Paint.NET :: Set Default For Tools

Mar 17, 2012

I used before, (love it, only paint tool I'll ever use) and I remember being able to set defaults for my tools. So then when I use the color picker, the default will not be set to "do not switch tool", but to "switch to pencil tool". How to set the defaults?

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Illustrator :: Tools And Preferences Reset To Default

Nov 22, 2012

Tools and preferences reset to default every time I quit Illustrator (cs6)? I spend so much time setting up my tool pallet "just so" but every time I have to close down and re-open they just resent to default . . . same is happening in photoshop??

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Photoshop :: Cannot Access Gradient Tools Other Than Default Option

Dec 23, 2012

I am using photoshop CS6 extended. I cannot access the alternative gradient tools and am wondering if the plug-in failed to download or if I have somehow disabled them in the preferences.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 :: Effect / Paint Or Clone Tools Won't Work In Image

May 27, 2011

i'm using my corelphoto paint x3 for a year now and it is working fyn then on one occassion i don't know but while editing an image, i suddenly discovered that my effect tools, paint tools, clone tools wont work or wont make changes on the image i'm editing...  i've already checked the menus and settings but still no work..i also tried reinstalling the program but still it's all the same..

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 :: Clone And Paint Tools Inoperative?

Jun 23, 2011

I recently had a computer virus.   The hard drive was scrubbed, and we had to reinstall all our programs.

Now, on my CorelDraw X3 graphics suite, the photo paint program is only partially functional.  The clone and paint tools do not work anymore.   I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, rebooted the computer, but no progress.   We have Windows XP, the same as before.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Exiting Out Of Tools

Nov 1, 2013

How do we exit out of the tools (such as the background eraser) when finished using it? It stays on the screen until the item is saved.

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Paint.NET :: Moving Selection Tools

May 8, 2012

1) I open up a large image as background.
2) I add a new layer, then import a smaller image into that layer.
3) I try to select and move the smaller image so that it's positioned where I want it, but despite seeing the "nodes" on the side and corners and trying every possible combination of blue arrow/white arrow/shift etc., all I seem to be able to move across the canvas is the transparent box created by the nodes. In other words, I'm moving the box that contains the image, but apparently not the image itself.

Might this have anything to do with one image being a .pdn and the other being a .png?

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Paint.NET :: Improve Box Resizing Tools?

Dec 8, 2011

how to improve the box resizing tools ('S' & 'M'):

1) the shift key currently only constrains proportions when dragging the corners. make it also constrain proportions when dragging edges (keep the opposite edge-center box in place).

2) can you add an 'Alt'-key modifier that fixes the center of the selection, instead of the opposite corner/edge?

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Paint.NET :: Stopping Tools From Having Focus?

Jun 9, 2011

but my lack of determing the answer has stopped me from using what is obviously an excellent product: Once I use a tool to perform something, say to draw a colored line in an image, I dont know what to click on from stopping the drawing tool from having control. I can click on another tool, but what if I just want to drag the image to another part of the screen? In a previous paint tool I used, PhotoImpact I believe, there was an icon in the Tools that basically stopped whatever tool I had last selected from being in affect.

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Photoshop :: CC - Paint Tools Is Lagging Horribly?

Sep 12, 2013

I'm in trouble with the new Adobe Photoshop CC. I got 4 PC workstations with windows 7 SP1, SSD drive, bi-xeon E5-2630 64 Go ram, Geforce GTX 780 with the last driver 320.49. We use the performance default settings : The graphic card is detected by photoshop "use graphics processor" is checked "drawing mode" = advanced
But the paint tools is lagging horribly. We prefer use our old stations (3 years old) with photosop CS5 which are completely smooth with the same brush and the same picture size (2048x2048, nothing crazy) I did the 14.1.1 update but nothing change.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Add Tools To The Layers Palette

Oct 5, 2011

I am having trouble adding tools to my layer palette in X4. Previously I use X2 and can perform this action. However it seems to be lacking in X4 and I certainly miss that.

