AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing When Assembly Is Placed

Apr 12, 2012

I'm working on some code which updates the sizes of parts within sub assemblies and then selects the correct sub assemblies to place and constrain into a larger assembly.

When I run my software all the sub-assemblies should open, resize and then get placed into the larger assembly.

This code works up to a point. However I'm having some trouble when one of my sub assemblies is placed and constrained into the larger assembly - Inventor crashes.

If I step through my code line by line, it works fine. I think that this is because Inventor has more 'time to think' about what it is doing between placing the sub assembly and constraining it (updating the parts i guess).

After discovering this I wrote a line in my code which uses the stopwatch class to wait 20 seconds between installing the part and constraining it, this allows everything to work without Inventor crashing.

What I'd like to know is if there is a command i could use in which would allow me to wait for the sub-assembly to be ready to be constrained rather than waiting 20 seconds? Although this works I don't think it's the 'correct' method of doing things.

I'm using Inventor 2011 SP1.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Weldment Assembly Back To Regular Assembly Template

Jun 6, 2012

I am using INV 2012 and I wan to to know a trick how to convert the weldment assembly back to regular assembly template.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Creating Separate Assembly Out Of Various Component Parts In Existing Assembly

Jul 10, 2012

I'm looking for the best way to create a separate assembly out of various component parts in an existing assembly so that the whole thing can be placed in an assembly as you would a part, I know it's possible to demote components within an assembly but are there any other methods similar / better ?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Assembly Has Double User Request At Inserting In Assembly

Sep 18, 2012

We have an iLogic assembly with to parts in it. Maybe to cylindrical parts. The iLogic rules should do the following.

1. Start a Rule after open document.

2. This Rule starts a Rule in the first cylindrical component.

3. This Rule ask the user for a diameter.

4. The assembly gives this new parameter value to the second component

5. Then the assembly calls another rule in the second component to change it with the new parameter

Everything is working fine when the following combinations are taking place:

1. I open up the assembly out of vault or from a local drive or an accessible server drive

2. I insert the assembly as sub assembly in another assembly from a local drive or an accessible server drive

It don't work with the following situation:

- I insert the assembly as sub assembly in another assembly out of vault

Then the user becomes the dialog "Choose a diameter" twice.

I don't know why, but I have the idea it has something to do with the functionality of inventor to insert a component more than once. If you insert a component in an assembly Inventor gives you the opportunity to add more than one occurence after each other. 

change that behaviour? Maybe a switch to change that inventor "add more than one occurence" behaviour.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Tube And Pipe Assembly Styles Don't Translate Into Other Assembly Files

Feb 9, 2012

I have encountered a problem with the Tube and Pipe styles. 

As you can see, I have a rack assembly with a custom tube and pipe style. A wire as a tube in orange, and a tube support in white. Both have their seperate colorations at a style in the tube and pipe styles editor

When placing the rack assembly into the main assembly, it reverts to the coppor coloration I changed from the original style.

Steps I've taken:

Exported the styles .xml and Imported the styles into the master tubeandpipe.iam 

Imported the user created .xml styles into the main assembly file nothing seems to work

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Find Interior Volume Of Assembly By Subtracting Assembly From Block

Apr 23, 2012

I am trying to find the interior volume of an assembly (when am I not?!?!) by subtracting the assembly from a block that surrounds the most of it.  Somewhere the assembly has a "leak" and I have been trying to use the Cross Section Analysis to track down where the inside lump is connected to the outside lump to be subtracted.  Is there a less time consuming way to dynamically drag a plane across and get cross sectional views?

Even better is there a simple way to animate the analysis plane moving across the block so I can hopefully just watch and pause it when I find a leak?

Inventor 2013 (SP2 Update 2), Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), SP1, Intel Xeon 3.07GHz CPU, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 2000, Vault Basic 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Place Assembly Constraints With Parameters From Parts In Assembly?

Oct 30, 2012

it is possible to make a constraint that utilized a parameter of a part within the assembly.

For example, if I wanted to use the thickness of a plate, which I defined in the part, could I call that parameter in a constraint?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Make Sub Assembly From Parts From Main Larger Assembly?

Oct 31, 2011

My assembly has grown (about 50 parts) to where I need to consolodate some parts into subassemblies for reuse and alternate iterations of the basic design.

When I import the original parts into a new assembly, all of the constrains I created are not there of course.

I've tried creating a new empty part and then deriving a new part from the assembly, but I can't add, delete or edit any parts.

I looked at using Shrinkwrap, Substitutes, iParts, Multi-body Parts, and Multiple Solids but I remain confused.

In retrospect, maybe I should have created the subassemblies between the part and assembly stage but I didn't.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Translate Assembly Component Using ILogic / Offset From Parent Assembly Origin

Nov 9, 2011

I want to be able to control the location/position of a component in an assembly. This is easy enough through the iProperties/Occurrence tab and then adjust the location of the X,Y, and Z offsets. Is this possible using iLogic? I have been unable to find a function to access via iLogic. Ultimately I am trying to translate a component about an axis not a pattern.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Saving Assembly Parts As New (sub) Assembly?

