Revit :: Printing Multiple Sheets With Different Sizes To Print

Feb 10, 2013

We are looking for an easy straightforward way to print / export an entire set of sheets to pdf.The sheets have different papersizes and we want them to be named with the sheet number + name, and possible a prefix by choice.We have Adobe Acrobat X installed as pdf printer.So far we managed to print an entire set to pdf with these somewhat annoying issues:

1. The naming adds the word "sheet" between the chosen prefix and number-name.can we get rid of this?
2. The prints seem only to follow the actual Revit Print-setup, on papersizes.Which means that we need to have print-sessions on every paper size used in a project.Strange that in Revit the paper print-setup, doesnt follow the sheet definitions.(?)Is there a way within Revit to solve this to a more automated workflow?Or do we have to implement third party plugiins / solutions?

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Revit :: Print Multiple Sheets To A Combined PDF File

Sep 23, 2011

Sometimes when I print multiple sheets to a Combined PDF file Revit goes through the process and combines all of the sheets in one PDF file but then it continues to re- print the PDF file as many times as the number of sheets.

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Revit :: Printing Sheets To Scale In Arch D

Jul 9, 2013

I am using the student version of Revit and have desparately been trying to create a document that would print to scale. I use PDF creator to convert Revit to pdf, but it always comes messed up by an inch or so...insted of 4.6, it prints 4.75 (or the other way around). I tried formating my title block in many different ways, including deleting the outer lines. Nothing works. There is no Arch D format in the family of titleblocks. I am a complete beginner, just started using Revit a couple months ago, with no knowledge of CAD or anything similar. When I look at the PDF creator page of my doc, it shows that the doc has been properly sized, but when the print place prints it out, it is off by 1" or so.
How do I format my sheet so it prints to scale in format 24" X36"?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Printing Drawings On Multiple Sheets?

Aug 15, 2012

I've got a drawing that is 14"x12" and have a printer that can only handle 8.5 x 11 sheets. I need to print it out full scale because I plan on using the drawing to cut something out. In school, I have seen my teacher  print the drawing across multiple sheets, and then he simply tapes the sheets together. I have tried every configuration possible and have had no success. 

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Revit :: Print Sheets To PDF

Dec 13, 2011

We usually print our sheets to PDF from REVIT. However, whenever a sheet has a 3D view with shade and shadow the PDF file has what appears to be a bunch of rasterized tiled boxes. Of which the borders of these boxes show up through the 3D image.

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Illustrator :: Printing Postscript From Multiple Page Sizes?

Apr 30, 2013

I'm working at a screen shop, printing .ps files for film. Most of the art is provided from the client on seperate artboards of varying size. In the print dialog box I select "custom" from media size options. This sets my page size to the size of the selected artboard. The problem is each page needs to be a different size so I am forced to print each page one at a time. Is there a way for illustrator to change the media size per artboard?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Automate Printing Process - Print All Sheets As One PDF File

Nov 26, 2012

I would like to use Drag2PDF to create my PDF, and I want to automate the printing process. I want to print all sheets as a one PDF file. I have created a simple C# code, which prints to PDF, but I have one problem... When I submit the print a dialogue will appear (from the Drag2PDF) which asks for the file to be saved (location and name) How can I automate this?

I may not use pdfAddIn.SaveCopyAs, it makes my PDF not good.

public void PrintDrawingToPDF() {
Inventor.DrawingPrintManager oPrintMgr = (Inventor.DrawingPrintManager)InventorOpen._invApp.ActiveDocument.PrintManager;
oPrintMgr.Printer = "Drag2PDF";
oPrintMgr.PaperSize = PaperSizeEnum.kPaperSizeA3;
oPrintMgr.PrintRange = PrintRangeEnum.kPrintAllSheets;

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Revit :: Send All Sheets As One Print Job?

Sep 12, 2011

We have several users utilizing the same printer.  To prevent sheets from different jobs from mixing, and a large quantity of pages sitting in the printer, each print job is queued in the printer until the sender requests that it be printed at the printer.  With Revit, the problem is that each sheet is sent as a separate print job, meaning that a 300 sheet print jobe requires me to stand at the printer and request that each one be printed (300 requests).  In AutoCAD, the PUBLISHCOLLATE variable sends all sheets in a publish operation as a single job.  Is there a way to do this in Revit 2011?

