Photoshop :: Colors Do Not Print Correctly With Epson

May 30, 2009

I am using the Adobe Master Collection CS4, and use an Epson RX650 printer, but for the life of me I cannot get Photoshop to print what is on the screen.The prints are dark, and no where near the ones on the screen. I am using genuine Epson Ink, and Premium glossy paper, so as to remove this issue, is this a case of my screen needing to be calibrated?I have considered buying the Spyde Studio calibrator to ensure that this is correct, (do I need to?) and I have read as much as I can about setting up Adobe to manage the print settings and colours, but still no luck.My current settings are as followsIn Adobe Bridge, my creative suit color settings are set to Europe General Purpose 2The in Adobe Photoshop (version 11.0.1) I am selecting under colour management, Document Adoby RGB (1998), Photoshop handles colours, Printer profile is Epson sRGB Colour Space, Rendering intent is Relative Colourimetric, and I have ticked the following boxs, Blackpoint compensation, Match print colours, Gamut warning and Show paper white.


Photoshop :: Unable To Get Epson Printer To Print Same Colors On Monitor

May 10, 2012

Why can't I get my Epson Printer to print the colors on the monitor>   First time this is happening.   Printer is okay...and history with the printer has been okay.   Took some photo's heron, picking up a fish in a pond.   Water is blue...heron is grey and white and has other yellowish and maroon coloring as well.  The fish he caught was a gold fish.   The colors on the monitor are wonderful.
The photo's were cropped severely.   But are still clear.    Now the water is pink...and the heron is a disgusting color of grey green.   Have chosen ICM...chosen Adobe color profile.  Used premium glossy white papers,  Epson inks.  
Tried printing it out without ICM and with different papers....still the same...Either everything is hot pink, or dull gray brown. This was my first ever heron photo that had any merit, and I so want to print it out for everyone to see.  I was so lucky to catch the fishing capture.  Does the cropping have anything to do with the printing of the photo?

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GIMP :: How To Make Photo Colors Print Correctly

Feb 5, 2011

I'm a new user of GIMP 2.6.11 for OSX, and I can't figure out how to make photo colors print correctly. My printer is an Epson 2200, driver version 8.37. When I print one of my old photos from Mac Preview, colors come out the same as they did when I used this printer from Photoshop 6 on my old Windows PC. When I print the same image from GIMP on the Mac (using the Print command, not Gutenprint, and selecting photo quality and specifying the right paper, etc), the colors are too far off for a simple CY, MAG, Y level adjustment to get back to what I expect. Under image properties GIMP says the color profile of the image is sRGB IEC61966-2.1, and the image appears the same on my monitor in GIMP as it does in Preview. But it appears GIMP may be using a different color profile for printing than for display. is that possible, and if so, how can I change it?

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Photoshop :: Cannot Get Colors To Match With Epson Artisan Printer?

Apr 21, 2013

Have been working with Epson tech support to get colors to match the CS5 colors to no avail. Have claibrated my monitor usingHuey calibration unit and no matter what I try cannot get the correct colors.

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Photoshop :: Cannot Print To Epson 4900 Using CS4 On Mac 10.8.4?

Jun 28, 2013

My new MacBookPro using Photoshop CS4 prints just fine to my Epson 2400 and 1900 however when using my new 4900 I click "print" and the printer icon bounces once in the dock and then disappears.  The printer then gyrates and makes noise but puts out no image. 

I can print documents and images from Preview and Pages and the web on the 4900 so I know the printer can print.  I have reloaded CS4 several times from my disc and the Epson driver several times to no avail.

The Epson tech guy says what appears obvious, that the printer is working fine but that PS cannot communicate with the 4900.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Won't Print To USB Epson 4900

Jan 21, 2013

It does, however, print happily to a USB Epson 2200 plugged into the same machine. All other apps on this Mountain Lion Mac Mini, including CS4 Illustrator, print fine to the 4900.  I have tried both a USB and a network connection to the printer with the same result. There is *some* small output to the printer (just a flash on the print monitor), but no output results. 

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Photoshop :: Unable To Print With CS6 On Mac OS X 10.8.2 On Epson 837

Oct 30, 2012

Photoshop will not print on my epson 837 but will print on other printers and other apps can print on this 837.
I do get an error message that I should reset the Printer's color management in the Printer's dialog box, but when I click Print to get to the dialog, it just disappears.
PS - I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer on the mac; then again after downloading a fresh driver from epson...though this is unlikely to be the problem since I have now confirmed that every other app prints just fine.
I deleted all of my paper presets and tried making new ones... I keep getting this error msg and don't know what it means or how to correct the color sync:
ColorSync color matching may produce different results than printer color management. Either Photoshop color management or printer color management is recommended.

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Can't Print With Epson Printer?

Dec 17, 2012

On my MacBook OSX 10. 8.2  I can't print with my Epson printer. Yet I can print with Photoshop CS 5.

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Photoshop :: CS3 - Epson 9800 Print

May 13, 2008

I have a problem with CS3... When I want to print a 100x300cm or longer banner with Epson 9800 the print preview of Epson doesn't show the complete document. A1 to B0 jobs has no problem. At the print preview 1/3 or 1/4 of the banner is blank...With CS2 there is no problem.

I install the updates for CS3 but problem is still on.

I sellected the PDF printer as default.(I read this in a forum)

I have 2 9800, 1 9880 and 5 4800 on a network...

With CS3: If I save the banner in PSD, PDF, JPEG, TIF format doesn't matter. Same problem.

I try the job on Corel X3 as JPEG it doesn't read anything on some PC's, the print preview is blank. Some PC's read the document with Corel X3.

I think I have to go back to CS2.......

