Photoshop :: Undo Blurry Text In Jpg

May 22, 2006

i'm new to photoshop so i'm not familiar with the commands etc... i have figured out how to make text blurry by doing numerous web searches. however, i have not figured out how to make text un blurry...

i was working with a jpg image with some blurry text and i'm not sure how to correctly highlight that section of the image and just change the text to make it legible.

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Photoshop :: Text Is Blurry

Sep 12, 2007

I created small labels about 1.25 inches in hieght but my text is kinda blurry. The text is readible but does not look professional.

Using Photoshop 7

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Photoshop :: Text Blurry / Low Resolution When Printed

Nov 28, 2012

In photoshop I created a document that is 8.5x11, the size of standard printing paper, with a letter in a handwritten font. When I print my letter the print quality is not so great. I have resolution for the image set to 100. There is a little bit of a blur around the edges of the font and overall it is not very crisp.
If I take that same font when printed through microsoft word, it is very crisp, sharp and high quality.
What might be the disconnect between the two? Why is the same document much more crisp and clean when printed through word than through photoshop?

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Photoshop :: Why Small Text Blurry When Zoomed In

Jul 16, 2013

why is the small text blurry on Photoshop? i am a very small advert for a newspaper! and the text is printing blurry and when zoomed in is appearing all blurry? how do i stop this i only have Photoshop and indesign.

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Photoshop :: Blurry Images With Text Watchable?

Nov 20, 2004

I got some pics taken from my cellphone that I just can't read due to the blurryness from the picture. Is there any filter I can apply or something I can do to make what is written readable?

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Photoshop :: Text Turns Blurry When Converting

May 4, 2006

What is the best format to export to when text is included in the img to maximally reduce blurring?

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Photoshop :: Blurry Text - Resolution To Display On Browsers?

Sep 21, 2013

[Photoshop CS6]
My 14-pt font looks VERY blurry on a 528-px wide image (96 ppi), and I've tried anti-aliasing, crisp, smooth, and none. None makes it look skinny and uneven, and the rest make it look blurry even at 100%. It's slightly more blurry when turned into a JPEG on Chrome.
What should my resolution be if I'm trying to display on browsers? Does it even matter? How can I make the font look sharp?

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Photoshop :: Make Blurry Text On Pictures Readable?

Aug 2, 2013

make the blurry text on these pictures readable?

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Photoshop :: Blurry Text Not Anti-aliasing And Resolution Changes

Apr 7, 2013

Whenever I type in Photoshop for the last few months, all the text is pixelated and blurry. The problem is impervious to anti-aliasing and resolution changes. The only difference is that with anti-aliasing the image is blurry and pixelated and without, it's just extremely pixelated. Why this problem started, I have no memory of changing a setting that would have caused this.
I've done everything I can think of, including re-setting Photoshop completely to original settings. Even files that I created before the problem began now have blurry text when opened. I esentially can't do anything with Photoshop right now and it is extremely frustrating. The following images are of the text WITH anti-aliasing and then without, both at 12 pt, 400%, 300 ppi.

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Paint.NET :: Fast-painting Using Undo Stack And Saving Undo History

Aug 19, 2012

I think it'd be so cool to be able to replay your entire undo history of a picture, so you can see and show others how you proceeded on a picture you made. That way, it's never necessary to capture screen video for like 10 hours and stuff..

So first you'd need to add an option to save the undo history (so that you always keep the history from when you started). Then you'd need an option to playback the undo history.

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Photoshop :: Titles In Menu Bar Small And Blurry / All Text Fields Collapsed

Apr 10, 2013

As you can see by the image below, my menu bar titles at the top are small and blurry, plus anywhere there is a text field box (i.e. length & width text fields in the Image Size window) it is collapsed vertically and therefore I can't see what my values are.  You can also see the 3 check mark boxes at the bottom of the Image Size window are cut off.  I previously had CS6 installed on a Window XP machine without any issues.  Now that I have "upgraded" to Window 7, this is what I get for results after the install.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Undo Without Zoom As Part Of Undo?

Apr 27, 2012

Is there a way to undo without zoom as part of the undo?

Civil 3D 2013
Windows 7 64-bit
Inteel 2.40 GHz 8 GB RAM
Dell T7600

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AutoCAD .NET :: How Undo Marks Are Added To Undo Stack

Oct 20, 2011

I have a problem understanding how undo marks are added to the undo stack.In the code below a fan of lines are draw in a random location.If you run MTest a few times, the AutoCAD Undo command will remove the fans one at a time.

If you run MMulti to draw 10 fans, the AutoCAD Undo command will remove all the fans in a single step.I want to be able to remove the fans one at a time.I thought that  a  StartTransaction / Commit  pair would act as markers for the undo stack, but this isn't working.

Tested on AutoCAD 2010  VS 2008 
<CommandMethod("MMult")> _
  Sub testmult()
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 1 To 10
            Call testdraw()
  End Sub

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GIMP :: Change Perspective On Text It Becomes Blurry?

Jun 19, 2012

When I change the perspective on text it becomes blurry. Why?

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AutoCad :: Blurry Text / Lines In Layout

Apr 17, 2013

When viewing my drawing in model space it is very clear however as soon as i view it in layout and apply a scale, the additional lines writing etc become very blurry. I am scaling to A3 1:250 from model space

Are there any rule of thumbs with regards to line types, text etc to ensure they are not blurred when applying to layout?

