Photoshop :: Animated Picture File.

Nov 23, 2004

Heres my situation, I need to change an animated Picture file..

here is the base image...

What i need done is that I need the punisher wallace part gone.

In its place, I need it to say this:

"If you can see us in your sector news, its too late."

I would prefer that the lettering be in red for that bit.

On the Half of the pic with the Skull, I need it to say Wolfpack on one side, and Fenris on the other side.

I would do it myself, but for the following 3 things.

1) I have no idea how.

2) I do not currently have the use of photoshop as I had to re-format my HD and cant find my disc.

3) I figured there would be many Intellegent, and Skilled people here on this web-board, who might be willing to help.

And before you start wondering what the hell this all means, it is for a game called Starkingdoms. I need to design a new sector banner, and I really like this one. Thanks.

I need the specs to be this:

(500x100, 32K) and it needs to end with .jpg or .gif


Photoshop :: Make A Picture Animated By Using ImageReady?

Jan 12, 2004

How do I make a picture animated by using ImageReady?

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Photoshop :: How To Import An Animated Gif Into A Psd File

Feb 9, 2009

I made an animated gif in photoshop and saved it and made sure it worked. My problem is that I have a psd file that I am trying to put the animated gif into. When I try to paste it into my psd, it say that it will lose information if i save over it. I do not know what to do?! How do i put an animate gif into a psd?

I tried to go into image ready and save the psd into an html and then open the html in dreamweaver and replace the pic but it doesn't let me either because it saved the psd as a jpg and created an html and I cant put an image of the jpeg that was made in dreamweaver.

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Photoshop :: Insert Animated .gif Into .psd File

Aug 6, 2004

I created an animated gif in ulead cool 3d. I also have a psd file that is used for a web banner. It contains slices and several different layers including some rollovers. What I want to be able to do is insert the animated gif into the psd file and have it still work as an animated gif while keeping the original psd file intact. Not quite sure what I need to do to get this to work since I am sort of a noob when it comes to graphic design.

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Photoshop :: Animated GIF - File Size Smaller

Aug 6, 2012

I created an aniamted gif in AE, and exported as as QT, then looking to convert to animated gif.
I can compress it from 21mb, to 1.2mb but need to go smaller. I dont want to use flash, I want it to work on all device.
Is there any way of getting the file size smaller?

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Saving GIF Animated File Using Save For Web / Could Not Complete The Operation

Jun 13, 2013

I am using Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6. I have created a chart and add a timeline ( more than 400). When i am saving the gif animated file using Save for Web, I am getting am error. The error is : " The optimized image could not be generated, likely because it is too big and there is no sufficient memory. The image will not be displayed."

 Also, I am not able to save the .jpg file.  Is giving me the error : " Could not complete the operation. An unknown error has occurred."

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Photoshop :: Picture Saved As Just A File Instead Of...

May 3, 2008

I saved a picture on photoshop, turned off my computer, and when I turned it back on, I found that my picture was no longer a '.PSD' file but just a file that cannot be opened by my Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. Is there any way I can change the file back to a PSD or just a regular JPEG?

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Photoshop :: Fine Lines All Over The Picture After Converting PDF File To CC

Sep 5, 2013

I converted a PDF-file (PDF/X-1a) into a Photoshop file using Photoshop CC and got fine lines over the picture.
Using Photoshop CS5, those lines will not appear.

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Photoshop :: How To Create Single Picture File With (built-in) Mat

May 16, 2012

Am using Photoshop CS5.1, Simply want to create a single picture (file) that has a "built-in" mat around it.  Seems like all that's needed is a box in background (color it as a mat), then put the picture on top. 
Problem is, when I go to size (or crop) the picture, it changes the size of the mat and Canvas Size.  "Really" want the Canvas Size to STAY 16in x 20in, just makes it easier so can SEE and adjust (move, crop, slide arund) the picture to be 13in x 17in in the center or whereever.  After all done, will save as jpg, so can view/print easily.

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Photoshop :: Thumbnails From D800 Showing As NEF And Nikon File Number / No Picture?

Dec 14, 2012

thumbnails only showing as a NEF and nikon file number no picture D800 camera

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Photoshop :: History Brush Only Painting White On Picture Instead Of Colors From Text File?

Jul 2, 2013

I am working on a project for my online class and am having difficulties with the History Brush.  Note that both files are identical in size etc.
1.  I created a color text file and saved it with a specific name.
2.  I copied an existing photo from iPhoto, as I couldn't import into PhotoShop,  and pasted it in a new file.  I then removed the white background layer and then saved it with its now specific name and closed the file.
3. I re-opened the Color Text File.
4.  I then re-opended my photo.
5.  I performed a "Select All" from the menu bar of my active Photo then selected Edit - Copy and then closed my Photo file.
6.  From my Color Text File I selected Edit and then Paste from the menu bar.
7.  I selected Layer and Flatten Image from the menu bar.
8.  I right clicked the background image from the Layers Panel and created a snapshot (which is my photo)
9.  I selected the History brush and verified that this also displayed in the gray box associated with the Color Text file within the History Panel.
10.  I verified that my photo image was displayed in my work area.
11.  I start to fill the photo with my History Brush and the only color I get is White.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Showing DWG Or DXF File In Picture Box

Feb 20, 2012

how to load a dwg or dxf file in my application form. i need to view,zoom the dwg through the form.

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