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Photoshop :: Print A 22"x40" Print On Canvas Using CS5 With Epson 7600?

Jan 19, 2012

I am trying to print a 22"x40" print on canvas using CS5 with the Epson 7600.  The image prints fine until about 2/3 of the way thru and then it just stops. This has happened 3Xs now. 
On first attempt the resolution was set at 300dpi and the file was about 400+mb.I've flattened the image and reduced the resolution to 200 making the file about 120mb. Same problem!
I printed the same image (at the larger size) on paper without any problem.

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Photoshop :: No Print Settings For Epson Printer

Jul 14, 2012

I have an Epson 1400, and it was working fine this morning. I usually go to Print Settings to select my glossy paper. But just now, when I went to print, and tried to click the Print settings... button, nothing happens. I have tried using Software Update and installed the latest Epson Printer Software, and tested several other applications, and the printer is connected and working fine in those.

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Photoshop :: Colors In Print Preview Not Matching Colors In Soft Proofing

Jul 7, 2013

Just wanted to print a new photo and realized that the colors in print preview do not match the colors in soft proofing. In both cases I selected the same icc profile and rendering method. The print colors matched the colors in print preview. I never had a problem so far. All new prints will be checked with soft proofing and adjusted when necessary. I never paid attention to the color rendition in print preview and all prints perfectly matched the colors from the soft proofing. I was surprised when my print came out of the printer and the colors weren't matching the soft proofing colors, but that of the print preview.
I don't understand why Photoshop renders the colors differently in the first place. See attached screenshot for the difference in the blue/cyan colors. I don't care if the print view colors will match the print, but I do care when soft proofing is not working.

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Photoshop :: CS6 does Not Print - Epson 2880 Printer

Jan 1, 2013

windows7   Epson 2880 printer  I can print in Lightroom with no problem.  CS6 was printing okay.  Now when I try printing it says proceeding , but nothing happens. Cs6 does not crash.  Just won 't print.  My printer dialog box says error printing then recover file , but when i try again nothing.  everything else seems okay.  I restarted CS6 and rebooted computer , still no printing. What am Idoing wrong.  Is does CS6 haveto be re instalked ?

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Photoshop :: How To Correctly Use Spot Colors

Aug 6, 2008

Using CS2, I've created one of those swooshy Macintosh Panther wallpaper images, with various layers of sweeping lines and tinted gradient arcs.

Now I want to create the image using just tints of pantone 519 but I'm unsure of how to work with pantone colours in photoshop. I've pulled up the solid coated pantone library and located the swatch, but how do I specify various tints of this colour?

I've searched the forum and come across spot channels, and have read the photoshop help entry on this, but still can't understand how to do it. From what I've read, I make a selection, then create a spot channel of the colour and set the solidity to 100%. If I want an 80% tint, I just adjust the solidity to 80%. Is this correct, or is the solidity more like transparency than tint?

In addition, how do I create a gradient between these two colours?

Final question - I have an element I want to import from Illustrator that uses the same spot colour. Do I have to deal with this any differently to the normal copy and paste as a smart object?

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Photoshop :: Colors Arent Working Correctly

Mar 22, 2004

some graphics on photoshop and messed up colors. Applying gradients,or fill colors it always uses a lavender color no matter what the foreground or background color is.

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Photoshop :: Print Preview Colors Don't Match Work Window + Print Sizes

Jan 16, 2009

So I am working on this document and it has silver background. I go to print preview (Photoshop cs3 and cs4 on Vista) and I get color looking more like bronze looking but when I do print, it comes out just like it should (in working mode which is Monitor RGB with Proof colors checked).

This setting is the only one I've used to make sure image/psd looks exactly like what it should when printing. I tried the default Working CMYK with and without Proof colors but it's still showing me the bronze look instead of silver. I've looked on the net and no exact easy fix for this was found. I really really appreciate any help.

Another simple question is regarding size. I'm working on a document size of 17.5 x 8.7 inches and the actual Banners will be printed at size 175 x 87 inches (5 banners each at 35inch wide but combined into a big one). So essentially, I'm working at 10% the size of what the final print will be and my file size is 760mgs. You can only imagine how big the file would be if I work on the actual size.

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Photoshop :: CS5 Isn't Displaying Colors Correctly After New Monitor / Calibration

May 8, 2013

When I open JPEGS or RAW images in photoshop they have a dull, flat color to them.  This is happening after recently buying a NEW PA271W wide-gamut display and calibrating it using Spectraview 2.  It doesn't matter whether I have the Working Space in PS set to Adobe RGB or sRGB under color settings... The only way I can make my image look normal is to go under settings and ASSIGN PROFILE to Adobe RGB.  It looks fine then.  I could live with that, except the bigger problem is that I begin my editing process in RAW, where the colors are also looking flat.  The best I can tell, there is no way to assign a profile at this stage...

I've been working in photoshop many years and I do know that RAW images have a 'flatter' appearance to being with, but this is something completely different.  For example, when I slide photoshop onto my other monitor next to it (I have multiple monitors) - the color reverts to the normal color I want .  And if I then slide photoshop back onto my new NEC monitor, the normal color actually stays intact for about two seconds, then reverts back to the dull color.  So I am unable to begin my work process in RAW since the colors are wrong.  Also, I know that my new monitor is capbable of displaying my images in their proper colors because when I use any of several different image viewers I have - irfanview, etc. - everything is fine. It's only in photoshop. 

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Photoshop :: Can't Print Separations Correctly

Nov 28, 2008

I have a b&w photo that I have added a spot of red to. I have done this in PS CS3. When I save the photo (as a psd) and import to Illustrator, and I try to print separations, the entire photo separates as cmyk.

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