Paint.NET :: Set JPG / Jpeg As Default

Apr 8, 2012

Is there any way to automatically set Jpg, or Jpeg in the "save as" option instead of unselecting PNG and then Jpeg every time.

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Paint.NET :: Save As JPEG As Default

Oct 5, 2013

I perfectly understand that paint save as png to avoid get information loss..BUT Why don't you let us configure an alternative save as to get jpeg ? Like another short cut  : e.g "ctrl+shift+alt s" would let us save as jpeg without loosing each time 5sec to change png to jpeg. because when you have to save 10-20 print screen in a row that's more than painfull.
give us a option to set jpeg as default ! and if you are so afraid that ppl forget that will make them loose information just make a pop up to remind them why the png can be more interesting for other situation.
personally, i use to save in a sec print screen, to add somes informations it in need to post a screen on a forum etc.. and this soft is perfect for that since it load in a sec and its simple enough and fast.consider add a OPTION to allow us set jpeg as default save as.
I perfectly know that png is more interesting in somes case, and i dont want discut about why png > jpeg, i just would like to be able to do what i want and have a option to set the jpeg as default.

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Paint.NET :: Save As JPEG By Default?

Aug 24, 2010

I normally save my images as jpegs. What I'd like to know is can bet set to save as jpeg by default, to avoid having to change from .png each time.

Also, is there a way of short-cutting to the acquire screen, rather than going file > acquire > from scanner or camera > Select device each time - I only have one scanner, so I use that each time.

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Paint.NET :: Set Save As Type To JPEG As Default Value?

Feb 25, 2011

Is it possible to set 'Save as type' to JPEG as default value?

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Paint.NET :: Change Default Settings From PNG To JPEG

May 21, 2012

I have been using for quite awhile now and like it very much. There is one thing I would like to see, it would make using easier. Right now the default setting for saving is PNG. Unfortunately I do not use PNG, the universal setting for just about anything is JPEG. Is there a way to change the default setting from PNG to JPEG? I downloaded and installed the latest versio, 3.5.10 but it made no differense. I have been unable to find anything about this in the drop down menus.

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Illustrator :: Set JPEG As Default Export Format?

Oct 8, 2012

At my old job, when I exported sketches, it would automatically go to jpeg as jpeg was on top of the list. Now, I have to scroll through a lot of different formats looking for the jpeg format and of course, this takes up valuable time.
I make tech sheets in Illy at my job and need to export just about everything I do in jpeg format, for the benefit of others. I tried looking through the menus, but haven't found the answer yet.

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Photoshop Elements :: Way To Have PSE12 Default To Save As JPEG

Jan 10, 2014

I am changing from PSE8 to PSE12 and realized upon trying 12 today that PSE12 automatically saves my edited pictures in PSD format where PSE8 saved them in JPEG.  I don't use the organizer for catalogs, instead opening up folders where I've saved my pictures (e.g. Christmas 2013)and editing the photos I like in PSE8 and then saving them back in that same folder.  It may not be the 'right' way, but it works for me.  The picture I tried using PSE12 on, saved in the PSD format which isn't viewable in those folders (windows picture viewer is the default).  I truly only use PSE for improving pics I like and want to share/email, use as my desktip background, post to Facebook, and print for myself or gifts via uploading to a photo printing service (Mpix, Walmart, etc.)  Is there a way to have PSE12 default to saving as JPEG or should I be saving everything as PSD?  I get that PSD only works with PS and takes more space, but doesn't cause loss of quality of the pictures the way JPEG does ~ I'm just not sure it's important for the way I use PSE. \

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Change Default Scan From BMP To JPEG

Sep 8, 2012

I scan sports cards for Ebay and Elements scans it as a BMP and I need the default to be JPEG every time.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: JPEG Or Bitmap - No Paint On Image

Mar 25, 2013

I'm having trouble using the paint brushes in photo paint x6. i open a JPEG or bitmap then use a paint brush to paint on the image but there is no paint. do i have to use a mask now? I tried copying a dupe for a second layer to see if that worked but nix. i still have x4 and i do it there. but what's with x6? all the other tools work but the paint brush.

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Photoshop Elements :: 11 - Change Default Setting On JPEG Options?

