AutoCAD Inventor :: Tube And Pipe Assembly Styles Don't Translate Into Other Assembly Files

Feb 9, 2012

I have encountered a problem with the Tube and Pipe styles. 

As you can see, I have a rack assembly with a custom tube and pipe style. A wire as a tube in orange, and a tube support in white. Both have their seperate colorations at a style in the tube and pipe styles editor

When placing the rack assembly into the main assembly, it reverts to the coppor coloration I changed from the original style.

Steps I've taken:

Exported the styles .xml and Imported the styles into the master tubeandpipe.iam 

Imported the user created .xml styles into the main assembly file nothing seems to work

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Saving Tube And Pipe With Assembly

Jun 21, 2012

I have a problem when it comes to saving the flexible hoses I have made in the tube and pipe module of 2012 pro.

after making the hoses on my particular assembly, and trying to save the whole assembly, none of the hoses will save, please see attached image, I have found that on another model it would save the hoses, . the error message is in the screenshot.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Deleting Tube And Pipe Parts From Assembly

Mar 18, 2011

I have an assembly to which I have added some tube & pipe fittings from the content center.

I have a swivel elbow that I no longer require in the assembly but I am unable to delete it.  This applies to all of the tube & pipe fittings within the assembly, not just this elbow.

I have attached a screen dump that may offer guidance.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Translate Assembly Component Using ILogic / Offset From Parent Assembly Origin

Nov 9, 2011

I want to be able to control the location/position of a component in an assembly. This is easy enough through the iProperties/Occurrence tab and then adjust the location of the X,Y, and Z offsets. Is this possible using iLogic? I have been unable to find a function to access via iLogic. Ultimately I am trying to translate a component about an axis not a pattern.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Part Inserted In Assembly File As Tube And Pipe Run Part?

Mar 28, 2012

Dear Sir, In particular project, when I insert part in Assembly file, It is inserted as a Tube & Pipe run part. so that It is not Grounded automatically. What is the settings by which I can insert as a normal part in assembly file ? I have attached herewith the JPG file also.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Missing Tube And Pipe Styles

Oct 19, 2012

We have been working on inventor professional for a while.Now it is 2012 version have large tube and pipe assemblies created.Yesterday we noticed that ,when user wanted to create a Pipe Run/Edit existing pipe run..All Tube and Pipe Styles (including default and custom created ) are lost.I followed one of the procedure in the link below but lost half day of work (as I have to take a clean tube and pipe runs assembly file from previous evening to switch with the corrupted).

our users cannot be lucky everytime this happens,because sometimes they probably worked on something other than tube and pipe before the file gets switch over doesn't lose any of the work.But what if they have done a sizeable amount of tube and pipe design before the file gets corrupted?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Tube And Pipe Styles Disappeared

Jan 15, 2009

When I opened the model this morning to add new pipes, I saw that all my tube and pipe styles disappeared from the model. I can still see the pipes and routes created with the styles but there is absolutely no styles in the list of tube and pipe styles. If I open any other model in the project all is normal, for some reason it only appears to be a problem in one specific model. What can I do to get the styles back? I would prefer if i could get a remedy instead of recreating the model from scratch.

I have also exported all my styles from one assembly and imported it into the assembly giving problems, the software told me the styles are imported but the styles window shows blank, i.e. it shows that there is no styles.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change Tube And Pipe Styles After Populated?

Nov 1, 2012

Ive got pretty good with the tube and pipe runs now, I am making runs, drawings, and BOM way faster than I could ever have done the old way (constraining many elbows to many pipes). But After getting a whole machine modeled, drawings completed, and BOM's finished I got thrown a curve ball and 2 out of 16 runs need to change size. The only way I can think to do this is to delete those 2 runs and start over with a different style. This means redoing those two drawings, balloons, dimensions and the BOMs. If there is a way to change from, for example, 1" threaded pipe style to a 1.5" threaded pipe style? Then my drawings, balloons, dimensions and the BOMs on them would update automatically.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Automatically Load Sheet Metal / Tube And Pipe Styles In Standard Part?

May 17, 2013

I'm a bit confused on the style library system built into Inventor - it isn't very intuitive.

I'd like to create my tube and pipe styles as well as sheet metal styles and have to never create them again - regardless of the project/workspace. Is this something that can be saved in the standard part/assembly template files? If so, how?

I'm tired of creating styles every time I start a new document - it is a waste of a lot of time! And I'd like to avoid having to import settings on every document.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Repair Tube Constraints In Tube And Pipe?

May 27, 2013

How do I repair a tubing constraint?

I use tubing in inventor, I always attached tube to whatever fittings I am using and everything is fine but if something gets moved that the end of the tube loses its contraint I'm ready to jump off a cliff!

