Photoshop :: Where Does Camera Shake Reduction Filter Fit Into Workflow

Jul 5, 2013

Is it best to apply the shake reduction filter last, when applying other sharpening, or at the beginning, so I'm working with the "unblurred" image?

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Photoshop :: Camera Shake Reduction Error

Sep 13, 2013

Wanted to use this new, cool tool, but got the error message "No more virtual tiles can be allocated". ???
This is not a scratch disk error, as I have two-2TB drives as my scratch disks (nothing on either yet). 16GB memory (RAM), 14680MB available memory to PS, 2030 available VRAM. Running nVida GeForce GTX 670 on a Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz.
Is this a GPU function that may not be available to some graphic cards? Is my image too big (4000x3000px)?

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Photoshop :: Shake Reduction Filter Doesn't Appear As An Option

Jun 21, 2013

Photoshop did get an update. However, the shake reduction filter does not appear as an option.

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Photoshop :: Unable To Find Shake Reduction Filter Among Sarpen Filters?

Sep 4, 2013

After installation of PS CC I have not been able to find Shake Reduction filter among Sarpen filters.

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Photoshop :: CC / Where Is Camera Shake Filter

Jun 12, 2013

I have recently downloaded Photoshop CC, which I think is very good, but I can't find the much vaunted ' Camera shake filter', has it been released yet or do I need to reinstall Photoshop?

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Photoshop :: Camera Shake Filter Missing In CC?

Jul 30, 2013

I have dowloaded the Trial version of Photoshop CC in Spanish and everything is fine with one exception: the camera shake filter option does not appear on the list of options.

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Photoshop :: How To Get Shake Reduction To Show

May 23, 2013

I just finished downloading the most recent PS CS6 updates from the cloud.

I currently have  13.1.2 x 64. I do not have Shake Reduction in Filter > Sharpen. How to get Shake Reduction to show.

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Photoshop :: Shake Reduction Crashes CC

Jun 18, 2013

Every time I try to use shake reduction, it works on the photo but then immediately crashes Photoshop CC and I have to reboot the computer to get it to open again. I suspect it has something to do with RAM. Mine is set for 1192MB. Is that enough? The images I tried were about 2000 x 3000 at 72ppi.

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Photoshop :: Shake Reduction Update?

May 29, 2013

I have the latest version of Photoshop updated from the Creative Cloud. I have a full membership and pay monthly so updates come up accordingly using the Adobe Install/Update Manager.
I really want to use the Shake Reduction tool but it is not appearing in my filters list even though I have Photoshop CC all updated? What to do to gain this amazing filter.

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Photoshop :: Shake Reduction Unlock Preview

Jul 3, 2013

Shake reduction otherwise works well, but the "unlock preview" button under the loupe view causes the filter to completely freeze up and then I often have to reboot.

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Photoshop :: Downloaded CS6 From Creative Cloud To Mac / Don't Have Shake Reduction

May 15, 2013

I downloaded photoshop CS6 from creative cloud to my mac. Under filter/sharpen I do not have shake reduction.  Is this a setup problem or a app.

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Photoshop :: How Multiple Blur Traces Utilized In Shake Reduction

Jul 20, 2013

I'm starting to get fairly comfortable with the new shake reduction tool in CC and the results are fantastic.  It's already saved several old photos that I had given up on as hopelessly motion blurred.  Now that I'm getting familiar with the tool though, I have a question.  I know the tool allows for multiple blur traces to be created.  How are they used, and won't they conflict with one another.  If part of the image is more blurred than another, or blurred in a slightly different direction, won't the corrections applied from the blur trace determined by one part of the image actually further blur the parts of the image where that blur trace doesn't apply (and isn't the same true of the second trace then)? how the tool handles multiple traces?  Are they applied locally with diminishing effect as the distance from the measurement region increases?  Are they applied in some other smart fashion?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Noise Reduction In Workflow

Jun 2, 2013

I have a question about applying noise reduction. Where in the pipeline should noise reduction take place? Should it happen before color correction or should it be applied after?

And what should drive such a decision on a per shot basis?

I figured you do not do this pre-comp, due to the fact that noise reduction has the effect of removing detail quite often and may effect edges.

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Photoshop :: Camera Shake Tool Missing

Jul 7, 2013

I have Photoshop CS6 extended. When I look for the camera shake tool on the drop down sharpen menu, it's not there. I have tried reinstalling but no change.

