Paint.NET :: Making Blurry Wedding Photos Clear?

Sep 19, 2013

I got married a few weeks ago and took some digital pics of the evening disco that have come out rather blurred and out of focus. I have tried to find a way of using paint to sort out the pictures but with no luck. I have looked at the plugins that are available but cannot find anything suitable.

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Photoshop :: Whats The Best Way To Clear Up A Blurry Image

Aug 6, 2006

I always have trouble taking a small image and making it larger because it always gets blurry and pixelated. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make the image (whether it be a logo etc) larger without making it pixelated?

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Photoshop Elements :: Clear Screen Images Print Blurry?

Jun 7, 2013

How do I fix blurry prints of clear screen images?

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Photoshop :: Making Glass Clear

Jul 14, 2013

In the attached image, you'll see that the car windshield has a frosted effect from the background of this image before I made the selection. How can I make it clear instead of gray?

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Illustrator :: Making White To Clear Gradient

Feb 22, 2014

I'm used to photoshop and understand illustrator works on different principals, but I can't get a white to clear gradient or a gradient that has white on either end, or a graident in color..I've tried making a new gradient swatch like in InDesign and have tried loading various default graidents but can't get what I wNt I want to do this:

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GIMP :: Resize Photo Without Making Blurry

Feb 7, 2012

I want to know how to resize one of my photos to 190px wide by 147px high? When I do it becomes super blurry and I need it to be crystal I correct in assuming that it has to be a landscape picture? Are there special sharpening tools that I need to use, etc.?

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Photoshop :: Clear Backgrounds Making Selection Black Not White?

Oct 19, 2011

I am having some trouble clearing out the backgrounds of certain images. I'm taking images and want to quickly delete out any pixels not on the product I'm shooting (make all pixels white). Once I have my selection I go to "Edit" and then "Clear". Instead of making the selection white, it makes the entire selection black.

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Illustrator :: Image Trace Making Images Blurry And Imprecise?

Jun 18, 2013

I've been using illustrator to vectorize some of my png files I've modified and rasterized in photoshop. The image trace feature has worked fine for me until yesterday when it started making my images very impreciese and blurry. I'll attach a before and after shot of exactly what I'm talking about.

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Photoshop :: Getting Photos Blurry?

Mar 22, 2013

The photos I have for my business in photoshop are really clear. But when I upload them to Facebook, they are blurry. How can I make my photos clear on Facebook? I heard someone say it is the size or pixels or something. How can I fix it?

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GIMP :: Cut Or Clear Function With Photos?

Jan 13, 2012

When I use the Cut or Clear function with a graphic design I can punch a hole right through a layer or layers. But with a jpeg photo and duplicate layers all I get is that the selected area turns opaque white. There are work arounds, but it would be simpler to be able to turn a selected area transparent. So what gives? Running Windows 7.

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Photoshop :: Fixing Blurry Photos?

May 29, 2013

I took a new Canon DSLR camera on a family trip to Africa and managed to take some very blurry photographs in the Kruger National Park. I understand that there is an "Unblur" feature available in one of the Adobe products but have been unable to find out if it is in Photoshop or Lightshop and which version.

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Photoshop Elements :: Blurry Photos After Editing?

May 30, 2013

Why do my photos look blurry after editing in PSE11? They look fine in PSE and when I view the .Jpeg but when I go to upload them onto my blog, they look horrible and blurry.

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Paint.NET :: Clear Up Part Of Image?

Apr 4, 2011

A friend of mine gave a picture and asked me to clear up a part of it.

What is the best way to do it ? I am not an expert in using image editing tools.

I think that Paint.NET is a good tool to do what I need to do.

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Paint.NET :: Create Clear Bubbles?

Jan 8, 2012

Bubble plugin, or know how to create clear bubbles?

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Paint.NET :: Text With Clear Background

Apr 3, 2013

creating text with a clear background. I need to be able to create text and then apply effects (emboss, diffuse, etc) and then save it as a gif or png with a clear background. Every time I try to emboss text it automatically changes the background of the entire image to the same solid color as the text.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 With Perfectly Clear Plugin?

Aug 23, 2013

Corel says Athentech's Perfectly Clear plug-in comes with the Ultimate version of X6. I can't find it in the Plugins folder - either in the 64 or 32 bit versions. I ordered X6 and am currently using the trial version of X6.

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Paint.NET :: PNG Graphic Elements With Clear Background

Aug 15, 2013

I've been using Photoshop 7 for years and have some .png graphic elements with clear backgrounds, which I use to make cover photos for a Facebook page. When I open these graphic files with I expect to see two layers - one for the clear background and one for the graphic itself, but instead I see just one layer. If I then open a photo and try to paste the graphic overlay on top of it the clear background doesn't work, the checkerboard pattern is displayed instead.
is there a simple way to make these files work as they used to in Photoshop, i.e without going to the trouble of masking things off and clearing backgrounds all over again? Can they be opened in with the see-through background fully functional from the off?