Mar 8, 2013

how to change the default setting under Jpeg options when saving changes, at present its ticked for Qulaity 12 Max but we want it on Quality 8 high and its a real pain having to change this setting every time we edit an image.

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Photoshop :: Get Windows To Use CC As Default Program To Open TIFF And JPEG Files?

Jul 6, 2013

Photoshop CC is not among the programs listed and Windows won't let me add it to the list. Oddly, Illustrator CC is listed. How do I rectify this? I have Photoshop CS6 installed and that is listed. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Select JPEG As Default Format To Save Scans

Feb 17, 2013

Every time I go to save a scan it defaults to Bitmap and I have to then scroll down and select jpeg. How can I make jpeg the default setting?

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Photoshop Elements :: Use Camera Raw Editor To Open JPEG Files By Default

Mar 4, 2013

I've searched for the Camera Raw setting that is available from the Photoshop (not PSE8) menu but it is not even available in Photoshop Elements 8 that I've been able to see. Where this setting is?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Always Says JPEG Is At 72 Dpi

Sep 21, 2011

When I open a jpeg in X4 it always says it is at 72 dpi. Even when I resize it so it is at 220, when I open it again and look under image information it always says 72 dpi. If I open the same image in any other editor, including X3 it reports the correct dpi. This coupled with the extreme compression is making X4 useless to me unfortunately.

I'm not prepared to sit and do the math to try and figure out what it is really at.

I have reset the number under preferences/general program preferences/units and it doesn't respond to that either.

For me, this version is problematic and not worth taking the time to learn. I need to be able to depend on and trust the information I'm getting from my software.

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Paint.NET :: JPEG Image Edges Being Cut Off?

Sep 2, 2011

I am designing ads in MS Publisher then copying and pasting into "" to the save & upload to photobucket.

Everything been working fine until this week and box edges are being cut off (right side & bottom).

I've included 2 pics; a correct one (canisters) and one not right (flr lamps).

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Paint.NET :: How To Keep Transparency When Saving As JPEG

Apr 22, 2012

I have a unusual shape that I want to save so I can use in Word. I have filled the middle bit of the shape in white, and the rest of the shape outside is the checkboard (which indicates transparency). But when I save it as a jpeg, and paste into Word, the background is white, not transparent.

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Paint.NET :: How To Convert Many PDN Files In JPEG

Jun 9, 2013

Looking for a way to quickly convert .pdn in jpeg "on the fly", that is to say without having to open each file to flatten and save as jpeg

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Paint.NET :: Auto Save In JPEG And Not PNG?

May 10, 2011 auto saves my files as PNG. This is VERY annoying because I am saving many, many files. Each time I save I have to switch it to JPEG. If it is PNG I cannot see the file on my PC (it will be invisible). Plus, more programs use JPEG than PNG. This auto choosing PNG is a big waist of my time/energy/effort. is there an option to change this?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - JPEG Compression Too High?

Sep 12, 2011

The PSP X4 that I have compresses jpegs to an extreme amount even when set on compression factor 1. (a 4000 kb jpeg gets compressed to 1900kb. The previous versions would not change the compression when you open a file and just save it without changes. This one cuts the file size in more than half.

I really like some of the new layout and features, however my clients won't accept a jpeg that is compressed that much. Any other setting I need to change to stop this?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: X4 Won't Save As JPEG

Aug 13, 2011

The plague has struck my X4. I have done absolutely nothing to the computer in over two years. I can't save a file as a JPEG to most folders using Save AS. It will save a file as a JPEG to the TEMP folder -- but the preview in which I can set compression does not show up. However, it still works well if I Export to Web.

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Paint Shop Pro :: JPEG And PNG Optimizer In X6 Ultimate?

Aug 26, 2013

The jpeg and png optimizer in X6 doesn't work correctly and keeps the .pspimage file extension in the 'Save Copy As' dialog box. I either have to delete the extension or overwrite with .jpg/png to save in the appropriate format.

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Paint.NET :: Use Specific Color From JPEG In Palette

Jan 6, 2012

I am working on creating a banner for a website and I am looking to use a couple colors from which is included on a jpeg that is provided for me, its been forever since ive tried creating anything and i wonder is there some way i can take the colors from the jpeg to use in my own color palette .

