Photoshop :: Scroll Speed?

May 21, 2007

I use the pencil/brush tool and hold down shift and draw my line, It works great for small lines, but when I have to go off my current screen space, photoshop will FUCKING FLY down to the end of the document, leaving a line through the whole thing. The area where it doesnt move the document to where it shoots down is so sensitive.

if there is anyway to change the scroll speed, so i can make my lines in peace.


Photoshop :: CS Vs 7 For Speed

Feb 29, 2004

I have CS and 7 on my machine. I opened the same picture first in CS then in 7. Then opened another picture first in 7 then CS. Both times 7 opened the picture at least 3 times faster. Is this normal for CS?

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Photoshop :: Speed Difference In CS2.0 And CS5.5

Jun 19, 2012

I am running CS5.5 on a new machine and it is taking 3x longer to open a 28.9MB file than it does on my six year old machine running CS2.0.

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Photoshop :: Upgrade From 32-bit To 64-bit Speed?

Jul 26, 2013

I recently used Migration Assistant to move my entire system from an old iMac (32 bit) to a new iMac (64 bit) running OS 10.8.4.  I assume my Photoshop CS 5 installation still thinks it is running on a 32 bit system.  How do I tell it to now run at 64 bit speed?  The option no longer appears in the Info>General menu selections.

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Photoshop :: A Illusion Of Speed Or Something...

Sep 3, 2003

I know I've seen this somewhere here, but I can't find it by searching, and I've spend this morning and a while last afternoon trying to look for it in various sections...

There is a way by using the "single column marqee tool" to get a part of a pic to be "extended"/"drawn out"/"giving the illusion of speed"...or what eva'. I give U this...Now that SCMT (hehe..) is supposed to be transported to the right here in order to make that oval "stretch"...But HOW, god damn...?

This is prolly a basic knowledge, but I can't for the luv of it figure it out *puts tail between legs and awaits the ban*

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Photoshop :: Shutter Speed

Oct 3, 2008

A bit off topic, but maybe not. Information comes from file | file info in CS3.

Metadata from a jpg image show different exposure times.

First: "Exposure", giving the traditional expression in decimal form, e.g., 0.017 s for 1/60s.

Second: "Shutter Speed", expressed as NNNN/256. I am unfamiliar with this convention. How does it relate to the traditional expression?

There is also a Brightness parameter, also expressed as NNNN/256, and can be negative.

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Photoshop :: Effect Of Speed Light?

Nov 19, 2013

i need to know to finish an illustration, how i can make an effect of light that there is in this picture:

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Photoshop :: CS4 Frame Animation Speed

May 25, 2013

I have a jpeg sequence of 165 frames in my psd animation.  Upon export (as an .mov file), I need to keep frames 1-29 and 80-165 as is, but speed up frames 30-79.  How can achieve this in PS CS4? 
I have tried exporting each of the clips individually and then brought them into i Movie to speed up the middle portion and subsequently re-piece them all together. This works great, but I am not familiar enough with i Movie or Premiere Pro to export the file properly; it seems to not allow me to export it with the same specs (mainly size, 1280x1024 at 30fps) as my source files. 

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Photoshop :: Speed Blur Effect

Mar 17, 2009

I have a technical question I wonder if anyone on here can answer. I am far from a Photoshop newbie having been using it from version three, but rarely get the chance these day to fathom all the new widgets on new versions.

For many years I have always hoped that Adobe would include a filter for a speed blur. I know it does a motion blur, but what I want is a blur that show the direction of the apparently moving object. I am working on a project where I have animated a chilli on the companies web site where it flies around. I want to give the impression of movement with the blur coming from the tail of the chilli for a leaflet.

Here's the image I am working with, though it looks a bit crap here as it's cmyk.

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Photoshop :: How Can I Speed Up PSCS3 (PS10.01) ?

Jan 31, 2008

with Photoshop CS3 on XP-Pro and would really like to learn if there is some why to get it to work as well as PSCS2 (9.0.2)?

Example: I open a white canvas 20x 30" @ 300ppi. On this I 'Place' 4 small websized (400x600px) images as 'Smart Objects' and then add a layer mask to each (a 154mb image when open). Even as I'm placing the 3d image PS10.0.1 is slowing to a crawl and the scratch file has already grown to 6.3GB. Add a few layer masks and the whole thing becomes unusable. PS freezes with "Not Responding" and then 20 or so seconds later it recovers with a scratch disk that's grown by another GB. Every time I move an image around on the canvas PS freezes again. FINALLY after about 5 minutes of poking at the thing the scratch file maxes out at 8.56GB and I can then do what I want with the image and CS3 starts to perform in an acceptable fashion. If I 'purge' the cache I'm right back to the staggered performance. Same image on my laptop behaves the same and scratch file grows to 9GB.

