Photoshop :: Save For Web: Delete One Pixel Line In Illustrator

Jul 8, 2005

how to delete the one pixel line which surrounds Illustrator JPG and GIF images in the Save for Web dialogue box. I can import the image into Photoshop, but I'm trying to retain a bright red color on an image for the web (#FF000), and the color becomes darkened in to get rid of that one pixel line?


Photoshop :: How Do I Delete Certain Pixel Colors...

May 28, 2009

I'm using cs3 ext. I am looking to cut my body from the background. since my picture is blury because in this particualr frame my arm is moving, the pixels from my arm get intertangled with the black pixels in the background. I was wondering if there is a way to delete the black so that I will only have the tanned pixels (from my arm) show up with no black? I tried using magic wand but it only cuts AROUND my blury arm and does not delete the in between black pixels.there seems to be a lot of options I was thinking there must be some way to be more precise. maybe I can copy the black pixels with eye dropper and get it to delete all the black automatically leaving the lighter arm pixels in tact but I don't know how to do this.

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Photoshop :: Delete Every Black Pixel

Aug 16, 2006

I have a black and white image, but I want to identify every black pixel and delete them so those pixels are now transparent.

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Photoshop :: Trick To Paste Pixel-perfect Vector Image From Illustrator As Smart Object

Aug 23, 2012

Is there a trick to pasting a pixel-perfect vector image from Illustrator into Photoshop as a smart object, and not introduce a bunch of anti-aliasing that was not in the original file? My images are perfectly aligned with the pixel grid in Illustrator, and the pixel preview shows them correctly.
This page is useful for dealing with vector shape layers, but the techniques he talks about don't work for smart objects. Strangely, he says he doesn't have a problem with smart objects, but I do.
Here is an example of what I'm talking about: a simple 13x13 pixel image in Illustrator turns to crap in Photoshop when pasted as a smart object (I know an image as simple as this could be pasted as a shape layer, but the real images I'm working with are much more complex, and cannot be pasted as simple shape layers).
I'm using Photoshop CS4.

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Photoshop :: Convert Pixel Based Files To Vector Based Illustrator?

Apr 23, 2012

Is there a way to convert the pixel based phtoshop files to the vector based illustrator files?

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Photoshop :: Save Pages As TIFF Files Will It Be Same As Outlining Fonts In Illustrator

Sep 1, 2013

I'm making a book with large full bleed illustrations on each page.For ease of use I would like to use regular photoshop fonts. If I flatten and save my pages as Tiff files will it be the same as outlining fonts in Illustrator? In other words I won't have to include fonts. I am then going to drop the pages in InDesign in correctly paginated spreads to staple in the middle.

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Photoshop :: How To Save Document With Pixel Aspect Correction

Nov 9, 2012

I have a document which has has a non-square pixel ratio thus requires pixel aspect ratio correction to be turned on to view the image correctly.

I want to save it as a JPEG for use online however I cant find an option anywhere to make the saved file have the corrected aspect ratio.
Essentially when I save the file as a JPEG (or any end format) the image is squished. How can I save the file not squished? (i.e. burn in the ratio correction)

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Photoshop :: Photoshop & Illustrator - Cannot Delete...

May 20, 2008

One of our graphics people using both Photoshop & Illustrator has deleted files that now reside in the "Recycle Bin". The problem is that she can empty the Recycle Bin all that she wants and these files do not delete. When she attempts to manually delete them she gets a message telling her that the files are 'still in use'.

Rebooting does not resolve. I have read that the "Unlocker" utility will resolve this, but our policies require that I look for a solution from the software vendor before I suggest the implementation of such a utility. So, if anyone knows of a more 'native' solution for this issue please feel free to pass it along.

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Photoshop :: Scaling Two Objects To Match Exactly Pixel To Pixel

Apr 22, 2013

I have two art objects on two layers. I want to match to the pixel the two objects that otherwise could be exactly the same but one layered object was imported slightly smaller.

The scale tool has good scale handling, I just want to measure the tool spots to the pixel to gain an exact scale size factor and match sizes.

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Photoshop :: Changing Somthing's Color Pixel By Pixel

May 12, 2007

It blows my mind that somthing this simple isnt all that simple. I used the eyedropper tool to slect a color from another photo, then used the brush while fully magnified to change the color of each pixel.

It was coming out a weird greyish color, and I noticed that if I clicked more than once, it got darker, but so did the pixels directly around the one i was editing. So, i copied both pictures, loaded them into paint, and went to town.

It worked, but then when i copied it back into photoshop, it had a black background (there was no background in the original pictures) around the sprite I was editing. I tried to use the magic wand tool to get rid of it, but it took parts of the sprite with it, so...

Is there any way that I can edit the color of a single pixel (or hell, even a group of pixels if they share the same exact color would be nice...preferred, even) accurately? If not, what program could I use that would keep the transparent background?

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