Illustrator :: Create New Document - Suddenly Lost Ability For Customer Option

Mar 3, 2014

All of the sudden I can't create a customer profile when creating a new document.  Earlier I selecting the print profile.  I tried opening a new document and creating a custom profile but that option is grayed out. 
I created custom brushes yesterday but they don't appear today.  Is that because of the profile that the brushes were created with and without that profile I won't see the brushes? 

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Illustrator :: Lost Ability To View Effects In Action Panel?

Aug 25, 2012

Adobe illustrator CS5 on Mac OS X 10.7.4.
I used to be able to do something like effect->3d-> revolve, then go to the actions panel and bring up the 3D revolve, click on it and edit it again. Now, when I open the actions panel the simple 3d revolve is replace with a long long list of actions of course I can't bring up the 3d revolve effect and edit it.
I have removed all of the Illustrator prefs in my library file; but, it still does it.

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Illustrator :: Lost Ability To Free Scale Objects / Text Boxes

Jul 9, 2012

I have lost the ability to free scale objects/text boxes etc. in Illustrator CS5. I have to use the scale tool every time I need to adjust the size of something and it is not a sustainable technique in terms of time/productivity/function.

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Photoshop :: Lost Ability To Scan

May 13, 2008

I recently downloaded Publisher and just now went to scan in a pic through Photoshop and discovered that my options in importing are limited to Annotations and WIA support. I tried to scan in through Picassa and it said that the scanner has been taken over by another program. I can only assume that it's Publisher. So, short of uninstalling Publisher,

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GIMP :: Lost Ability To See Layers?

Sep 7, 2013

I have lost the ability to see my layers. I created an image and when I open it, I can see by the text displayed at the top of the image that it has five layers. However, when I click "Open the Layers Dialog", the five layers don't show. Perhaps I've locked it somehow? It was saved as a .xcf. Am very new to GIMP.

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Photoshop :: Lost Ability Copy And Paste

Apr 25, 2009

I suddenly lost the ability to copy and paste!

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AutoCad 2D :: Lost Ability To Type In Measurements?

Jul 24, 2013

I opened up my AutoCAD LT 2010 this morning at work and went to work on an existing file only to notice I have lost the ability to type in measurements. Meaning, when I go to draw a line I don't have that option to just type in 2.00 or whatever measurement I need. Same with drawing a rectangle or fillet; the down arrow prompt has dissappeared and I no longer can specify length by width (or radius/dia with fillet). Did I accidently hit something to cause this to dissappear?

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AutoCad 2D :: Lost Text Editing Ability

Jul 13, 2011

I'm on Autocad 2008.I can not edit an existing MTEXT text when I double click it. Is there a commond that needs to be turned on or off?

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AutoCad :: Lost Ability To Open Drawings?

Apr 5, 2013

But, I've lost the ability to open drawings with the traditional "tree" type search.... Something like Windows Explorer. Just before this happened, I had blown up a drawing by, apparently, importing one too many iges files. Got a message that Autocad had an error and was shutting down. Now, when I hit file/open, I get nothing but the command line asking me to enter the drawing path.

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Lightroom :: Lost The Ability To Shoot Tethered In 4.2?

Oct 6, 2012

I just upgraded to LR 4.2 and have lost the ability to shoot tethered with my Canon 5D.  I reloaded LR 3 and everything works fine, so this eliminates a bad camera or tether cord. Something has happened in the upgrade!

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Photoshop :: Lost The Ability To Invert Vector Mask

Aug 24, 2012

Maybe it's because I have a mind-dulling headache today, but I'm just not seeing the way to either create an inverted vector mask or invert an existing one.
For example, in the following layer stack, I'd like the vector mask on the group to create a transparent hole in the image, rather than make the outer part of the image transparent.  Note that the [Invert] button in the Properties panel is unavailable (grayed-out).
If I could have created the vector mask in the first place using the rectangle tool, but inverted, that would have been okay as well, but somehow the sequence to do that escaped me as well. I know how to do this with a selection, but I'd rather keep it in vector land.

