AutoDesk Smoke :: Best Export Workflow For DCI - DCP Conversion

Nov 5, 2013

I have finished a project for broadcasting. Now it is going to be used for cinema use as well.
How should i go about it? Export a normal ProRes4444 and that is it? Or how could i (and should i) flip it into XYZ colourspace before exporting?
I want to deliver the material that gives the least risk of error during the image conversion.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: AAF Workflow With MP4 Files

Aug 18, 2011

I'm working on a feature film and I have a question about relinking AAF to mp4 material.First let me explain the steps I took:

-source material mp4 files from camera
-transcoded to .mov files so we could use it in Avid
-export AAF from Avid.

-imported all the source clips (mp4 files) with the gateway into Smoke
-imported the AAF file
-put the AAF file in same reel as mp4 files.
-choose Tools/Unlink/Relink and enabled 'Use Clip Name' and Use Timecode.

The problem now is that all the clips are getting linked by timecode only.I discovered that it's because the clips used in avid are .mov files that I want to relink to the mp4 files.

Is there a workflow to substitute the .mov for mp4 in Smoke somehow?I hope there is because now I have to do a lot of manual work (and there is not enough time for)

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Feature Length RED Workflow

Jan 25, 2013

I am investigating best practice workflows for a feature length project shot on 2 Red Epic cameras and editing was done in Final Cut. I need to grade and finish the movie along with many other finishing requests like screen replacements, set clean up involving tracking and many other common DI requests and fixes. I use Resolve for most Grading but since there are so many FX shots that need work I was contemplating keeping everything in Smoke so I can make adjustments to the grade and FX in context of the whole edit.

Is this advisable for a 90 + min edit with Red footage? It might be doable but is it feasible meaning would performance be very sluggish? I have a 2009 Mac Pro, 24 GB RAM, 8TB RAID, RedRocket and Quadro 4000 card.

Would I be best off having the editor break the movie up into 10 - 12 minute sequences and then import each XML as its own sequence into one Smoke project?

If I import the Red footage at half res, because of performance, I am only using half of the info in the file. I have a RedRocket so should I import full res 4K to get maximum quality? Then let Smoke do a resize to 2K which is the final deliverable format? I figured that might be best for doing resizes and for sharpness.

If I work with proxies would all of my tracking and paint work be valid when I switch back to the 4K version for final render?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Noise Reduction In Workflow

Jun 2, 2013

I have a question about applying noise reduction. Where in the pipeline should noise reduction take place? Should it happen before color correction or should it be applied after?

And what should drive such a decision on a per shot basis?

I figured you do not do this pre-comp, due to the fact that noise reduction has the effect of removing detail quite often and may effect edges.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Workflow For Creating A Morph Between Two Clips?

Dec 22, 2012

As we don't have the warper module. Is there a workflow for creating a morph between two clips?

MacBook Pro Retina
2.7GHz Intel Core i7

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AutoDesk Smoke :: HD To SD Down-conversion?

Jun 4, 2011

What is the best way to downconvert 5D HD to SD?

I converted the h.264 files to uncompressed 10bit. Bringing in the footage and XML was fine, but as soon as I resize to PAL (the timeline was changed to PAL, as was the output on the AJA) the picture starts anti aliasing in detail areas. I have processed this with every filter in Smoke with no satisfactory result.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Why Can't Export In 2013

Jun 13, 2012

I have try everything I can think of but Smoke 2013 won't export any clip and when i was able to export 1 it wouldn't play. Iwas able to export on Smoke 2012 demo with no problems.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export Still Frames

May 9, 2011

I'm having issues exporting still frames from Smoke. How do you specify the frame to export as a Single Frame? I can see anywhere where you tell Smoke what frame should be the Single Frame to export from a timeline.

I need to export a series of frames, about 200 in total but they are at random places in a 1 hour 30 min timeline so I need a fast and easy way to get this done.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Export A Segment

Feb 22, 2013

I have a sequence that I only want to export a segment of, from my marked in-point to out-point.

Where is the option like in FCP & Avid, to just export that segment? I would really like to have to not create a subclip each time I just want to export a segment.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: RED Export For Color?