Is there any way to get the end of the 3D sketch contrained to the fitting again?

Up until now I have always had to deleted the route and started over. Inventor Pro 2014

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Publish DWF Of Assembly With Pipe Runs?

Jun 27, 2012

I've been working on putting all Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electrical runs into our models lately, and while the modelling portion of it (actually making the runs) is fairly straight forward, it seems that documenting it in a way that the shop can easily work with it is another story.

Due to the large size of the assembly and amount of runs we have, it is difficult to capture in 2D printed drawings.

We do use Vault, so I think our solution is going to be to have our visualization files (dwf) automatically sent to a network location that can be accessed by the shop.

Now i am having issues with actually naming each run, so that instead of it saying Route 10/Flexible Hose 6 that it says something actually useful such as "Supply Gladhand to Filter".  I am unable to rename any of the routes (I can rename the Runs though), so I figured I would put a description into the iProperties of the Flexible Hose portion of each route, and export the object properties when making the dwf.

Now, when I select a solid part that I made in Inventor, I can see its description in the Object Properties of design review no problem, but if I select a hose in design review, the only Object Properties i see are its Center of Gravity.

Is there any way to get a semi-useful description into a dwf for a tube/pipe run, or am I out of luck?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert Weldment Assembly Back To Regular Assembly Template

Jun 6, 2012

I am using INV 2012 and I wan to to know a trick how to convert the weldment assembly back to regular assembly template.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Creating Separate Assembly Out Of Various Component Parts In Existing Assembly

Jul 10, 2012

I'm looking for the best way to create a separate assembly out of various component parts in an existing assembly so that the whole thing can be placed in an assembly as you would a part, I know it's possible to demote components within an assembly but are there any other methods similar / better ?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Assembly Has Double User Request At Inserting In Assembly

Sep 18, 2012

We have an iLogic assembly with to parts in it. Maybe to cylindrical parts. The iLogic rules should do the following.

1. Start a Rule after open document.

2. This Rule starts a Rule in the first cylindrical component.

3. This Rule ask the user for a diameter.

4. The assembly gives this new parameter value to the second component

5. Then the assembly calls another rule in the second component to change it with the new parameter

Everything is working fine when the following combinations are taking place:

1. I open up the assembly out of vault or from a local drive or an accessible server drive

2. I insert the assembly as sub assembly in another assembly from a local drive or an accessible server drive

It don't work with the following situation:

- I insert the assembly as sub assembly in another assembly out of vault

Then the user becomes the dialog "Choose a diameter" twice.

I don't know why, but I have the idea it has something to do with the functionality of inventor to insert a component more than once. If you insert a component in an assembly Inventor gives you the opportunity to add more than one occurence after each other. 

change that behaviour? Maybe a switch to change that inventor "add more than one occurence" behaviour.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Find Interior Volume Of Assembly By Subtracting Assembly From Block

Apr 23, 2012

I am trying to find the interior volume of an assembly (when am I not?!?!) by subtracting the assembly from a block that surrounds the most of it.  Somewhere the assembly has a "leak" and I have been trying to use the Cross Section Analysis to track down where the inside lump is connected to the outside lump to be subtracted.  Is there a less time consuming way to dynamically drag a plane across and get cross sectional views?

Even better is there a simple way to animate the analysis plane moving across the block so I can hopefully just watch and pause it when I find a leak?

Inventor 2013 (SP2 Update 2), Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), SP1, Intel Xeon 3.07GHz CPU, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 2000, Vault Basic 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Place Assembly Constraints With Parameters From Parts In Assembly?

Oct 30, 2012

it is possible to make a constraint that utilized a parameter of a part within the assembly.

For example, if I wanted to use the thickness of a plate, which I defined in the part, could I call that parameter in a constraint?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Make Sub Assembly From Parts From Main Larger Assembly?

Oct 31, 2011

My assembly has grown (about 50 parts) to where I need to consolodate some parts into subassemblies for reuse and alternate iterations of the basic design.

When I import the original parts into a new assembly, all of the constrains I created are not there of course.

I've tried creating a new empty part and then deriving a new part from the assembly, but I can't add, delete or edit any parts.

I looked at using Shrinkwrap, Substitutes, iParts, Multi-body Parts, and Multiple Solids but I remain confused.

In retrospect, maybe I should have created the subassemblies between the part and assembly stage but I didn't.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Pipe Route Using The Tube & Pipe Run

Jul 26, 2013

I'm trying to create pipe route using the tube & pipe run. And its not constrained when I try to drag away. I tried grounding the components which is not working either. since the routing opens in 3dsketch its kinda tricky to make it fully constrained.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Saving Assembly Parts As New (sub) Assembly?

Nov 28, 2011

Can I select a bunch of parts in an assembly and say "save these pieces as a new assembly"?