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Photoshop :: Unable To Use Custom Print Sizes When Printing To HP Z3200 24" Printer

Dec 31, 2012

So in CS5 we were able to print to the custom sizes we created in the print screen for our HP Z3200, but for some reason we haven't been able to use the custom sizes in CS6, you click on a custom size and when you say ok from the printer settings and it goes back into Photoshop print settings it binks back to 8.5x11.  You can use the standard sizes that came with the HP print software, but not any custom sizes you create.  Is there a setting somewhere in Photoshop that I need to change?

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Revit :: Change Revision To Multiple Sheets?

Jul 3, 2013

how I can change the revisions to multiple sheets quickly, instead of going into each and every sheet and manually changing the revision?
Surely Autodesk has a fast and simple way to do this.

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Revit :: Link One View Into Multiple Sheets?

Jan 4, 2012

Is it possible link one view into multiple sheets?  I would like one key plan to appear in all of the plan sheets.  

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Lightroom :: Print One Large Image Onto Multiple Smaller Sheets?

Jul 24, 2013

For example, I want to print one 17x22-inch image onto 2, 8.5x11-inch sheets.

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GIMP :: Printing Large Images At Full Size - Tiling Across Multiple Sheets Of Paper

Jun 13, 2010

I have some large images that I would like to print at full size, which will involve tiling across multiple sheets of paper. I can't seem to find a way to setup tiling at the Print dialog or through Gutenprint.

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InDesign :: Print Booklet Not Allowed Because Of Multiple Page Sizes

Feb 25, 2011

Dialog box:"The active document uses multiple page sizes Print Booklet works only with documents that use a consistent page size."OK, but the page sizes are all the same.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Plot Multiple Sheets

Jun 16, 2011

We are running Civil 3d which we jumed from Land Desktop 2004 (I know, wow). I cant figure out why I cant bulk plot my tabbedd sheets like I could in previous versions. I can PUBLISH in bulk, but not PLOT.

Am I missing something here?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Printing Multiple Drawings

Apr 10, 2006

Is is possible to "que" a bunch of drawings to be plotted? I would like to be able to open a drawing and plot it, then while it's plotting, open another drawing and plot it, then another and so on and so on. However, I get an error message stating that another plot is in process and only one plot or publish process can be active at one time. Thus, I'm forced to wait for the last one to complete before sending the next one to the plotter.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X2 - Print Layout Printing Multiple Pages?

Mar 3, 2013

Is there anyway to bring up a the printer dialogue box or tell the printer I need more than 1 print of the layout? It's time consuming to hit that printer button x number of times. I just had to print 50 pages of the same layout today and it would be so much easier to let the printer print the 50 copies instead of sending 1 page 50 times to the printer.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Printing Multiple Drawings To Single PDF

Jun 2, 2013

I am fairly new to AutoCAD. I have a AutoCAD drawing file containing 8 drawings on it. What I would like to do is to print each drawing to a single PDF pages.

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Change Plot Setup To Multiple Sheets For Use With Batch Plot

May 21, 2013

I have one drawing per file at model tab. When I need to plot a multiple page file, I use:

Print > Batch Plot.

The problem is that I have to set plot configurations ( plot style table, plot area, paper size, etc) in each file before use Batch Plot.

Now I received 722 files with a wrong Plot Style Table. For this time I change the associated *.ctb file at Plot Style folder, but I will need to associate the right *.ctb to each drawing. It's also common to have to change other properties.

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Photoshop :: Print Preview Colors Don't Match Work Window + Print Sizes

Jan 16, 2009

So I am working on this document and it has silver background. I go to print preview (Photoshop cs3 and cs4 on Vista) and I get color looking more like bronze looking but when I do print, it comes out just like it should (in working mode which is Monitor RGB with Proof colors checked).

This setting is the only one I've used to make sure image/psd looks exactly like what it should when printing. I tried the default Working CMYK with and without Proof colors but it's still showing me the bronze look instead of silver. I've looked on the net and no exact easy fix for this was found. I really really appreciate any help.