Feb 27, 2013

I'm conforming a sequence - importing RED files - then exporting that sequence for color. When importing the RED files, what color setting should I use? Camera, user etc? If user then what other options should I use knowing that I'll export a dpx sequence for color?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Export In And Out From The Timeline

Jan 29, 2013

Is there a way to export the in & out from the Timeline?

It isn't done until it is finished.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Doesn't Export QuickTime

Feb 28, 2014

I'm trying to export quick times from smoke 2013 but it's failing the whole time. The engineer installed sp2 but I realized that the system has still installed the sp1, has it something to do?, I have to uninstall sp1 and then install sp2?, I mean, have I to install the smoke again? In the company where I'm working with there are two smoke systems and I'm opening the backburner monitor and appears the two systems, is it good?, The error that that the system has is:
SMOKE-01.local [error] 2891913768 transcoderMediaProvider.C:312 02/25/14:18:36:16.886 Cannot get type of clip IFFFS-158:/stonefs/TC_-_BOXING/workspace/Media Library/_Export_140225_161339_1/H_16777343_S_1393362820_U_578586/hires: Library _Export_140225_16

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Export Timeline With Handles

Sep 10, 2012

I have an edit and now I want to export as DPX sequence. A couple of questions:

First, is there an easy way to take a single edit and export it with handles? I realize that I can make a subclip but is there an easier/better way to do this?

I can't find an automated way to set handles on export. I have about 175 shots that I need to export .

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Can't Export Media - QuickTime In Particular

Oct 30, 2012

PR5. Up until this release, I haven't had a problem exporting quicktime movies. I have a 2:30 long video that I'm trying to export with no success, at best I'll get 30 seconds of my project. I'm not as familiar with Smoke setups and preferences

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Possible To Export Axis Data?

May 4, 2012

For example as a txt file or something like that? (out of action)

Smoke 2012 SAP2 SP4
Smoke 2013 SP2 (Smoke Classic Keyboard Shortcuts)
Mac Pro 4,1
OS X 10.6.7
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
14 TB RAID (Areca)

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Hidden Tracks Appear In Export

Dec 20, 2013

Turned off tracks will NOT be ignored when exporting. This is a trap!

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Audio Distorted At Export?

Aug 13, 2013

When exporting a sequence I'm having problems with my audio being distorted, like it was peaking. Audio in the timeline sounds good, I did have some gain adjustments on some clips which I removed to see if that was the issue and the same problem is happening. No other effects other than some reverb are present.
Faders were normalised and audio peaked at -1dB only for a few seconds, the normal audio levels are about what is shown in the screenshot, around -6 to -5 dB.
This was exporting via the iPod preset with not further adjustments. 

MacBook Pro Retina 15" - OS X 10.8.4 - 4TB G-tech G-Raid - Smoke 2013
MacPro 5,1 - OSX 10.8.5 - 64GB Ram - 12TB Pegasus RAID - 24 inch HP DreamColor - Smoke 2013 - Maya 2013

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Import Or Export Rotoscopes

Oct 11, 2011

is it possible in Smoke to import dfsh, ssf or fxs files? Or export those? Or is there any other way to exchange rotos with fusion?

Smoke 2012 SAP2 SP4
Smoke 2013 SP2 (Smoke Classic Keyboard Shortcuts)
Mac Pro 4,1
OS X 10.6.7
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
14 TB RAID (Areca)

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export Camera To Cinema 4D

May 24, 2011

Trying to export a camera from Smoke to Cinema 4D. Cinema recognized the FBX file and opens the scene with the camera, however none of the animation comes through. I've tried baking the animation in the export options and also baking the animation channel. Neither seems to work.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Will Not Export (backburner Fails)

Aug 14, 2013

if you download and install with only WI-FI on. you get one MAC adress... then if you connect your macbookpro with a Thunderbolt->Ethernet adapter, you want this to be first in the list for fastest connection. Then Smoke will not export (backburner fails)
If you remove the adapter so that Wi-fi is the only one. Well then everything works...

