Photoshop :: Painting (changing A Car's Color That Has Sunspots.)

Aug 8, 2005

is there any way to get the sun bluchs out of this pic and also is there any way for me to paint it with a black paint that goes over everything so the detial shows.


Photoshop :: Color Changing And Wheel Chops (Cars)

Jun 3, 2004

II can't get down is color changing and wheel chops. I can do both but they dont look very good. So, I was wondering if anyone could post their own tutorial per say, on how you guys select and then what you do to get the colors just right and looking good, and the same for wheel chops if you would.

Im specifically trying to go from a darker color. Like red or black to a brighter color like yellow or orange.

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Photoshop :: Color Change On Cars...

May 3, 2005

This was my very first photoshop project that i did about 5 or 6 months ago... My question in general though is, whats the best way to do a color change? i usually just select the entire body, and change the color balance, but i know there is a better way to make it look more realistic...

how would you do the chameleon paint smoothly? Where on different curves of the car it appears a different color

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Photoshop :: CS6 Painting - Take Pink / Color Over Black And It Turns Red

Sep 3, 2013

I have the brush and the layer set to 100% opacity and the layer is set to normal but it's not coming out normal.. I choose a pink color and stroke somewhere and it comes off as a highlighter yellow and looks like it's about 20% opacity in other places on the layer the color doesn't even show up.. I take a pink color and color over a black and it turns red.. and other places it's completely normal.Also i can erase a color and then paint in that spot but if i don't erase first it won't let me paint there.
Btw I've tried checking my layers brush settings and opacity all fine. I'm using photoshop CS6

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Photoshop :: Airbrush Effect On Photo. (HDR, Painting With Light, No Color]

Jul 30, 2008

i design and print t-shirts and use photoshop for all my designs. a customer recently asked me to print a photo of her son on a shirt..but she wanted the image to look like it was airbrushed onto the shirt. ive looked around but havent had any luck finding tutorial on the subject.

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Photoshop :: Merging Two Cars

May 8, 2007

I want the back end of this VW with the front end of the Mini.




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Photoshop :: Cell Shaded Cars

Feb 7, 2004

With video games like Auto Modellista, and XIII (thirteen) the technique of cell shading is all the rage. Below are two tutorials I did not write, and one that I did write. I would like some feedback/ comments on the one that I did write. I posted up the two other ones because most of the people I talk to have either seen them, or know of those tutorials and have been using them as a guide. My way is not exactly cell shading just because I have been doing it so long that I have continually gotten more and more advanced until they look like airbrushed pictures. Either way, here are the tutorials.

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Photoshop :: How Do I Change Colors On Cars?

Nov 25, 2003

Ok I am interested in changing the colors of cars. I.E. I have a 57 Chevy that I am not sure what color I want to paint and would like to use photoshop to help me decide. The only thing I can do is paint it with a flat color I would like to change it right from the actually pic. I can change the hue/ saturation but that also changes the background. Am I supposed to create a layer for the car itself? It seems that when I do that it doesn't do the same color for all of the body. The car right now has different color paint in the jpeg I am using. I could understand if it was just one color that would be easy but I can't seem to do it for multipule colors. But I have seen where guys that have the same color for one particuliar thing be changed for all.

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Photoshop :: Chamelion Paint (for Cars)

Dec 31, 2002

Ok this is a tutorial on how to make "chamelion" (colour flip) paint in photoshop

Ok lets start!

Once you have chopped you car and your happy with the overall look of the car its time to move to the paint!

1.) make sure your layers are all flatend

2.) Now go to the layers and right click the backround and go down to "duplicate layer..." and click it and then press ok and repeat this about 5 times so you have 5 "backround layers"

3.) once you have done that select the very top layer

4.)Now you have selected the very top layer go to Image/ adjust/ hue saturation then up the verry top of the box that opens click the scrol thing. and becuase the car im doing is blue i select "blues", then using the sliders select a colour that looks real and not over saturated. Then once you are happy with the colour click OK.

5.)Now that your happy with the coluor select the brush tool and make it about 100 pixels (but depends on the size of the picture you are working on) Then turn down the "flow" of the brush like shown below.

Now still on the very top layer rub the parts of the picture you DONT want in the colour you have selected

6.) Once you are happy select the layer down from the one you were just working on it will be most likely be called "backround copy 4"

7.)Now repeat what you have go to Image/adjust/ hue saturation and select blues again and use the sliders until you are happy with the colour and repeat this until your happy with the colours! you should get somthing like this: ....

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Photoshop :: Logos On Racing Cars

Apr 14, 2004

I was out taking pics today and got one of a beautiful shelby cobra.

It's a still shot and I'm planning to make it look like it's in motion(panning effect, with blurred background).

I though it would look good with racing numbers and logos.

Does anyone no how to put a flat logo on a curved or contoured surface(make it look like it was really painted on the car)?

And would there be any copyright or trademark problem doing this?

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Photoshop :: Changing Color

Jan 12, 2006

I would like to change color an a car but I want all the reflections on it. Whenever I just paint it it doesn't look right right.

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Photoshop :: Changing Color Of A Car

Aug 5, 2004

how do you change the color of a car in photoshop? i am having trouble doing it and would like some insigh on this matter.

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Photoshop :: Changing The Color Of Something

Jun 25, 2005

to change many of the colors on these rugs to new colors she has provided me on a color sample sheet. The Magic Wand tool is not the answer as it gives a very rough selection and I need the kind of lines the polygonal Lasso Tool would make.

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Photoshop :: Color Changing

Mar 12, 2004

i wanna change the color of my frame, but keep the details such as gussets welds and original stickers. how do i do this?

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Photoshop :: Color Changing?

Apr 3, 2006

way to take a color in a picture, and automatically make it another.

Let me explain,

If I were to have 50 different BMPs of the American flag, and what I needed to do, was to open them up and change all the "red" stripes to "green," It would be terribly time consuming to open up every single bmp, and use the paint bucket to click on each "red" area individually, making it green.

It would be nice, if, say, I could open up one of the bmps, and perform some type of function that basically says "Take all of the "red" in this picture and make it "green" immedietly" or something of that nature.

And it would be even nicer, to open up all 50 bmps simutaneously and perform a function that says "See all of these bmps? I want to turn any red, in ALL of them, to green, now"

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Photoshop :: Changing Color Of GUI CS4

Dec 13, 2008

I am trying to change a color scheme of PS GUI. My 3ds max colors, mayas ... all programs color is "sand color" such as the ms windows color. HOW can i change menus, toolbars...

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Photoshop :: Changing Color Of Car

Feb 7, 2006

to change the color of a car is to use the Lasso tool, then use Hue and Saturation to find the color to use. But the Lasso tool is difficult to use it accurately. Whats a better method?

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