VideoStudio :: X4 - Adding Effects To Movies

Dec 9, 2011

I recently purchased VideoStudio Pro X4. I have been making movies just fine, but now I am wanting to try some new things such as effects. Here are some things I would like to try, but I am not sure if VideoStudio has this capability:

1. Add explosions to movies.
2. Also other effects like lightning coming from fingertips.
3. I have seen in other video clips where people have added a mouth to various inanimate objects such as a wall or fruit or whatever. The object would remain still while the mouth spoke. I am not sure if this is clear or not.

I noticed that some have used Adobe After Effects. Is this what is needed? It seems kind of expensive.

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VideoStudio :: Adding Effects

May 6, 2013

I'd like to add downloaded vst & vfx files to Corel VideoStudio X5 library.

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VideoStudio :: X6 - Adding Effects To Motion Tracks?

Apr 23, 2013

I have a clip where I have tracked the motion of two eyes (not the eyemovement, but the location). The tracking is awesome by the way. The placeholders are following the movement very good. My goal is to have some kind of effect on the eyes (scary, sci-fi etc), like lens flare coming out of them. But I can't figure out how to add this effect to the motion I have tracked. I have tried adding the effect to the place holders, but it looks very ugly and they are still just a couple of squares.

how I can add an effect to a motion track like this..?

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After Effects :: Rendered Movies Are Jerky After Timestretch

Feb 20, 2014

After importing my timelapse image sequence and interpreting the footage I am able to render out a 1080p video file that runs nice and smooth. If I try to speed up my footage from lets say 9 seconds to 6 seconds using 'Timestretch', I notice that the rendered video of that 6 second clip is kind of jerky, it's not smooth like the original length movie.
Obviously I'm missing a step in the process or not fully understand how this works. I suspect it's something to do with frame rates.
My composition is 30fps and so is my rendered video file. I use the H.264 compression in both cases.

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VideoStudio :: Adding (film Burn) Or (light Leak) Effects To Clips While Editing In X4?

May 9, 2013

I'm trying to find a way of adding "film burn" or "light leak" effects (which give a faded, colour distorted, 70s look) to clips while editing in VSProX4. I'm working with SD avi clips, in a 4.3 aspect ratio (made with Mpeg Streamclip). find something like a "grunge" effects plug-in, compatible with VS ProX4, that is not too expensive.

My OS is windows vista, 32 bit with a 98G hard drive and 4G of ram (on Toshiba Satellite Intel duo laptop).

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VideoStudio :: X3 Creating Two Movies

Dec 20, 2010

I recently purchased the VX3/PSX3 bundle. So far we love the flexibility and ease of creating a project. We do a lot of transferring, such as 8mm and VHS for family and friends. Our most recent project included five 20 minute reels of 8mm film. The finished project with menus and credits was just about 1 hour 58 minutes with a size of 6.6GB.

We have a a Blu-Ray burner as well as a DL DVD burner so that size should be fine since we were going to just make a DL DVD. I then went to the SHARE tab and selected the "Create a movie" link. I chose the mpg option just out of familiarity. All went well until I noticed that it broke my project into 2 seperate movies (movie.mpg and movie001.mpg). The first was a bit larger than the second, but almost equal in time. I thought maybe I did something wrong and reran it. The second try yielded basically the same result...two movie files, but this time the second was only 9 minutes long while the first was 1 hour 48 mins. I do not want the extra links on the DVD Menu. The cousin that this is going to is NOT very electronics savvy and the extra buttons on the menu may cause a complete mental breakdown. How I can keep this 6.6GB project as one complete file for DVD authoring? I can forward along file info if need be when I get home.

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VideoStudio :: Old VHS Movies To DVD Transfer

Aug 24, 2012

I want to try a newer version of VS with a Canopus capture device. I want to convert some old VHS movies to DVD. Can this be accomplished with any of the newer VS versions, 11 up to 15? Also, will they work with Vista 32 bit?

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VideoStudio :: Export Movies In FLV Format Rather Than WMV?

Jan 25, 2011

I have a created a video using my Sony XE105 handycam in HD and edited it successfully using X2.

I can then export it to WMV format and view the file in superb quality in windows media player. However, when I try to export into FLV format, I get the message about converting and it sits at 0%. I have left it for over a half hour without any movement before deeming it as having "hung" and trying again.

I'd really like to export movies in FLV format rather than WMV?

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VideoStudio :: Can't Make 3D Movies With X4 Ultimate

Feb 13, 2012

I have done all the updates etc that Corel has suggested and I still cannot make a 3D movie. I do all the steps to make it and when I play it back the audio is there but there is either a white or black screen.

