AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Weldment Assembly Back To Regular Assembly Template

Jun 6, 2012

I am using INV 2012 and I wan to to know a trick how to convert the weldment assembly back to regular assembly template.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Assembly To A Weldment

Aug 28, 2013

I just was upgraded to Inventor 2014. I've got an assembly that I want to convert into a weldment. The "Convert to Weldment" icon doesn't appear where it used to be in 2013. I cannot find a way to make it pop up. Is it no longer possible to use this button to convert a an assembly into a weldment?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert To Weldment Assembly With ILogic?

Oct 27, 2013

Is it possible to change a normal assembly into a weldment assembly through iLogic?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Replace Components In Weldment Assembly

Mar 25, 2013

In past I replaced components in Assemblies with this sub:

Sub testReplacePartInAss()
Call ReplacePartInAss("W:INVENTORTPart1.ipt", "W:INVENTORTPart2.ipt")
End Sub

[Code] .....

But if the assembly is a weldment assembly the line

If oOcc.ReferencedDocumentDescriptor.FullDocumentName = sInAssFilename Then

creates an error '91' that the object is not set.

What has to be changed in this code so that it will work with 'normal' assemblies AND weldment Assemblies too.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Stress Analysis On Weldment Assembly

May 27, 2012

My design consists of two steel rails that are welded together on top of a guardrail system. To allow the weld to be added between the steel rails I have converted my assembly file to a weldment.

My question is now I have this converted assembly with it's weld in the design can this still be used to perform stress analysis on ? I am not sure the need for assembly to be converted to allow a weld to be added.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Weldment Assembly - Constraining On Revolved Part

Jan 24, 2013

I'm really struggling with constraining a weldment assembly. I've attached a JPG of the Assembly but I cant get the constrains to go where I want them.

Basically this assembly is a wheel with three equally spaced stays welded to a large nut hub. I have constrained the center axis of the wheel to the center axis of the Nut so the wheel and nut will remain aligned. 

What I'm struggling with is constraining the three stays to the wheel and to the nut equally spaced around the nut.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change Appearance Of Face In Weldment Assembly Environment

Jan 29, 2013

I was wondering if there is a way to change the appearance of a face in a weldment assembly environment. I have a weldment which in the machining process a part of weld bead as well as a portion of one of the components is machined down (spot faced) and I need to change the appearance of those face to polished, but it doesn't let me do that?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: MBP - Deriving Base Dim Into Assembly BOM Of Regular Shapes

Sep 20, 2012

I was trying to create a design template in the Multibody Part environment (MBP) for design cases we use almost every day.We´re relying heavily on semi-finished products (plant construction), so 80% to 90% of our parts are plates, beams, pipes and similar. In most cases we create a welding assembly which has only the semifinished parts which are welded together.

What I expected from the MBP was to be able to preconfigure properties like materials and width, length and height before I create parts which then are placed into the assembly.

Now this doesn't work. So I have created some iLogic code that finds the base dimensions of plates (thickness, length, width) and adds this information to the custom properties so it shows up in the BOM.

This works with a template which I have added to this thread. Now what you do is choose this template for the solid bodies which are plates when you derive your parts after you have finished setting up your MBP.

In the template I have embedded an excel sheet, that searches for a numeric thickness value (discrete) in the "thickness" column.After finding the according entry in the excel sheet it will read out the item number from that column and writes it back into the custom properties.

We're using a PDM system the files get uploaded to and if the PDM system finds a known item number it will automatically connect the documents to the correct item master.

Right now this works only with one material for every template. Additionally I want to be able to get a prompt before the part get's saved, that asks me to define a material based on the data of my style library. How to do that with iLogic code pieces?I will work on this further and will update the thread with new functionality.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change Template Used For A Part Or Assembly

Mar 30, 2012

there is a way to change the template used for a part or assembly. The problem is that I created a template to fit my needs but I had to update it and the update doesn't effect the parts created with the old version one. How do update the templates of the files created using the old template?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Part Or Assembly Automatically Turns Textures Back Off

Jan 7, 2013

I had with a custom texture not showing up on my parts while they were showing up on a coworkers computer fine.  I recently cured my own issue (I just needed to click Textures On in the View toolbar under Appearances).  I am thinking it is going to be a simple fix as well but I have not been able to find it.

Everytime I close out of a part or assembly it automatically turns the textures back off so I have to turn them on everytime.  I looked through the Application Options and Document settings to keep textures turned on but could not find anything. How to turn the textures on and leave them on?

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AutoCad 3D :: Convert 3D Inventor Assembly To 2D DWG

Apr 21, 2012

Can we direct convert 3d inventor drawing to 2d autocad drawing but components in the drawing must be in the block condition? (For easy to modify)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Assembly File To FBX?

