AutoCAD Inventor :: Stop Automatic View Rotation On Sketch Create / Edit

Nov 26, 2012

Is there an option somewhere to stop Inventor automatically rotating the view when I create or edit a sketch?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Stop Automatic Rotation On Main Screen

Dec 14, 2013

How do I stop automatic rotation on the main screen in PE11? I tend to drag my thumb on the mouse pad of my Mac, which unwittingly causes the image I'm editing to rotate.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2012 - View Change When Opening Sketch To Edit

Jun 6, 2012

If I zoom in on a small detail in a large sketch and then issue the "edit sketch" command Inventor changes the view to where the origin is visible on the screen. Is it possible to disable this?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create / Edit Sketch In Assembly

Mar 20, 2012

I created an assembly of parts and then converted my assembly to a weldment. I then realized that I need to create a sketch and make an edit to my assembly. The sketch command is greyed out however. I did some trouble shooting and realized that once I converted it, it no longer allows me to make edits. Is there anyway I can get around this? do I now have to re-create the entire assembly to make this edit at the assembly level? If so this would really suck since it is a rather large assembly. I see saving as a new IAM doesn't work as well.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch To Create A Break Out View In One Type Of Drawing

Sep 9, 2013

I use the same sketch to create a break out view in one type of drawing. I may be blind, but I can't seem to find a way to save that sketch and reuse it when I want to create a break out view.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: View Change When Create 2D Sketch Clicked While Editing Part In Place In IAM

Oct 23, 2013

Any time I click on "Create 2D sketch" when editing a part in place in an assembly, the view moves to an isometric view. It happens as soon as I click on the button. Is there any way to stop this happening?

This does not happen when I'm editing a part (.ipt) on its own. I'm aware of the "Look at sketch plane on sketch creation" issue: this is not the same thing since it happens as soon as I click on the button, i.e. before I actually create the sketch.

I want the view to remain as it was before I click the button, to keep the things I'm looking at in view.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Stop Automatic Update In ILogic While Entering Values In UI

May 19, 2013

I have one problem in ilogic i developed the model using ilogic rules and dimension values updated through the User interface form.

problem is while entering the values in UI, model updates automatically, but I want to stop automatic update and after entering the all the parameters in the UI then click the done button only update the model.

My UI is like this

It's possible.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Drawing Rotation

Oct 2, 2013

Every time a select a plane to sketch onto, it rotates 180 degrees...... i have looked in the settings but cannot really find anything.. i have attached images for reference .

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Entering Sketch Rotation Of Canvas

Oct 16, 2013

I have a question regarding sketches. When I open up a sketch on the xy plane, the sketch is created normally as I would expect, but when I open up a sketch on the xz or yz plane my canvas is rotated either 90(YZ plane) or 180(XZ plane) degrees. This seems strange to me as when I use dynamic input my Y ends up being my X input while on the YZ plane. Is there any way to change this so that my sketch planes enter me into my Y being up and my Z being across and not rotating my views at all? It is not the end of the world obviously, but when this happens while trying to teach high school kids about multi view drawings and using the program it gets many of them confused and is a pain.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Disabling Automatic Contour Creation On New Sketch

May 23, 2013

I'm currently working on a model and it annoys me a bit that whenever i create a new Sketch a Center Point is created automatically (okay thats quite useful for the first sketch) and when I create a sketch on a face of an extrusion, the shape of that face is automatically projected as lines in my new sketch.

Usually I don't need that "projection" - is there a way to disable this feature?

I'm using Inventor Professional 2014 Student edition.

PS: I just noticed that I can't snap to center and corner points after deleting the projected shape.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Turn Off Automatic Isometric View

Mar 19, 2012

Is there a way to turn off automatic isometric view when returning to the model from a sketch view (in 2012)?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Automatic Drawing View Scale Label

Apr 17, 2012

what i am trying to do is create an iLogic rule that if your drawing view scale is set to the following ...

1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:12, 1:!6, 1:24, 1:32, 1:48, etc. on the view label for that view it will diplay ...

