Paint.NET :: Moving Selection Tools

May 8, 2012

1) I open up a large image as background.
2) I add a new layer, then import a smaller image into that layer.
3) I try to select and move the smaller image so that it's positioned where I want it, but despite seeing the "nodes" on the side and corners and trying every possible combination of blue arrow/white arrow/shift etc., all I seem to be able to move across the canvas is the transparent box created by the nodes. In other words, I'm moving the box that contains the image, but apparently not the image itself.

Might this have anything to do with one image being a .pdn and the other being a .png?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 Selection Tools Not Working?

Oct 23, 2011

The selection tools, i.e. shape, freehand and magic wand, have suddenly stopped working. I do freehand, double click and nothing happens. The freehand selection actually disappears. I click magic wand and nothing happens.

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GIMP :: Moving Selected Area Versus Moving Selection / Moving Whole Image

Mar 22, 2012

I want to select part of an image with just one layer. Say I just flattened the image and have to move one part of. I select it with the rectangular select tool. It seems intuitive that I could then just move what I selected, but when I drag the selection, the selection itself moves without moving what is inside the selection.

If I then remember to click the move tool and try to move what's in the selection (seems to work sometimes, maybe when there's multiple layers?) the entire image moves.

The only way I can move part of the image over is if I make a selection and then cut it (ctrl X) then paste it.

How am I supposed to move part of the flattened image, is there a way I can set it to default to "When I select something, I can immediately drag that selected area around."

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Paint.NET :: Change Default Background Applied When Moving Or Deleting Selection

Feb 10, 2013

How do I change the default background that is applied when moving or deleting a selection ?
I want to preserve the existing background color, I don't want it to become transparent.

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Photoshop :: Selection Tools

Dec 5, 2003

when I make a selection with any of the tools, and modify border than delete; I get a feathered effect around selection. I have set feather to zero, and have also reset tools to defaults, but still cannot get a clean, sharp edge. This has happened before, and the only thing I could come up with to fix the problem was reinstall.

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Photoshop :: Selection Tools Color

Oct 7, 2013

Is there a way to change the defualt gray color of selection tools in PSSC6? When making selection of products on a gray sealess the lazzo  path is difficult to see.

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Photoshop :: No Tools Show Selection

May 27, 2009

Vista home premium 32bitPhotoshop CS4  Extended Problem I got is that no matter what tool I use, (marquee, wand, lassoo, ellipse) etc, I don't see the area/marching ants that is being selected untill I release the mouse,

open image in Psselect rectangle marquee toolplace mouse arrow on imageleft click once and holddrag pointer to required pointNothing different shown on screen No marching ant boxRelease left mouse buttonMarching ant box is now seen.

Same pc being used that has photoshop 7 on and that prog runs fine, or at least as it should do... Have checked prog settings and couldn't find anything obvious. Have also tried changing vista visual settings to no avail..

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Photoshop :: Selection Tools Are Inaccurate.

Aug 1, 2003

My selection and lasso tools all of a sudden arent makeing smooth straight diagnol lines and other lines, but making jagged lines... even my circular tool.

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Photoshop :: Selection Tools Have Stopped Working

Feb 3, 2013

I was trying to cut out a bridge stock today, and all of my selection tools are suddenly acting psychotic. Whether it's a lasso or a marquee tool, they all give me this result when I try to select something:

I haven't trying restarting Photoshop, but I just wanted to know how to fix this and how I can prevent it from happening again.

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Photoshop :: Selection Tools Make CS Crash?

Aug 22, 2012

When I am using either the magic wand tool or the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop CS, the tools cause the program to behave strangely, including:

-crashing (program error, PS shuts down)
-PS completes a lasso by itself without me completing it
-using the lasso tool causes the tools pallete to go blank, and hovering over each tool restores it
Is there a fix for whatever is causing this bug?

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Photoshop :: Cannot Change And Use Selection Or Crop Tools?

Feb 24, 2013

I am using Photoshop Extended CS6.  A new problem has started to occur recently.  I can select a tool, but I can't change the tool type. For example,I can select the Lasso Tool and when I right-click the tool fly-out appears, but I cannot select a tool from the fly-out to change the tool type.  The editing tools, at least the ones I can select, still work except for the selection and crop tools.  For the crop tool, the crop lines appear at the edge of the image but they cannot be moved.  For the selection tools, nothing is selected.  I can still use menu commands such as Canvas Size.
This happens when I open a file or start a new file.  I have Windows 7, 4G memory and nothing else running.  I have tried 32-bt and 64-bit versions.This has happened intermittently for a month or two.  In the past, freeing up space on a hard drive seemed to work.  But now I have 50G free on one drive and 30G free on another so I don't see how that could be the problem.  Rebooting allows me to use the crop tool once, but then the problem reoccurs.

