Lightroom :: How To Improve Resolution Of Files

May 22, 2013

How can I improve the resolution of files?  When clients upload files, they get a resolution warning for prints larger than 5x7.  Never had this problem with Photoshop Elements.  I have increased the file size to largest/100 on export.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Improve Resolution Numbers On Photo

Mar 3, 2013

How can I improve the resolution numbers on a photo?  Trying out the Elements11 product and can't find this feature.

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Photoshop :: Improve Resolution And Color Picture In Gold (Black And White)

May 18, 2012

How to enhance the picture resolution and color the picture in Gold.


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Lightroom :: 4 - Determining Resolution (PPI) When Exporting Files

Oct 3, 2012

When exporting files from lightroom 4 how do I know what the resolution is if the file has been resized in another program? For example I edited (cropped and changed ppi) in Photoship Elements. Returned to Lightroom 4 and began to export to another location on my hard disk and discovered I couldn't find the resolution (ppi) I had used in PSE. Why doesn't Lightroom have the file properties listed and especially the ppi. I want tis file at specific resolution for a specific size. Why can't I get to Adobe Support?

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Lightroom :: Thumbnail Images Are Very Poor / Way To Improve Them?

Mar 20, 2014

I've just started using Lightroom 5, and right after importing them I noticed the images are of very poor quality. If I try and blow them up bigger using the slider they get even worse.I've used Bridge in Photoshop to do this before and the images look great, so I can quickly look at them and sort the good from the bad.I can't do this in Lightroom with the quality of the image thumbnails. So how do you make the thumbnails better? Also does the camera MP size determine what the thumbnails look like? In other words If I used an 8MP camera, would the thumbnails look as good as they would coming from a 20MP camera?

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Photoshop :: Convert Full Resolution Files To Web Based Files

Jun 6, 2012

I am working on a museum project. I have been asked to convert full resolution files to web based files using "Save for Web and Devices". The problem is in the file naming. Museums typically use accession #s for each work. Example   1999.63.102  So the digital file would be named 1999.63.102.jpg (or tif).

When I attempt to save the file using "Save for Web and Devices" the resulting name is converted to 1999.jpg  I believe the . (periods) to be the culprit. There are hundreds to do so renaming is not an option. This does not occur when I use "Save as".

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Photoshop :: Saving Files/resolution

Nov 26, 2005

I have changed the process of my editing. I scan in film w/nikon coolscan scanner. I don't quite know which resolution/size to save the images at. The largest print that I need is 11x14. I've been scanning in at 3200 dpi and changing the image size in ps to 300 dpi for printing purposes. Is there anything else that I need to be chaning on the ps "image size" screen? Do I save the Tiff as is and a Jpeg for my prints and a smaller file for website purposes?

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Photoshop :: Converting EMF Files To PNG Maintaining 300 DPI Resolution?

Feb 3, 2013

Can this be done? If so, how?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: Bitmap Files - Low Resolution?

May 2, 2013

For some reason now when I import a high resolution bitmap file into Photo Paint for editing it reduces my dpi to an extremely low resolution.  It just started doing this today. 

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Photoshop :: Adding Text To Large Resolution Files?

May 29, 2006

to add large test to large resolution files, i.e. 4000 pixel files from Canon 5d for example?

When I have small files, 500 or 1000 pixels for web, no problem, but if I try on a bigger, it seems even the largest fonts, look miniscule.

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Photoshop :: Converting TIF Files To JPEG While Preserving 300dpi Resolution

Apr 5, 2003

I am creating an image in photoshop that a printer is going to use to make a postcard to advertise my website. He needs it in 300dpi resolution in order for it to print correctly. I have already created the vector image that is in 300dpi res, but need to add photos to the image. He said that everything needs to be in 300dpi resolution, including the photos that I add to the image.

I already have one photo that is in jpeg format that is at 300dpi, but I did not create that. I scanned in a photo at 300dpi as a tif file, and would like to convert it to jpeg while preserving its 300dpi resolution. I have tried everything in Photoshop that I know (which is not all that much) to try to accomplish this task, but to no avail.

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Illustrator :: Batch Change Transparency Resolution On 1000+ EPS Files?

Apr 26, 2013

When batch processing actions in Illustrator, it will not allow me to change the Transparency Resoluition and I have over 1,000 eps files to process. You can only select from the dropdown by doing it manually. The "default" or preset is Medium. I need high res.
This is what I need to do to 1,000+ eps files.
1. EPS file is open in Adobe Illustrator CS6 on Windows.
2. File > Save As> filename.eps > Desktop
3. EPS Options > Transparency > Preset: [High Resolution]
4. OK
When you automate this through batch processing an action, you cannot select [High Resolution]. [Medium Resolution] is selected as default. I need for all my files to be [High Resolution].
My printer software will not read the cutlines on any other file formats so they must be High Res EPS files.

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Photoshop :: Software Or Plugin To Create Patterns From High Resolution Photo Files

Sep 26, 2012

Photoshop CS6 no longer has the Pattern Maker nor supports the plugin that was available in CS5. Any software or 3rd party plugin that will create patterns from high res photo files? I've searched in Google, like crazy, but alas have found nothing.
BTW, for compatibility issues, I'm using OSX Mountain Lion.

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GIMP :: Create High Resolution Version Of Low Resolution Texture Used In A Game

Nov 17, 2012

I'm trying to create a high resolution version of a low resolution texture used in a game. I've found a pattern that I think is acceptable, from a real image.Now the question is this: how can I colorize the large image to that it is as resemblant as possible to the original one? I've tryed a simple colorize, but the result is not so good...

