Photoshop :: Applying Layer Effects To Pen Drawn Shapes?

Jan 25, 2005

Let's start with a blank canvas. I draw a straight line down one side of my image using the pen tool (not freeform). It creates the line. I Ctrl/Click away from it to complete the path.

Now I want to add some layer effects to this pen line and nothing happens ................ Can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening?

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Photoshop :: How To Save Shapes That Have Drawn To Custom Shapes

Sep 26, 2013

Using Lasso i have created a good shape that i require in my work. so now i want to save that shape i have drawn to custom shapes so that i can use it later also in my future works.

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Photoshop :: Trouble Applying Color/layer Effects To An Image With Transparent Background.

Jul 30, 2005

I'm in the process of prepping individual components of a design for Flash animation. I'm trying to apply a layer of #7C6844 with the color effect at 56% opacity and a layer of #999999 with the color burn effect at 12% opacity to the foreground image which has a transparent background. This task has proved to be rather impossible for me, but it seems like there should be a way to do it. I would use the wand tool > select inverse and apply the colors over top that way, but the foreground image has a lot of leaves and branches, so that method would be extremely tedious.

Is there a way I can select the entire image as a whole and leave out the background?

I'll attach the image and the desired result to further assist.

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Photoshop :: How To Resize Shapes After Being Drawn

Jul 20, 2009

Excuse my ignorance but how can I resize or change the radius of a rectangle after it has been drawn other than the free transform tool in Photoshop? In other words I would like to be able to resize rectangular shapes after drawn by inputting a new dimension, something like Flash where you just type in the dimensions you want.

Would someone be so kind and explain me how this works in Photoshop or show me the easiest way to resize and change the corner radius of a rectangle.

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After Effects :: Capture A Drawn / Painted Stroke?

Apr 5, 2013

This isn't directly about After Effects, but the end result is something I will use with After here goes:
I'm looking for a way to use Photoshop or Corel Painter to "draw" an alphabet, while capturing the strokes as they are done in real time. I don't want to see the application's screen cursor. I also don't want to take the completed letter(s) and reveal them with a matte. This doesn't look real, and is also problematic where lines intersect. So, I'm thinking there must be a way to do a video screen capture, but I'm not familiar with applications that do this.
Here's an example of what I'd like to recreate: [URL]
This example appears to have been done with real media, ink and brush. I'm guessing the artist may have shot video from behind a translucent substrate as the letters were drawn, and then flipped the video (so the letters weren't backwards). It looks great, but I'm hoping there is a way to mimic this effect on my Mac.

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Photoshop :: Applying Effects To Text

Dec 28, 2004

Photoshop CS. I am using it to print out my wedding invitations and am having a problem.

I printed out a majority of them a few months back and used the font 'poor richard' with the effect 'glowing edges' and it worked perfectly for the look I was going for. Now, when I try the same, the color of the text changes to black as soon as I apply the effect.

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Photoshop :: Applying Filters In After Effects Layers?

Jul 14, 2012

Is it possible applying those photoshop filters into After effects layers? I thought the filter worked like layers, so when I import the photoshop files to AE I could drag the filter and apply it on a movie layer! I didn't work! Is it possible?

PS: I'm using Production premium CS5.5!

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Photoshop :: Applying Effects To Multiple Layers Simultaneously

Jan 8, 2008

I'm working on an image, and I need it to say "The Wedding of Jane Smith."

I have 4 different text layers showing up, and they're all visible. (a real small "the," a much larger "Wedding," a small "of," and a large "Jane Smith.") I like to have the different words on separate text layers so I can move them around and lay them out the way I like.

I got to the point where I wanted to apply blending effects to the text (drop shadow, bevel, whatever). Now, since I have 4 different text layers, what I'd normally do is merge them into one rasterized layer and then do my effects. But I'm wondering if there is a better, more non-destructive way.

I do video graphic design at my job, working with a video editor, and it would be extremely convenient if I could apply effects to multiple text layers without first rasterizing and merging the layers. i.e. when my boss or the client is looking over my shoulder, and I can show him what the text looks like with the blending FX without having to commit to the text placement/size by rasterizing/merging.

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Photoshop :: Applying Effects To Multiple Text Layers Simultaneously?

Jan 8, 2008

I have 4 different text layers showing up, and they're all visible. (a real small "the," a much larger "Wedding," a small "of," and a large "Jane Smith.") I like to have the different words on separate text layers so I can move them around and lay them out the way I like.

I got to the point where I wanted to apply blending effects to the text (drop shadow, bevel, whatever). Now, since I have 4 different text layers, what I'd normally do is merge them into one rasterized layer and then do my effects. But I'm wondering if there is a better, more non-destructive way. Code:

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Illustrator :: Crashes When Applying Effects?

