Lightroom :: How To Get A Book From Collections To An Active Book

Feb 14, 2014

I purchased Lightroom 5 and am creating a photo book through Blurb.  I accidently erased 38 pages, so after I re-created them, I clicked on Create Saved Book, which put it in Collections.  Now I am trying to work on the book again, and can open it, but when I go to the Library of photos, Lightroom automatically repopulates a new book with all the photos in that file and won't let me put them in the book I saved.  How can I get this partially finished book so that I can use it?

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Lightroom :: Unnecessary Page Limit For Blurb Book In Book Module?

Feb 25, 2014

I am in the process of making a photobook using Lightroom and discovered when I reached page 240 that I couldn't add any additional pages, much to my surprise.  I was surprised because I knew from Blurb's website that the limit for standard paper is 440 pages and mistakenly assumed that this limit would also apply within Lightroom.  I did more research online and found many others being surprised by this limitation after spending hours and days on a photo book.  I will likely work around this by exporting from Lightroom to .jpg and uploading to Blurb, but that will take extra time and effort and reduces the appeal of using Lightroom to create a Blurb book.  I had also tried exporting from Lightroom to .pdf only to find that the .pdf format exported by Lightroom is not compatible with the requirements of Blurb.

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Lightroom :: Why Does Book Not Upload To Blurb From 4.2 Book Module

Oct 29, 2012

I am trying to up load a 40 page 12" x 12" photo book to Blurb from the book module in Lightroom 4.2.  It renders the pages and then having rendered the cover gets stuck, about 50% to 60% through the process. None of the photographs are starred or colour coded. I have uploaded successfully from this iMac in the last few weeks. 

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Lightroom :: How To Copy Pages Images From One Book Into Another Book

Mar 14, 2012

How do you copy pages w images from one book into another book, or even how do you merge one book into another book?

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Photoshop :: Fonts Disabled In Font Book But Are Still Active

Jun 3, 2013

I have a lot of fonts, but I only enable about 30 fonts at a time using Font Book. However, ALL 1000+ of my fonts still appear in the pull down menu in Photoshop. This causes my system to slow down and Photoshop to crawl.
Dumping my font caches is not working. This problem seems to happen a lot and at random times. This affects ONLY Adobe products (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator). All my other programs work well with Font Book.
Photoshop CS3
Font Book ver 2.2.2
OS 10.6.8  (20" iMac) Upgrading to newer OS is NOT an option.
Dumped all AdoneFnt*.lst files and restarted.
Restarted in safe mode.
Checked all fonts for corruption (all are perfect).

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GIMP :: Make 3D Book And CD Image From Book Cover (2011)

Mar 17, 2011

This page [URL] has an example of a 3D book that I would like to know how to make on GIMP or through some other means starting from a square 1D cover.

I would also like to know how to make a good CD image from a square book cover:

This isn't a great example because it doesn't show image transfer to CD without distortion: [URL]

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Lightroom :: 5 - Can't Save New Book

Jun 16, 2013

I have recently installed Lightroom 5 and I can´t save a book.  I choose a folder from library than in book module I select autolayout. Than I save the book and when I navigate outside and return to the saved book it doesn´t show the book filled with the fotos added befor anymore, despite in top appears the saved name.

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Lightroom :: How To Get Book Exports To JPG

Mar 16, 2012

The album suppliers that I use all require book pages to be uploaded as JPGs. Lightroom 4 only lets me use Blurb (which I don't want to use), or export to PDF.

I realize that I can import the PDF into Photoshop and save them as JPGs, but when I do so, it saves the left side of the page spread as a file and the right side as a file. Most ROES programs from album suppliers require that pagespread be uploaded as one image that encompasses both the left and right side of the page spread.

I realize that I can go through and merge two JPGs together to create a pagespread, but doing so is time consuiming and requires that I resave each JPG an extra time, thereby losing quality. good way to get pagespread JPGs out of the lightroom book module? how to get pagespreads out of a PDF that looks at each side of the pagespread as a separate image?

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Lightroom :: 4 Exporting Book Into PDF?

Jun 6, 2012

While useing LR 4 and makeing a Book (13x11 w/164 pgs) when I  go to export a PDF it freezes up everytime around the 150ish page. also when I  go to export a blurb it loose pages over 50ish

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Lightroom :: 4.2 - Can Copy A Book From One Computer To Another?

Dec 3, 2012

I have a Book I'd like to put together.  Problem is, I have some phtos here at work to use, and some at home. Is it possible to copy the book from one compter to another, so I can work on the book at both locations?

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Lightroom :: 4 Custom Book Sizes?

Aug 13, 2012

I've read several times that the only way to get a custom book size in the book module is to edit/create one in Illustrator or Scribus. In this interview with Kevin Tieskoetter he mentions that he would be documenting this process, so I imagine it's allready doable.
"All of the templates we ship with Lightroom are made using Illustrator, and I'll be documenting the process for creating those. We've also successfully made templates using InDesign and the freeware tool called Scribus, so if you need templates in different sizes, you'll have a range of options."

I want to try this. But where do I find the files that I'm to edit? Where do they reside on my computer? I'm using a Mac OSX 10.6.8 and can't seems to find anything that resembles tenplate files.

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Lightroom :: Exporting Book As PDF With Bleed?

Feb 27, 2013

Can I export my Lightroom 4 Book WITH bleed? I want to send it to my printer but can't find a way to do this which means I'll have to re-do the whole project in InDesign

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Lightroom :: Book From Multiple Catalogs?

Jan 2, 2013

I want to create a book wich contains fotos from multiple catalogs. How can I do that?

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Lightroom :: Using Different File Formats For Book?