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3ds Max Modeling :: Graphite Even / Odd Edge-selection Tools

Nov 16, 2011

i used to work a lot with polyboost and since the change from polyboost to graphite modeling tools, i built my own toolbars in customize the interface, i found all the tools i needed in the polytools big exception is even/odd selection presets (skip, nthselect / step), which i found an extremely useful edge-selection tool. i attach a screenshot of the polyboost tools rollout, where these settings could be found formerly. at the end of this message i also attach a dicription of these settings from the polyboost work. Where to find the command to launch this toolbox. or if this feature possibly was not included in the graphite modeling tools?

selects subobject-elements that have even numbers like 2,4,12 and so on. the "skip" spinner determines how many numbers to skip between the even numbers, so a value of 1 will select elements numbered 2,4,6,8 and so on. a value of 2 will select elements numbered 2,6,10,14 and so on.
shortcut: when used as a shortcut this tool will default to 1 as a skip value.

selects subobject-elements that have odd numbers like 1,3,15 and so on. the "SKIP" spinner determines how many numbers to skip between the odd numbers, so a value of 1 will select elements numbered 1,3,5,7 and so on. a value of 2 will select elements numbered 1,5,9,13 and so on.
shortcut: when used as a shortcut this tool will default to 1 as a skip value.

nth sel
selects the next even or odd numbered element in the model. because of the way the numbers are laid out in a basic primitive in max, this will in a way duplicate the selection further down the element numbers. the "STEP" spinner determines how big the jump is to the next selection. if the "reverse(rev)" checkbox is checked the selection will be created in the opposite way, and if the "move" checkbox is checked the selection will not be duplicated, but moved instead.

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Illustrator :: Selection Tools Not Working Properly - CS6

Mar 8, 2013

The two selection tools in CS6 Illustrotor not working properly.  They don't select the object when I click and drag a box around them and the handles on drawing path won't stay highlighted when I use the direct selection tool so I can adjust them

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InDesign :: Selection And Type Tools Not Working In CC For Mac?

Mar 5, 2014

I have just recently downloaded InDesign CC (I use Mac OSX.9.2) and got the World Tools plugin to typeset in different languages.
However, I am having trouble using the selection and type tools. In about the first half of the file, the type tool displays the pointer/dashed box/I-beam icon and doesn't put the cursor in the text when I click on it. I can't click to select text as I should be able to, and if I try to click and drag, all I do is end up creating another text frame. But in about the second half of the file, the selection and type tools work the way they should.
When I click and hold on the type tool, the cursor changes to the crosshairs icon for creating text frames and the "W: H: " dialogue box for text frames appears.
How can I get the tools to work properly in the entire document?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 :: Effect / Paint Or Clone Tools Won't Work In Image

May 27, 2011

i'm using my corelphoto paint x3 for a year now and it is working fyn then on one occassion i don't know but while editing an image, i suddenly discovered that my effect tools, paint tools, clone tools wont work or wont make changes on the image i'm editing...  i've already checked the menus and settings but still no work..i also tried reinstalling the program but still it's all the same..

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Selection Tools - Getting Rectangles Of Marching Ants?

Nov 30, 2013

I am having trouble in CS6 with selecting a portion of my photo, with any of the tools- quick-selection, lasso or magnetic lasso.  

What happens is that once I have completed my selection, I get strange rectangles of 'marching ants' throughout my selection.  These show up as different colours on the layer mask as well.  When I first used quick selection it worked properly.

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3ds Max Modeling :: How To Get Hidden Tools To Appear In Freeform And Selection Tabs

Apr 26, 2012

So I have the modeling ribbon but the only tabs that seem to have any tools in them are the "GraphiteModelingTools" tab and the "ObjectPaint" tab. How do I get the hidden tools to appear in the "Freeform" and "Selection" tabs? Does the plugin need to be added?

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GIMP :: How To Change Style Of Outlines Of Selection Tools

Dec 21, 2012

back in 2.6 the width of the outlines of the several selection tools wassimply 1px (running ants by themselfes), now with 2.8 (at least herewith OpenSuSE 12.2, XFCE 4.10 it is 3px (pls. see attachment (8 time se larged)).

Is there any possibility known (style setting for gtk, ...) to change it(back) to 1px? It would work make much more precise ..

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Photoshop :: Moving A Selection

Dec 17, 2005

I am retouching a photo... i'm have selected one person in a group and wanted to move her closer to the group, but when I do that, there is a hole you can see through left behind. That obviously isn't going to work. I think I remember trying to do this and there isn't a hole left behind.

How can a move a selection and just have the background left behind... I wouldn't even mind moving her closer and having a double image... I could clone out the image I didn't want.

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Photoshop :: Moving A Selection

Sep 27, 2006

I have a picture of a horse on a white background in psd format which I want to drag into another psd image.

