Photoshop :: Erasing - Has Stroke?

Dec 8, 2008

I had overlapping shapes with the stroke layer style and I wanted to erase part of the shape so it was white there rather than a line from the overlapping. Apparently now with CS4 you cant just simply erase lines if the layer you are in has a stroke layer? Cuz when I erase, it just like pushes the line, which ultimately is very cool, if I wanted to keep the line but erase the shape to create a custom one. But I just want to get rid of the line. I think I knew how to merge shapes in CS3 for them to share the same outline, but I dont know how now. Plus I dont think that is what I want cuz I only want the shapes to share the outline in a specific area.

how to merge shapes though? Like if you put two circles together like a ven diagram and then merge them so they have 1 outline not intersecting it gets rid of the middle lines that create a sort of () shape and instead you have 1 big outline of 2 circles?


Photoshop :: Deleting/erasing Portion Of A Stroke

Dec 19, 2007

I'm trying to delete or erase a portion of a stroke but the stroke "moves around" when using the eraser tool or it simply just shifts if I try to use the marquee tool then hitting delete.

I've tried a few methods of the stroke and they all seem to not want to be partially deleted.

I've tried the Rectangle Tool in the Shape layers mode, then I rasterize the shape, then grab the erase - no luck.

I think I mostly need direction on what tool I should use in makin the stroke.

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Photoshop :: Erasing Through Layers

Aug 20, 2004

If i have an image that has several adjustment layers on it, is it possible to erase through all of the layers at once to reveal part of the original image. I don't want to have to flatten all of the layers first.

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Photoshop :: Erasing Background

Feb 26, 2009

I am trying to erase part of the background in an image, but the portion I'm trying to keep is similar to the color of the background .

I want to create an extra layer (which is a contrasting color...bright green) so I can see more clearly as I'm erasing the sections I don't want. Can anyone show me step by step how to do this ? ..I'm not getting the layers in the right order or something .

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Photoshop :: Erasing Background

Oct 10, 2005

I'm trying super-impose the bust of a PSD image (without the white background) on top of another GIF image, and I cannot figure out how to get rid of the white background. If any of you know how to do this, and are willing to go V-E-R-Y slow in explaining it,

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Photoshop :: Eraser Not Erasing

Dec 3, 2007

When I went to use the eraser, it didn't erase anything, instead putting color on what I was working on, like the paintbrush would do.

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Erasing Parts Of Image

Oct 18, 2013

I am using Photoshop CS6 and I want to create a composite of 2 images. One is of the Moon and the other will be of stars. The problem I'm having is removing the unwanted stars from the Moon and the dark part of the Moon (depending on the Phase). Do I create a layer for each image? And is it black over white or vice-versa?

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Photoshop :: Erasing All Black Background?

Sep 30, 2006

I'm making a sig and I want to have the firetext overlapping the background image. But I want to know how to rid the black in the background and around the fire without erasing the shadows in the fire and making it look like I did so. I want it to look smooth if you know what I mean. Another way of putting what i want differently if you dont understand is I basically want all the black behind the fire and background pic transparent, without making the fire look crappy in the process.

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Photoshop :: Erasing In A Straight Line

Apr 29, 2009

Is it possible to use the eraser (or perhaps another tool) to erase in a straight line (rather than freehand)? I have an image that I need to make a series of erasures...take away straight line segments of the image. I keep finding how to "erase a straight line" on the internet but they are only discussing how to erase or clear a straight line just drawn...not what I am after. If there is a way (I was hoping I could use the eraser tool and press the shift key or something)

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Photoshop :: Erasing Non Layer Image

Aug 8, 2007

I have an old image where i didn't used layers much.

I have one detail which is not layer and I can't erase it so that only background stays.

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Photoshop :: Erasing - Horizontal Hold

Apr 16, 2005

how to erase a portion of an image while maintaining a horizontal or vertical hold?

I want to achieve a smooth gradient while erasing along a line.

I am using Photoshop 7 for PC

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Photoshop :: Erasing Through Adjustment Layers

May 4, 2006

I've never had trouble erasing through adjustment layers (ie a levels or curves layer), but as of today, I am unable to erase through any adjustment layers. The history log shows I'm using the eraser tool, but nothing happens within the layer I'm trying to erase. I don't seem to have a problem erasing through duplicate background layers.

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Photoshop :: Erasing Tool Not Working...

Sep 8, 2007

i'm making some signatures for the reptile sites i use out of photos taken.

I have one photo of a lizard that is on a white flooring, so i was trying to replace the white with a brown colour using the colour replacement tool. It went horribly... I kept playing with the options but the white just got replaced by pale, obvious colours no matter which colours i picked so i gave up.

Now i was getting into another pic and want to erase the background and after selecting the eraser tool, it just started colouring it in with the fore-colour instead of erasing. I've tried changing the colour replacement options and got it so that it just does nothing when i try to erase.

My colour replacement settings are:

mode - hue

sampling - continuous

limits - contiguous

tolerence - 30%

anti-alias ticked

My eraser settings are:


opacity - 100%

flow - 100%

erase to history ticked.

how i can reset my photoshop back to default settings ...

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Photoshop :: Weird Dots Appearing When Erasing!

Jun 1, 2008

when i use the eracer tool mostly, does anyone know what can be causing this?
Here is an example when i had an image over another, and attemped to erace the top image.

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Photoshop :: Erasing Black And White Layer

Nov 22, 2008

I am trying to make a black and white image but leave certain aspects of it in colour. I did this yesterday by applying a black and white layer and then using the eraser to get colour back. However, this no longer works for some reason. I have also tried to use the history brush tool but that doesn't work either. I'm kinda a newbie so I think I did something last time that I'm not doing this time.

Running CS3 on Mac OS X.

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Photoshop :: Having An Issue W/erasing A B&w Layer To Reveal Color

Nov 12, 2005

Using CS2 and images that were shot in RAW and have been converted to jpgs or psds.

When I create a duplicate b&w layer and try to erase over a color that is not bright (in the more neutral family, like blue eyes or faded blue colors), the bottom color layer is not showing true to its color and is instead showing as a yucky orange peach. This does not happen with brighter colors of any type - erasing to reveal them will reveal the true color.

This does not happen with my older documents that came out of my camera as jpgs. Also, no amount of changing modes, color spaces or anything like that seems to help.

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Photoshop :: Erasing Backgounds Or Cropping Out Pics From A Photo

Oct 29, 2005

erasing backgounds or cropping out pics from a photo?

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Photoshop :: Brush Tool Erasing In Quick Mask Mode Rather Than Filling In

Jun 20, 2008

I'm currently jumping back and forward between quick mask mode and my standard layer. When I am in the standard layer the brush tool is performing as it should, but when I go into quick mask it is erasing my selection (red) rather than filling in where I draw!

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GIMP :: Erasing Text In PDF Document?

Jul 12, 2013

I'm having a problem performing the most basic task - erasing. This seems crazy that I'm having such a problem with this.

I have opened a pdf document in Gimp 2.8 for Windows. Then I:

- choose 'Tools'
- then, 'Paint Tools'
- then, 'Eraser'

Once I try to start erasing some of the black text on a pure white background, the eraser has a 'checkered' pattern. So instead of erasing in 'white', the tool erases with a checker pattern. See the attached photo.

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