AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Same Line Weights On Different Layers Print Out At Different Scales?

Aug 1, 2013

I have two layers. One is set to red color, the other to blue color (using ctb). I have both layers defaulted to 1 mm line weight thickness. Blue is continuous and Red is dashed. 

When printing the blue layer prints at the correct weight of 1mm, while the dashed red layer prints at a much smaller thickness. All line properties are set to default or bylayer (this is not being caused by the lines having individual special properties).

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Layers Are Set To Default Line Weights In Both Files

Jun 25, 2012

Why files received from different architects affect how my plot style prints?  I'm using my set plotstyle but plots are almost too light to read.  Layers are set to default line weights in both files.  This printing problem happens in both model and paper space.  Using AutoCAD 2012 standard. 

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AutoCad :: After Many Failed Attempts / LINE WEIGHTS Don't Plot / Print

Mar 3, 2011

I set up my line weights in layer properties. When I print in color, the line weights show up. When I print monochrome, the line weights are all the same size. I've messed with the LWT button but that doesn't seem to work either.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Line Weights And Colours Not Change When Plotting2013)

May 23, 2013

i would like to ask about plotting in autocad 2013.  at the page set up i change my line weights and i put also the colour of each layer but the colours don't change when i create it in pdf and print the drawing and also the thcikness of the lines are not changed.  what can i do?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Layers Turned Off Plot Unless They Are Frozen?

Sep 13, 2013

I have a user which we just installed Autocad Civil 3D 2014 on his computer that is running on a Windows 7 64-bit OS.  However, he has had the same problem with Civil 3D 2011, 2012, and 2013 ever since we took him to 2011 in September 2011.  So, it is not something new.  It may have been around before then but my companies common practice back then was to freeze layers with a script file before plotting.  While attending a class back in 2010 or 2011, he and his group were told to “do not use FREEZE on layers in Civil 3D” since things frozen did not get updated like they would if they were just turned off.  So, they have been using the “ON/OFF” commands on all Civil 3D files since then.

Here is the problem:

A drawing, typical of this and other jobs he does, has a title block which is an xref in paper space and the site plan xref in model space.  He can turn "OFF" certain layers from the site plan as viewed from paper space to remove clutter and then go to make a plot.  After getting it set up to print and going to the preview the layers he has turned off appear in the preview and if he goes ahead and makes the plot or PDF those layers that were turned off will plot out.

The work-a-round they have been using ever since has been to go back into the file(s) and “FREEZE” the layers that were turned off, make the plots and then go back and “THAW” the layers before ending the drawing.

Things we have tried:

Set Visretain=1
Used the “Publish” command.
Set Layerevalctl=0 or 1

Is there a way to use ON/OFF instead and have the layers NOT plot out?  OR, is this something that AutoCAD will not do regardless?  Has it always been that way and we have been unaware of it through the past four releases?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Print / Plot Preview Shows Section Of Drawing

Jan 20, 2012

I'm using autocad 2000 and I have a problem printing & plotting.  The print, plot preview only shows a section of the drawing. What settings do I need to change for the entire drawing to print for the paper size I need.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: DWG To PDF Custom Layers

May 17, 2013

I have a drawing with numerous layers that I am plotting to PDF.PC3

However, I only want the PDF to be able to toggle a couple of those layers. Is this possible?

Ex) I don't want the borders of title blocks to be turned on and off

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Control Print Line Weights On Feature Control Frames?

Nov 8, 2012

Using AutoCAD 2013 and TOL command to generate feature control frames.  We set our lineweights based on layer assignments.

Problem is that when printing, AutoCAD seems to randomly assign a lineweight to the feature control frames.  It can vary from what it's supposed to be (such as lineweight set for the dimension layer) or thicker than even what the object lines are set at.  Seems to pick a random linewieght at time of printing for these elements (just the boxes, not the symbols/text itself).

Is there a setting we should be defining somewhere to force it to follow the lineweight of the layer that it has been assigned to?  Known bug?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Dwg To Pdf / Line Weight Too Big

May 24, 2012

Is there a way to export to pdf so that the lines match closer to the original drawing? I've tried using different pdf drivers, using trueview, exporting to a larger paper size (which improved output, but still not good enough). I know there has got to be a setting to increase the rasterization quality but the obvious ones don't work.