Original texture:


The image to be colorized:


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Photoshop :: Making Low Resolution Image Look Higher Resolution For Print

Mar 17, 2013

I realize the nature of my question maybe asking the impossible, but I have a low res image I downloaded from the internet, placed in an InDesign page, blew it up and printed it out. I was going for the distressed look that it has, it looks ok when I print it out considering it's low res and I blew it up fairly large. However, it's a little too pixelated to look professional when printed. Are they any tricks or things I can do to make it look higher res for print. I've attached the image as well as a screenshot of the InDesign file so you can see it in context.

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Lightroom :: Highest Resolution Possible?

Aug 17, 2010

I'm working with the editor to ascertain exactly what format he wants these images in. The film is being shot with HD video, and the editor keeps telling me he wants the images in the "absolute native Pixel dimensions of the RAW image".
I shot raw images with a canon 5D Mark II, so technically, I believe this would be approximately 5,616 x 3,744 (of course, this would vary for each image, but this is the data I have read about the camera sensor).
I shot about 1,000 images, so to deliver 1,000   images, output as TIFF's, at something like 4,000 pixels.

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Lightroom :: Set The Screen Resolution (PPI)?

Sep 13, 2012

For the print module it seems as if Lightroom assumes a screen resolution of 96 ppi. My screen is 94 ppi, so the ruler and the prints are shown slightly smaller on the screen than reality. I would like to see the actual print size on the screen. Can the screen resolution be set, like the Unit & Rulers -> Screen Resolution  setting in PS?
I am using LR 3.6.

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Lightroom :: How To Increase Resolution In LR4

Dec 11, 2013

How do you increase resolution in light room 4

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Photoshop :: Convert Low Resolution Image To High Resolution

Aug 25, 2007

I am a Photoshop newbie and I have a series of graphics (all 72dpi from a website) that I would like to print in 300dpi. Is it possible to take a 72dpi .jpeg or .gif file and easily convert it to a higher resolution printable graphic? If Photoshop can't do it, is there any type of program that can?

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Lightroom :: Export For Specific Resolution?

Jul 3, 2013

What is the best resolution to export photos for Facebook/Blog/High Res?

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Lightroom :: 5 - Second Monitor Previews Not At 1:1 Resolution?

Jun 15, 2013

I installed LR5 as a commercial upgrade to LR4.3 on Win8 Pro 64bit, latest versions. All catalog previews has been rebuild. I have a really annoying issue where previews, when zoomed in to 1:1 on a second monitor is not at 1:1 resolution. It only seems to happen in the Develop module. No such problem existed in previous versions of LR.

1 - zoom in on primary monitor

2 - switch to another photo

3- switch back to original
Now zoom will work.
I'm editing 5d2 21Mp .CR2 (raw) files, as well as TIFF's and DNG's. All seem to have the same problem. I have 3 monitors, it makes no difference which of the other 2 I use as a preview device. It also makes no difference if I do a full-screen preview or a window preview on the secondary monitor. I've selected the image in the library module, in the original import folder.
I suspect what is happening is that the 1:1 previews are somehow not being build when zooming to 1:1 on the second monitor in the develop module. In the Library module, I can see the "image loading" when a 1:1 is not available, but in the develop module, the image just zooms in and there is no rebuild. Or maybe the preview is there but it's just not loaded.

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Photoshop :: How To Improve Faces With CS5

Aug 2, 2012

how to improve faces with Photoshop cs5.

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Photoshop :: How To Improve Quality Little?

Jul 3, 2007

This is blurred.. Its a picture i really wanted aswell, how to improve the quality a little?

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Photoshop :: Can Any One Improve On This Photo

May 4, 2004

I have this stubborn picture. Just wondering if anybdy can improve its quality. It is too dark on the lower side. Or what can I do to make it look as good.

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Photoshop :: How I Can Improve The Lighting

Jan 21, 2004

how I can improve the lighting, skin tone and the overall clarity of a picture that I took?

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Photoshop :: Improve My Logo

May 28, 2006

i want to make this logo stand out more or be nicer but still not to be more important that the other info i have on my site do you have any suggestions??

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GIMP :: How To Improve B&W Image

Sep 26, 2012

I would like to sharpen & brighten a number of different b & w images - mostly etchings & prints - but it seems like gimp is exclusively color oriented.

Attached is a sample of the type of image I want to work on.

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Lightroom :: Resolution Values For External Editing?

Apr 22, 2012

In the Preferences - External Editing options the resolutions are set as 240 for CS5 and Additional Editor, should I leave these at 240 or change them, and if I change them, change them to what value for best quality?

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Lightroom :: Print Resolution Is No Longer Displayed

Sep 1, 2013

The print resolution is no longer displayed making it difficult to decide if I need to modify the resolution prior to printing.  Second, Lightroom 5 no longer generates a print preview.  I select this option in my printer interface but sends the image directly to the printer without generating the preview.  I did not have these issues with Lightroom 4 or earlier versions.

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Lightroom :: How To Change Upload Resolution Into Revel

Jan 14, 2013

How to change the upload resolution into Revel from Lightroom? It currently is 240dpi I need 300dpi. I can change it when I upload/export into my hard drive but no option into Revel.

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Lightroom :: Export High Resolution Pictures To CD

Nov 5, 2013

I have started offering the option to buy high resolution pictures to cd.  File Settings, Image Size, Output Sharpening - so many boxes and not sure which to check or leave unchecked  A couple of the pictures I cropped to 4x6 but the others are all the original as I shot them.

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