AutoCAD Architecture :: XREF - Multiple References

Mar 5, 2013

ACA2011.I've got a construct that for some reason has 2 xrefs listed within it that I can't detach. It says that it is unresolved and when I try to detach it it says "c_Floor Plan - First" has multiple references, Not detached." This is one of two xrefs in the drawing doing is it possible to have an xref of the same name in the drawing? I can't figure out how to detach it. It was causing problems in the view to which it was referenced, and I solved it by creating a bogus, blank construct called "test" and changed the path of the xref in the construct to this drawing...but I still can't detach it.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Xref Has Multiple References - Not Detached

Apr 8, 2013

I know the difference between attach and overlay for reference files. 

The problem here is that the xref IS attacehd as an overlay and I am still not able to detach it.

I am working on WisDOT transportation plans.  For those that are not familiar with these projects, certain reference files must plot black in some plan sections, but grey in others.  When we submit the plans to the utility companies, all utilities must be black. but are grey in everyother submittal.  I changed the xref level attributes to plot black with the intensions of detaching the xref and reattaching to revert back to the orignial grey level attributes.  Is there anyway that changing the level attributes is somehow not letting the xref be detached?

Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30 GHz
8.00 GB

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AutoCAD 2010 :: 2012 Xref Has Multiple References / Not Detached

Oct 31, 2012

I'm in AutoCAD 2012. This xref won't go away. I've done the obvious fixes but can't get rid of it.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Drawings Used As External References Where?

May 2, 2011

Is there a procedure or command to use on an opened drawing to see if the drawing is used as an external reference anywhere else?  For example, can I open Drawing A and determine whether it is used as an external reference in Drawing B without going to Drawing B and looking at the external references palette?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IFeature With Multiple References - Placement

Jan 21, 2013

Im just starting to look at I features to design, but even though my sketch is fully constrained when I place the iFeature with multiple references i can still move it using the arrows. How i could place them more accurately.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Creating Multiple Data References?

Feb 9, 2013

Is it possible to create more than one data reference at a time?

I have approximately 30 alignments with over 100 profiles in my profile design drawing. The interface to create the data shortcuts allows me to do so by selecting multiple alignments and profiles. This works well and is efficient. To create the data references I have to create the reference for each alignment and profile one at time. I estimate this will take at least 30 minutes.

I am using Civil 3D 2012.
Civil 3D 2012 SP3 | Win 7 64-bit SP1
Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.60GHz, 16GB Ram | NVidia Quadro 600

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Data Shortcut File Names With Multiple DS References?

Nov 26, 2012

I have a data shortcut file where i keep my EG surface that now has File Name.dwg [DS] [DS] [DS] [DS]. What's the deal? Has this managed to morph itself into something it's not. It used to have only one, had two for awhile, and now 4 references to the DS (Datashort cut project folder).

Have I done something wrong here to get these wonky file names, would be nice to see just 1 reference being made to my DS Project folder.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Replace All References Of Layer To Other Layer?

Sep 26, 2012

I need to find all instances, references, etc, of a layer and change it to another layer. I'm not talking about lines and objects or even blocks, but more like properties nested inside of wall styles and cleanup definitions, anything like that. I can't use the QSELECT or any similar command because the layer in question is being referenced inside of individual styles (i'm guessing that's the only place). 

We drew our interior walls and our exterior shell for our building on two different drawings so that two people could work on them at the same time. They were xref'd into each other. We got to a point where we needed to put them back into one drawing so I binded the Shell Xref into the interior drawing. This saved us a lot of time but now all the layers from the Shell drawing have this prefix to it "01Shell&0&". This isn't really a problem but I'm a bit OCD and it bothers me to have two different layers for the same thing, one regular and one with the prefix. It means everytime we change the properties of a layer, we have to do it twice. I've already changed everything I could back to the original layers but the Shell layers still show up from time to time. They are nested deep inside of wall styles and custom cleanup properties, custom encaps, and so on.


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AutoCAD Architecture :: How To Work In Xref

Jun 19, 2013

I am new user in autocad 2010 and i used softly this software but untill i could not get how to work in xref and what is the major benefit of this link

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Xref Display And Cut Planes

Aug 14, 2013

Using PN, I set up 2 levels. Level 1 at 0'-0", Level 2 at 10'-0".  I create a Level 1 construct and create my AEC model.  I then create my Level 2 construct and xref my Level 1 construct in to use as an underlay.  However, using OOTB Medium display configuration I cannot see the Level 1 xref because the Level 2 cut plane is at 3'-6" and the Level 1 construct is 10'-0" below this cut plane.  Is this the intended result?

