Photoshop :: How To Straighten Curved Objects In PShop While Preserving The Dimesnional Ratios?

Dec 20, 2006

As you can see, the sword is curved. I want to make it look straight without messing up its dimensions, i.e. I want to straighten it in PhotoShop as like it was made of clay. I hope you get what I mean.

I have the image of the sword on a separate layer, the background is a different layer.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Straighten Curved Parcel Segment

Jun 19, 2013

Is there a way to straighten a curved parcel segment? IOW Turn the curve in to a straight line.

I thought I has seen this coverd here before. But I can't find it.

Civil 3D 2012 SP 2.1
Dell Precision T7400, Xeon CPU 3.16 GHz
Win 7 Pro, 64-bit,12 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro FX 4600

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Photoshop :: How To Straighten Objects

Mar 21, 2011

I am a photographer and I am trying to straighten a postcard photo of the Washington Memorial. I want to straighten the memorial without harming the rest of my photo (it is a apature priority photo and I have flowers near my camera and the memorial in the background). So I want to somehow lasso the memorial in the background and straighten it- what is the best way to do this?

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Photoshop :: Preserving EXIF Data When Using Smart Objects

Sep 16, 2012

I've got a template file, which has my photo stored as Smart Object.  There are some filters performed on it, and some groups of filters I select to match the image.  It works great.  However, the only caveat is that the EXIF data is stored from original image.  Photoshop doesn't read the EXIF from the most recently imported file.  

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Photoshop :: Why Does Straighten Tool Straighten But Not Automatically Crop

Apr 2, 2012

if I use the Straighten tool (first the ruler to mark out a horizon line, then click the Straighten Layer button), Photoshop used to straighten the picture, and then automatically crop it so that none of the extra canvas shows.
When I do that now, it just straightens it, and leaves me to manually crop the picture.

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Photoshop :: PShop CS2 (Not Responding)

Oct 19, 2008

I have just reinstalled Adobe Photoshop CS2. It appears to install okay. When you start it up it appears to start okay, the splash screen appears and goes through the start up, that disappears and the normal working page appears, but as soon as I click on any menu,tool etc. it goes blank with the top left corner of the working page showing Adobe Photoshop (not responding). I also tried a "repair" from the unistaller, but no joy.

For info:

I am working on a Dell Dimension 9150 I am running XP pro sp3. AV is AVG and firewall is Comodo. I have never been able to get PShop working on this computer, so I don't think it is a PShop problem. I have stacks of disk space, and 2Gb RAM.

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Photoshop :: PShop 5.5 - Using Text Tool, Can't...

Nov 2, 2008

I'm using the text tool and want to change the color of one word but when I select that word and click on the Color Picker box then select the color I want, the entire text changes to that color. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I've got several paragraphs and want all the text except the one word to be black. This page is Layer 2 and has the 'T' next to it in the Layers palette.

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Photoshop :: Pshop 7 - Create Custom Special Effects Brush

Feb 1, 2007

how to create a custom brush shape. Is there a way to create a custom effects using your own shape but creating an effect similar to the one you get with the butterfly or flower brush, like this?

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Illustrator :: Aligning Objects Or Text Along A Curved Path

Aug 11, 2012

I have a variable number of text lines I would like to arrange along the path of half a circle. I would like the text to look like each text-string is radiating from the circle (the path I have as half a circle).
I would like to do this in adobe illustrator
I would like the text to be evenly spaced along the path dependent on how many lines of text I have.

I have seen other discussions suggesting either the blend-tool or the brush-tool. But no luck. The blend-tool would make distorted shapes in between, and would twist and distort the text. The brush tool would make each text a little bit 'cone-shaped', and I would prefer having the text without such a 'cone-shape'.
I am attaching a picture that halfway shows my intentions. In this diagram I have started rotating the first 4-5 text-lines. I have more text-strings (just above the half-circle) that I also would like to include along the path the half-circle is indicating.
The final goal is to get each of these locality-names raditing from the tips in the little red tree.
Is it possible in illustrator to align the text along a path like this? It is almost similar to the normal align objects and distribute objects.
I am working on a Mac OSX 10.5 Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Gradient Fill In Curved Objects

May 14, 2013

How to get that blue & white fill to follow that "S".  I've tried to go by the article but am lost.  I've used Corel Draw since version 8 but have not gotten in as deep as I need to get.  That "S" fill by Sally is awesome!. 

Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Xeon 3.30GHz, 32GB memory, ATI FirePro V4800, (1)10,000 Velosirapptor internal HD, (1) internal 1TB HD, (1) 500GB external HD (2) external 3TB HDs, (2) HP z6200 printers, (1) OKI 9650 printer (1) Roland Camm1 Pro vinyl cutter

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Photoshop :: LCD / TFT Monitor Contrast Ratios And...

Sep 6, 2008

Looking to switch to the LCD / TFT type monitors - am on CRTs at the moment...

Some questions:

1/ I see that in many cases (models), even though the brightness remain constant - 300 cd/m2 - the contrast ratios vary from 800:1 to 3000:1

I would think the higher contrast ratio would be better but often more expensive monitors offer the 800:1 and cheaper ones offer the 3000:1. This from the same manufacturer. Am i missing something?

2/ Today, is there a difference between TFT and LCD when it comes to monitors or do they mean the same thing or rather are talking about the same thing?

3/ Another wild difference... some expensive ones are talking of a 16ms refresh while the cheaper ones are at 5ms

4/ Ideally, i'm looking for a 1600 x 1200 but - obviously these are not the widescreens. See some available at 20/21 inch category and they are the traditional 3:4 screen ratio (like CRTs). So would it be better to go for a 24" at 1920 x 1200... in about the same price range?

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Photoshop Elements :: Change Preset Crop Ratios From Portrait To Landscape?

Mar 10, 2013

I have a 5"  x 7" (landscape style) image that I want to crop in Elements 9.  I'm using the Guided mode on the Edit tab of the program.   When I use the pulldown menu and I see the 5 x 7 crop box size that I want to use, I click it.  But the crop window that appears, is 7 x 5 (portrait mode) rather than 5 x 7 landscape mode.  I can work around this by changing my crop box size selection on the pulldown menu to No Restriction, but I'm then just guessing that I'll get precisely the 5 x 7 ratio that I want.  How can I change the crop box from portrait style to landscape style so that I can crop my image 5 x 7 rather than 7 x 5?

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Premiere Pro :: Changing Aspect Ratios

Feb 10, 2014

I have 4:3 content that I want to use in a 16:9 project. How can I change the aspect ratio of the 4:3 clips within Premiere Pro CS6?

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Illustrator :: How To Calculate Ratios From The Actual Sizes

Mar 15, 2013

I am doing design exhibitions with interior design. The interior designer sends me an AutoCAD file. The AutoCAD can calculate ratios from the actual sizes, how about the Illustrator? Can it calculate in the same way? For example, draw the line 2 meters from ratio 1:30. Now, we have to compare and calculate length in manual way which is inconvenience for us.
[URL] ....

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Lightroom :: Deleting Custom Cropping Ratios?

Mar 31, 2014

Is there a way for deleting previously entered custom cropping ratios?

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Lightroom :: Make Crop Ratios Permanent?

Dec 7, 2011

Is there a way to permanently install 'custom' cropping aspect ratios not provided by LR?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Curved Label For Curved Feature Line?

Mar 8, 2013

How to create a flow arrow label for a feature line that parallels the curve?

I've a vague notion that this could be done with a dynamic block and a few fancy expressions.  I'm comfortable with expressions, but I've never used dynamic blocks at all, so I wouldn't know where to start.

To be clear, I know curved text is possible, but I'm looking for a curved line (ie an arc) that would look 'parallel' to the arc of the feature line (ie have the same centre point).  This would have to be dynamic to allow for different radii and for flipping to the left and right side of the feature line.

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Revit :: How To Constrain Curved Ribs On A Curved Roof Line

Jan 26, 2014

Having a time getting ribs to align 2m below top of ridge beam, and connect to curved wall below.  I created one, then arrayed, but the radius changes at each 2.5 degree interval.  I don't think I should have to calculate the % radius change to get the beams to do this.  Some constraint button maybe?
Not sure if editing a wall profile is the best way to model this, but it's working.  

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Extrude To Curved But Without Curved Resulting Surface?

Aug 6, 2012

I want to extrude a big number of pillars to a rather complicated surface and that works out fine. But each end of the pillars warps around the surface and I want them just to go up to it and stop with a resulting horizontal face.

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VideoStudio :: Aspect Ratios For Dummies And File Size?

Jun 30, 2011

difference between DVD 4:3 and DVD 16:9. How should I be saving my file if it is to be shown on 18" tv screens ? Or does how I save it depend on something to do with the photographs I have in the slideshow? Will saving it as 4:3 reduce the overall file size ? Or is there another way to reduce the file size so I can fit more onto a DVD? At the moment I can only fit just over an hour onto a 4.7gb DVD. video editing dummy that I am.

