Photoshop :: Auto Align Layers Grayed Out

Jul 4, 2007

I just tried to use this great new CS3 feature for first time but it's grayed out.


Photoshop :: Auto Align Layers

Aug 18, 2008

I have downloaded a 30 day trial of Photoshop CS3 Extended. I use Windows XP. In the demo on the site, there appears to be a feature where you can align 2 images such as a group shot, where you want to take a face from one image and put it in the other image. Can you please tell me how this is done?

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Photoshop :: Control Auto-Align And Auto-Blend

Aug 3, 2007

I have just moved from 7.0 to CS3 (and PC to Mac) and am currently trying to get to grips with the new features! Once which I love is the auto-align and auto-blend feature(s). My question is, is there any way to control how these features work? I have seen on some web sites people talk about 'fuzziness' sliders where you can control that if an object (pixels) appear in X% of the photos they should/shouldn't be included in the final image but I cannot find these.

My intention is to use these features to take photos of monuments and have the people who are moving about removed from the final image (I guess it's the auto-align that would do this.) I tried a test and took a number of photos at home but I kept moving one object around (a pen.) The pen appears in all the images but in a different location so it always appears in the final image. When I tried auto-align with a stack that included one image without the pen, the pen was removed from the final image. Given the first scenario (i.e. the object is in all the images but in a different location) is there any way of automatically removing it using auto-align or would this have to be a manual process? In the real world, it would be possible to take a photo of a monument with people in different locations but it would be much harder (or take a long time) to take one where at least one person was not in all the photos (there's always someone loitering.)

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Photoshop :: Auto-Align And Brushes In CS4

Jan 27, 2009

I just got CS4 installed and my two main problems so far are that when I use a brush size above 300 it doesn't give me the "circle" brush icon. It gives a half circle and then the brush circle just disappears and I am left wondering how much of the image I am going dodge/burn/etc. Any idea why the brush circle would disappear after brush size 300?

The second issue I am having is the Auto-blend tool... I am using it to blend multiple images with different focus points into one image(increased DoF) But it is doing a REALLY poor job of masking the images so as to keep the sharpest points visible. I have a landscape photo with the fore-ground mid-ground and back-ground in focus. But for some reason auto-blend is using the details from the foreground image where background image should be used... Is there a way to have more manual control of auto-blend?

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Photoshop :: Auto-blend Command Grayed Out And Remain Unavailable

Jun 12, 2013

Why is "auto-blend" command grayed out and remain unavailable?

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Photoshop :: Save Auto-align Parameters For Batch Processing?

Dec 3, 2012

I plan to shoot timelapse with two supposedly identical camera setups and stack images from the two cameras. Unfortunately the two lenses turn out not to be quite identical, so I need to correct/map images from one camera to match the field of view of the other.

A test showed that Photoshop's auto-align procedure can do the mapping sufficiently accurate. So now what I want to do is to have Photoshop calculate the mapping parameters once, then apply that projection identically to a batch of images. What I really hope to avoid is for Photoshop to recalculate the mapping separately for every single frame, both because it is a huge waste of time but also because the exact same mapping really should be applied to all images. Is there a way to do this, CS6?

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Photoshop :: Auto Align Multiple Images For Printing On Big Sheet

Apr 13, 2012

I have hundreds of photographs to print ranging from 2x3" up to 8x10" and I want to print them all off on a 44" roll and cut them out individually.

All I want to do is point Photoshop to the folder and have it arrange the images in the most efficient configuration for printing automatically, allowing me to set the color management on the document and the dpi of the 44" wide picture before I print it.

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Photoshop :: Won't Align Layers

Jan 17, 2009

I am having trouble with PS aligning layers in a PSD file. Clicking any of the alignment buttons does nothing. I had this problem with another cheaper image software that ended up being an issue with memory. I had to keep rebooting. But rebooting does nothing this time.

The computer I am using has 4gb of memory.

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Photoshop :: Align Layers So That They Stack?

Sep 24, 2012

I have two photos that were taken at two different times during the day. Now the problem is, that these two photos do not equal 100% in their angle and therefore perspective. I wanted to know if there is a way to let photoshop put them on top of each other like it would do when creating a HDR, just without actually creating the HDR but do the "deghosting" and ideally also a geometric correction?

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Photoshop :: Align Multiple Layers?

