Photoshop :: Printing Business Cards

Jan 29, 2004

I have Photoshop 7 and I want to create some business cards in Photoshop and then print them.

How do I set it up so that it will print out on those business card sheets correctly?


Photoshop :: Printing Business Cards

Jun 24, 2013

I am about to print business cards? Where is the best place to get QUALITY (not Vista Print) cards done?

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 :: Printing Business Cards - Print Alignment (2 Millimeters)

Apr 10, 2009

OS WinXP and Win Vista 64 bit.

To print business cards, I selected Label AVERY 5371 - 2X 3.5 BusCr. Print preview looks good. There is no any visible alignment problems.

When printing is completed (Linen paper AVERY 5371), there is about 2 millimeters alignment problem for each card. I created my own template and the print is with the same results. The printer I use is Canon MP830 ink jet.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: How To Align Double Sided Business Cards For Printing

Jun 1, 2013

I have CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6. I have created what I want in the end to be a double sided business card. However, when printing I am unable to get what will be the back design to align with the front design. Does Coreldraw have a option of sort to make this happen automatically? Or is there a technique to make this happen?

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Photoshop :: Review My Business Cards

May 14, 2004

I am trying to create an image to use for my business cards and I have come up with 4 cards all using the same design. Please let me know which you all think would be better.

Business Card 1
Business Card 2
Business Card 3
Business Card 4

Note: These were created with photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Create Business Cards And Print Them

Apr 12, 2005

i have created a business card for a client. i made it 3.5 in wide and 2 in high. i also added 1/8 in on all sides for bleed and cutting. i want to make a page containing 8 cards per page. i went to automate/picture package in p/s cs and found i can make a page, but not with the images sized to make business cards.

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Photoshop :: Create Double-sided Business Cards

Apr 3, 2013

I am designing my Business Card in PS. Now my business card has a back and front...In illustrator I would create two Artboards. What would I do in Photoshop? Do I extend the canvas to double the size? Or do I create a seperate file for the backside?
What is the correct way from a printing perspective?

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Email Address On Business Cards

Sep 26, 2012

I am preparing some business cards and wish to include a couple of email address as text not as blue, underlined links.  They keep showing up as links and I can't seem to find a way of making them just text.  I'm rather new at this

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Photoshop :: Creating Business Cards In Photoshop CS4

Jun 2, 2009

I have a design, but I can't figure out how to print it.

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Photoshop :: Printing Business Card

Jul 13, 2005

I'm doing a business card for my friend in photoshop (can't use japanese in illustrator), and he uses this specific company color. I switched the image to greyscale and used tritones for the pantone spot colors. However, it seems these pantone colors don't cover every color in the spectrum. Can I just choose the color I want using the hex code? also, I added bleeds to my card. When I am done, what file should I send to the printer? .tif? or the photoshop file? and also, how will they know where the bleeds start and where it ends? should I draw lines on the picture to show them? Last thing, why is it when you save a file in cmyk, the color gets so distorted?

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Photoshop :: Business Card

Mar 10, 2006

I am probably not posting in a right forum. Not sure where it should go.

What should a business card definitely include? What kind of info? Name of company?

Do I need to put my name also? Or just the name of the company is enough?
Do I need to put my address? Or is my phone number and email address enough?
What about website address is it necessary?

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Photoshop :: Business Card In 3D

Oct 17, 2008

how can i make a business card in 3D like the one below with Photoshop?

I can make the round rectangle, and put some bevel and shadow, but the problem is that this card has the right-side of it aparently more higher than the left side... how can i do that?

It's a nice effect but i don?t know how to do it?

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Photoshop :: Creating A Business Card

Nov 11, 2008

My experience with CS3 is with photos and not creating images starting with a blank I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to copy/paste the image I made (using brushes and text only)from a blank canvas on to a template for a business card...

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Photoshop :: Making A Business Letterhead

Dec 13, 2006

Ive only used paintshop in the past to manipulate photos lol, but now I have a serious use for it.

The only problem I have is getting the borders to print right to the edge of the paper when printing. I mean its way off, is it that I am setting my paper size wrong? When I select new I make the document 210x297mm is this right?

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Photoshop :: Vinyl Graphics Business

Jul 13, 2005

Trying to vectorize my logo.

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