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Lightroom :: 5 - Dual Monitor Setup With Different Aspect Ratios (16:9 And 16:10)?

Sep 12, 2013

Does LR 5 handle a dual monitor setup with different aspect ratios (16:9 and 16:10)?
I'm planing to buy a 27" 16:9 monitor and use it as primary together with a 22" 16:10.

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Lightroom :: How To Export A Series Of Images In Different Aspect Ratios To Same Height

Dec 18, 2012

How can i export a series of images in different aspect ratios to the same height?
I wish to make a slider callery for my website. all the images need to be 750 Pixels high, the width does not matter.  I have a mixture of square pandscap and protraite images can i do thing as one export or do i have to do it twice?  Once for long edge and once for shot edge?

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Lightroom :: Enter Custom Aspect Ratios In Cropping Function - Results Are Not Right?

Mar 17, 2014

In Lightroom 5.3 suddenly, when I enter custom aspect ratios in the cropping function the results are not right. The values I enter should make it shorter, but the results are making it narrower. This has been working correctly until just the last hour or so. Have I inadvertenly changed a setting of some kind?

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Photoshop :: Straighten Without Cropping?

Nov 10, 2012

I haven't been able to figure out how to use the Straighten tool without cropping.
I am starting with a full page image with Pixel Dimensions of 9750 x 13050 pixels, and a Document Size of 8.125 x 10.875 inches. I want to use the Straighten tool, and then use the Patch tool to fix the resulting irregularities around the edges.
But no matter what I try, I end up with smaller Pixel Dimensions and a smaller Document Size; for example: 9725 x 13016 pixels and 8.104 x 10.847 inches. This occurs regardless of whether I have the Delete Cropped Pixels boxed checked.
I also tried starting with a Canvas Size of 8.125 x 10.875 inches, and using Place…to bring in the image. But the Straighten process still results in a similar reduction in the Pixel Dimensions and Document Size.
I am accessing the Straighten tool via the Crop tool. Is there any other method to Straighten?
The screenshots below show the original Image Size (top) and the Image Size after Straighten (bottom).

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Photoshop :: Straighten Up Photo

Feb 8, 2013

I have a photo slightly lopsided how do i go about straighten it uo using Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Photoshop :: CS3 Straighten And Crop?

Mar 9, 2012

on my laptop i run xp adn photoshop cs3 normal (not extended)what i miss is a good straighten and crop like cs5in cs3 i use the ruler tool ->rotate canvas -> arbitrary and i my photo is straight but with big borders around the photo now cs5 does a great job but photoshop cs3 no there is the scipt straighten and crop photos but in this case doesn't do a great job
because delete the borders and my photo returns to be awryok i can crop manually , but it's exhausting if i have to work on some photos , one by oneis there a script/action/tips or plugin  that can do the same great cs5 job?

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Photoshop :: How Do I Straighten Images Using...

Mar 18, 2008

how I straighten images like horizons and buildings using Photoshop CS2?

I run the software under Windows XP

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Photoshop :: Straighten Tool

Mar 25, 2008

Can someone point me to the button or menu that has the straighten tool?

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Photoshop :: How To Straighten Text With A Macro

Jan 28, 2013

I have a very big folder of .txt files that are flattened. They contain various words, but since they have an ugly old effect on them I need to flatten them out.
The text has a wave or an arch, always in a different position. How do I do the following by way of macro:

1) identify the size of arch and it's highest point.

2) then inverse it, so it straightens it out.
I want to apply this to thousands of old headings/headlines. This is why I need to create a macro for this.

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Photoshop :: Crop And Straighten Automation

Feb 14, 2006

I am running Photoshop CS. I have many hundred documents to scan and was going to use the pre loaded "Crop and Straighten" tool under file/automate. My problem is I want to run this over a folder that will save and close, not just one image at a time.

I also want it to do an automatic save using the current file name without adding the word "copy" to it, and not have to type over the file name each time when the save option comes up with "Filename copy.tiff".

I know the Crop and straighten tool is great for putting several images on a scanner and it separating them into individual images, but this is not what I am doing, I have one scan, one document.

So is it possible to run this over a folder of 500+ documents and walk away from it, have all images save and close using the current name, and not fill the desktop up with many opened images that need to be manually closed?

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Photoshop :: How To Flatten / Straighten An Image Of A Can

Jan 30, 2007

Could anyone tell me how to flatten / straighten an image.

I have tried using the perspective crop tool but it only works on rectangular images.

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