When I make the selection of the horse, then drag it into the other image it comes in o/k but still has a faint white replica of its original background.

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Photoshop :: Moving Just A Selection

Dec 19, 2006

I've used the Pen tool and got it down pretty quickly, and made a selection (of Roger Federer). I cut it out and saved it on its own layer. Then I did the same for the chair he was in. I just tossed the leftover background. Then I cut and paste (not very accurately) a Christmas tree into a new background layer. Then of course, I inserted myself into the scene (even using the previously made path/selection) and here's where the trouble is...

I needed to adjust the position of "me" to fit the scene scale -position & size wise- with Roger and the chair.

How do I move, transform, and tweak my selections? I don't want the other layers to move too. I just want to move what I select and then change it's size.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 :: Clone And Paint Tools Inoperative?

Jun 23, 2011

I recently had a computer virus.   The hard drive was scrubbed, and we had to reinstall all our programs.

Now, on my CorelDraw X3 graphics suite, the photo paint program is only partially functional.  The clone and paint tools do not work anymore.   I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, rebooted the computer, but no progress.   We have Windows XP, the same as before.

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Photoshop :: Selections That Make Using Quick Selection Tools Keep Disappearing?

Oct 20, 2013

How can i stop my selections from disappearing, so that i make effects in those areas?

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Photoshop :: Selection Tools And Brushes, Pens, Etc No Longer Work

Oct 26, 2008

downloaded upgrade versions CS3 on septate computers. She is taking a class in Photoshop using the Adobe Classroom in a Book as a text. About a month ago she started to have problems getting selection tools and brushes etc. to work. None of those types of tools work at all now.

She has downloaded the latest upgrades. We have completely removed Photoshop from the computer, and reinstalled it twice. The computer is scanned for viruses and bots. All other applications work fine. She is now having to use my computer to complete her class work.

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Photoshop :: Copying Selection WITHOUT Moving?

Dec 15, 2012

trying to copy a selection and paste it into another layer, but no matter what i do it slightly shifts.  I need it to be in exactly the same place as the original, only on another layer. 

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GIMP :: Moving Selection Contents

Dec 27, 2013

I am using GIMP 2.8 on a MacBookPro with OSX 10.8.

I want to cut and move a selection (and, if at all possible, preserve and then enlarge the selection rectangle to perform a subsequent cut and move operation.)

I've got a graphic, let's say it's a 10x10 pixel square in black. What I want to do is to add a vertical column of white pixels in between every existing column of the image.

What I thought to do is the following: first, enlarge the canvas to twice the width of the image, so 20Wx10T (original image on left, blank extension on right). Now select the rightmost column of pixels and move the contents of the selection one pixel to the right. Extend the left edge of the selection rectangle 2 pixels to the left, to include the newly "blank" column and the next column of the image. Move new selection and contents one pixel to the right, and so on, until the expanded canvas is filled and there are 'blank' columns between every column of pixels in the original image.

However, I am unable to find a way to move the selection and its contents. I've tried every combination of secret handshake I can think of, but none work. I'm able to move the selection and essentially duplicate it in another location, but not by cutting it and moving it somewhere else, leaving the initially selected area blank.

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GIMP :: Moving A Selection From One Image To Another

Jan 29, 2014

I need to assemble multiple images in an illustration program (inkscape or illustrator for example). So I want to cut and paste several regions from different images, but I want them to all be exactly the same size. What I had been doing in photoshop was just dragging the selection from one open image to the other and that would preserve the size so I could copy again, but that doesn't seem to work in GIMP, or rather, nothing I tried seems to work.

How can I get a selection to be identically sized between different images without actually moving any part of the image itself?

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Photoshop Elements :: What Action Is Demanded When Using Marked Tools To Make A Selection

Jul 17, 2013

what action is demanded when using marked tools to make a selection and I receive a response ". No pixel selected"?

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Photoshop :: How To Get Rid Of Trackers In CS6 When Moving Or Rotating Selection

Sep 5, 2012

How do I get rid of the trackers in Photoshop CS6 when im moving or rotating a selection?

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Photoshop :: Modify Selection Without Moving The Image?

Nov 24, 2011

When selecting an area I would like to modify/transform/reshape just that selection (the marching ants) without moving the underlying image.How do I do that?

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Photoshop :: Moving A Selection Of A Type Layer

Apr 1, 2005

I've got a type layer, and I want to move a certain selection of type, but it seems to only want to move the entire layer. Here's what I've got:

I want to move the "Web Developer" type so that it's centered under "Gibran Shah". I'm using the Rectangular Marquee Tool to form a rectangle around "Web Developer" and then the Move Tool to move it. When I move it, it moves the entire type layer. How do I get it to move only the selected region.

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