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Photoshop :: Banding With Noise Reduction Filter

Oct 27, 2012

Working on a night shot of a building and processed through ACR7.2 and forgot to reduce the noise - and opened in Photoshop. Went to Filter/Reduce Noise and immediately get wierd banding in the window blinds. This banding is there regardless of the noise reduction settings and could not get it to go away - See attached screen shot of before and after applying the filter. So I went back and opened the file again in ACR7.2 and applied the Noise Reduction there and bingo, noise level dropped and looked good with no banding. Looks like the Noise Reduction capabilities in ACR7.2 are way better than the Noise Reduction filter - but surely the banding should not be there; especially if images do not get processed through Camera RAW.
Running latest version of Photoshop CS6 (latest patches applied), Windows 7 x64 16GB RAM, Intel 4000 with latest drivers installed.  Camera file was ACR2 from Canon 5DMKII imported as a DNG file - then opened in ACR 7.2
Before Image Opened in Photoshop before applying the Noise Reduction Filter. After Image in Photoshop after applying the Noise Reduction Filter. Seems like a bug to me .By the way, the screen captures are from the image viewed at 100%.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Camera Raw Off Of Bridge / Workflow Has Changed

Oct 14, 2013

After a recent update while working in Camera Raw off of the bridge I noticed that the workflow has changed.  I can no longer change the size as easily.

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter Does Not Show Up On Filter Drop List On CC

May 11, 2013

camera raw filter does not show up on the filter drop list on CC. I am trying to determine why this is the case.  So far everything else seems to work.

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Photoshop :: Nef Files Abobe Camera Raw - In ACR Workflow Option States File Size Of 36-2 Mb?

Sep 15, 2013

My NEF files ( Nikon 800) is between 50-70 mb.  In ACR the workflow option states file size of 36,2 Mb  ( default)  Is there someting wrong in my set-up

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Lightroom :: Do Camera Profiles Affect Sharpening Or Noise Reduction

Dec 18, 2012

Do camera profiles (such as camera standard) affect sharpening, noise reduction? or just exposure?
I ask because my default sharpening is 50 but I recently switched from Adobe Standard to Camera Standard

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Photoshop :: Missing Camera Raw Filter From Filter Menu?

Oct 8, 2013

I do not have the Camera Raw filter in my filters menu, and I've just updated Photoshop this AM.

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter In CS6?

Aug 18, 2013

Why is there no Camera raw filter in CS6?

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Photoshop :: How Camera Raw Appear As Filter In CC

Sep 6, 2013

Camera Raw does not appear as a filter.  Why not?  I have Camera Raw and PS (CC) CS6 Extended 13.1.2 x64 running under Win 7 (64 bit).

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Photoshop :: No Camera Raw As A Filter

May 26, 2013

i have upgraded to CC and this is the second thing that does not work in cs6 there is no camera raw as a filter so you cant open it again in cs6 as described in adobe tv with Terry White

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Camera Raw As A Filter

Jul 2, 2013

I understand that Camera Raw is now available as a filter within CS6, however it doesn't appear in my list of filters.  My CS6 CC is up-to-date...

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter Not Found

Jun 10, 2013

I was looking at the Video Tutorials on Creative Cloud, and In The Tutorial shows a camera raw filter inside Filter Tab. I have purchased the CC version, But at this point it is  still CS6.Do I have to wait until June 14th so my Photoshop gets upgrade to CC ?Is that the reason I don't see the Camera Raw Filter inside the Filter Tab ?I did go to the CS6 Bridge and I opened a picture with the camera raw, and it shows Camera Raw 8.1

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw As A Filter In Menu

Jun 21, 2013

Camera raw as a filter is not showing in the filter menu. Im on Photoshop version 13.1.2 .

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter Crashing CC?

Jul 25, 2013

Photoshop is frequently crashing after using the Camera raw Filter on iMac
Just looked through the crash reports and it ius always showing
Crashed Thread:  58  cr_sdk
Exception Codes: EXC_I386_GPFLT

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Photoshop :: CS6 - No Camera Raw Plugin / Filter

Aug 27, 2013

Have upgraded from CS5 to CS6. Do not have Camera Raw plugin/filter. Have tried the 'updates' under help, no good. Do I have to purchase the plugin?

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Photoshop :: SLR Camera Filter Techniques

Apr 26, 2004

I am a 3d visualiser, who specialises in Architectural Visluals.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a plugin, or a way of realistically creating, the technique of a standard SLR filter, to a CGI image.

I have seen a couple of big companies who produce images that seem to have a distinct style, and it seems to be the colour levels either are too saturated or over colourfull, yet they are very good and a have a nice feel to the images.

I think they must use a lens filter type plugin, but i cant seem to find one on the net..

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Photoshop :: CC Quits After Running Camera Raw Filter

Jul 12, 2013

During the past week, Photoshop keeps quitting after I have used the Camera RAW Filter and then pressed OK.

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Photoshop :: Upright Control In Camera Raw 8.1 And Filter Menu

Jul 2, 2013

I am not able to find upright control under lens correction in camera raw 8.1 also how to  add camera raw as filter under filter menu in adobe photoshop cs6

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