Apr 22, 2013

I am now almost at completion for my Blurb book via LR4,  one point I am unsure of is that I shoot in RAW so most of my photo's in the book are DNG with a few JPEGS will I be able to download to Blurb when I wish to publish the finished book

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Lightroom :: Add Custom Size (5x5) Book?

Mar 14, 2014

Is there a way to add a custom size book to Lightroom?  I need a 5x5

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Lightroom :: Add New Photos To Saved Book In LR5?

Dec 31, 2013

How do I add new photos to a saved Book in LR5? When I put new photos into the film strip a brand new book is started!  Also, if the Book is intended for Blurb, do the photos in the film strip have to be jpeg or does LR5 convert raw files for me?

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Lightroom :: 4.1 - How To Add A Photo From A Collection To A Book

Aug 10, 2012

How to add a photo from a collection to a book in Lightroom 4.1?

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Lightroom :: Save A Book In Progress In 4.2?

Dec 4, 2012

Using Lightroom's new book feature? I can't find where to save a book that I am in progress with in Lightroom 4.2. Why doesn't LR have a "Save as" feature like 99% of all other programs on the planet? !"{}#@!!!

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Lightroom :: Import A Book Template In 4?

Mar 8, 2012

I've exported a book I've created as a PDF. Now I would like to import that book template to a different Lr4 do I go about that? I've tried exporting it as a catalog, that works except that's a pain in the butt to do just for a book - and also all my images go with it too!

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Lightroom :: Cannot Upload A Book To Blurb

Dec 1, 2013

I'm still having troubles in uploading the books in Lightroom; I use LR 5.2 with Windows 8 64 bit and even if I turn off the firewall and antivirus, it keeps me saying that there is an error in uploading.

I tried also to remove the background and graphic, but with no luck. I would really like to use this feature, but up to now is not workable. PS: I can save it as *.pdf.

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Lightroom :: Blurb Book Is Gone - Has It Been Saved Somewhere

Mar 30, 2012

I was testing Lightroom 4 Beta and I prepared a Blurb Book... I worked on it over a period of several days, and it was find, always there... It kind of automatically saved, once it has been created, for what I understood.
Today I was working on a photoshop file to creat a cover for it (no template allowing me to do what I needed inside of Lightroom), and that was the last step before to send it to print.
I had to navigate into the Library module to send pictures to photoshop. And when I get back to the Book module... it was all reset. No picture, only a 2 pages empty project.
I quited without saving anything, hoping to get the software back to where it was, but it didn't work. It seems I lost all my work.
I'm not familliar with apps that save projects on there own. Where is my book? How can I get it back?

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Lightroom :: Watermarks In Photo PDF Book

Apr 1, 2014

I make many pdf book in lightroom. But i don´t know how to insert watermarks in the photos that are in this books. How can i insert?

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Lightroom :: Book Module Not Exporting To JPG?

Mar 17, 2014

I am trying to export a 80 page book to jpg at quality 60, 75 dpi so that I can consult with someone about the layout. The module will only export the cover and the first 4 pages.

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Lightroom :: 4.3 Not Exporting To PDF From Book Module

Feb 5, 2013

I'm having issues with Lightroom 4.3 not exporting to pdf from the "Book" module.  I've cleared my library and re-imported the images back in and placed them on the book ready to export to pdf but when I click export it says "Exporting book to pdf" in the top-left but nothing shows on the progress bar?  I've resized all of the images to be 6MB TIFF files as this worked for me on a pdf I did yesterday.

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Lightroom :: Upload Book To Blurb?

Mar 20, 2014

I have a 150 page book I am trying to upload from Lightroom to Blurb. It does contain quite a lot of photos (900-ish) and I have tried using a cable as well but to no awail. I am able to download a pdf version.
The process works like this: It starts "rendering" photos which works well. Then it starts "uploading photos" and after a while a pop-up message appears saying that problems have occured and do I want to retry uploading.
I have tried keeping the computer from going to sleep but with the same result.

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Lightroom :: Add New Images To Saved Book In 4?

Jun 23, 2012

I have created a saved book in LR4. I saved it not because I had finished but because I wanted to protect my work to date. Now I cannot add new images, although I can work with (move and remove) the existing images in the book.

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Lightroom :: Moving A Book Between Two Catalogs?

Aug 16, 2012

I have 2 machines: one is a Mac and one is Windows. Each has a copy of the photos (identical directory structure) and its own lightroom catalog.

All the individual photos/xmp are perfectly syncronized.
If I create a book on machine A, can I copy it to machine B?

How? Export as catalog without the originals/Reimport? Does it work for books?

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Lightroom :: Book Page Size

Sep 1, 2013

Is there a workaround to get other page sizes then the few ones Lightroom lets me choose in the Book module?Or is there a way to start off with one of the baked-in sizes and adjust it to another size, say 20 x 15 cm?

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Lightroom :: No Photos In Saved Book

Oct 30, 2013

When I create a saved book in Lightroom 5 Book Module, the number of photos is listed to the right of the saved name in the Collections list, but there are no photos displayed in the Book itself.  If I leave the Book Module and return, there is no change, all I see is the standard startup book template with a few blank pages. 

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Lightroom :: Cannot Export Book As PDF File

May 16, 2013

I'm having problem exporting my book as a PDF or JPEG file so I can set it to a client

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Lightroom :: Book Export To JPEG?

Mar 13, 2013

I'd like to use the Book Module more for exporting JPEG spreads so I can then upload them to a publisher, like Kiss Wedding Books. I'd rather use LR than InDesign because I like being able to edit the photos right there.
The problem I'm running into is that LR is trimming off pixels on export. So, a  12x12 page at 250ppi is not 3000x3000, but 2968 x 3000.

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