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Paint.NET :: Changing Auto Save From PNG To JPEG

Mar 23, 2013

I never save images in the .png format.  I always use .jpg or .jpeg. Is there a way I can change the auto save from .png to .jpeg?

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Paint.NET :: PNG And JPEG Image Formats - Compatible?

Jun 22, 2012

A photo (a complex one with different layers) that was originally saved as a jpeg (100% quality) but after changing its size, saved as a png, is now used on another png photo.

When saving the end result as one photo with the png format as well, is that going to cause problems^^ with regards to print quality or not?

As it basically means a kind of mix and matching of jpeg and png formats.

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Paint.NET :: Set Default For Tools

Mar 17, 2012

I used before, (love it, only paint tool I'll ever use) and I remember being able to set defaults for my tools. So then when I use the color picker, the default will not be set to "do not switch tool", but to "switch to pencil tool". How to set the defaults?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Corrupted JPEG When Viewing / Editing With XI?

Aug 26, 2011

I'm working with PSP XI version on Windows XP machine.

I have been successfully editing many jpegs without issue, reviewing in slide show "Quick review" and doing one step correction "Quick Fix" in some cases. But now in one batch of photos whilst editing one picture an error message occurred (did not note it down) once during slide show preview; application locked; and having restarted PC / application this one file cannot be edited. Error message does not recur, Organiser tray simply shows grey box for this file.

When selecting this image in Organiser tray whole application still locks. Working with other images is fine.

Windows Explorer says that this one jpeg file is corrupt and copying and renaming does not fix.

Other preview software cannot recognise the jpeg either.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving Corrupt JPEG Files

Jan 2, 2012

Programme: X4
System: Windows 7 Ultimute 64bit

Installed 01/01/2012 with SP1.

Problem: When I save jpeg files some of them become corrupt and will not open.

I have been using PSP for a number of years and decided to upgrade to X4, now a number of the files that I save in PSP are becoming corrupted and they seem to all be photos which are shot using a pure white background, not all photos are affected, I never had this problem in my previous versions of PSP

I use adobe lightroom which I transfer my raw file into jpeg, this is where i then open the jpeg in X4 and do my main editing, it is when I save the image it saves corrupted and can not be opened or deleted (shows that X4 is still using the file) . it will also not allow me to re transfer the image from my catalog.

There are some good features and I am considering uninstalling and reverting back to my older program (X2).

This may be an issue with the metadata of the image, I exported 2 sets of 50 identical images 50 with and 50 without the Metadata and ran a script which then automatically save the image, about 20 of the images with the metadata ended up corrupted, all the images without the metadata saved fine.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cannot Save Canon CR2 Raw File As JPEG

Jun 10, 2012

I am running into an issue trying to complete processing of some images. I have converted a Canon CR2 raw file to TIFF, then opened into PSP X4. Now I wish to save as a JPG file. I've flattened & converted to 8-bit RGB. When I go to save it pops up an error stating: "An error has occurred while trying to write to the file". I can save the TIFFs, I can save to PNG, PSP, BMP, and presumably everything else. All except JPG--which is of course what is required. I can create an image from scratch and save to JPG. I've tried simply copying the image and pasting to a new image, then saving with the same error. Same with opening the PSP image back up & trying to save as JPG. I am updated to the latest patch just released.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Any Way To Copy Text From JPEG File

Feb 4, 2012

I have a picture file(JPEG) with a text in Japanese that I want to copy from. I've tried the trick with Microsoft Office One note & word(for those of you who know it) but it didn't work. Is there anyway to do it in PSP?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving Vector Image As JPEG

Jun 1, 2013

PSPro X. After adding text to a jpeg image it becomes a vector object, what is the easiest way to save it as a jpeg file

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Convert RAW File To JPEG?

Feb 18, 2012

I have H & S X5. How do I convert a RAW file to Jpeg.

I click open and my RAW file opens in Camera Raw Lab, I  make my adjustments and click OK - it then opens in PP but I don't have the option of saving it as a jpeg.

When I asked for the file ext to be associated jpeg shows in the filter but is not available as a 'save as' option. I can do exactly the same in PSE8 and have the jpeg option. 

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