The firest image is an example section of the exported pdf and the second image is what it looks like opened in autocad.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Plotting With Line Thickness

Jan 28, 2013

I have an issue with plotting line thickness, when I use the company setup using a d-size B&W.pc3 and mono chrome.ctb files, i can't seem to get the plotter to show line thickness. But using the same setup with a customer border, I can get the line thickness.

Also I not sure if this makes a difference, but the company plots from model space and where most of our customers use paper space.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Phantom Line In Image

Sep 13, 2007

Since switching to 2007 our company logo, a png image, plots with a line down the right side the image. It does not show up in plot preview or when plotting to pdf or dwf. I have set image frame to 0 and 2 with no change.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Printing In 3D - Some Solid Items Print With Wire Frame

Jan 12, 2011

When printing in 3d with the vp set to 3dhidden and the shade plot set to hidden legacy some solid items print with the wire frame.  This usualy happens with torus and cones.  How do I stop this?

In the example look at the U-bolt.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Can't Print To HP Designjet T770 From 2012 On Windows 7 Machine

Oct 14, 2011

I am having trouble printing to an HP Designjet T770 from AutoCad LT 2012, on a Windows 7 computer.

I am using the HPGL/2 driver. I can print a test page, and I can print from other programs.

When I try to print, it looks like it is sending it normally, but the printer just ignores it.

I am able to print to this printer from AutoCad 2010 on a Vista computer.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: How To Print Multiple Layout Pages In A Printer

Oct 14, 2012

I have multiple layout pages (58 pages) and would like to print them in a printer at once. How do I do that?

Currently, I open 1 layout at a time then print it 1 by 1, in which its killing me specially if I do have lots of drawings.

Publish does saving in DWF, PDF... But does not print in the printer.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: DWG To PDF Batch Print To Single Sheet File

Sep 30, 2013

We just started in 2014 last week.  When we batch plot to PDF using the DWG to PDF driver we get multi-page files no matter which is selected in the Publish Options. Any way to allow single sheet PDF creation?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Screened Lines In PDF Print Blue / Purple?

Jul 14, 2011

I have a drawing where some lines have a 60% screening in there Plot Style.  The print great from AutoCAD.  But when I create a PDF and then print the PDF the Screened lines show up kind of blue / purple.

I am plotting to a Cannon iPF720 on 22x34 paper from Acrobat Reader X.  I'm creating the PDF from AutoCAD 2012.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Fatal Error When Print To Acrobat Converter

Nov 16, 2011

I get "Fatal Error: Unhandled c000000dh Exception at 24079af3h" every time when I print to pdf with Acrobat 9 in AutoCAD 2012. However, the Acrobat converter is working properly in other applications. It only happens in ACad 2012.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Cannot Print Imported Images - Large Bitmap

Sep 7, 2012

I work in AutoCAD 2010.

(AMD 64 X2 4200+, 2Gb RAM, C: 7Gb free, D: 17 Gb free)

I can not print imported images (JPG or TIFF) large size 80 - 260 Mb.

Print all but the raster! I tried to print on a plotter in JPG, TIFF, in whole or in parts, useless.

If I export the whole project in JPG 2000x3000 pix, all right, but I have 9000x10000 pixels - that size is not exported.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Randomly Get Fatal Error Every 10 To 15 Drawings That Print?

Aug 23, 2011

When I am printing from AutoCAD LT 2012, I randomly get this error message every 10 to 15 drawings that I print. Considering that I print 10-15 drawings at one time, I am getting a fatal error every time I print a set. Why? I don't get this error when printing in AutoCAD 2011LT or 2012 Full Version.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Xref Title Block Will Not Print In Color Windows 7 64bit

Feb 3, 2012

I'm having an issue with Autocad LT 2010 where when I xref in my title block which has our company logo in color, the logo will only print in black and white.  If i open just the title block and print it, it will then print in color.  I only seem to have this problem when the title block is xref'd in.  I downloaded the 2012 demo version of AutoCadLT and it prints just fine?This has just started happening when my computer was upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Acrobat Standard X Processing Very Slowly To Print Desktop File

Jul 4, 2011

I have both ACad 2002 and 2012, (both 32-bit) installed. I have plenty of RAM.

I'm converting a .dwg file to a .pdf and plotting to the desktop to either send out the pdf file or print to myself.