Oct 21, 2013

How to convert Inventor assembly file to FBX file?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Creating Separate Assembly Out Of Various Component Parts In Existing Assembly

Jul 10, 2012

I'm looking for the best way to create a separate assembly out of various component parts in an existing assembly so that the whole thing can be placed in an assembly as you would a part, I know it's possible to demote components within an assembly but are there any other methods similar / better ?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Assembly Has Double User Request At Inserting In Assembly

Sep 18, 2012

We have an iLogic assembly with to parts in it. Maybe to cylindrical parts. The iLogic rules should do the following.

1. Start a Rule after open document.

2. This Rule starts a Rule in the first cylindrical component.

3. This Rule ask the user for a diameter.

4. The assembly gives this new parameter value to the second component

5. Then the assembly calls another rule in the second component to change it with the new parameter

Everything is working fine when the following combinations are taking place:

1. I open up the assembly out of vault or from a local drive or an accessible server drive

2. I insert the assembly as sub assembly in another assembly from a local drive or an accessible server drive

It don't work with the following situation:

- I insert the assembly as sub assembly in another assembly out of vault

Then the user becomes the dialog "Choose a diameter" twice.

I don't know why, but I have the idea it has something to do with the functionality of inventor to insert a component more than once. If you insert a component in an assembly Inventor gives you the opportunity to add more than one occurence after each other. 

change that behaviour? Maybe a switch to change that inventor "add more than one occurence" behaviour.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Tube And Pipe Assembly Styles Don't Translate Into Other Assembly Files

Feb 9, 2012

I have encountered a problem with the Tube and Pipe styles. 

As you can see, I have a rack assembly with a custom tube and pipe style. A wire as a tube in orange, and a tube support in white. Both have their seperate colorations at a style in the tube and pipe styles editor

When placing the rack assembly into the main assembly, it reverts to the coppor coloration I changed from the original style.

Steps I've taken:

Exported the styles .xml and Imported the styles into the master tubeandpipe.iam 

Imported the user created .xml styles into the main assembly file nothing seems to work

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Find Interior Volume Of Assembly By Subtracting Assembly From Block

Apr 23, 2012

I am trying to find the interior volume of an assembly (when am I not?!?!) by subtracting the assembly from a block that surrounds the most of it.  Somewhere the assembly has a "leak" and I have been trying to use the Cross Section Analysis to track down where the inside lump is connected to the outside lump to be subtracted.  Is there a less time consuming way to dynamically drag a plane across and get cross sectional views?

Even better is there a simple way to animate the analysis plane moving across the block so I can hopefully just watch and pause it when I find a leak?

Inventor 2013 (SP2 Update 2), Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), SP1, Intel Xeon 3.07GHz CPU, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 2000, Vault Basic 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Place Assembly Constraints With Parameters From Parts In Assembly?

Oct 30, 2012

it is possible to make a constraint that utilized a parameter of a part within the assembly.

For example, if I wanted to use the thickness of a plate, which I defined in the part, could I call that parameter in a constraint?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Make Sub Assembly From Parts From Main Larger Assembly?

Oct 31, 2011

My assembly has grown (about 50 parts) to where I need to consolodate some parts into subassemblies for reuse and alternate iterations of the basic design.

When I import the original parts into a new assembly, all of the constrains I created are not there of course.

I've tried creating a new empty part and then deriving a new part from the assembly, but I can't add, delete or edit any parts.

I looked at using Shrinkwrap, Substitutes, iParts, Multi-body Parts, and Multiple Solids but I remain confused.

In retrospect, maybe I should have created the subassemblies between the part and assembly stage but I didn't.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Translate Assembly Component Using ILogic / Offset From Parent Assembly Origin

Nov 9, 2011

I want to be able to control the location/position of a component in an assembly. This is easy enough through the iProperties/Occurrence tab and then adjust the location of the X,Y, and Z offsets. Is this possible using iLogic? I have been unable to find a function to access via iLogic. Ultimately I am trying to translate a component about an axis not a pattern.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Assembly Into Text Document

Dec 5, 2011

I've tried opening an Inventor Assembly file (.iam) with Microsoft Word, Notepad, and Wordpad but there is a big problem with text conversion.  When I open them I get radical characters that makes it impossible for me to make sense out of.

My hope was to open an assembly file as a text document and modify it to get a different result when opening the model (i.e.- moving a part from one position to another in the assembly by modifying text).  Sort of like when I modify a post processor in MasterCAM to produce a different program with if/then statements or changing text.  Ultimately I want to create an assembly model that reflects our inventory as sort of a "virtual warehouse" where a quick look at the model would let you know where you have space to move and store new inventory.

I think being able to modify inventory locations by modifying text and letting the model update would be faster and easier than someone modifying the model at the end of each day with Inventor.

