Edge Animate CC :: Adding Effects Without Moving The Element?

Jul 6, 2013

There is an element that I don't want to move (x and y co-ordinates) but I want to add effects to it (like bounce effects). How do I do this?

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Move Element Layer

Oct 5, 2012

how do i, by animation of function move an elements arrange, like : on click arrange element to front

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Edge Animate CC :: Animating Element On Wordpress

Mar 29, 2013

i want animate the menu wordpress using edge animate.i already create animation, and the place is in header, when i click i want the menu will show and hide..

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Set Element Names With Script

Dec 3, 2012

I created symbols on the Stage by this script below.

for(k=0; k<5; k++){
          sym.createChildSymbol("mySymB" , "Stage" );

How can I set the element names with the script? Because, when I try to control one of the symbols using  getSymbol("-----") command,I need to know the element name given to each symbol.

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After Effects :: How To Import PDF Content And Animate Each Element

Oct 15, 2013

if it is possible to import PDF content and animate each element of it. For ex., animate the titles, some text, some images? Then, export into a swf. file? I am not sure if AfterEffect is the best way to do it? Flash, Illustrator, maybe?

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Edge Animate CC :: Changing Element On A Copied Symbol

Nov 6, 2013

Currently, if you convert a rectangle (which contains elements, for example, a book title) into a Symbol, and copy that Symbol, you get the same elements (same book title).
I want to change that book title in the Copied Symbol, but any changes you make in the Copied Symbol, automatically changes the Original Symbol to the same. 
How can I make changes to Elements in Copied Symbols so it won't affect the Elements in the Original Symbol?

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Edge Animate CC :: How Can The Properties Of Symbol / Element From A Button

Jun 13, 2013

modifiy, for example, scale and position of that element calling it from a button

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Edge Animate CC :: Finding Top And Left Location Of An Element When Clicked?

Nov 26, 2013

I am working on a project with several nested DIVs, and I would like to be able to get the top and left coordinates of a DIV when I click on it, relative to the Stage.
I used this code in the On Click action for the DIV:
var objTop = sym.$(e.currentTarget).css("top");
var objLeft = sym.$(e.currentTarget).css("left");
But, since this is a nested DIV, it seems to be giving me the coordinates relative to the parent, not the Stage.

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Edge Animate CC :: Making Object Or Element Spins Repeatedly?

Feb 7, 2014

How do I make an object or element spins repeatedly in Edge Animate?  I am new with Edge Animate.

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Do The Animation Looping Element Without Any Visual Jumping

Oct 7, 2013

I have created the following simple animation:
the files are at: http:[url]....

I want the background to loop seamlessly, I have created the illustration so it will join ok at either end I just cant figure out how to do the Animation 'looping' element so its nice and smooth without any visual jumping? or without it jumping back to the beginning - 

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Edge Animate CC :: Change ID Of Dynamically Created Child Element?

Aug 9, 2013

I would like to change the id of the dynamically created elements in order to work easily with their later. Currently, edge automatically generate an random id like "eid_1376057792551" for each element.
There is my code :
sym.setVariable("labels", {
content2: "Visiteur",
content3: "Exposant",


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Edge Animate CC :: Access Element In Parent Document From Function?

Apr 5, 2013

Very, very new to Edge Animate.
I want to know if I can access elements in the parent document from the Function I attach to the Stage or other element within my animation.i.e. the equivalent of window.parent.document.getElementById

I notice that the function automatically passes 'sym' which I'm guessing is the animation document reference so can I get to sym.parent?

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Control HTML Element Of Single Page From Custom Animated Button

Jan 9, 2014

how I can control another Edge animation and/or html element of a single page from a custom Edge animated button? For example, I created an animated tabbed buttons in Edge, then I want to animate a different Edge animate once I clicked on a button in the other Edge animation. I want to add multiple Edge animation in one page instead of one big Edge animation. This is partly because the design of the page is done is Muse with the parallax effect.

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Edge Animate CC :: Moving A Symbol With Code?

Sep 4, 2013

I'm simply trying to animate the y axis of a symbol with code. When I rollover one symbol, I'd like it to move the symbol it's inside a certain distance. Never seems to work. I've tried looking up the simple jquery syntax to change an image's y position, but it's hard to find!
This is what I have so far:
sym.$("grouped_image").animate({"top" : "+=50px"}, 500);

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Edge Animate CC :: Make Moving Interactive Pattern?

Nov 20, 2013

i have a school project, which is making website. i need a tutorial on how to make moving interactive pattern like this http:[url]....

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding A ColorPicker ComboBox

May 20, 2013

I watched a tutorial on Youtube about using Edge Animate to allow interactive color changes on an SVG image.  In the youtube video he had 3 or 4 color swatches that he would select from to change the colors to.  However I have a much bigger color chart I would like to offer and about 18 different groups on the SVG that can change in color.  I am hoping to be able to offer a drop-down box of color swatches with a combo box that says the name of the color swatch so that when they have the design the way they want they can copy the color swatch/SVG group name and include in their order. 
I have found some different code on the Internet but I don't know how to implement it in Edge Animate.  Can you show me an example of how to add a ColorPicker ComboBox where I can add my own color swatches to it?  I want the ColorPicker to be something that I can use again and again for every design.

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding To Link Text

Aug 28, 2013

I published my Animate composition and inserted it into DW. Animate added "edgeanimate_assets/menu" to all of my button links so they don't work. How can I prevent that from happening?