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Illustrator :: Text Appearing Blurry When Transferred Into PS

Nov 11, 2013

I've been working on items in Illustrator, and noticed a HUGE change when I transfer them into Photoshop.  What I am doing is creating images (and text) in Illustrator. 

Then I select, Control + C to copy, then I paste into my 300dpi document in Photoshop to add textures, etc.  Once they are brought in... the text is pixelated and not clear like it is in Illustrator.
Left (is the Photoshop Image) AFTER Transfer ------ Right (Original Image in Illustrator)

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Undo Curving Text

Sep 11, 2012

I recived a file and its curved using Ctrl + Q. Can i undo this option ?.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Text Appearing Bold And Blurry?

May 24, 2012

This is a problem running through only some of my drawings, I have tried forcing the z value to 0, no change. I have tried setting the ucs to current, world, no change. I have tried to flatten the text, no change.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Convert Drawing Into PDF - Text Came Out Blurry

Jun 7, 2012

When I went to convert my finished CAD drawing into a PDF the text came out blurry, information was missing, and the lines were also blurry and still colored, even though the plot style was set to greyscale. I tried opening the file up on another computer and it still did the same thing. I ended up copying the drawing into a whole new document and messing around with it to get it to finally print to PDF properly, however, I would like to know why this happened and how it can be fixed if it happens again. I have attached an image of the PDF that printed out poorly, and the final proper PDF so you can see what it was supposed to come out as.

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Illustrator :: Why Text Displaying Blurry In Creative Cloud

Sep 15, 2013

Ever since starting to use the illustrator provided as part of the creative cloud, I can not produce anything with clear text. Why? It looks blurry on the art board and looks blurry in the final document.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Blurry Ribbon After Editing / Creating Multiline Text

Dec 7, 2011

I use Autcad Architecure 2010 on my computer.

After I created or made a multiline text, the ribbon in autocad is getting all blurry. None of the icons in the ribbon will work (see attached picture).

I always have to shut down Autocad and restart it to continue my work.

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Illustrator :: Multiple Layer Export Scripts Make Text Blurry

Aug 22, 2013

I am using a script to export multiple layers of 16x16 pixel icon files into separate PNG files. It works very well with one big exception. All layers that contain text becomes very blurry.I have tried converting the text into outline paths before exporting, but it does not work. The text becomes blurry and thick.
When performing a regular Non Script export to a PNG file you are allowed to chose antialiasing method between "type" and "art". When using the "type" alternative everything looks good, but when the "art" alternative is selected the text look very blurry and bad.When using script multiexporters it seems they all use the art version. URL....

But I have tried a bunch of other scripts as well but with the same blurry result for the text. How to get the option to chose the type optimized initializing for the script exports?

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Photoshop :: Getting Photos Blurry?

Mar 22, 2013

The photos I have for my business in photoshop are really clear. But when I upload them to Facebook, they are blurry. How can I make my photos clear on Facebook? I heard someone say it is the size or pixels or something. How can I fix it?

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Photoshop :: Blurry Photo

Jul 6, 2009

I have a photo but it's pretty blurry. My SLR was set on Manual mode, and I went to take a photo, but the people moved, and it came out very blurry.

Is there any way that I can make it less blurry so that I can print it out? I tried the unsharp mask, but after a couple of times it just looks strange. Maybe I wasn't doing it right, or there's another way?

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Photoshop :: Blurry Letters

Jan 29, 2009

I designed my wedding invitations using photoshop CS3. They came out great. However, when I want to print them the lettering comes out blurry. And if I save as a PDF the lettering comes out really crisp but, some of the letters lose their color ....

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Photoshop :: Image Blurry

Aug 10, 2009

I have a image that I have seperated the layers, however some of the text edges are jagged. I have expanded the pixels but it's still ugly. Can anyone give me a tip on how to clean this up.

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Photoshop :: Fonts Are Blurry?

Dec 9, 2005

I am a magician and I would like to design my own, custom playing cards (special gaffs). The first thing I needed to do was to get the sizr of the card right. With that, I had no problem.

Next, I needed to insert the number of the playing ard (in this case I was using 8 ). I had downloaded a special playing card font, used for bicycle cards to acheive this.

The problem came up when I typed in the font. It is just too fuzzy. If you take a look at a normal playing card, the image is thin,and sharp. the image I got, was fat, and too blurry. I have tried those buttons at the top, I think it is the anti aliasing method or something.

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Photoshop :: Fix Blurry Picture?

Aug 17, 2006

What can I do in Photoshop to fix this photo?

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Photoshop :: Undo

Aug 16, 2005

I've made the switch from Photoshop v7 to Photoshop CS2 (yay), but theres this one very annoying little nuisance! In v7, i could try some things out and experiment with things, and if i was unsatisfied with the results, i would just pres Ctrl+Z a couple dozen times, and voila! Back to where I would experiment some more. However, in CS2, i can't find out how to set so that i can UNDO more than once. It just toggles between UNDO and REDO. Its just a minor annoyance, but it really bugs me. Is there a way to undo more than once (or a whole lot ) by pressing Ctrl+Z or another keyboard shortcut, or am i stuck to using the history window?

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Photoshop :: Undo

Feb 7, 2008

I have some images I'm tyring to see if they have been photoshopped , and if its possible to 'undo' the photoshopping to restore the original image?

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Photoshop :: Fixing Blurry Photos?

May 29, 2013

I took a new Canon DSLR camera on a family trip to Africa and managed to take some very blurry photographs in the Kruger National Park. I understand that there is an "Unblur" feature available in one of the Adobe products but have been unable to find out if it is in Photoshop or Lightshop and which version.

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