Photoshop :: Undo - More Then One Step?

Feb 10, 2004

In CS that I've just installed (yes, new to PS the ctrl-z only undo's 1 step backwards, what can I do to enable it to undo multiple times? Coming from PSP, you could undo for hundreds of steps....


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Undo Step In Recorded Macro

Apr 8, 2011

How to undo a step in a recorded macro.

Let's say that the macro has 17 steps, instead of hitting undo 17 times... I just have to do it once.

What's this line?

And also where can I find downloadable resources on macro creation and editing?

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Photoshop :: Step Backward And Step Forward

Dec 18, 2008

I have CTR-Z mapped to step backward.

Using two different shortcuts for "undo" (one step back) and "Step Backward" (Multiple steps back) makes no sense to me. As such, I rarely use the regular undo, and do not have it mapped.

The case:

When I switch to a new layer, do a brush stroke and undo it, photoshop treats my undo as a switch back to the layer I came from. This happens a LOT, and not just to me, but to a lot of designers I know (I'm a GUI designer at a game company). Some of them have even formed a habit of "erasing" a bit in an empty part of the layer, just in case the'd later want to undo. That's bad.

My proposed solution:

-First undo my stroke, Leave my selected layer alone.

-On a NEXT press of "Step backward" change my current layer to the one I came from.

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Photoshop :: Undo

Aug 16, 2005

I've made the switch from Photoshop v7 to Photoshop CS2 (yay), but theres this one very annoying little nuisance! In v7, i could try some things out and experiment with things, and if i was unsatisfied with the results, i would just pres Ctrl+Z a couple dozen times, and voila! Back to where I would experiment some more. However, in CS2, i can't find out how to set so that i can UNDO more than once. It just toggles between UNDO and REDO. Its just a minor annoyance, but it really bugs me. Is there a way to undo more than once (or a whole lot ) by pressing Ctrl+Z or another keyboard shortcut, or am i stuck to using the history window?

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Photoshop :: Undo

Feb 7, 2008

I have some images I'm tyring to see if they have been photoshopped , and if its possible to 'undo' the photoshopping to restore the original image?

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Photoshop :: Undo Feature?

Feb 26, 2004

I have photoshop CS, I can't undo more then one action!! Is there a way to Undo more then one step? All it's doing for me now is Undo, Redo, Undo, Redo... im usd to bein gable to just hit undo undo undo and say for example undo three lines I had drawn... How do I have multple undos?

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Photoshop :: Undo Settings

May 5, 2009

Whenever i make a mistake i press Ctrl+Z but it only go's back one step. I cant find the setting to change it so i can go back about 10 or 20 steps. Is there such a setting?

Also, can anybody give me advice about making a (Simple) mouth. I can only make straight line. I tried to curve them with the smudge tool but it looked awful.

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Photoshop :: Undo Method ?

Aug 30, 2005

Undo method, under the Edit menu. The Undo turns into Redo, and you have to use the Step Backward command if more than one undo is required. Even Ctrl Z is both an Undo and Redo if pressed consecutively. Image Ready doesn't work like this, nor do most other apps, including other Adobe programs. Just seems a strange approach, particularly as it appears only Photoshop uses this method (Although maybe it's changed since PS 7?).

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Photoshop :: CS: Undo Redoes?

Aug 13, 2004

They used to have this option that makes it so pressing undo twice does not does not undo your last undo. I think it also sets redo to ctrl+y. For the life of me, I can't find this option anymore. Does anyone know where they moved it?

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Photoshop :: Undo Creation?

Aug 12, 2004

I can't seem to find the restore adobe defaults magic button. Right now I right click on all of my tools, and it doesn't give me any options besides what is already there in the tools pallet. For instance I am stuck with the gradient tool, and the paint bucket doesn't show up. I'll read some more, but I'm not sure what the heck I did, or it's a glitch.....

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Photoshop :: Undo Action

Nov 30, 2006

way of undo-ing an action other then having to go to Edit/Undo?

Also when I mouse over the toolbox it is not showing me the tool tip for anything anywhere?

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Photoshop :: Is There No 'Undo' Button

Jul 20, 2009

I'm only finding 2 choices:1. Edit>Undo (for a single undo action)2. Ctrl+Z (for multiple undo actions)I'm not a fan of searching the keyboard for short cuts if I can justclick on the screen. (Ctrl+Z=pain in the *** for me)Is there a button available?A 'back' or 'undo' button?I bet CS4 has one . . .  should have waited for CS4 . . .

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Photoshop :: CS4 Extended & Undo...

Nov 12, 2008

i used to have PS CS3 Extended.. but ever since i upgraded to PS CS4, when i'm working on a file and try to undo, the screen doesn't seem to refresh, meaning that after undoing (even though the history panel reflects the undo) whats supposed to be undone still appears on the screen, but it goes away as soon as you move the cursor on the file and click with the mouse.

in short, when undoing anything you need to click on the image to update or refresh the file.

i have tried enabling and disabling the GPU setting and did all sort of other things to work it.

i have ps CS4 as part of the master collection CS4 but only installed PS & bridge plus the shared components.

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Photoshop :: How To Undo Rulers And Grids

Aug 16, 2013

how do I undo rulers and grids. I have tried to uncheck everything and even got out of photoshop and came back in and still every singel image has a grid on it.

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Photoshop :: How To Undo Saved Batch

Oct 13, 2013

I batch processed a set of edited photos from color to b&w. I intended to save the b&w conversions into a new folder, but must have done something wrong because now the original color photos (which i had just spent 4+ hours editing) are gone and only the b&w files remain.

Is there a way to recover the color photos? i hadn't backed up the harddrive yet, and i still have the original unedited files, but i am hoping there's a way to "undo" the batch process so i don't have to edit all the files again.

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Photoshop :: No Big Changes To Undo With System Restore

Dec 1, 2012

I have started using PSE 8.0 and have been enjoying it for editing photos and creating slide shows.  Last week, though, I started to get BSOD whenever I go to Edit.  No big changes to undo with system restore.

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Photoshop :: Any Way To Change Undo Preferences

Apr 7, 2013

I used up the free trial on my PC a while ago, so I don't know since I haven't searched. The reason I ask is because I guess there are few different preference options for a PC and a Mac. I have Illustrator on my PC and I had the option to change the key command for undoing. When I use the program at school in the Mac computer lab, I do not have that option.
I'm interested in buying Photoshop, so I just want to know if the way to add multiple undos can be adjusted on a PC. I know it can't be on a Mac.

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Photoshop :: Undo Blurry Text In Jpg

May 22, 2006

i'm new to photoshop so i'm not familiar with the commands etc... i have figured out how to make text blurry by doing numerous web searches. however, i have not figured out how to make text un blurry...

i was working with a jpg image with some blurry text and i'm not sure how to correctly highlight that section of the image and just change the text to make it legible.

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Photoshop :: Undo And Active Layer

Nov 11, 2008

If I am working on a layer, then select a new layer to work on, then paint on that layer, then undo: the brush stroke is undone, but also the previous layer I was working on re-becomes the active layer. I want it to stay on the new layer I selected. Is there an option for this?

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Photoshop :: Undo Shadow/Highlight?

Mar 18, 2007

I have extracted some images in PS. I had to go Adjustments>Shadow/Highlight to be able to see the outline properly, as the background was too close in color to the actual photo.

Now, how do I get it back to the original? I mean, after extracting it and saving as a psd, is there a way you can undo the Shadow/Highlight?

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