Another simple question is regarding size. I'm working on a document size of 17.5 x 8.7 inches and the actual Banners will be printed at size 175 x 87 inches (5 banners each at 35inch wide but combined into a big one). So essentially, I'm working at 10% the size of what the final print will be and my file size is 760mgs. You can only imagine how big the file would be if I work on the actual size.

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Lightroom :: How To Batch Print Different Orientations Or Print Sizes

Jun 6, 2009

How do I batch print several exposures at one time that differ in orientation (Landscape, Portrait) or print size (4X6 - 8 X10) or both orientation and print size?  I currently have Lightroom 2.3 installed on a XP SP3 machine.
I have been unable to find any documentation on this subject.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Convert IDW With Multiple Sheets To Multiple PDFs

Mar 15, 2013

From all our parts of an assembly we made 1 IDW with multiple sheets. Now we want to convert this IDW to PDF's and in such a way that we have one PDF for each sheet,  and each PDF files needs the same name as the sheet.

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Photoshop :: Printing Sizes

Feb 7, 2006

I recently made a poster which was taken to the printers, the printer said that my file was not the correct size, i had made the image to the A1 dimensions but when it printed it was much smaller on the page, they said the file wasnt the right dimensions but they can stretch it to fit, so what is wrong, is there another setting i should have used because i thought if you made the picture to the A1 dimension or to any dimension you wanted then it would print in that size?

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Photoshop :: Printing Panoramic Sizes

Aug 8, 2008

I want to make a panoramic picture to say something like 20"x10" using cs3, when i go to upload it to a printing company i.e. photo box, the image always appears smaller.

I have tried using Genumne Fractals 5 but i do not seem to get any luck there either.
What i need is a complete idiot`s guide on how to create and print succesfully a panoramic image.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Printing With Custom Paper Sizes

Sep 7, 2012

When printing on Epson printers (4800,4880,4900) in the Photoshop print settings dialogue box it won't allow me to print at a custom paper size using the sheet or manual feed settings. The paper feed option defaults to Roll Paper when I create the custom paper size, and then when I change it and try and save the settings it just reverts back to roll paper.

If I try and send a print after this then the printer won't accept it because it's being told to print on a roll instead of sheet. Why is this?? I'm using CS6 and OS 10.7 and I've never experienced this problem with any previous Photoshop/ Mac OS X before.

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Printing Dimensions - Exact Sizes

Jul 5, 2012

I am using CorelDraw X4 and I am having problems printing exact sizes.  The printer I am using is the HP designjet Z6100 (42 inch).  Recently I tried to print a sign that needed to be exactly 17inches but it came out 16.5inches.  When I clicked on the image it said that it was 17inches, but does not print correctly. 

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Paint.NET :: Printing Options Are All About Different Frame Sizes To Put Photo

Jun 6, 2010

I scanned a photo in to be edited, once I edited it when it comes to printing it wont come out the same size. My printing options are all about different frame sizes to put the photo into.

So I tried creating a new document where I set the size in centimetres, but when it comes to print how come I cant seem to get the option to print that size.

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Lightroom :: Saving Same Image With Different Cropping For Printing Various Sizes

Apr 6, 2012

I tend to always have a few pictures in rotation that I end up cropping multiple times when I am printing.  Pictures  where today I need to print a 4x6 and tomorrow it's a 5x7 of the same picture, etc.  I am trying to figure out a way to save the file with that cropping.  Ideally there would be a way that if I also modified anything else in the image that would also show up in the other versions.  I know there is Create Virtual Copy, and that could work if I could then figure out how to change the file name so it would show that it was cropped for 5x7 or whatever.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: VBA To Print All Sheets

Jan 22, 2013

I am trying to get the PDF macro to be hard coded to print all the sheets in an idw.  I added this line (guessed at code basically), but it didn't work.  Where do I find what the correct syntax should be for this code?

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Photoshop :: Print Across Several Sheets Of Paper!

Jul 12, 2006

I have an image that should be 9.5 x 12 inches. I need to print it out that way to make a template for something. How do I do this?

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Photoshop Elements :: 11 - Printing Contact Sheets Showing File Name And Date?

Jun 25, 2013

I'm trying to print contact sheets showing the file name and date. How can I get the date to display YYYYMMDD?

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