Same image in CS2 (PS9.0.2) opens immediately, performance is right there ready to go. I can do whatever I want, as fast as I wish, and PS9 just keeps up. The scratch file maxes out at around 1.5GB.

I'm running an Intel mobo with an E6600 Quad, 4GB RAM that I run with and without the 3/GB switch (via a boot menu). Main drive is a 10k Raptor and I have two 15k Atlas SCSI drives, one empty one dedicated as PS's scratch disk. History states is set to 10 and cache to 6. This is otherwise a very fast PC that pretty well matches Mac dual Xeon's performance in the Driver Heaven Photoshop benchmark test (I was curious <g>). So why is PS-CS3 so darn Pokey :-((

I really don't know where to start with fixing this as the same behaviour occurs on other computer's I've tried it on. I have not yet seen PSCS3 perform well on ANY PC I've tried it on. Does CS3 always create such HUGE scratch files compared to CS2? Is everyone just living with this sort of performance and accepting it as the price for getting the new features? Other posts here seem to point to a 'networked printer set as the default' issue. Did that, didn't help. And if that were so easy then it would seem like something begging for a small patch from Adobe to fix it. Lots of pros out there with networked printers..

I now shoot with both a D300 and D3 so I have to use BridgeCS3+ACR if I want to continue that preferred workflow. But processing in BridgeCS3 and then working in CS2 is frustrating. Except for very basic chores I'm finding PS10 to be unusable.

Is there anything I can pull out of PS10 to get it to be more lean and mean?

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Photoshop :: Designing A Website - Speed?

Apr 26, 2005

I need to create a few mockups of an Intranet site for a project, the task can be done in HTML and CSS or using an art package.

Ideally I want to be able to change the colour of text, background colour or maybe border colours throughout the site at the change of a hex value as you would on a stylesheet.

Is it possible to group text/assign styles in Photoshop so that any changes will occur throughout my PSD file, in a similar way to styles in a Word doc?

How do you guys go about making mockups? Art package or CSS and HTML?

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Photoshop :: Controlling The Speed Of A Gif Animation?

Aug 29, 2004

I'm trying to do is take a video file and make a part of it into an animated gif. I only just got Photoshop CS (Version 8.0) and so I'm still a bit of a clutz with it. What I'm doing is going into ImageReady and using the "File > Open" option to open the video, I edit it down to the length I want with the dialog that pops up. Then I adjust the video and canvas size to my needs. But I can't find any option to control the speed. While I'm editing it the animation runs in slow motion, and when I save it to gif it still runs in slow motion. However, if I save it as a QuickTime file or something, it runs at normal speed. How can I change the frames per second or at least get it to run at the normal speed it does in the video for a gif file?

The only way I've found so far is to edit out frames from the animation, but then it comes out choppy. I've asked in several other places and looked at tutorials and they say to use the "File > Save to web" option. But there does not seem to be any such option and I think they may be referring to older versions. How can I do this in the version I have?

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Photoshop :: Scroll Bar Color

Dec 3, 2002

how could i coloured the scrollbar.and what is image slicing?

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Photoshop :: Alt + Scroll For Zoom

Dec 24, 2008

Running Adobe Photoshop CS3
Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 3

When I check the "Zoom with Scroll Wheel" box in Preferences > General:

-using zoom tool, scroll wheel will zoom out to the smallest size, but will only zoom in until image is slightly larger than the file window then slides the image left and right or up and down depending on size of file window. When image is slightly larger than the file window, zoom out doesn't work anymore

-using Alt + Scroll does nothing

-Ctrl + Scroll zooms image the way Alt + Scroll should

When I UNcheck the "Zoom with Scroll Wheel" box in Preferences > General:

-using Alt + Scroll scroll wheel will zoom out to the smallest size, but will only zoom in until image is slightly larger than the file window then will neither zoom in or out anymore

-using Ctrl + Scroll slides the image left and right

In either preference setting, using ALT key causes letters for menus in the tool bar to be underlined

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Photoshop :: How Can I Scroll Around An Image If Its...

Apr 17, 2009

I have no problem using the hand tool/spacebar to scroll around an image when zoomed into it, but as soon as I can see the whole thing I can't scroll around anymore and its just locked to the center I am a After Effects user so I find this a bit annoying that I can't do this, so I figure there MUST be a setting somewhere I could change to enable it. 

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Photoshop :: Scroll Bump

Mar 11, 2008

I mouse scroll a lot and because my right hand is old and shaky it hits the screen edge frequently and an unwanted menu always pops up.

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Photoshop :: CS6 KILLED Computer's Productivity And Speed?

Oct 5, 2012

I've read so many forums where people's computers are just completely bogged down when running Photoshop CS6. Mine is. Two of my contractors computers are.