Nov 28, 2011

Can I select a bunch of parts in an assembly and say "save these pieces as a new assembly"?

It is just such a needed tool but I cant find an easy way to accomplish this.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: CoG Needed For Each Sub Assembly In A 2 Part Assembly On An IDW

Oct 3, 2013

I have a two part duct fire damper assembly. The IDW has the combined two part assembly, which I know how to turn the CoG on, so that it can be dimensioned. The problem is each piece will more than likely be hoisted separately so I would like to show the CoG for each piece, not the combined master there a way to do this?

Inventor 2014
Windows 7 Pro SP1
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770k CPU @ 3.50GHz
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
3D Connexion SpaceMouse Pro

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Assembly Within Assembly Detection

Sep 3, 2013

I would like to see if there is a routine that allows my iLogic code to detect if my assembly contains another assembly within it. If my assebly contains assemblies then I don't want "MyRule" to run. Else if it does then I want "MyRule" to run.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Two Assembly Positions In One Assembly

Mar 21, 2013

My Assembly has two possible positions for my piston.

I would like to show both piston positions (top and bottom) in one drawing file; however, in different drawing views.

I have tried using LOD and Drawing View Representations, but it is my understanding that neither of these are meant to be used in this way.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing When Opening IVB File?

Nov 18, 2013

I've managed to get my VBA project messed up such that Inventor crashes when I try to load the project.  The ivb file in question is attached.

Is there any way I can either open the .ivb file in some other more crash resistant program, how to get Inventor to not crash opening this file?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing When Trying To Import Part

Feb 22, 2013

I have some large files that I get from a customer in the form of .iges. They give me the .iges because they use CATIA. My problem is that when I try to open the .iges file, it will sit there and try to open in Inventor for about 5 mintues and then the program will just end. It doesn't give me any sort of error message before crashing, it just dissapears. I can open the files in Mastercam just fine. I tried to open the file in Mastercam and save it as a .stp. The same thing happened when opening the .stp in Inventor. I tried to change some of the options that are available when opening these files in Inventor and that doesn't seem to work. I need to get these files open in Inventor desperately.

Autodesk Inventor 2009

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing / Lenovo W530

Mar 29, 2013

Encountered crash during work with Inventor 2013?it happens only when viewing 3D part/assembly (not during 2D drawings), sometimes after few hours of work, sometime after only few minutes system and program were reinstalled many times etc. everything that can be change was changed to new parts (ram, etc.)

situation is still the same after crash computer needs to be reeboted with hard reset

computer: W530 i7 3820qm @2.7 Ghz, 32 GB, Nvidia Quadro K2000M

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing When Inserting From Vault?

Dec 31, 2012

i got a good one, just installed 2013 and vault upgrades,  and all WAS fine until we found a issue.  If i trying opening a MODEL (ASSEM OR PART) from the vault server, (not locally), it ill work...yeah....NOW if i do the same thing BUT browser down 3 sub folders, it will example,  if i browse to ....Railpower ProjectsNew NomenclatureHARDWARE CATALOGCATALOG BB007.  choose any part...poof.. good bye inventor.  This happens at any folder at 3 levels deep...with any part or assembly.  we have do this with about 100+ senerios - different parts - different assemblies. the only thing constant is after going 3 folders deep (or more) it will crash

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Cannot Open Up One IPT File Without Crashing

Feb 22, 2012

New installation on a new computer.  First was crashing when I adjusted som Applicatin Options.  Ran Service Pack 1.  That seemed to work.  But now I cannot even open up one *.ipt file without it crashing.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2014 Crashing When Opening DWG?

Aug 16, 2013

we've just migrated to the 2014 release of the inventor suite and use vault basic. With the 2014 version of inventor the program immediately crashes when attempting to open an autocad dwg. Inventor dwg files open fine. We never experienced this issue in our previous release. We only use the dwg format and because the preview is not always available it often happens that we open an autocad dwg in inventor and vice versa. Crash is reproduced on multiple maches.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing When Placing Base View In IDW?

Jan 14, 2011

I'm having a problem with Inventor 2011 professional on a 64Bit machine.  I can make any size assembly with no problem but as soon as I go to make an idw the program crashes and shuts down.  It doesn't matter if the base view is one part or 1000 parts as soon as I go to place the view inventor shuts down and I get an error. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Hatch Pattern Crashing In 2013

Sep 11, 2012

I've got a recurring problem with using hatch patterns on 2013. Importing a new hatch pattern more than often than not results in Inventor winding up the memory usage on the PC to bursting point as it runs through "Calculating containment of profile areas" that seems to be called when previewing a hatch pattern.

The problem seems to be with more complex patterns (I'm using a stone wall type hatch - mountainledge.PAT is a prime example) and I think the issue is related to the scaling factor used. IF you remember to wind the scale up BEFORE trying to preview the pattern you can get away with a few minutes of down time, but if you leave the scale at 1 its goodnight!