It is just such a needed tool but I cant find an easy way to accomplish this.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: CoG Needed For Each Sub Assembly In A 2 Part Assembly On An IDW

Oct 3, 2013

I have a two part duct fire damper assembly. The IDW has the combined two part assembly, which I know how to turn the CoG on, so that it can be dimensioned. The problem is each piece will more than likely be hoisted separately so I would like to show the CoG for each piece, not the combined master there a way to do this?

Inventor 2014
Windows 7 Pro SP1
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770k CPU @ 3.50GHz
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
3D Connexion SpaceMouse Pro

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Assembly Within Assembly Detection

Sep 3, 2013

I would like to see if there is a routine that allows my iLogic code to detect if my assembly contains another assembly within it. If my assebly contains assemblies then I don't want "MyRule" to run. Else if it does then I want "MyRule" to run.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Two Assembly Positions In One Assembly

Mar 21, 2013

My Assembly has two possible positions for my piston.

I would like to show both piston positions (top and bottom) in one drawing file; however, in different drawing views.

I have tried using LOD and Drawing View Representations, but it is my understanding that neither of these are meant to be used in this way.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can STEP Files Still Be Used In Assembly

Sep 3, 2012

Basically, my school has the 2012 version of Inventor while I have 2013, and I was wondering if I can still use STEP files in an assembly, and also in my drawing sheets.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Archiving Big Assembly Files

Nov 16, 2012

I have several projects that have some very big complex assembly files which are taking up a lot of space on our company drive. I need to compress and archive these large files to free up space on the drive. I know that shrinkwrap is an option to simplify assembly files, any optimum way of compressing large assembly files and reducing the file size considerably ?

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013 SP2 64-Bit Edition
Windows 7 HP Z400, Intel Xeon W3550 3.07GHz
12.0GB RAM, ATI FirePro V4800 (FireGL)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Unresolved Files In Assembly

Mar 19, 2013

I have an assembly that has a component that has not only been deleted from this assembly, but has been removed from the vault.  When I try to select a similar file on my local, just to get through this I get the followong error message and this cycle keeps going in circles.  Wanting me to point to where this deleted file is.

 This assembly remains unresolved and as a result of that I cannot check it into the vault.

Another frustrating things about his is in the dialog window that wants you to select a different file, there is no option to either select from the CC or the vault.  Why?

I just hope the only solution is not to recreate this assembly.  Because this is a subassembly used in upper level assemblies.  Speaking of which those upper lever assemblies wont check into the vault either because of this issue.

Inventor Suite 2012
Windows 7
(Colossians 3:23-25)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Erase FEA Files From Assembly

Apr 9, 2012

I used to use the Stress Analysis feature at my assembly.

Now I have copied it to another project and do not need this FEA info at copy.

I cannot just delete AIP folder since  Inventor claims of missing FEA files while opening.

How to erase those files info from this assembly file?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Project Files Vs Assembly Files?

Mar 8, 2013

I am deep into my first Inventor project. I am approaching the point where I would like to make a comprehensive set of drawings with bills of material etc. I have discovered that all this time I have actually been working in one big assembly file. My main project file is NOT a project file (so I have discovered). It is a *.iam file. 

So, my question is, should I create a project file, and then add my main assembly to it? Should one normally create a new Project file for each new job? What does one gain by doing this versus simply using the *.iam file?

Inventor 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Get Tube And Pipe Add-on

Jun 18, 2012

how to get the tube and pipe add-on? I do not already have it and I have not been able to find much information on how to get it.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Rename Files Without Effecting To Assembly

Dec 12, 2012

How to rename the files of an assembly without effecting to assembly, as we do it in solidworks explorer.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Plot All Related Files To PDF From Assembly

Jul 7, 2011

My attempt to plot all related files form an ".iam" resulted with the following code. The code as is working for us. We use an eight digit number for file name. Plotted PDF will have revision added to file name. Any chance of making an addin or iLogic code for similar functionality?

Private PDFPATH As String'FOLLOWING CODE USES CODE FROM URL...AND OTHER PLACES INCLUDING INVENTOR HELP.Public Sub PrintRefFiles() 'BOMQuery() ' Set a reference to the assembly document. ' This assumes an assembly document is active. Dim oDoc As AssemblyDocument Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument Dim ASSYIDW As String ASSYIDW = oDoc.FullFileName ASSYIDW = Replace(ASSYIDW, Right(ASSYIDW, 4), ".idw") If Dir(ASSYIDW) <> "" Then 'Debug.Print strDisplayDim oDrawDoc As drawingDocument Set oDrawDoc.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Blocks In Assembly Files

May 29, 2013

Is there any way to add sketch blocks to an assembly sketch?

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