That's 3/3 for people who have just upgraged to CS6. Does this seem "random"? No. What's going on and why is Adobe saying there isn't an overall problem. If Photoshop CS6 is running, it completed kills the speed of the Finder, or any specific app I've got running — even illustrator.

The amount of time I've sat back just waiting for my computer to become responsive again is just absolutely unbelieveable. I've got a gazillion projects and deadlines I need to get done and CS6 is literally killing me...

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Difference In Speed With Only 512MB Video RAM

Jun 24, 2012

With regard to PS CS6: I'm specifically interested in CS6's ability to utilize video memory to make PS faster, more powerful; but will I notice a difference in speed/performance with only 512MB video RAM? Currently running PS CS5 on an iMac (Duo-Core, 8GB RAM, 512MB Video RAM).
Was hoping Apple was going to release new Mac Pro (been saving dough for a few years now). Since that didn't happen, sticking with current Mac setup for at least another year, and this includes a video card that only has 512MB memory.
Is it worth it for me to upgrade to CS6 with regard to speed/performance?

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Photoshop :: How To Integrate Speed Grade Into Workflow

Jun 29, 2012

I love Photoshop CS6, and my absolute favorite new feature is the Color Lookup adjustment layer. So far, I've been extremely happy with the effects I've been able to pull off by combining that with other adjustment layers, channel work, etc.
However, I've gotten to the point where I realize that my next step -- much like a user who graduates up from using actions he/she downloads off of Deviant Art -- is to make my own color look up tables. The only tool at my disposal for this is Speed Grade. (I have a CS6 cloud membership -- off topic, but way to go, Adobe, that made it feasible for me to "graduate" from only having Photoshop CS5.1 to having the full suite at a very reasonable price!)
I've used Speed Grade on video clips I've shot with my Canon 5D MkII to great effect. Nothing I'd post publicly yet (I'm still learning how to shoot motion), but I considered the results to be very positive. I've managed to save several test .look files, as well, both on video footage and still images (JPGs, to be specific).
I always shoot RAW, and my usual workflow is to start in Aperture (I'm a Mac user), do some basic RAW adjustments, then export a 16-bit PSD and get down to the real work in Photoshop. SpeedGrade doesn't yet seem to support PSDs natively, so in order to create a .look which is appropriate for my image, it currently looks like I need to export a JPG (down to 8-bit sRGB, ugh) from Photoshop, then open THAT in SpeedGrade, do my work, save my .look, go BACK into Photoshop, and use the .look file there.
I could live with that if -- IF -- the .look file actually gave me my expected results. However, the only time the .look behaves exactly the same in Photoshop as it does in SpeedGrade seems to be if I open the image as a JPG -- thus losing all my layers, adjustments, smart objects, etc. When I apply any of my .look files to a PSD, they come entirely too dark, every time. Many of them have simply turned an image into a large 22 megapixel black rectangle.
So my question is this: How do I make a SpeedGrade .look file behave predictably in Photoshop, in a 16-bit-per-channel PSD file? I'm OK with changing the color space if I have to (even if it's to sRGB, the bane of my existence) -- but I need to see the same thing in SG that I do in PS. Is this possible today, or am I waiting on the next SG release? Or, and I assume this to be the case -- as I'm a software engineer by trade, and know that this is almost always the case! -- is this a case of user error? And if so, what can I do to correct my user error?
Or, sacrilegious as it may seem since I have all of Adobe's tools, are there other Mac-based products I can use to create color look up files compatible with Photoshop?
In case it matters, here's my platform:
Canon 5D MkII, latest firmware, always shoot RAWApple Aperture 3.2.3. Mac OS 10.7 (late 2011 MacBook Pro 17", 16 GB RAM)Adobe Creative Suite 6 Cloud Subscription (photo, illustration, video tools installed; no Flash nor web tools)

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Photoshop :: Tablet For Incredible Speed And Accuracy

Jun 24, 2011

So I'm always interested in what others use for gear as well. As a photographer myself comparing gear is quite common. I thought I'd ask what people are using for their photoshopping. I figure some use mouse, trackball, tablet etc.

I run a Sony Laptop and a Wacom Intuous 3 tablet. I run the tablet for the incredible speed and accuracy. I do have a large monitor on my second lappy in the office, but rarely use it. I find that screen size isn't that important to me, i just zoom in when I need to work on details.

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Photoshop :: Custom Scroll Bars

Mar 5, 2003

how do you make the custom scroll bars for web pages?

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Photoshop :: Adjust The Scroll Rate?

Apr 12, 2006

how to adjust the scroll rate when you zoom in on an image? Back in version 5, PS used to automatically adjust the scroll rate when you zoom in on a pic so you're not scrolling really fast past the area you're trying to work on, but now (using PS7) when I zoom in on an area of a picture, the scroll rate doesn't seem to change so when I try to just slide a few pixels horizontally or vertically, it quickly jumps to the far end of the picture.

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