In X2 I could easily add duplicate layer in the layer tab and all I had to do was a single click the tool and I could perform this action, it was convenient keeping in the same area where I could also delete the layer.

I know in X4 I can add the duplicate layers in the top toolbar, however it is not as convenient and seems to be counterintuitive to have it away from the delete layer tool. I also miss the other layer palette customizations.

Is there any other way to add the duplicate layers on the layers palette? Is there a way to perhaps copy the workspace from x2 to x4(probably a silly question).

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: Positioning Of Tools?

Jun 11, 2011

When I select an object which I want to modify (Lighten/Darken or Colour Balance) the appropriate controls appear, but invariably cover the object I want to modify.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 Selection Tools Not Working?

Oct 23, 2011

The selection tools, i.e. shape, freehand and magic wand, have suddenly stopped working. I do freehand, double click and nothing happens. The freehand selection actually disappears. I click magic wand and nothing happens.

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Photoshop :: Disappearing Tools - Paint Bucket

May 15, 2004

I'm a relative newbie to Photoshop and recently upgraded from 5.5 -> 6.0 (yep I'm new and already behind ). For some reason the Paint Bucket tool does not show up in the Toolbox and I can't figure how to find it. I know its still there because its in the help and I tried all the Shortcuts trying to make it show up but no good. Any ideas how to find the Paint Bucket tool and better yet how do I make it permanent part of the Toolbox again.

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Photoshop :: Delete, Clone And Paint Tools Do Not...

Jul 22, 2009

i have photoshop cs3 running on windows xp.  the delete, clone and paint tools do not work on any layer.  (other tools do work. susch as red eye removal) .  the layers are not locked.  i have used these tools on many many occasions.  they just stopped working.   i have tried: resetting the tool preferences to their defaults, restarted my computer, restarted photoshop.  i hope to avoided having to re-install cs3. 

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Paint.NET :: Ellipse / Line Tools Control

Aug 20, 2011

Since the location of an ellipse is extremely difficult to predict, would it be possible to make the ellipse tool behave like the Text tool?

That is, when you have created the ellipse, have a 'handle' appear next to it so you could move it to the exact location desired. Maybe even a selection box that you could modify its shape and rotation as if you had selected it.

The other feature I would like to see is constrainment of all drawing tools (brush, pencil, color change) as is done with the Line/Curve tool. Hold the Shift key to keep the line straight.or is there some way in which these features already exist?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Accessing Image Windows With Other Tools

Oct 30, 2013

Using external tools to automate PaintShop Pro operations? Such as AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Macro Express Pro, etc? To do stuff that scripts can't?

Mine is an old version, PSP 8, but this issue probably applies to more recent ones.

None of these programs seem able to access PSP's image windows. They don't appear in the list of windows when using AutoIt v3 Window Info, for example, or AHK Window Info 1.7. If there's some way to work with these 'child' windows.

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Paint.NET :: Unable To Get Tools To Work On Non-background Layer

Dec 5, 2011

I am starting to color some old line art (cartoons) but can't get any (eraser, brush etc) tools to work on the non background layer. I could just auto fill on the background but that is too finicky, too many open shapes that end up filling the whole page in that color! I want so that I can color in indiscriminately w/o worrying about covering my lines.

How come I can't get so that when I erase, I don't get the transparency checkerboard underneath? I put the BG layer on top then the erase tool does not work! What fundamental thing did I forget?

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Paint.NET :: Graphic Editing - Combining Tools Windows?

Dec 1, 2010

I started using Paint.NET for all of my graphic editing about a month ago and the thing that I find most annoying is how the tool windows (Tools, History, Layers & Colors) get in the way when I'm working at 100% or more scale. I have to constantly move them/close them when I'm working with corners or edges.

Is there a way that I can combine the windows together (like the Tools bar in MSPaint) or make them not overlap the image so that they don't get in the way?

