Photoshop :: Book Flipping Pages

Feb 8, 2012

Recently I accepted an offer on making a small commercial for a Online clothing shop. The add was ment to be filmed with cameras, actors and all that good stuff, but some 3 days into the pre production phase the "boss" changed his mind and decided he want's a CG based movie, aka something with computer graphics/animated and asked me if I can do it to?

Well, I said yes, regardless of the previous project recall, I see it as an importunity that might get me some future projects and ofc experience. Anyway, I did some research and decided to make a Photoshop animation. Was my first time using Photoshop more or less, but I managed to make it look decent in about 3 days time.

However, I am missing an important effect that I was requested to implement. Which is:

A catalog/book that is flipping trough pages trough out all the add and the book/catalog needs to have specific pictures as the pages.

The background should be transparent because I would shrink the book/catalog to a smaller size to fit it top middle of the screen, and a, for example, green square background on my main composition background, which is pink, would look very bad. If both The book/catalog and main composition backgrounds would be solid white it would work.

I know there are ways to do it in 3d max, After Effects etc.

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Lightroom :: How To Copy Pages Images From One Book Into Another Book

Mar 14, 2012

How do you copy pages w images from one book into another book, or even how do you merge one book into another book?

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Photoshop :: Creating Drafts To Make Comic Book Pages

Nov 7, 2012

I am a graphic novel writer & comic designer. I have been told that many of Adobe's products can be used to create drafts for comic book pages. But some people tell me Illustrator is the best, others say In Design is the way to go and I have even heard Photoshop works as well. What Adobe product would you recommend to use for making comic book pages?

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Photoshop :: How To Merge Two Sides From Scanned Image From A Book Without Overlapping Pages

Oct 22, 2013

I am trying to seamlessly merge two pages of a scanned book into one consistent image. The image sides are slightly crooked and there is a gap between them. I can't seem to align the two sides and merge the two together.

Also when I align one side the other is will not line up. Here is the image:


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Lightroom :: 4 - Getting Book Pages To Export As JPGs?

Nov 24, 2012

I have a book created (LR4) and cannot get the pages to export as jpg's. I hit the "export book to jpg" button and nothing happens. I am using a Macbook.

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Lightroom :: Unable To Export Book With 103 Pages To PDF?

Aug 23, 2012

I Can not export book with 103 pages to pdf With Lightroom 4

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Illustrator :: How To Make Vertical Book With Transparent Pages

Aug 27, 2012

with this figur in Illustrator cs6,
it is like a vertical book with open transparant pages,

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InDesign :: Book - Remaining Single Pages Into Spreads

Apr 19, 2014

I'm exporting a Book to PDF in spreads:
[Document A]
[Document B]
Document A ends with an even (left) page. Document B starts with an odd (right) page. I want those two pages to merge into a spread when I export to PDF, which simply doesn't happen. I'm left with two single pages instead. I have tried every option under Book Page Numbering Options. All my pages and spreads are allowed to shuffle. I'm working in InDesign CS6. I've wasted two whole days trying to figure out if this is even doable.

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InDesign :: Blank Pages Keep Inserting Themselves Into Text Flow Book Layout

Mar 17, 2014

I am working on creating a book layout for print. I opened the .doc file through my Mac text editor and placed in InDesign CC as a text flow. I am working on adding design elements now (after I adjusted the page layout of the text on all the pages) and blank pages keep inserting themselves in weird places (for instance page 7 will suddenly turn into a blank page and my text will move itself down while design elements such as chapter headings will stay in the place where I put them, but then be completely out of place according to where the text is now). I have tried to adjust it every way I can think of--- by moving all of the text up onto the new blank page and re-aligning the chapter headings, by moving the blank pages to the end of the book and deleting them, and of course, by just simply deleting them. (Deleting them just causes the layout to become mis-aligned even worse, and just re-adds the blank page I attempted to delete.)

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Lightroom :: Unnecessary Page Limit For Blurb Book In Book Module?

Feb 25, 2014

I am in the process of making a photobook using Lightroom and discovered when I reached page 240 that I couldn't add any additional pages, much to my surprise.  I was surprised because I knew from Blurb's website that the limit for standard paper is 440 pages and mistakenly assumed that this limit would also apply within Lightroom.  I did more research online and found many others being surprised by this limitation after spending hours and days on a photo book.  I will likely work around this by exporting from Lightroom to .jpg and uploading to Blurb, but that will take extra time and effort and reduces the appeal of using Lightroom to create a Blurb book.  I had also tried exporting from Lightroom to .pdf only to find that the .pdf format exported by Lightroom is not compatible with the requirements of Blurb.