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VideoStudio :: Create DVD That Will Have 3 Movies (Titles)?

Mar 16, 2012

I have VisualStudio Pro X5.I would like to create a DVD that will have 3 movies (Titles). I would like to a have Play All button on the menu page so that when selected the 3 movies will play in sequence without returning to the menu after playing a movie. In addition I would also be able to select each each movie individually from the menu. Control would return to the menu after playing the movie.

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VideoStudio :: How To Remove Sound From MPG Movies

Dec 17, 2013

I have a bundle of .mpg movies with unwanted sound included. Can I remove it?

Background: Took a bunch of ancient 8mm movies to a store and had them put on a CD. They came back in sets of .bup, .ifo, and .vob files. VideoStudio Pro X6 inducted them as .mpg files. VS was recently bought in a box; allowed update after installation. How to check the version.

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VideoStudio :: Create Movies With DVD Features In Them?

Jan 7, 2013

In the past I created a movie and put it onto a DVD. It was created with another software program called NCH VideoPad, if I recall. It worked fine. I loved the DVD's special effects and various other screen choices from its main menu. It has numerous effects on the initial title screen, and included 3 links at the bottom which allowed users to select different scenes, and more.

Is there someway that VS X5 PRO can do the same thing, but within the video, and not by creating a DVD? I know that description is rather vague, but since I can't show you the DVD movie, I don't know how else to say it.

I wish there was some way to have VS import the DVD movie I created, so that I could use it and modify it.

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VideoStudio :: Edit And Convert All Video Footage Into Movies

Dec 19, 2012

I have been using VS11But, I have just bought a new camera, a Panasonic HC V500. A small section of the info on the camera are the following lines:- 2D-to-3D Conversion.The camera processing engine automatically converts your 2D footage to 3D without the need for the optional 3D lens, to then be able to view on your 3D TV for an enhanced viewing experience.

Progressive Video Format for Smooth Action.The Full HD format employed in this model uses 1080/50p (AVCHD Progressive compliant) imaging. The Progressive format carries roughly double the image information of a 1080i interlace signal, minimising flickering and after-images.

As I edit and convert all my video footage into movies, will the latest VS programme retain the 3D conversion ability/facility, if so, what is the latest (or best) VS edition to purchase.

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VideoStudio :: IPhone 4s Video Movies - Output Settings

Nov 27, 2011

So to share an iphone 4s video, what are the best output settings, to retain the .mov settings, so that there is the least amount of re-encoding, which presumably will be the fastest?

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VideoStudio :: X4 - Editing Home Movies (DVDs) What Format

Sep 28, 2011

Im editing my home dvds that i have imported to my hard drive, now using VideoStudio x4 to crop them into the right clips and adding text,

So far ive managed after some reading to set the in and out points, drag it to the time line, then add text... I had a bit of trouble finding out how to save it, but i think im right in clicking "3 share" and then "create video file" to save the clip ?

Once ive done this what is the best format to save the clip as? baring in mind once i have all my clips cropped with text at the beginning, im hoping to burn them all to a DVD, and add menus... Is the menus also something that can be done on Video studio?

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VideoStudio :: Windows Media Player - MPEG4 Movies

Dec 5, 2012

Some of the movies I've been creating play OK in Windows Media Player but when you try and skip to a later part of the movie by holding and moving the toggle bar there is a 'Windows Media Player has a problem playing the movie' error. All the videos are the correct length and file size. Is there a problem with the files and would it affect how they play on Vimeo? Do I need to do them again? What can I do differently?

I have been creating movies with the following properties:
MPEG-4 Files
24 bits, 1280 x 720, 25 fps
H.264 Main Profile Video: 5000 Kbps
44100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo
MPEG AAC Audio: 128 Kbps

The source files are:
PAL (25 fps)
Microsoft AVI files
24 bits, 720 x 576, 16:9, 25 fps
Lower Field First
Matrox DV/DVCAM -- type 2
PCM, 48.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo

I'm using Video Studio Pro X5 trial version.

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VideoStudio :: QuickTime Movies (MOV) White Picture With Audio

Jun 29, 2011

When I use Quick time movies, my movies (.MOV) are white, I have audio but all I get is a white picture.

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VideoStudio :: Screencaptures Look Fine As Stills Blurry In Movies?

Feb 19, 2011

I have captured some screenshots for use in a video. In VideoStudio, when the video is paused, the text looks crisp and is easily read. When the video is playing, the text becomes blurry and very hard to read. I have taken the snapshots using the PrintScreen key and pasted the image into Excel where I trimmed them and then used an Add-in called GraphicsExporter to save the images. I have tried saving them as gif, jpg, png, and tiff images and the results are the same. I pull the image into VideoStudio and have it on screen while I narrate. Everything looks great when the image is in the viewing window but when I hit the play button it becomes blurry and some images are unreadable.

