Photoshop :: Uninstall ICC Color Profiles

Oct 28, 2008

How do you uninstall ICC color profiles?

I can install ICC color profiles by right clicking on the profile and selecting "Install" but there seems to be no way to uninstall a profile.


Photoshop :: Color Profiles

Sep 2, 2007

I'm having some trouble with colour profiles in OSX. Basically i use a Mac laptop and Apple display. When i work in photoshop, and then save an image for web use, the colour profile difference means that the saved image looks quite a lot different to the photoshop version (this happens on both the laptop screen, and external display.

All i want is the colours in photoshop to display how they would look in my browser. So if i set a page background on a webpage to be #c5c1ba and then open up photoshop and start colouring with #c5c1ba, they look the same shade.

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Photoshop :: Color Profiles

Apr 28, 2007

If I open a document using a color profile and I save it as a JPEG, will everyone else see the color profile?

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Photoshop :: Color Profiles

Oct 21, 2008

When I save to web, I get a lot of color loss and my images fade.

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Photoshop :: Profiles For Color Etc

Jul 14, 2009

when working in Photoshop to get accurate colors?

Also how can one change profile on the fly in Photoshop without having to convert?

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Photoshop :: How To Fix Messed Up Color Profiles

May 28, 2012

I've somehow managed to completely mess up my color profiles in Photoshop CS5. What a total Gormlops I am.
1 - ACR displays colours from RAW files as lifeless and dull compared to JPEG. I've searched countless forums and I'm lead to understand that RAW files don't include the 'in-camera' processing that we see on the JPEGS. What I don't understand is that ACR used to display the colors on my RAW files exactly like it did with JPEG files so although I understand the difference in the way ACR handles RAW vs JPEG why has this only become noticeable in the last few months? I've had this installation of CS5 for almost 2 years and the problem crept in only recently.
2 - Proof Colors Confusion
I mostly work on the web and rarely need to print. Round about the same time the above problem reared it's ugly head I also started having issues with how many graphics colours looked in CS5. I realized that half of the time I was working with 'Proof Colours' switched off which made my colours really intense (something to do with gamma).
I checked my 'Proof Setup' and switched it to Internet sRGB seeing as I mostly work with web graphics and photos. I then hit Ctrl+Y to switch on Proof Colours and now I see the colours as they really are.
My question for this is twofold - Am I correct to be working in sRGB and is there ar way to have 'Proof Colours' always switched on so that I only EVER see the 'actual' colours that others will see when I publish my files to the web?

These two issues arose at the same time and are linked. I tried installing a demo of CS6 in the hopes it would set me back to where I used to be but alas nothing changed.

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Photoshop :: Color Profiles - Not Working?

Jun 10, 2007

I was saving a picture into JPG format, and I made sure that i converted it to SRGP (that long name thing) but when I put it in dreamweaver, the color profile wasnt working, and the colors of the picture were dull. I was sure that it had an Adobe 1998 profile when I designed it, and I converted it at the end to sRGP IEC61966-2.1, and it still was dull. I used to be able to see color profiles in dreamweaver..

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Photoshop :: WYSIWYG With Color Profiles

May 14, 2005

Having a colour profile for your image file is great. It makes your image more colorful, however there is a problem and the problem is you can't get what you see on screen when you save it to another file and view it in another program.

Sometimes I have to printscreen the file in Photoshop WITH the color profile and paste it into a new document... I don't mind doing this for small images but when I'm designing a layout for a website and I like the colors the way it is, I want to save it as it is WITHOUT the color profile being embedded into my image.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Uninstall Switch To Silently Uninstall It?

Sep 17, 2012

uninstall switch to silently uninstall autocad 2013?

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Photoshop :: Color Profiles Don't Display Consistently

Apr 26, 2012

I'm the manager of the in-house Production and Imaging Teams. We receive art from illustrators, prep it as needed and deliver for production/printing. Every computer in the department uses the exact same color profile settings (I know because I create, maintain and install them), we're all on the same version of PS (CS 5, version 12.1), the Imaging Team calibrates their monitors every week, and yet we have one machine in the group that won't play nice with the incoming art.
There are 4 Macs in the Imaging room. Machines 1,2 and 3 all display the illustrations exactly the same way, machine 4 displays the art as if it has been oversaturated and the contrast pushed up, as a result we are losing subtle details in the art.We can't even embed our color profiles using machine 4 since it will convert the art to what we are seeing on screen. If anyone on the other machines opens the raw import and embeds the profiles the art looks the way we expect, but open a copy from machine 4 and there is a drastic difference.
So far we have deleted all color settings, profiles and presets and reinstalled them. No effect.Figuring we missed something, we deleted the entire Creative Suite (and all peripheral bits and pieces) then reinstalled it. No effect.The next step is throw it in the trunk, drive it up into the hills, shoot it, light it on fire and bury it in a shallow grave.

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Photoshop :: Changing Color Spaces / Profiles

Nov 6, 2013

How do I change the color profile of files that were processed using Pro Photo color space to sRGB?

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Photoshop :: Preserving Color Profiles When Saving For Web

Feb 26, 2004

how to preserve color profiles when saving for web as a jpeg...