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GIMP :: Make 3D Book And CD Image From Book Cover (2011)

Mar 17, 2011

This page [URL] has an example of a 3D book that I would like to know how to make on GIMP or through some other means starting from a square 1D cover.

I would also like to know how to make a good CD image from a square book cover:

This isn't a great example because it doesn't show image transfer to CD without distortion: [URL]

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Lightroom :: Why Does Book Not Upload To Blurb From 4.2 Book Module

Oct 29, 2012

I am trying to up load a 40 page 12" x 12" photo book to Blurb from the book module in Lightroom 4.2.  It renders the pages and then having rendered the cover gets stuck, about 50% to 60% through the process. None of the photographs are starred or colour coded. I have uploaded successfully from this iMac in the last few weeks. 

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Lightroom :: How To Get A Book From Collections To An Active Book

Feb 14, 2014

I purchased Lightroom 5 and am creating a photo book through Blurb.  I accidently erased 38 pages, so after I re-created them, I clicked on Create Saved Book, which put it in Collections.  Now I am trying to work on the book again, and can open it, but when I go to the Library of photos, Lightroom automatically repopulates a new book with all the photos in that file and won't let me put them in the book I saved.  How can I get this partially finished book so that I can use it?

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Photoshop :: Flipping

Aug 5, 2006

I am trying to make a design for a T-shirt, via. Photoshop. I am making a heart design and have come to a problem. I have half of the heart I want, so in order to make it whole I would have to flip the image, if I flip the image horizontally it moves the whole board area, so both pieces of the heart are in the same direction and don't fit together.

How can I keep one piece still and have the other piece flip?
I've tried free transform and horizontal flip.

I need to flip it without flipping the original so that it fits together.

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Photoshop :: Flipping An Image

Aug 11, 2009

I was wondering if you can flip an image in Photshop like you can do with a negative so it can be viewed or printed in reverse ?

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Photoshop :: Flipping Layers

Jun 26, 2004

I am trying to horizontally flip one of the three layers in a current project in photoshop CS.

I select the layer in the layers pallette, got to edit, but the 'transform' option displays as 'transform path' and is greyed out and cannot be used...

I have tried everything I can think of, right down to uninstalling/reinstalling photoshop without success...

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Photoshop :: Flipping And Rotating

May 20, 2005

I'm trying to flip and rotate a selection in Photoshop but it doesn't seem to be working. Here's what I'm doing:

1) Select what I want to flip/rotate.

2) Go to Select -> Transform Selection

3) Go to Edit -> Transform Path -> Flip Horizontal/Vertical or one of the rotate options.

4) Choose another tool so that it can ask me if I want to apply the transformation.

5) Say yes.

But at this point nothing happens to my selection. When rotating, I notice that the selection box itself gets transformed, but not the contents selected. How do I actually transform the contents?

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Photoshop :: Flipping An Image

Feb 6, 2008

I work for needs to submit a block of fabric with an image of Mt. Rushmore. The plan is to iron it on, however first we have to print the image on the applique backwards, so when we iron it on the fabric the image appears correctly.

There has to be a way to flip the image backwards in Photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Flipping Squares

Dec 17, 2005

I tried to do that kind of sig, but I can't do this flipping (it this right word to describe this effect?) squares. I tried transforming, but it always looked weird... I know for sure that this was made in PS/ImageReady.

I searched on some forums, but I can't find nothing in tutorials that are similar to this... So, please, does anyone know how to make that flipping? Thanks in advance for anything, that can help.

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Photoshop :: Flipping A Logo?

Jan 13, 2009

I have a logo on a hat in one of my graphics that is backwards because I did a mirror of the original image. way to go about flipping the Sox logo on the hat?

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Photoshop :: Flipping / Reverse Horizontally A Car?

Nov 24, 2013

I would like to mirror a car, to look into the other direction, but i realsied when i flip horizontally, that the steering wheel also flips and goes to the other side Its the same with the texts and graphics on the car...   I tried to replace it with the original and free transform it to the right position but is doesnt works. I also tried the perspective and the warp transform tools but without success...

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Photoshop :: CS6 Crop Without Auto Aspect Flipping?