Feb 24, 2003

I have a bunch of layers I would like to align on thier left edge.

is this possible? How do I select each layer?

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Photoshop :: Align Layers/Object Grief (PS CS3)

Jun 26, 2007

upgrading to Photoshop CS3 (previously used CS1). There are a lot quirks between the two but the one that is absolutely infuriating me is something that was once so very very simple and that is aligning one layer object to another.

All I am looking to do is left align layer 2 with layer 1, but it just won't let me do it? It is almost like when I do it they meet halfway? I'm not talking about anything with opaque edges or anything, simple strokes and boxes. It just doesnt want to happen.

Sometimes I will put a few layers in a folder and align it against another folder and the same thing happens...there isn't any precision what-so-ever? It is also hard to figure out which layer I need to click to align another to...or so it seems it has just thrown me for a loop that I don;t know anymore!

What is worse is with a very large document, even if I manually nudge a group of layers (using the arrow keys or dragging with the mouse) I get the spinning beachball of death and once returning things to normal...nothing has moved?

I mean it makes me feel like a complete there a setting somewhere that is causing this erratic behaviour?

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Photoshop :: How To Center Align Multiple Layers As One Layer?

Jul 9, 2012

What I mean is that say you have layers I and I that are positioned next to each other so they look like "II". You want to center them in relation to some selected space so that they still look like "II" and not "I".
Do you see what I'm saying?
Is there a way to center them so that they're still in the same configuration relative to each other instead of centering them so that they both get layered on top of each other in the centering? Maybe by linking them or some other way?

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Photoshop :: Auto-Changes Layers

Mar 28, 2012

So when I'm working in Photoshop and I have several layers open and I want to work on a certain layer, I click on the layer that I need in the layer menu and begin work, but this is when my problem occurs. Whenever I have the layer I want selected, and then I accidentally click on another part of the document that doesn't contain pixels from that layer, it automatically switches to that layer and it is very frustrating to work with and I have to be very exact when I try to click and drag a part of the photo without having it automatically switch to the layer behind it.

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Photoshop :: Not Enough RAM To Auto Blend Layers?

Nov 29, 2008

I'm running Win Vista 32bit with 3gig of RAM. When trying to use the Auto-Blend feature of CS4 I get an error message that says Could not Auto-Blend the layers because there is not enough memory (RAM)." The only way I'm able to get this feature to work is if I reduce my image size to less than 1/4 of my original file size. I started with an image that was 4221 pixels wide, and I had to reduce it down to 1000 pixels before the blending feature wold work.

Does anyone know how much RAM this feature needs to work on a full size image? Is there anyway I can set up Vista to allocate more of my RAM to CS4? When I go under preferences > performance, it tells me that I have 1641mb of RAM available. Is there a way I can set this so more of my RAM is allocated to CS4?

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Photoshop :: [Auto Select Layers]

Jan 16, 2008

I have version 6.0, and for some reason, something changed the other day where I can no longer simply click on the layer and move it around. I now have to right click and select "layer 17" before being able to move it. I can't seem to find how to edit this setting.

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Photoshop :: Can't Choose Auto-Blend Layers?

Oct 17, 2012

Having a rough time trying to blend a face onto another face, been watching tutorials. I have both layers selected now and I go to Edit > Auto-Blend Layers, but the option is faded and I can't choose it! What could be causing this issue?

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Photoshop :: Controlling Auto Numbering Of Layers

Jun 21, 2006

When I create a new layer, Photoshop automatically assigns a number to that layer (i.e. Layer 51). Is there a way I can reset this numbering system? When I start a new folder with a new set of layers, I want it to begin on #1 again. How do I do this?

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Photoshop :: How Can I Use Auto Color On 2 Layers W/out Flattening The Image?

Apr 14, 2007

I've been taking photos with a homemade lightbox which includes a white background and I typically have to go into photoshop to make some adjustments to get the background pure white. When I'm snapping a photo of an all white object against an all white background, it looks rather nasty if you use the auto color tool.

So from my understanding auto color uses the lightest white and the darkest black and the reason the white/white scenerio doesn't work it because of a lack of black. So to combat this I've been creating a new layer and adding a little black with the rectangular tool and filling it with black. Now, I'd like to be able to delete this second layer once I've used the auto color feature but can't figure out how.

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