only have the current layer visible without having to mess with the visbility toggle for each layer?

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Lightroom :: How To Move Multiple Images At One Time From One Subfolder To Next

Jul 24, 2013

How would i accomplish this procedure in lr5. I know you can click on an image  and drag it to the target folder.  But for multiple images this is the ?

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After Effects :: Insert Time / Frames Shortcut?

Feb 1, 2013

Is it possible to insert time from where the 'Current Time Indicator' is  across all layers?
So it would extends all the layers and move all the keyframe accordingly..
In the adobe flash days pressing F5 would achieve the same effect. 
So using this image as an example, pressing F5 would extends the layers/move all the keyframes after the indicator by one frame...

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After Effects :: Masking A Time-lapse Animation?

Apr 2, 2013

I'm working on a time-lapse project where I have taken 240 shots of a highway heading into my city, and have erased the cars from the shot, creating the look of an "empty city". This will be one of many sequences like this.

I got the highway background plate perfect, no cars, and I threw that into my AE comp (CS6), along with the 240 images as a JPEG sequence. I've layered the background plate on top of the image sequence and used a mask to "hide" the cars from the highway. The problem is, some of the cars are taller than the roadway (trucks, busses, etc), so they push into the upper part of the frame where the motion is supposed to happen. If I extend the mask upward, you can see a literal bisection between the still plate and the animated JPEGs. If I just move the mask path to hide cars as they go by, the moving mask becomes VERY obvious in the exported QuickTime.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Long Time To Move Cogo Point?

Mar 29, 2012

It's taking a long time to move cogo points. About 2 minutes for a single point move. Other commands affecting points are taking longer too. Would it just be a function of file size.

 Sample point:

Space: Model space
Handle = daf3e
Primary point group : Pro Face Curb
Point Number : 5198


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AutoDesk Smoke :: Move Keyframe In Time Without Changing Any Of X Y Z Parameters?

Aug 7, 2012

How do i move a keyframe in time without changing any of its x,y,z parameters?

and Can i have different interpolations for individual keyframes on the same parameter? (so i can ramp a move into a keyframe, then continue out at a linear interpolation)?

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After Effects :: Is This Possible To Render An Audio React In Real Time

Oct 30, 2013

I am looking for a way to render a 3d model that reacts to an audio in real time. I know processing does the audio reacting in real time but I was wondering if this is possible to render a 3d object that react to the audio via after effect as well?

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After Effects :: Random Look Change After Opening Project At Later Time?

Jun 21, 2013

Created a project for a client, saved it, and rendered out a preview.  Today I open the same project which has not been touched since the render and it's a completely different image result.Left is in the project as of today.  Right is same frame from render yesterday.  As I said, no project changes have occurred since render.
I've messed around with the blending modes and opacity settings which are still as I left them originally, keyframes and all, yet I cannot get back to the exact same image on the right. Having funky oddities in AE CC?

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