It would be nice if Inventor could warn you (a bit like it does if you foolishly opt for a huge part array) becasue not only do you lose your inventor files but also any other unsaved app data as in my case my Dell M6500 PC just dies as all available memeory just gets swallowed up.

Perhaps I should try multiplying the co-ords in the PAT file by 25.4 as it could be that we use the poorer cousin of the good old inch system. metric???

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2014 Update 1 Random Crashing?

Jun 9, 2013

I am using a DELL M6600 with Nvidia Quadro 3000M (311.10)

I have most Autodesk PDSU software loaded for 2013 & 2014 plus the CFD and Sim software.

Windows 7 x64

This is my demo machine and I find that Inventor 2014 is randomly crashing. (Bad news in front of a customer)!

This happens when I am working in another application whilst Inventor is in the background with a model open.

Inventor will then randomly crash. I don't get the Autodesk crash report - I get the window that states - do I want to close the app , debug or whatever.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2010 Constantly Crashing While Saving IPN?

Sep 13, 2011

This happens almost evertime I go to a .ipn to update changes and save. It freezes w/ no cahnce of coming back. Two other things that is troubling me about the .ipn is that sometimes it will rearange itself w/ all the parts at 0,0,0 and or won't let me ballon any parts. After closing the file and opening it again it either does the same exact thing or takes the balloons but throws the pick points of into space......

Inventor 2010 SP4
Windows 7 Pro SP1
Dell Precision T3500: Xeon W3550 @ 3.07GHz
Quadro 600
12GB ram

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Crashing When Pulling Out A Ribbon Section

Aug 13, 2012

I am using Inventor 2010 and I want to drag out the Format section of the Annotation ribbon to my desktop so it's always there. I have it like that on my PC but it will not co-operate on my Laptop. Everytime I pull it out, my Inventor crashes. I have the most recent update (version 14.4.0000.28400) and I am running Win7 64 bit. why I keep crashing Inventor?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 Crashing While Making Changes In New Appearances

May 18, 2012

Having IV2013 periodically crashing while trying to sort out the new appearances.

its never the same actions it could be updating, saving etc. and IV crashes out.

The new appearances have done nothing but cause issues with us since IV2013 was installed. we are all wishing we stayed on IV2012.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2014 64 Bit VBA Crashing On Program Launch Randomly

Oct 14, 2013

My users are reporting that 2014 64 bit VBA crashes on program launch randomly.

I have 12 to 14 apps written in VBA.  Randomly they crash when the user trys to run them.

Sometimes they load and work fine other times they crash inventor without reporting an error.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 Crashing When Migrating Styles From 2011?

May 27, 2013

I'm trying to migrate our styles library from Inventor 2011 to 2013 using the style library manager.  I have the current (2013) library loaded in the first slot, and my old 2011 library loaded in the second slot.  Under the 2011 library, the Migrate button is active.  

I click Migrate, and after telling me it can take up to 2 minutes to migrate the library, it proceeds.  After about two minutes, I get a progress box generated by Inventor (not the style library manager) that indicates it is copying some 1300 files from one location, to another.  I can't tell if it is the same location or not, as the filepaths are truncated in the progress box.

As it finishes, usually with one file remaining, I get the "Autodesk Inventor 2013 Has stopped working" error.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly etc. etc.

I do not relish having to go back and manually define all my styles.

Context: Product Design Suite Ultimate 2013, Win 7 Pro, 12 GB ram.  I've tried both with and without my antivirus realtime scan on.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2009 Crashing When Translating Mechanical Desktop Files

Dec 22, 2011

.My Inventor2009 keep crashing everytime i'm trying to traslate/import Mech. Desktop2009 files....Windows7 is my os platform.   Done all latest SP  both for Inventor & Mech Desktop.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2012 Crashing Upon Local / Global Update Execution

Nov 9, 2011

So 2011 had some issue and I though 2012 would get those fixed. I was wrong. More problems occur. With 2011 I was able to open assemblies directly through vault. Now with 2012, since the vault issue updates as it opens, I crash on any sizeable model or assembly. So now just to open  a file, I must get it, then go to inventor and open it, and hit no when the refresh window come up. If I hit yes, it crashes. If I hit no it open, then if i hit local/global update it crashes. So technically I cant do any new work with any of my larger assemblies (2000+ parts) I have sent out numerous error reposrt, only for autodesk to say that they can replicate the problem. I have SP1 installed, and this is happening with other users at my company as well.


Windows 7
64 Bit
Solid State HD
Xenon Processor
Nvidia Quadro FX 580

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Extrusion On Assembly

Aug 16, 2012

I wanted to add an extrusion to an asembly. I was able to highlight the required geometry and create the feature, but is not showing up. In the browser, there's a red "up arrow"  beside it. Why is it not showing?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Get Assembly Name From Part?

May 8, 2013

I am in Inventor customization using as development language. 

There is one issue which is troubling me from some time. 

Is it possible to identify the name of parent  assembly of part/sub-assembly.

For Instance there is a Sub-Assembly/Part, how can i identify the parent assembly using without opening that assembly.

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