SCALE: 1/2" = 1'-0"

and so on for the rest for the standard scale factors.

i know it will be some sort of a loop and it needs to check all views when ran for any changes.

i have never done any coding for the drawing side of inventor yet only model coding

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Stop From Changing View When Sketching?

Mar 30, 2013

Everytime I click on the sketch button/icon inventor changes my view and rotates / re-angles my view. When I'm make those narrow sketches inventor messes up my view.

How to stop this.. I'm guessing settings of course but which ones exactly if you've done this and what are the down sides to turning this off?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't Edit 3D Sketch

May 3, 2013

Someone has generated a frame from an unconstrained skeleton (all green lines). I can edit the 3D sketch by double clicking it but the 3D sketch tab doesn't come up. I can drag a vertex but it gives me the error message "drag geometry composite request cannot be run on document"

There doesn't seem to be any way of dimensioning or constraining or otherwise editing this geometry.I have two of these frames to deal with.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Edit Mirror In Sketch

Jan 7, 2013

If I create circle and then mirror that cicle in the sketch. How can I then edit that mirror?

When I create pattern in sketch I  can edit pattern afterward but cant figure how to edit mirror (except deleting constrains).

Is there way to do it?

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AutoCad :: Global Edit / Block Attributes Rotation BACK To Match Block Rotation

Dec 13, 2012

using AutoCAD 2009 (vanilla)

I got too smart for myself today in bringing an old drawing up to current standards...Everyone seems to want their block attributes to be zero - I have blocks where the attributes are best when they match the rotations of each blocks.

I have an old drawing that was rotated (as it should be) at approx 2deg.

I used a lisp routine to global edit all the blocks that needed to be at zero. BUT for some reason (and after hundreds of blocks were corrected), I noticed I now have two blocks that should NOT have been in the set have had their attributes rotated to zero....and the attributes should be at the same rotation as their block's rotation.

Because those two blocks have a fixed tic mark, I can click on the mark to see what the block rotation is, then rotate its attribute to that rotation, but I have hundreds of blocks! One-at-a-time sucks....

Any chance there is a GLOBAL way to edit an attribute rotation to match its own block's rotation?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Automatic Constraint Actions

Jul 17, 2013

I want to create some universal bricks creations. These bricks have studs which fit into another brick. To constraint them I need to do following actions:

- click place constraint

- Assembly >> Insert >> opposed

- Offset 0,35mm.

I would like to make above into 1 action, so just click to add this action, then select the 2 faces to constrain.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Exits Upon Dimension Edit?

Dec 9, 2011

Seen this recently? Using Inventor 2012 SP1 on Windows 7, 64 bit. If we go back into a previously created sketch and edit or add a dimension, upon clicking the green check mark to complete the dimension edit, the sketch exits back to the modelling environment, meaning we have to edit the sketch again to continue with other changes. Obviously no big deal if I'm only editing one dimension, but how often does that happen?

This started happening prior to SP1 being installed. We have this happening on multiple computers (all with the same hardware specs) in our office. I don't believe it to be a hardware or driver issue, but I am wondering if it is a process issue. For example, we use project geometry a lot, even projecting from other parts within an assembly (non-adaptively). We also work on SAT file models, rather than geometry initially created from Inventor itself.

Inventor 2013 Product Design Suite
Vault Professional 2013
Windows7 x64
Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Edit Sketch Coordinate System

Jan 27, 2012

I have had several sheet metal parts return error messages to edit the sketch coordinate system after the part has been modified. This usually pertains to a dimensioning drawing made to the flat pattern. I have found how to edit the coordinate system, but I don't know what to edit it to. If I select the center point I can drag it from where it sits to an existing corner and select done but that seldom resolves the issue. What is Inventor looking for? I sometimes get a message asking if I want to edit the axis as well but what to do there.

Why can't these sketches orient off the center point that is already in the model? If it would stay put I could dimension to it and be done but it has to twist and turn the model and then put the point on some corner, not usually where I would like it and then I get these errors if I alter the model later.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Get Dimensional Values Without Going To Edit Sketch?

Mar 19, 2012

without going to edit sketch can i get dimensional values

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch To Any View In IDW

Jun 6, 2012

I keep getting this error adding a sketch to any view in an IDW... What might be causing this error?