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Paint.NET :: How To Make Blurry Image Sharper

Jul 11, 2011

I took an image off the internet.. used it on a project. When you look at the completed page, the image (LOGO) looks good, my client loved it, called it excellent. I printed it and sent to him.. well, that logo is rather blurry. Is there a way to make it crisper, more clear? Somehow make it sharper?

This is a color logo.

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Paint.NET :: Make Blurry / Transparent Overlay?

Sep 12, 2012

I try to make a blurry/transparent overlay simply a picture which makes only certain regions of a screen/picture blurry if I use it as overlay, I've already tried everything I can in PDN but I don't know how to do this. Here is a picture how it should looked with the overlay:

only this areas shuld be blurry-transparent the rest should be completely transparent so that I can use it as overlay for livestreaming I don't want that u make one for me I want a how to

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Paint.NET :: Shrink Pictures Down To Icon Size Without Them Going Blurry?

Apr 27, 2013

I am dealing with 128 x 128 or smaller.  The more I shrink a picture the more I loose details.  Photo > Sharpen works a little bit in some cases but in most I am loosing to much detail no matter.  How do I fix this?  If possible my pics need to remain in .png format

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Batch Process Several Files Using Perfectly Clear

Sep 25, 2013

I have been trying to batch edit several JPG files using "perfectly clear" but I keep getting an error. It complains that FileSaveAs is crashing. I spent some time looking at the corel files and they says something about "FileSaveAs" won't work if it not in the "Scripts-Trusted" folder. However I cannot find it (FileSaveAs) so I can move it over to the Trusted Folder. I CAN find the scripts-trusted folder.

Batch processing several files using "Perfectly Clear"?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 Perfectly Clear Plugin Short Of Memory

Sep 5, 2013

I just installed PSP X6 Ultimate 32 bit and the Perfectly Clear Plugin. It works really well part of the time but will often crash saying that Photoshop is not allowing enough memory. I'm using Windows 7 with more than 3 gb of memory. I also have Aftershot Pro running.

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Photoshop :: Blurry Photos :: A Shakey Photo To Make It Look Un-shakey?

May 13, 2006

way to Photoshop a shakey photo to make it look un-shakey?

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Photoshop :: Would Photoshop Correct Photos That Are Blurry

Nov 18, 2012

Would Photoshop correct photos that are blurry? I have a bunch of photos from my wedding reception that came out pretty bad and I'd like to get them corrected. I don't have Photoshop but will purchase if for sure it can correct these photos? I've attached a few as examples of what they look like now.

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Photoshop :: Wedding Blues

Oct 1, 2004

I can't fix and wondered if anyone out there could provide some pointers. I was recently married and one of the photographs of my wife and I is absolutely great (taken by a friend). The ONLY problem is that at the time of the shot it looks as though my wife has a large piece of confetti on her tongue. This is a real shame because she looks absolutely stunning. Does anyone know how I can remove the offending piece of confetti and restore her teeth, tongue and lips?

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Photoshop :: Wedding Album PSD Templates

Jan 4, 2008

I'm looking for some wedding PSD templates (with animated backgrounds) for making wedding album.

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Photoshop :: Page 2 - Wedding Blues

Oct 5, 2004

removed some other facial confettis. clone stamp, blur and heal

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Photoshop :: Wedding Photo Effect

Sep 20, 2008

I am trying to get the effect on the wedding picture just like on this picture:

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Photoshop :: Wedding Ring Picture

Jun 24, 2008

I submitted the only picture I have of my sister wearing her wedding ring. I needed a good picture because she lost her ring. Endless hours of searching the internet, for something similiar proved unfruitful. Several guys on this forum took the time to blow up the photo, however my computer crashed and I do not have the pictures anymore.

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Lightroom :: Lost DNG Adjustments For A Whole Wedding?

Feb 25, 2012

As you can see, I am in a frantic stage. I just finished editing through close to 800 photos of a wedding that I recently shot. After I finished editing them I went to the floder location, in Windows, not Lightroom 3 (huge mistake), and I made a folder inside of that folder called "raw". I selceted all of the photos and then moved them into the that folder. So, the files were in weddings/021812/   and I put them in weddings/021812/raw/ . When I went to Lightroom, of course it said that the files were offline. Instead of finding the missing folder, I clicked "synchronize folder" and pointed towards the "raw" folder. I  noticed that the images were importing without their setting and I cancelled the synchronization. I went back to windows and moved all of the photos back to their original folder and now when I try to "update folder location", the photos do not show up in Lightroom.

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Photoshop :: Making My Photos Look Better

Sep 19, 2005

Taken a fairly high resolution and then resized. However I just don't think it looks good at all. I was going to make something in flash with a black background but for some reason it looks awful.

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