To allow me to see my Level 1 xref in my Level 2 construct, I am required to override the global cut plane in my Level 1 construct and set my wall cut planes, for *each* wall style, to 3'-6".  After saving the Level 1 construct, I reload in the Level 2 construct, and the walls appear, as an underlay, in the Level 2 construct as desired.

Is this the only way to see one xref above or below the other?  Isnt one of the major advantages of using xrefs is as underlays for stacking levels?I dont have to override the global cut plane in all my wall styles.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Xref And Text / Dim Background

Jul 26, 2012

When I set the background mask to "yes" for text or dims it does mask out the xref as long as I set the cursor on the text / dim. When I move the cursor off the text / dim, the xref reappears, so when I print, the text is illegible due to the background walls etc.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Text Scale In Xref?

Aug 7, 2012

i have a structural xref drawing that has all the text 10"high. I xref (overlay) that drawing into another one, but that drawing is going to have a scale 1/4"=1'-0" is there a way to auto scale all the text in to xref to become 4" high?

a bit more information

the structural drawing that im xrefing in will be overlayed over my floorplans, then printed at the 1/4"=1'-0"

I need the structural base drawing to keep the 10" text height because some times i have to print off the entire structural plan separate.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Xref Hides New Linework

Feb 7, 2012

All I want to do is trace on top of an x-ref elevation. The x ref hides all my new lines so I cannot see what I've just drawn. Even the display order has no effect, not that I want to use the display order every time I draw a line. I just want my new black lines to show up on top of the faded xref image. 

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Xref Editing Within Viewport?

Jun 26, 2013

When you double-click on xref within the viewport and refedit opens and allows you to edit xref, how do you exit refedit mode when finished? I can not find the ref edit icon menu on 2013 banner layout.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Lost Xref Pallet / Dialog Box

May 16, 2013

I use 2013.  The xref pallet was docked but has disappeared.  Also, when I type 'xref' at the command line, the xref dialog box does not appear. How do I get them back?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Xref Selection To Working File

Mar 27, 2013

I have loaded an xref in to my working file.  I temporarily unloaded the xref so that it would not be in the way as I was editing my drawing.  Even though the xref is unloaded and I can not see it on screen it still highlights and becomes visible as if I picked it with my fence while I am trying to edit other entities to my drawing. 

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Room Tag - Use Floor Plan As Xref

Jul 11, 2012

I have created room tags and would like to use the floor plan (with room names) as Xref. Is there a way I can locate the room names in one location per room on the main floor plan and then relocate the room names on the reflected ceiling plan and NOT move the room name on the main floor plan?

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AutoCAD LT :: Architecture Xref- Walls Showing As 1 Line

May 18, 2012

I am using Autocad LT 2013 and Autocad Architecture withing the same office.  When I open a file that has an Xref from Autocad Architecture with 3D walls in Autocad LT, the walls only show as 1 line instead of 2.   If I open the orginal file that the Xref came from, with Autocad LT the walls show up just fine (as blocks instead of 3d walls as I expected).  I am hoping to be able to veiw the Xrefs correctly in Autocad LT. 

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Set Ceiling Boundary To Aec Space In Xref

Jun 18, 2012

is this possible? we want to have our ceilings in separate constructs in order to have two people working at the same time

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Cannot Xref Construct Into View File

Jul 11, 2013

I cannot xref a construct into a view dwg using PN. I get error "Could not reference file <construct> in <view>. Same problem whether I use relative or full pathing. But I can manually attach the construct using the XREF command. So I know it is not a file/folder permissions problem. What's annoying is that I did get it to work with one construct but not another.

I am using ACA 2013 and I see that there is a service pack 2 update.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Edit Xref In Place Run Time

May 10, 2012

I'm getting very long run times to edit x refs in place. Once the exref drawing opens,  sometimes after 2 or three minutes, and I make my edit, It can take ten minuted to close the xref.

Drawing are clean, purged, -purged, recovered audited.  Computer is new workstation and dedicated to CAD only. Very little opportunity for corrupted files.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Xref Insertion Position Error

Aug 23, 2011

We have just started to use Autocad Architecture 2012 however when we add an xref we get a location insertion position error.

The original drawing xref is created at 0,0,0 and the drawing we are referencing into is also created with the same points. If we paste a point from 0,0,0 to the original co-ordinates it looks fine.  However when we add the xref to another file the xref seems to come in at insertion point x 70484.84995973 and insertion point y 16146.53159634

Is there any way of sorting this out as we would like to use 0,0,0 as the xref insertion point?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: XRef Objects Not Showing In Drawing

Dec 11, 2013

I have a drawing done in AutoCAD Architecture 2013.  Most of it is just lines, but I have a couple of Walls with Doors.  It looks fine in the base drawing but when I xref into another file the walls revert to their original color and the doors have disappeared.  The opening is there but no door.