Is there any type of text conversion software that could take an Inventor assembly file and convert it into readable text?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Saving Assembly Parts As New (sub) Assembly?

Nov 28, 2011

Can I select a bunch of parts in an assembly and say "save these pieces as a new assembly"?

It is just such a needed tool but I cant find an easy way to accomplish this.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: CoG Needed For Each Sub Assembly In A 2 Part Assembly On An IDW

Oct 3, 2013

I have a two part duct fire damper assembly. The IDW has the combined two part assembly, which I know how to turn the CoG on, so that it can be dimensioned. The problem is each piece will more than likely be hoisted separately so I would like to show the CoG for each piece, not the combined master there a way to do this?

Inventor 2014
Windows 7 Pro SP1
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770k CPU @ 3.50GHz
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
3D Connexion SpaceMouse Pro

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Frame Generator Part To Its Own Assembly

Feb 11, 2013

Inventor Pro 2013.

I would like to make the part named "Frame_base" an assembly on its own.  see the attachment.  I am new to Inventor and I thought I could demote it but the selection is grayed out.  The main reason I want to do this is because I would like to create a 2D drawing of it with a parts list to give to the welder.  This will be my first drawing and maybe I'm doing this wrong.  It appears that I need to bring in the base view file, and I don't see a way to do that unless the frame is its own assembly.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Assembly Within Assembly Detection

Sep 3, 2013

I would like to see if there is a routine that allows my iLogic code to detect if my assembly contains another assembly within it. If my assebly contains assemblies then I don't want "MyRule" to run. Else if it does then I want "MyRule" to run.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Two Assembly Positions In One Assembly

Mar 21, 2013

My Assembly has two possible positions for my piston.

I would like to show both piston positions (top and bottom) in one drawing file; however, in different drawing views.

I have tried using LOD and Drawing View Representations, but it is my understanding that neither of these are meant to be used in this way.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Cannot Convert To Weldment

May 31, 2013

I have a medium sized assembly that I was working with.  I decided I needed to create a weldment, so I stripped the assembly of all subassemblies, individual parts, etc and saved it as a different name.  However, Inventor will not allow me to convert it to a weldment.  That optoin is greyed out.

The only thing I can think of is I have a base part that I have hidden.  It is used to drive the assembly.  Perhaps that is causing a problem, but I cannot remove it or all associativity will be lost.  I deleted it temporarily to try, but did not save it.  The convert to weldment option did not appear after I deleted it.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Imperial To Metric In Assembly / Part Level Sketch Dimensions

May 14, 2012

I need converting imperial dimensions into metric in assembly as weell as part level sketches dimensions.

Any solution for converting all imperial dimensions to metric dimensions in whole assembly constraint level and as well as part level sketch dimensions. Any macros or any ilogic rules?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Cannot Find Convert To Weldment In 2014

Dec 6, 2013

I cannot find the Convert to Weldment in the 2014.

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Illustrator :: Convert Text Path Back To Regular Path?

Mar 20, 2014

I accidentally converted a path to a text path. I searched the forum for how to convert it back to a regular path. The answer I found said to select the path and hit Command+C+F. This gives me another text path! I now have at least 6 copies of the path in my files but they are ALL text paths and none are visible with a stroke.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Broken Back Assembly - ETW Moves To 1m Away From Target Polyline

Jul 24, 2012

I created an assembly with a broken back subassembly. I moved it to a 40cm horizontal offset away from the axis. I attached it to a corridor using two polylines as targets. One for the broken back and one for the outside lane. In civil 2011 everything works fine.

In civil 2012 the ETW is offseted by the same value i moved the subassembly away from the axis! If i change the subassembly offset to eg 1m then when rebuilding corridor the ETW moves to 1m away from the target polyline!

Same strange behavior using subassembly R2011 or R2012.

See the attached dwg.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Creating A Rail Sub Assembly In Sub Assembly Composer 2013

Jul 11, 2013

I thought I created a rail sub assembly.

So I created the rail sub assembly everything looks great in sub assembly composer.

Start a new dwg data reference in the rail alignment, Note the rail alignment type is set to rail.

Create an assembly and under the Construction tab for the assembly the Assembly Type is set to Railway. Attach my custom sub assembly to this assembly.

Created a corridor and I get this error: Something wrong with current subassembly: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. 

So I delete my sub assembly attach the Civil 3D Rail Single sub assembly. Re run corridor and everything works fine.

So I promote the alignment change type to centerline. Delete the Rail Single sub assembly put my rail sub assembly back. Rerun the corridor and everything works.

So then I undo everything up to the point of promoting the alignment.

Opened the base file changed the alignment type to centerline.

When I tried to synchronize the references I ended up a broken reference with the following error. Invalid reference. Synchronization failed

Not good we already have plan sheets cut.

where in sub assembly composer were do I define the sub assembly to be for Rail? 

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