Oct 16, 2012

For some reason every time I add an effect or copy and paste something with an effect, Illustrator crashes. Running CS6 Creative Cloud.

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AutoCAD VB :: Highlight Drawn Entities By Layer Name?

Oct 28, 2011

I have a drawing with two drawingentities.

a circle drawed in the layer named "layer01" and

a line drawed in the layer named "layer02"

Now I want a vba code that select (highlight) all drawn entities in layer01 and layer02.

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VideoStudio :: Applying Transition Effects To Just Overlay Track?

Mar 17, 2013

I thought this would be fixed with version 6 but I guess it isn't or maybe I'm still just doing it wrong. How do you apply a transition effect to just the overlay track. For instance I want to apply dissolve to an animated gif that I'm using in my overlay track but when I do it gets applied to everything and even the primary track blacks out and then dissolves back in. So frustrating. I switched over to final cut pro because of this but love the ease of use of VSP so I bought version 6 hoping this issue had been fixed.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Applying Effects To 48bit Images

Jul 3, 2013

Knowing that X5 won't apply effects to 48bit images unless I convert them to 24bit first, If I apply a mask first over to the 48bit image, then apply an effect to that, will this work? or do I still need to convert my image to 24bit?

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Photoshop :: Applying Gradient To Shape Layer?

Oct 21, 2013

When I apply a gradient to a shape layer, the gradient is always applied as a rectangle.


The red rectangle implies the edges of the gradient. It's a horizontal gradient.What I'm after is for the gradient to be applied in a way that uses the shape layer for the edges... so the same value will be applied evenly to the left side of the shape and then spread evenly to the right. Is this possible?

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Photoshop :: Applying A Transparency Layer To 600 Layers?

Apr 25, 2013

if its possible to apply a Transparency (bottom) layer to all 600 (top) layers quickly?

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Photoshop :: Why Stroke Effects On Vector Shapes In 5.5 Not Showing

Feb 28, 2013

Layer effects are enabled for the affected layers and the layers show the stroke effect active on the shapes, in a colour and size that would be very visible.
Is there some other overall setting I may have accidentally triggered?

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After Effects :: No Smoother Output When Applying AA And Motion Blur At Render Time?

Aug 31, 2013

I'm rendering at 1920x1080HD 25fps. Used the expression found on numerous threads including this one to generate whole number pixel shifts per frame.
t = time;fr = t/thisComp.frameDuration;x = value [0];s = 4; //Speed in pixels per frame [x, fr*s]

I generated the text and images in InDesign and exported as a PDF. Imported PDF into AE. Have tried a few whole number values for s including 4 and still getting judder.
Generated to H264 and Apple Pro Res codecs doesn't seem to make much difference to judder.Here is my AE project with PDF. Here is output as H264 (40MB).
Also included a Quartz Composer file .where I created the same whole number pixel movement as AE but rendering it out in Quartz Crystal I get different judder but no better. Quartz Composer previews in real time and Quartz Crystal renders same project that took some 16min+ in AE in about 30 seconds. But no smoother output — even when applying AA and Motion Blur at render time.

Any video encoder where I can down-sample say a 75 fps render to 25 fps with frame blending? Does Apple's Compressor do frame blending? What about some other app that I can get this out smoothly from. I have FCP installed but have never done a title in it either.
Since my Dell only has 60Hz at full native res (2560x1440) I set it to 1080p and selected 50Hz to see if that effected anything but it makes absolutely no difference to playback smoothness.
OS X 10.7.5
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB

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Photoshop :: Does Applying Smart Filter Destroy Layer Mask Information

Jul 31, 2013

Iv applied a smart Filter on a layer that I have done a lot of masking work on. By applying this smart filter do I lose all my masking information? Is there a way of applying the two effects on the same layer?

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Photoshop :: (Could Not Complete Your Request Because Of Program Error) When Applying Text Layer?

Jun 3, 2013

This just started happening recently after opening up an Illustrator file in Photoshop.

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Photoshop :: How To Keep Layer Effects On One Layer From Affecting Another Layer

Jun 7, 2012

I have found that when I use the Layer Styles on one layer and then make a new layer or select a shape that creates a new layer that when I go to add Styles to the new layer/new shape the previous layer is affected by how I set the Bevel & Emboss, Direction, Altitude, Drop Shadow etc etc.
For instance, let's say I have a ...
BG > New Layer > draw an ellipse and then add a Bevel with an  > Angle of 89 and an Altitude of 30 and then I add a New Layer > open the Styles and go to change the Angle to say +89 or whatever and the Altitude to say 45 ... the first Layer/Shape Effects change.
How I can keep one Layer from being affected by an other Layers Effects'?
I have found that if I Rasterize a Layer Effect that I can add a "double" effect on the same layer but I haven't tried the to do this with separate layers. However, for most of the work I am doing I cannot use the Raster because everything needs to be true vectors.
I have a Dell Laptop/Windows 7 Home Premium that's a 64 bit

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After Effects :: How To Move Vertex Of Shapes

Feb 14, 2014

How to move vertex of shapes, but i can't find back how. I'm trying to follow the solution / adobe info , but still can't select single or multiple vertex of a shape, its always everything selected. I'm actually using a shape that i had modified this way before already.