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Photoshop :: Filter Set Like Xaos Tools / Paint Alchemy / Terrazo

Jan 31, 2011

I have need for some of the effects of Paint Alchemy and especially Terrazo. Any OS X filter set that does what those filters did?

I know there was an OS X version available for a while, but now I can't find anything.

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Photoshop :: 5.5 - Eraser And Paint Tools Not Using Entire Diameter Of Brush

Apr 19, 2012

All brushes have been reset and are set the same. We are running CS5.5 Master Edition on a brand new 27" iMac 3.4 ghz Intel Core i7 Quad core using a Radeon AMD HD6970M.
This is a sample of how the tool is not using the entire diameter. This could be either erasing or painting a color.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Suntan And Thinner Tools - No Options Listed

Nov 2, 2013

When I click on the makeup tools in version X6 – 64-bit it brings up 5 separate tools. I can find no options for the suntan or thinner tool although its states clearly in the user manual and other functions that there should be size and strength options. I have checked this forum and there are some posts that say there is no strength option for the suntan tool, however this is not what the user manual states. Is the user manual and the help function incorrect and if not, how do I bring up these options?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Use Clone Brush In Paint Through Tools Menu

Jul 27, 2012

I am trying to use the clone brush in paint through the tools menu.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Effects Tools Grayed Out After Factory Reset?

Jan 22, 2012

Effects Tools grayed out after factory reset- what do I do to restore function? :-/

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cropping Tools - Blank Icons On Floating Tool Bar

Jun 14, 2012

For some reason when I use the cropping tool the floating tool bar has blank icons on it. Sometimes there may be lines in them like they tried to load but most of the time they are just completely white.

They still work and everything but you have to run your mouse over them and wait for the box to pop-up thats says what it is to see which one you need.

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Paint.NET :: Make Tools As Plugins Usable In Normal Working Space

Feb 15, 2012

Is it by any chance, possible to make tools as plugins usable in the "normal" working space, not in a new window? Also, adding something like this:

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Paint.NET :: Set JPG / Jpeg As Default

Apr 8, 2012

Is there any way to automatically set Jpg, or Jpeg in the "save as" option instead of unselecting PNG and then Jpeg every time.

Attached Thumbnails

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Drawing Tools Form User Tools - Ribbon Without Any Add-on?

Sep 10, 2012

I instal form SDK User Tools because I need in Inventor Drawing Tools (Revision cloud). I do this install like on website Autodesk show and I didn't get it on ribbon. I do also registry of this plugin but I also didn't get it. 

I used Invenbtor 2013 with servce pack.

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Photoshop :: Can't Access Tools / When Click On Corner Of Individual Tools

Nov 25, 2012

i have cs5 suite. last week everything fine in photoshop. this week, only the tools that are showing are available to use. i can not access the tools when i click on the corner of individual tools. i am running version 10.6.8

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Paint.NET :: Save As JPEG As Default

Oct 5, 2013

I perfectly understand that paint save as png to avoid get information loss..BUT Why don't you let us configure an alternative save as to get jpeg ? Like another short cut  : e.g "ctrl+shift+alt s" would let us save as jpeg without loosing each time 5sec to change png to jpeg. because when you have to save 10-20 print screen in a row that's more than painfull.
give us a option to set jpeg as default ! and if you are so afraid that ppl forget that will make them loose information just make a pop up to remind them why the png can be more interesting for other situation.
personally, i use to save in a sec print screen, to add somes informations it in need to post a screen on a forum etc.. and this soft is perfect for that since it load in a sec and its simple enough and fast.consider add a OPTION to allow us set jpeg as default save as.
I perfectly know that png is more interesting in somes case, and i dont want discut about why png > jpeg, i just would like to be able to do what i want and have a option to set the jpeg as default.

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Paint.NET :: Change Default Settings?

Nov 29, 2012

Is it possible to change default settings? I prefer to save my work to the desktop and I prefer jpeg to png.

Can this be done in Where would I make these changes? If a update is downloaded, would this be saved automatically?

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