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Photoshop :: Lost Ability To Custom Image Warp In CS 5.5?

Mar 18, 2012

Since I upgraded to CS 5.5 I lost the ability to custom image warp in Photoshop. The icon is gray. how to get it back?

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VideoStudio :: Lost Ability To Capture At Higher Quality

Aug 29, 2011

Capturing sd dv from a sony handycam using VS9 and a USB conection to pc. Few days ago all seemed to be ok was able to capture at 640x480 (I think) but now for some reason information section is showing 320x240 with a corresponding really poor quality preview. No matter what changes I try to make in the capture options or project properties etc it will not now allow me to capture at a higher quality. The options menus don't even show a higher quality available than 320x240. Tried at both AVI and Mpeg format capture settings but no change.

windows XP Home
ATI Radeon 1200 series
32 bit
1gig RAM
PAL region

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Xara :: Updated And Lost Ability To Export Arrows To PDF?

May 31, 2012

I've just updated and now when I export a pdf, and lines with arrow heads just export the lines - ie no arrowheads present! This is particularly annoying as I'm in the middle of jobs and clients are coming back to me with "where are the arrows!"

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Lightroom :: Lost Ability To Adjust Highlights / Shadows And Whites In 4.1

Jan 5, 2013

I have somehow lost the option of adjusting highlight, shadows, and whites on my Develop:Basic panel.  What happened to those adjustments and how do I get them back? 

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Premiere Pro :: Lost The Ability To Insert Audio From A Video Clip

Mar 23, 2014

It was working before. Now I can't insert any audio at all. I even tried using some of the video clips that I have already extracted audio from and they no longer work. When I have it up in the source box I can play it and the aeudio is there. But if I ovrwrite the clip or drag the clip it adds the video only with no audio. Even if I try to drag just the audio it won't allow me to put it in any ofc the audio trays. Did I acidentally push a button and turn iaudio off. How do I fix this?

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Illustrator :: Doesn't Appear Custom Option In Choosing Document Size

Apr 15, 2013

When I choose "New Document" in Illustrator CS4 and try to change the document size the "custom" option isn´t available. The only available options are standar sizes.

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Illustrator SDK :: How To Set Embed Icc Profile Option To Export Document As JPEG

Jun 3, 2011

While exporting the document as jpeg, through File->Export, there is an option "Embed ICC Profile" as figure shows.

How to set it if I am exporting the document through my program in which I rasterize the document and used  the sAIImage->AsJPEG(raster, jpegDataFilter, params); I didn't find any option in AIRasterizeSettings or AIImageOptJPEGParams to set this flag.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Lost Ability To Preselect Lines When Typing Keyboard Commands?

Jan 11, 2013

lost ability to preselect lines when typing keyboard commands?

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Lightroom :: Lost Ability To View Edited Images Alongside Original In Library

Oct 8, 2012

I have done but I am using lightroom 1.4. Previously, any pictures I edited would show as an edited file in the library now all that happens is the original image shows as the edited image.

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Illustrator :: Colors Of Macbook Suddenly Changes / When Create A New Web-profile File

Feb 11, 2013

I bought a macbook pro and the student suite about 3 months ago. They work fine together (better than the couple windows-adobe), but i've got a problem. Today colors of my macbook suddenly changes when i create a new web-profile file on Illustrator. I inspect my mac wtih the utility colorsync, and this was the result:
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/RedBlueYelllow.icc
   Etichetta 'pseq': Il profilo richiesto non è presente. Non può essere riparato.
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/Smokey.icc
   Etichetta 'pseq': Il profilo richiesto non è presente. Non può essere riparato.
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/TealMagentaGold.icc
   Etichetta 'pseq': Il profilo richiesto non è presente. Non può essere riparato.
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/TotalInkPreview.icc
   Etichetta 'pseq': Il profilo richiesto non è presente. Non può essere riparato.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Suddenly Lost Linetypes That Use Shape Files

Nov 16, 2006

i have a drawing i am working and somehow i lost my linetypes that use shape files, anything with text in the linetype work fine. I have tried to reload the shape file, compile it and to no avail. my file directories are pointing in the right direction and everytime i load and compile it goes to correct file and directory.