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Photoshop Elements :: Adding Text And Applying Various Effects With The Text

Dec 17, 2013

I think I may have made a big error.  While adding text and applying (experimenting) various "Effects" with the text, I used the garbage can icon to remove the "Effect", thinking it is going to remove the 'Effect" from the text, until I realized I had to remove the "Effect" with the edit button, not the garbage can.  Have I now permanently removed the various "Effects" permanently or just off the screen?  How do I regain them back onto the menu column?  How many "Effects" should be visible in order to have the complete set?  This was my first experiment with the lettering effects and hope I haven't lost them forever. 

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Photoshop :: Layer Style / Blending Options Applying To All Layers - Drop Shadow Angles

Apr 15, 2013

I am having a problem in CS6 Photoshop where I never experienced this in CS3-5.
I am designing a website and when I apply a drop shadow or inner shadow to a layer through layer style/blending options in the layers tab. It applys the same angle etc.. to all the other layers I have done styles too...
I will have 5 + layers done with styles and I will make a new layer and give it a shape, open up blending options and when I do a drop shadow and change the angle I literally can see everything on my layout change angles also when I move it around for just ONE layers style... What on earth is going on? This makes it impossible to make unique designs unless I keep flattening my PSD and transfering stuff over which destroys workflow.

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After Effects :: Creating Shapes From Vector Layers (AI Files)

Mar 18, 2013

I am trying to make extrusions to an image.  I am new to Illustrator and have read that .ai files are the only ones that you can extrude in AE.  However when I bring in an .ai file and select create shape from vector layer, a grey square covers the shape.  I am assuming that it is a transparancy issue and it is just filling in the size of the .ai project.  I could be wrong though. 

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Photoshop :: Transparency Shapes Layer

Aug 31, 2013

The explanation of the reference book:
"Select Transparency Shapes Layers to restrict layer effects and knockouts to opaque areas of the layer. Deselecting this option, which is always selected by default, applies these effects throughout the layer."

 What is the meaning of applying effects throughout the layer?
When I deselect this option, I can never see any effect applied ...

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Photoshop :: Transparency Shapes Layer

Oct 21, 2002

Layer Style dialog box > Transparency Shapes Layer ...

I've looked on the help files and other references but i still about its profit,

how can i test it?

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Photoshop :: Multiple Shapes In One Layer

Apr 26, 2005

i want to have some shapes in one layer in order to control the bledning options all together!

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Layer States Applying Filters?

Oct 3, 2013

I was trying to use layer states and layer filters, the way when I use the layer state 1, for example, it will only be shown in my layer panel the layers on/unfrozen for this layer state. I checked the layer management panel and removed the layers I didnt want to be shown from this layer state 1 and hit ok/close, but they're still being showed. So i created a filter, turned it on and saved my layer state with this filter ON, and nothing was changed.

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Photoshop :: Shapes Or Images With Layer Styles

Oct 26, 2006

Basically i used to pen tool to draw a shape, i rasterised it and put an inner shadow on it using the layer styles, now how i could erase a corner of that shape without the inner shadow moving around the part i've just erased because i'm trying to blend it into the background

I hope you know what i mean, im sure if you opened photoshop, drew a shape, put inner shadow on it and then tried to erase a corner of it you'd see what i mean by the inner shadow moving into the part i just erased.

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Photoshop :: Layer Style Across Multiple Shapes

Oct 14, 2005

Is there a way to set a layer style across multiple shape paths? For instance I've needed to overlay several shapes with a gradient, however I don't want the gradient to start and stop on each shape individually as if I set the style on each shape, I want the gradient to go across all layers as if they were one shape all together.

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Photoshop :: Layer Filtering Activates When Working On Shapes

Jul 17, 2013

so, first off, am using photoshop CC on windows 8,
here's my question: they improved the layer filtering option to photoshop cc which is great, but it's activated by ctrl+double clicking, since i do vectors in photoshop i use ctrl+clicking to select shapes and move points, so when am working on my vectors and moving fast, i always activate and deactivate the layer filtering option,  which is very annoying, i cant work as fast as i did in cs6, any way to change the shortcut or activation method for this option?
what i have notices so far is that when you ctrl+doubleclick on the path of a shape is switches filters that layer. so then i have to turn of the layer filtering thing to find my other laye
plase plase plase, how can i deactivate completelly this option, i have a lot of work to do and this is annoying me sooooo much.

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