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export QuickTime With Embedded Alpha

Aug 3, 2012

I tried exporting a container, but that didn't work.... Is there any other way?

Smoke 2012 SAP2 SP4
Smoke 2013 SP2 (Smoke Classic Keyboard Shortcuts)
Mac Pro 4,1
OS X 10.6.7
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
14 TB RAID (Areca)

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Can't Save Custom Export Settings

Aug 30, 2013

Is this a bug? I can't save a custom export preset. I set it up, hit save, give it a name then don't see it in the list.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: File Export - New Audio Settings

Jul 17, 2012

I'm working on Smoke 2013 on LINUX. There are new Options to export a File with Audio. Where can I read what each option is doing, because we had some mistakes on some Files because of the Audio.

How I can check my export setting.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export - Cannot Connect To Backburner Manager

Feb 15, 2014

I've tried to export from Smoke 2013 and it tells me i can't connect to BackBurner Manager.
In the service monitor, the BackBurner is showing red - (tho the Manager is green) if I restart it goes green for a moment and then stops again.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Getting Stuttering Playback When Export QuickTime

Aug 9, 2012

I've cut a 23.98 1080HD teaser via imported R3D source. Brought the source in at half res, so a little bigger than 1080HD however have been processing re-sizes in SoftFX.

The program plays perfectly fine in smoke, but I'm getting stuttering playback anytime I export a Quicktime. It's a constant, intermittent stutter every second or so.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Flush Lingering Export Directories?

Mar 6, 2014

how to flush lingering export directories? Screenshot for clearification.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export YUV Headroom Enabled Footage

Jul 19, 2012

There is an issue with footage that needed the YUV headroom to be turned on when importing.What happens is that when this footage is exported, it get crushed blacks. So there need to be a YUV headroom setting for the export I believe. Maybe I am seeing it wrong.

Footage is MXF Panasonic HPX171 (DVCPRO HD 72025PN) footage.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export XML Of Sequence For Color Correction

Oct 8, 2012

Can Smoke export XML?

What if I edit in smoke and want to export an xml of my sequence for color correction in another app that imports xml.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export To Movie Just Particular Part Of Sequence?

Oct 31, 2013

is it possible to export to a movie just a particular part of the sequence (say frame 100 to 500) similar as you can do in After Effects exporting just a work area?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Export Timeline - Status Just Says Waiting

Jun 22, 2012

I can not seem to export my timeline. The job goes to the queue, but the status just says waiting. There is a timestamp in the started column, but nothing is happening. I have deleted, re-exported, suspended, restarted, tried different export settings... I tried rendering to both an attached firewire drive and the desktop of my macbookpro. There is no file in either location.

I opened the service monitor and there is a green status light for all components.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Unable To Export Sequence / Work

Aug 24, 2013

Having cut together a short commercial recently, I have been unable to export my sequence/ work.  There are no error messages, only incomplete exported versions of the sequence (sometimes 1 second, sometimes 8 seconds!) or nothing at all.  It will go through the motions and not generate an exported file.
I have attempted to export my sequence multiple ways - from the timeline, from the media library and from the mediahub - with identical results.  I'm totally at a loss.  I've also gone back to a sequence which I was able to export successfully one month ago and now I get the same problem - either no result or some fractional piece of the edit - never more than a few seconds.  My finished edit, by the way, is a 30-second spot.
For example, here's one way I've attempted to export:
1.  I select my sequence from the media library and right-click for export.  
2.  I select movie, choose my destination, and select a format preset (I've tried just about every preset, hoping it was a preset error of some kind), and
3.  I hit export.  
Instead of the spinning prompt in the lower left corner, showing me a percentage countdown (or count-up) - which was present a month ago when I was las exporting a show -I get a quick audio mixdown prompt in the lower left then nothing.  It all happens in less than 1 second from the time I press "export".
I've copied the console log for your review.  This particular effort/ screenshot resulted in an 8-second clip, which is the longest one (still incomplete) I've been able to generate since I attempted to export starting yesterday.  Again, my sequence is 30 seconds, and it either does nothing, generates an empty file (45k in size) or creates an incomplete movie file (usually 1 or 2 seconds).

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