Is there something obvious that I am doing wrong? Maybe not using standard cropping margins or some other mechanical practice that I can change?

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Photoshop Elements :: Adding Personal Effects To The Effects Panel?

Sep 2, 2013

after editing an effect from the panel (such as adjusting the levels of a drop shadow), to add it to the effects panel?

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Photoshop :: Adding Box/3d Effects To Type

Nov 29, 2007

ive been PShoppin since PS5.0...and ive also been manually adding my 3D effects to lettering by using drop shadows at 100% opac.then filling in the gaps.and adjusting the direction to to give me the perspective i need.

i gots the tools,just no skills to make this move more efficiantly

is there a method,plug in or filter that will do this for me?

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Photoshop :: Adding A Few Effects To An Image?

Jun 8, 2006

I am looking to do is add a few effects.

how to do for the life of me is make the phone look skinny like an hourglass look and the second I would like the opposite and make it look chubby. Advice on how to achieve this would be great, I tried the transform/skew%distort&perspective tools but am unable to achieve the effect I invision because when I try to move a corner the other corners and pull points are affected. Sorry probobly doesn't make much sense. The distort tool was the closest I could get to the hourglass look but it was too skinny..

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Photoshop :: Adding Layers And Effects

Aug 23, 2003

After I am done making a picture I want to add more things to spice it up. You know like adding layers with lower opacity with other effects like text and whatnot. My problem is finding things that go well with the pictures.

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Paint.NET :: Adding Bunch Of Effects At Once

Dec 13, 2012

It's really convenient when using an effect a lot to keep pressing CTRL+F. Is there any way I can do this but with multiple effects? I was thinking there might be a way with CodeLab, but I couldn't find out how. Is there a way to do this?

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After Effects :: Extrude Text Adding New Face?

Nov 8, 2013

Not sure if this should be a PS ? or not.... I have often heard if you can do it PS you can do it in AE.
I want to change the face of my text. Not color as with RGB selection, but with a pattern or texture.
IE: Billet Aluminum face with rivets or Diamond Plate look.
Normally I would matte it, but I also want to Extrude it   For a "fat 3d look"
PS or AE?
Matte is not a renderable option using 3drt, Cheating it, using an alpha add mode and an alpha track is not getting a render. Is this a job for PS to create my text as a 3d text and then import it as a comp? Or will I lose 3d like in AI?

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding Effects Without Moving The Element?

Jul 6, 2013

There is an element that I don't want to move (x and y co-ordinates) but I want to add effects to it (like bounce effects). How do I do this?

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After Effects :: Adding Layer That Has Different Aspect Ratio Or Exporting Transparencies?

Aug 19, 2013

CS6 on Windows 8
I have a project that is currently in 720x534. I would like to add a layer behind it that has the same height, but is wider and I don't want to mess up all the layers that are done in 720x534.
If I try to change the composition settings, it stretches out my original work.
I've tried creating a new project with the wider composition setting and simply importing the original video to layer over top. That works, except that I lose the transparencies of the original.
How can I either add a layer to a project that has a different aspect ratio without affecting the other layers OR export a video with transparencies.

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Premiere Pro :: Adding Basic Effects To Footage Creates Flicker?

Jul 11, 2011

I'm trying to understand why adding colour correction, or auto contrast to my some of my clips is causing them to have flicker. It's not a consistent flicker either, but random.
The footage affected is 720p at 29.97fps in a timeline with the same settings. The raw footage appears fine. Once effects are added, the image stutters. I have rendered the preview files and the issue remains the same, likewise when exported.

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Photoshop :: Adding Effects To Text Layers Now Causing Image To Disappear?

Dec 18, 2012

Ever since the latest update to PS CS6, when I add a simple effect to a text layer, like emboss, the working image disappears when I zoom in and out. Also, the layer effect does nothing to the type. It's almost like a dispay issue. When I turn the layer effect off, my image is visible again.

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VideoStudio :: Adding More Transitions In X4?

Nov 1, 2011

I'm using a lot of pictures in timeline using X4 but noticed there arent't many Transiotions to choose from.

where I can find additional?

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VideoStudio :: Adding Folders PX4

Nov 21, 2011

I became so frustrated with VSPX4 a few days ago because the previous day I had added my own music folders, images and video.... they have all gone. All I have is the Samples.

What I would like to know is, why would the all disappear?

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VideoStudio :: Adding Fonts To 10+?

Feb 28, 2011

There were some cool fonts in VS10 SE that aren't on VS10+. Is there a way to import different fonts into VS10+?

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