My problem is that it takes "what seems like forever" to plot a .pdf file to the desktop using 2012.

My situation is:

1. In 2002, using the Adobe pdf driver it takes 6.7 seconds from the time I press plot until the pdf file appears on my desktop.

2. In 2012, using the same 2000 formated file opened in 2012 it takes 37 seconds for the file to appear on my desktop.

3. In 2012, using a .pc3 driver, the same file, qsaved and formatted to 2012 takes 34 seconds to appear on the desktop.

Acrobat was installed on my computer prior to ACad 2012 but I've uninstalled/reinstalled Acrobat and I get the same result as above.

Is there anyway to speed Acrobat up? I defrag'd, cleaned the registry but I get the same results.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Change Print Limits Of A Layout

Sep 12, 2012

I’ve done it before in the past so I know its possible but I have forgotten how. See the attached image I would like to change the printable area of my paper space layout.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Print Preview Thick Lines?

Jan 8, 2014

I received an Autocad file from another person, opened it with Autocad 2011 LT, and it looks fine. But when I go to print preview all the lines are very thick, making the detail of the drawing difficult to see. I've tried manually changing the lineweights but it has no effect on some of the layers. Is there an easier way to fix this other than recreating layers?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Can't Print Something In Real World Inches

Aug 3, 2013

im trying to make a simple rectangle thats 9" long and 1/2 " high. and when i set it up in autocad it will not print out that size not sure if im doing something wrong in the units settings or in the plot. farly new to the auto cad program 

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Fill Hatch Won't Print As Solid

Jan 10, 2014

I am trying to create logo's as blocks to insert into title blocks efficiently. I made the outline of the first logo and hatched it as a solid hoping it would print as a flat black but it is showing up as streaky, almost as if I used a different hatch at an extremely small scale. I don't think it is a printer issue because even when printed to .pdf format it still shows up as streaky.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Outline A Shape - Outer Edges On Two / More Layers

Aug 2, 2013

I'm trying to outline a shape, the outer edges for which are on two or more layers, I've been met with some success using the bpoly command, but ideally I'd like to put in some space between the edge and the outlining polyline; I've tried scaling the image up by a factor of 1.02, but that didn't work as the edge is irregular.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Batch Print With Excel

Dec 11, 2012

Here are my current steps for getting prints to shop floor;

1. download a list of drawings required from as/400 into Excel.
2. saveas .csv file
3. print mfg labels using label program reading .csv file
4. using labels, open .dwg from ACAD one at a time and print ea
5. apply labels to prints
6. give to mfg

I want to do this;

1. download a list of drawings required from as/400 into Excel
2. run macro to concanteate file location, name and .dwg to new column
3. run macro to print each drawing either from Excel or Acad - not sure which is better;

 - Each drawing will have all label data incorporated in the drawing
 - currently nothing is in the drawing for label data, I'll need to create it.
 - should I insert a block that updates with the excel row data

4. give to mfg

My first goal is to be able to batch print with the same list that I use to create the labels, then I'll focus on getting the label data incorporated on the drawing.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Generic Print Areas

Apr 25, 2012

We have 15 offices worldwide using AutoCAD with a Standard Template for ISO papersizes (A0, A1, A2, A3 & A4) however we have different printers/plotters in different offices.

Any generic print area that i can set the blocks too? if i set the print area for the OCE plotters they do not suit the HP Designjets etc.

Same issue when printing to pdf.

I need a suitable print area for All ISO sheet sizes that will work with any plotter/printer & pdf driver.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Print To Plotter Or Make PDF

Mar 8, 2011

I have a new machine with windows 7 64 bit and autocad 11. When I choose the 6204 as my plotter I get the following message : "This plotter configuration cannot be used for one of these reasons: the driver cannot be found, the device cannot be found, or the driver has a problem. The None plot device has been substituted." it does not matter if I choose to try and print to the plotter or make a PDF this error comes. up..

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Print To A PDF With Black Background

May 20, 2011

Is there any way to print to a PDF and have the background remain black? I know how to make the colors stick for the objects but colors like yellow and cyan are hard to see on a white background.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Cannot Print In Color HP T2300

Jul 10, 2013

Just upgraded from an HP DesignJet 800PS to an HP DesignJet T2300PS. Everything is printing BW, not color. Using AutoCAD 2013 and acad.ctb plot style.

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