The reason i say i caused it is they were in the drawing working fine, and 1 or 2 commands later gone, I tried to insert the drawing into a new drawing and that did not work. if i start a new drawing it works fine.

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Illustrator :: Possible To Create Hyperlinks Within Document?

Oct 1, 2013

In InDesign it is possible to create links within a 'document', i.e. non-web hyperlinks.

Is it possible do to this in Illustrator?

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Illustrator :: Can Create Links Within A Document?

May 22, 2013

I'm putting together some design specs and I want to create a clickable table of contents that will navigate to a different section of the document. IE. artboard #27
From what I've seen thus far it looks like I can add links but only to websites and they are only clickable in PDF mode.
Is it possible at the very least to make my clickable TOC when converting my document to a PDF? and, is it possible to make it clickable even if it is in .ai format?

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Photoshop :: CC Suddenly Flashes Document Window During Drawing?

Oct 17, 2013

suddenly Photoshop CC seems to be broken. When using selection- or drawingtools, the documentwindow where I draw starts flashing black frames while drawing and sometimes the frame even stays black.
It's really odd, 'cause this Photoshop version used to work fine.Updating the version to the latest version (14.1.2 x64) didn't fix the problem. I use Windows8.
I don't believe any of the videodrivers were updated recently, but I will check that too.

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Illustrator :: Gradient Swatches / Create One From One That Is Already In A Document?

Jan 23, 2013

Downloaded an image from iStockPhoto. Opened up in Illustrator and removed the black background because I want to set my own values for the black background in InDesign.
Noticed that there are several "bubbles" of black background behind the main image that contain radial gradients.
These "bubbles" fade from a dark blue in the center out to black on the edge. Again, I want to be able to set this "black" to the value of black that I want to use for the background of the card. When I click on one of the bubbles, I see in my Gradient palette that it's a radial gradient and the value on the left of the slider is 100, 75, 0, 50 which I can see in the Color palette. But I can't change anything there. On the right of the slider in the Gradient palette is the "black" which is 80, 50, 0, 100.
So, how do I modify the value of that black? If I choose "new swatch" in the swatches palette, it just creates a new swatch called "New Gradient Swatch 1" It shows Process Color for the color type below which is greyed out as well as everything below that. how do I go about changing the black on that gradient?

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Illustrator :: Why Can't Create Custom Size In New Document In CS4

Jul 26, 2013

I just recently re-installed CS4 onto another computer and now I can't select "Custom" in the size when creating a new document.

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Illustrator :: How To Create Crop Marks To Save A Document

Oct 24, 2013

I recently u[graded from a very old Illustrator version to CS6 and I noticed the crop tool is missing. It used to be really easy in the old version to drag the crop tool around the area in question and crop marks would be generated automatically. Then I could save and print just that area only. Now this tool is gone and I am having trouble with finding a way to define the area I want to save or print. When i generate crop marks and then save, all i get is a file with plenty of white around it that also shows the crop marks....

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Illustrator :: How To Create New Document With Multiple Artboards Of Certain Template

Jul 10, 2013

How do i create a new document with multiple artboards of a certain template?

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Illustrator :: How To Create A Big Document (approximately 12000 Mm X 1600 Mm)

Sep 12, 2013

I want create a big document with Illustrator CS6 (approximatly 12000 mm x 1600 mm) but the maximum in Illustrator is 5779 x 5779 mm.

How can I do it ?

Where can I changes datas to do it ?

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Photoshop :: Option Right Click To Select Layers Suddenly Stopped Working - Not Highlighting?

Sep 12, 2012

I have auto select turned on and set to layer.

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