I tried xredit and the doors are there but when I close that they are gone again.  Tried detaching and reattaching...still have the problem.

After I posted this tried Display Configuration.  Clicking all options for Doors gives me the a closed position, not the same as in the base plan.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: How To Edit Propertyset Data Though XRef

Aug 14, 2013

The way it looks I should be able to edit the propertyset data though an XRef... but all the properties are grayed out. I thought it was because I also had the XRef open... so I closed it. Still the same result.

The discription says "Edit property set data in the current drawing or through external references.  Add or Remove property sets."

Am I not understanding the tool - or what?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Plotting Files With PDF Xref Directly From 2012?

Aug 28, 2012

problem when plotting files that have PDF images attached to them and are viewed through a viewport.  When plotting, the publishing bar fills up but then stays filled and doesnt disappear.  At this point AutoCAD is locked up and I see the file starts spooling.  I have several PDF files attached that amount to no more than 500 kb, however, when spooling it racks up to 30mb before in sends it off to the plotter and it takes a very lenghtly wait (up to 60 min).  Eventually it plots and sometimes it doesn't plot at all.  After a while if I try cancelling the plot, it will start plotting but only half of the page and after that the entire operating system will lockup.  We have several machines (6) and 2 plotters in a network and the plotters are shared.  Is there a better and faster way to work with PDF xrefs?  Could this be a networking problem instead of AutoCAD?  

machine specs:

Dell Precision T3400
Intell Core Duo @ 2.33GHz
OS: XP pro ver.2002 (w/ SP3)
AutoCAD Architecture 2012


HP Design Jet 1055CM
KIP 3000

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Disable Smarts Walls Interacting Through XREF?

Nov 14, 2011

I'm using AutoCAD Architecture 2009. I xref a lot of floor plans underneath my new floor plans to trace different walls, roof outlines etc and ever since I started using the smart walls this has become a real pain. When I xref in a demo floor plan for example underneath my new remodeled plan the walls from the xref interact with the new walls and of course bring up all the error triangles.Is there a way to make the xref not interact with the plan that it is being place under?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: XREF - Walls Doesn't Change Color

Dec 4, 2013

I have a drawing containg wall elements that is referenced into a whole bunch of other drawings (roughly a hundret).

In the wall-drawing i recently set the walls color to "by layer" via the display properties in style manager.

Unfortunately they keep their old color in the other files. I tried visretain and it didn't do the trick.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Door Style Linetype Change In Xref?

Aug 14, 2013

In my xref drawing I changed the linetype of a swing to be hidden. After changing it in the xref and saving I go to my plot file and the swing is still continuous. Visretain is set to 1. The swing changes on all other drawing files except one.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Updating Property In Objects Definition In XREF DWGs

Aug 11, 2011

I am developing an simulation application, leveraging on using Space objects and applied additional Property Set Definitions for Space objects where I introduced a new Property "Value".

I applied a display theme to my DWG, and based on the value of the Property, different colors will be displayed according to the display theme.

For a single DWG file containing the building, I am able to simulate the color changes by updating the “Value” Property in the Spaces using .NET APIs functions such as PropertySet.SetAt, and committing the transaction. 

However, one building can consist of many different levels, and I have split up the modeling of the building into its separate levels. For example, a 3 storey building, I will have 3 DWG files for each individual levels.

A main empty DWG was then used to XREF the 3 levels, to combine the different levels into a whole building. I would like to simulate such colour change through the main DWG which references my individual level DWGs.

what .NET API I can use to access the XREF DWGs in my main DWG, so that I can update the "Value" property in all my Space objects?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Set Up Annotative Text Styles In Xref Base Drawing

Aug 2, 2012

I'm trying to set up Annotative Text styles in my Xref base drawing, so that I can alter the Annotative Text Scale in paperspace of my titlesheet drawings.

Is it possible to create the Annotative Text styles in an xref and amend these on a titlesheet when said xref has been imported?

I've checked the "Help" section of AutoCad but it all seems to relate to creating Annotative Styles within a single drawing.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: When Attempt To Load Xref Dialogue For File Attachment Does Not Appear

Oct 11, 2011

When I attempt to load xref the dialogue for file attachment does not appear. This has only started happening the past day or so. The same applies to image files etc.

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