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Photoshop :: CMYK Color Profiles For China

Mar 12, 2009

I am using CS2 Indesign and Photoshop 7 on a PC. I have to prepare color
photos for a printer located in China. They want all images to be CMYK

I now have an assortment of about 100 images from various sources around the
world, there are .tif, .jpg. .bmp, and .psd. All of them appear to be RGB.
There are images with: 1) no color profile, 2) sRGB IE60966-2.1, and Adobe
RGB 1998.

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Photoshop :: Color Profiles Appear To Be Affecting Layer Masks

Sep 19, 2012

We are using color profiles that adjust the white point.  When these color profiles are applied to the image we cannot properly paint into layer masks because we cannot access "pure white".  The brightest white we can paint with is a form of grey (aka, we cannot paint back full opacity in a layer mask).  This shows up in the color "chips" as only allowing the brightest value to be a light grey.  The only way to get around this is to turn off our color profile, paint pure white, and then reapply the color profile (which confirms my understanding that "pure white" is supported by the mask channel when a color profile is applied, we just cannot paint it that value when the profile is applied).
As far as I can imagine, color profiles shouldn't be applied to scalar channels like a mask channel, right?
This affects CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6

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Photoshop :: Color Management ICC Profiles On External Display

Feb 14, 2013

I have an asus laptop running windows 7. I currently have Photoshop cs5.1 extended as well as lightroom3. I just purchased an external monitor (wide Gamut Asus PA246q) I do most of my editing and corrections on this monitor. I use the spyder4pro for calibration software on both my external and laptop monitor. I know the laptop monitor is not a great editing monitor, but I calibrated it anyway. Realizing its limitations, I use the external monitor for all use in Photoshop. My laptop display is set up as my “main display” in windows 7 and with my Nvidia GeForce GTX 560m card.
When running Photoshop cs5 on my external monitor, if I look under the color settings in my working color space, it lists the monitor RGB profile as my laptop display. Does this mean that my external monitor is using the laptop profile? Some say yes, others no… if this is the case is there any way to fix this other that making my external display my “primary display”? I haven’t noticed the external monitor to have any color shifts or inaccurate colors, but I want to be sure Photoshop is correctly choosing the external monitors profile and outputting accurate colors.

As I mentioned earlier, I also use lightroom as well. This too is located on my external monitor this should not be an issue either correct?

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Photoshop :: Dual Monitors / ICC Profiles - Color Management

Feb 9, 2012

IThis was pulled from the Mac forum (URl....), however I am having the exact same problem on a PC running CS5.
When I "let go" of the "work area" window on the LCD monitor it rather visibly changes the color tonality (so much so that white turns yellow). When I release the image, why is Photoshop altering the color space - when other programs display evenly across the monitors? Am I to assume that releasing the image triggers the second monitors profile? Maybe I simply need to use the same profile for both monitors (which would be strange because this was a problem before I assigned any, and is still a problem after running calibration)?
I've been using Photoshop for years and never encountered this before, however this is the first time I've added a LCD monitor into the mix, as my old Viewsonic finally died. I will be replacing the other monitor with a LCD in the near future, it will be interesting to see if the problem magically resolves (assuming I can't figure it out in the meantime)
It would have made more sense to simply be able to flag a post as pertaining to both operating systems, and thereby have it appear in both threads. That way you're not burdening everyone with threads that do not apply, and you're not losing all of the old threads (which are now read-only for some reason).

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Photoshop :: Embedding Color Profiles For Asuka Books?

Jul 28, 2008

I design wedding albums for a photography studio, and I'm currently trying to order an album from Asuka books (in case anyone might be familiar with them). In order to do this, I have to take the folder containing all my files (jpgs) and run it through their "file checker", to make sure all the files are in the correct format. Anyway, everytime I do this, I get a message saying "some color profiles are not embedded". I don't really know much about color profiles, except that the template I'm using from the company is "Adobe RGB (1998)", so I set my workspace color profile to the same. The people at Asuka have not been able to help me, and I'm way behind deadline and about to lose it! Bottom line...Does anyone know how to tell which files have embedded color profiles and which do not?

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Photoshop :: Color Settings / Profiles - White Look Yellow When Exported To PowerPoint As PNG

Jan 7, 2013

First - I am not an expert in the Color settings/Profiles topic but I am thinking there is an issue here.
When I look at this image "McCroreyDigitalLogo.png" in Photoshop the 'whites' appear right.Then when I import it into ms PowerPoint, the whites look yellowish.
I have done a series of 'tests' and it seems to be that the color profile out of photoshop and the one in PowerPoint are not compatible.I have reset my Photoshop preferences with no luck/change to the results.
Finally, I did a screen shot out of photoshop and pasted that into Powerpoint.  The white appeared correct. Basically any files I run through PS, when they are imported into PowerPoint, the whites turn yellow.

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Embed Color Profiles - How To Turn It Off

Jun 14, 2013

I work 99% in RGB, how can I turn off the save color profile.

Under default color management:

Color Profiles: RGB= adobe RGB
cmyk use less than 1%
Primary color mode = RGB

Color Management polices:

RGB = assign default color profile
CYMK = convert to default color profile
grayscale = assign default color profile

import & paste:

RGB = assign default color profile
CYMK = convert to default color profile
grayscale = assign default color profile

Almost  every time it wants to default to cymk , which i don't want as I use RGB

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