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Edge Animate CC :: Back Next Button With Continuously Moving Loop

Mar 13, 2014

I have a continuously moving looping slide show that has back and next buttons. When you press the next button it should move forward one where ever it is on the timeline every time you click it and the same for the back button.
This is the code I am using but the the problem is that it goes to else {sym.play("one");} when the button is clicked. No matter where in the timeline the next button is clicked, it goes back to number one.  I don't know much about coding and I have tried everything to fix this but I am stuck.
var pos = sym.getPosition()
if (pos <= "one"){
else if (pos <= "two"){


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Edge Animate CC :: Adding A Strong Colour Above All Layers?

Dec 12, 2013

I'm new to Animate and just having a play making an animated Christmas card. Problem is all the symbols look fine if you go into each one in isolation, but when you are on the stage everything looks as though it's about a 50% tint of what it should be.
Animation plays as I want, just a lot paler that it should be. I've tried adding a strong colour above all my layers and the same thing happens... 

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding Wrong Answers To A Quiz

Mar 17, 2014

I have this code demo for a quiz that I downloaded from a old question answered by redesign. I was wondering how I would add a flase anaswer option. Is it just a case of adding another button?
i = 0;


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Edge Animate CC :: How To Do Image Moving Based On Mouse Movement In Adobe

Feb 11, 2013

How to do image moving based on mouse movement in adobe edge animate 1.0?Just like drag and drop option in flash

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding A Play / Pause Button Into An Animation

May 15, 2013

I have an animation that runs for around 2 minutes. I want to add a button that the user can click to pause/play this animation if they want extra time to read the content on screen. I'm not sure how to tell a button to pause at the current frame and resume when clicked by the user. The button will also need to change states from a pause image to a play image when clicked and vice-versa.

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Center An Animate Stage Left And Right In Browser Window

Dec 22, 2012

I want to center an animate stage left and right in the browser window.

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Photoshop :: Adding PSD Element To PDF Document

Nov 10, 2013

How do I add a psd element to a pdf file? I'm trying to add a logo in psd to a pdf document. 

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Edge Animate CC :: Create Multiple Pages On One Animate Project

Jul 24, 2013

1. crolling like where you have buttons for example or press on a navigation bar tab, then it goes to that specific pace of the page, for a one page website, for example some sites you press on contacts and gose down to the bottom of the page where the contacts place is located, not opening a new link.
2.Second, navigation bar, where it fallows the scroll as it gose down, like for example when it is html the object is fixed to the top, and when you scroll down it will fallow it it,
3.I need Parallex scrolling where you can have the timeline or animations run while you scroll in the meantime and have animation running all the time, for example the infographic site where the bees are fluying but still have seperate animations while you scroll
4.I would also like to ask if like looping each animations sperately, not looping the whole timeline, can it be possible to loop an animation while you have all the interactivity witht he site like looping seperately all the time, without interfeering with all the other animation
5.I also are wondering if you can create multiple pages on one animate project, like multiple pages with html
I just moved on to edge animate from html, and html was also beirf learn for me and mostly i was doing design work, and i thought getting out of graphic river and moving on the theme forest.
I want also all the five things to work on one aimate project.

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Edge Animate CC :: Text Colour To Animate With The Lines Of Code?

Nov 22, 2013

Is it possible to get the text color to FadeIn or the opacity of the text color to animate with the lines of code below? I simply want the color to fade in when the mouse rolls over the text.

Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "${_writing_btn}", "mouseover", function(sym, e) sym.$("writing_btn").css("color","#88ACBE");

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After Effects :: Element 3D Is Crashing

Mar 31, 2013

I recently purchased Video Co-Pilot's plugin for Adobe After Effects, Element 3D, but much to my amiss, it does not work. The first time I tried to open the scene setup, it said, "Element 3D has encountered an unrecoverable error." I closed After Effects, and opened it back in hopes of trying again. But this time, when I apply Element 3D to a solid, it tells me "After Effects has stopped working" and I am forced to close the program.Nothing has changed yet, every time I try to add Element 3D to a solid it crashes After Effects. I updated my graphics driver, re-installed Element 3D, everything I can think of, but to no avail.

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate Snow Fall As Background

Oct 16, 2013

I'd like to animate snow falling. I assume Edge would be able to do this. Will it be possible to add it as a background? Or would it just be easier to add the effect to the top graphic portion of my page? I've used Edge back when it first came out. But havent' touched it in a while. I'm now working "in the Cloud". and I do use Dreamweaver.

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Edge Animate CC :: Animate HTML File Won't Work

Dec 13, 2013

I am including an animation I built using Edge Animate into Dreamweaver. I can't use an .oam file because of some other JavaScript I'm using so basically I'm limited to an .html file with all my edge includes java, and other supporting files.
when I preview in browser within dreamweaver. However, when I upload the page to my domain, my animate HTML file won't work. Here is a link to the current site in progress. (The first green box top left is my link to my animation). URL....

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate A Png Sequence With Transparency For HTML5 / IOS

Feb 4, 2014

I have 280 extracted frames from a 12 sec. mp4 clip. I've cut-out the main object to get rid of the background and saved all the files as png. How can I bring this to a HTML5 Animation to place it on a page that will be showed on ipad-air (no animated gif and no flash)

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate Progress Bar With Increasing Percentage

Jun 18, 2013

What the best way is to animate a progress bar with an increasing %. Seems like you would specify a variable set to 0 that is then incremented via javascript while an animation is going on.

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