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3ds Max :: Automatic Die Rotation And Rendering

Apr 26, 2011

I am a bit unsure how to do the following 2 things:

I have a single dice (die) made and textured. Now i would like to spin (rotate) the die in place on 2 axis but i would like for each face on the die to show facing up during the animation. An i would like to make the die spin in place without having to manually key frame everything. Is there a way to make the die automatically rotate in place and show all the faces during the rotation animation? How to do this animation?

Also i would like to render out the animation as a series of .PNG files. How can i do this rendering via .PNG files in 3ds max 2009?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Use Edit Sketch To Change Path Geometry

Dec 19, 2013

"Path has discontinuous segments. Use Edit Sketch to change the path geometry"

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 / Model Will Not Update After Sketch Edit

Jul 15, 2013

Tried to do something that all other 3D softwares seem to have no problem with, even inventor at least when we were using the old versions.

Editting sketch - close sketch.     No model update.

This is an existing 3D model created with inv2011.  inv2013 does not like much of what we created in the old releases of inv.

Sketch gives me 1 dimension.  Part and drawing give the old dimension value.

This is yet another major sign of unstable software. Over 24 software issues discovered from changing  inv2011 to inv2013.

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3ds Max :: Adjust View Rotation Origin Like Inventor

Dec 22, 2011

we have the design suite with Max, Mudbox, etc. I love the rendering and materials in Max over Inventor's studio, but one thing I can't figure out: In Inventor I can hold F4, click on the screen and the orbit now rotates around where I clicked, so I can change and set my view rotation origin at will or for the situation. In Max it seems to me (a new user) that the view rotation origin is completely random. Sometimes it is the middle of my model, sometimes 30 feet behind it and it spins off the screen.can you adjust the view rotation origin like Inventor? Or what is the method for knowing where the view will be rotated from?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Section View From Sketch

Oct 6, 2011

I need an urgent solution to my issue.I have created section view from a sketch (a line constrained to the projection of a work plane) from my derived part to my drawing using the "Get model sketches ". When i update the iassembly and update the the view using model state the view tries to update but throws an error see attached document.When i delete the section line and create a section line manually ie. by creating a normal sketch in the drawing the same model gets updated without any error.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Turn Off View For Sketch?

Nov 5, 2013

When I edit a part directly in an assembly, clicking on 'edit sketch' (frequently) changes the view from the one I had set while looking at the assembly.  Is ther any way to turn this OFF?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Dim To Sketch Line In Idw View

Dec 9, 2013

I've placed a scketch in a view in my idw.

In the idw, I was once able to dimension between a visible view line and a visible scketch line, but not now.

Currently using Prof 2013 64 bit

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Creation Changes View?

Oct 31, 2012

I just installed the trial version of Inventor pro, 2013.  I'm having a problem with the view changing on creation of a sketch.  It goes to the home position.  The "Look at sketch plane on sketch creation" is un-ticked in options. 

Click on Component->Create.  Once the Component is created, click 2D Sketch.  View spins to the Home position.  This is really annoying.  I learned Inventor 2010 in school.  I don't remember this ever happening.

If I select a plane from the browser prior to clicking the Create 2D Sketch, the view remains the same as expected.  This is only a problem if you want to create the initial sketch using a face of another part as the sketch plane. Is there an option I'm missing?

Product Design Suite 2013 Ultimate
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch In A View In IDW File

May 22, 2012

I attached a sketch to a view, fully constrained the lines in the sketch to the PG from the lines in the standard view.

Everything looks good but when I click "Finish Sketch" and it leaves the sketch environment the lines from the sketch shift slightly out of alignment.

The dimensions I have to these lines are in the right locations so it looks like they aren't going to the sketch lines.  But if I try to "connect" the dimensions to where the lines are actually being show it gives me errors saying there is nothing there to connect to.

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GIMP :: Automatic Rotation And Cropping?

Oct 23, 2012

I have many scanned images of my collection and need to automate the process of rotating the image so that it is "square" and then cropping to remove unwanted background.

I have learned GIMP enough to do this manually with the rotate and crop tools but I have 1000s of images so how to automate this process.

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