Feb 10, 2013

Is there a good fast way to use Photoshop CS6's crop tool to crop to a particular width/height without having to go through the Size and Resolution dropdown?
With the crop tool selected, if I punch "10" and "50" into the two boxes next to Unconstrained,  then Photoshop CS6 doesn't interpret this as 10pc wide by 50pc high. Instead, for a landscape-format photo it comes out as a 50x10 crop, and for a portrait image it comes out as 10x50.
Selecting "Size and Resolution" from the crop dropdown appears to solve this, but it is slower, since you have to dance through a modal dialog box. Is there a way to get the CS5-like behavior from the crop tool? Use Classic Mode does not appear to affect this.

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Photoshop :: Transforming / Flipping / Rotating Layer Groups In CC

Sep 16, 2013

Just upgraded from CS5 to CC and I find some thing very very very annoying. Any transform operation on a layer group seems to be applied on the individual layers instead of the group as a whole. How can I turn this extremely useless behavior off?

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Photoshop :: Monochrome Curve Layer / Flipping Scale Ends

Feb 13, 2013

On PS CS6 Extended 64 & 32 bit I noticed the gray scale ends of the curve in monochrome images is, to my mind, flipped. I understand some of the historic reasons for this, but I though I had found a preference somewhere or flipped the ends in previous versions. It has been a while. My most current version previously was CS2.
I'm also looking for, and will post separately, something akin to the Photo bars add on from Extensis. I still can't believe how backward the Adobe development team appear to be in terms of interface usability design. There are many multi-click patterns I use repeatedly and something like Photobars, even an add-on would be acceptable.

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Photoshop :: Windows 7 / CS6 - Getting Program Error When Flipping Foreground And Background Colors

Jul 29, 2012

Yesterday, I started getting an error when trying to set the default colors and then flipping them. I also get a program error when I try to click on the foreground color and manually assigning it with white.
This is a Windows 7 Ultimate, with PS CS6.
I closed the program twice and ran into the same problem, then rebooted and got the same errors.  As far as I can tell, this is the only tool or feature acting up, other than the actions which have this step in them.
Looking for an easy fix first, of course.  Like maybe deleting the Prefs file? Mac people seem to have to do that regularly.
But, if nothing works, will I need to uninstall PS and reinstall it? Would that also mean I'd have to install all of my filter packages again, too?

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3ds Max Animation :: Camera Flipping Around?

Nov 24, 2011

I was wondering if there was a way to make the Target Camera not flip to the opposite side; especially in such an abrupt way.My camera target is linked to a moving ball, the camera is not moving. So when the ball moves far enough, the camera will make a flip.Is there a way to control this camera behaviour or stop it all together?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Why Are Dimensions Flipping Around

Jan 25, 2012

I am dimensions moving around in my drawing files and I am trying to figure out why they do this. I change one little thing on my models, open the drawing, then spend 30 minutes going over every dimension in comparison to the old drawing trying to find all the ones that moved erratically and put them back where they were. Most of the dimensions that move don't have anything to do with the change I made to the model.

For example, the dimension in this picture used to be on the other side of the other extension line, and it was never that close to the geometry:

Inventor Professional 2013 (SP-2.3), Product Design Suite Ultimate
Desktop: Intel Core i7 3.4GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate SP-1, 64-bit OS, (2) GeForce GTX 580 (331.81), Space Pilot Pro (3.16.1)
Laptop: Intel Core i7 3.9GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro SP-1, 64-bit OS, GeForce GTX 780 (331.81), SpaceNavigator (3.17.7)

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3ds Max Animation :: Flipping Along The Path Constraint

May 12, 2011

How to stop an object from flipping along a Path Constraint. I have a pflow source traveling along a circle path. Half way along the path it flips shooting the particles the other direction.

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AutoCad :: Dimensions Flipping Over When Use CHSPACE?

Sep 8, 2011

I use CHSPACE a lot to bring dimensions over to paper space off of my 3d structural steel models when I am doing site layouts. Occasionally the dimensions flip over upside down? I am guessing this has something to do with the UCS orientation between model and paper space, is there a system variable of setting or something that will stop them flipping over?

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Paint.NET :: Mirror Flipping Of The Image?

May 8, 2013

how to make it

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VideoStudio :: Flipping Video Without Effecting Sound

Jul 16, 2013

If you can mirror or flip a video clip without effecting the sound, using VideoStudio Pro 4?

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