Photoshop :: Cut And Insert Object Into New Picture

Feb 3, 2006

I've been using photoshop for a while with no problems, but last night I tried and failed to cut a picture of me (snowboarding down a small slope) from photo 1, and paste this into another photo 2 (a picture of a pro jumping through the air).

After removing the professional snowboarder from the photo, using the clone tool, I pasted my picture onto the photo. Thereby making myself look like a pro. (long story about me and a competetive friend).

Alas I was massive compared to photo 2. I was bigger than the ski-slope itself. I tried to shrink myself, but my picture changed resolution, my photo wasn't cut properly, and so many other problems.

I looked through the helpfiles and found stuff about layers, but nothing about cropping, pasting, resizing.


Photoshop :: Cut Out Face From One Picture And Insert Into Another?

Oct 2, 2013

New to Photoshop.  How do I cut out a face from one picture and insert it into another?

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Photoshop :: Insert Picture And Remove Last Plan

Mar 1, 2013

i need to insert the picture and remove the last plan i put my own plan

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Photoshop :: Insert Picture Into An Existing Layer?

Jun 14, 2006

I've got a Photoshop file that someone wants me to use as a template. It has an existing layer that I need to put a picture into without modifying the layer or creating a new one.

Everytime I add a picture it comes up as a new layer. How can I add it to the existing one?

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Photoshop :: Object Into A Picture?

Dec 25, 2011

I have a photo I've been working on and in it I've attempted to photoshop an iMac on this desk. I've also tried to photoshop a box on the chair.The photo still doesn't look quite right and I can't get the iMac to look like it's sitting on the desk despite the attempt at shadows and perspective warping etc..

Would I need to deconstruct the stand of the iMac and change it individually? Are the colours wrong?As for the box I used the pen tool and cut it I've now got a smooth edge but the colours don't match although I think it could has potential if I knew what I was doing.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can't Insert Object (pdf) Into Ipt

Feb 25, 2011

I have a part (ipt) and I want to attach a pdf to this file. From the manage tab, Insert panel, I pick Insert Object and then browse to the pdf file.  Pick the file and then OK.

Instead of it placing the pdf in my browser, I get an error "Could not Insert Object".

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Photoshop :: Select Object From One Picture To Another

Dec 27, 2005

I can't seem to figure out how to to select an object in a picture and only that object, and put it in another...

EX: Taking the Flower

and putting it in another image:

(I know the pictures dont go together I just want to see how it done in general)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Insert Object As Icon

Oct 30, 2013

I made a drawing where there is is a complex part dimensioned. For this part there is also a .dxf drawing of the unfold contour.

I want to add a link to this .dxf so the person on the CNC can quickly open it. But, when I display as icon I still get a the full drawing.

Inventor 2013

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Photoshop :: Way To Center Text, Or An Object In The Middle Of Your Picture

Aug 4, 2005

way to center text, or an object in the middle of your picture... I have some text I want in the center, but I can't seem to get it right, always seems to look off to one side.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Insert Word Document By OLE Object Function

Jul 10, 2013

I want to insert a word document with several pages in autocad by the OLE OBJECT function. The problem is the insert only the first page. How to follow the other pages?

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Photoshop :: Make A Picture Black & White But An Object Is Still Color

Sep 27, 2007

i want to make a picture i have black and white but i want my necklace(Breast Cancer Ribbon) to still be color.

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Photoshop :: Black And White Picture With Changing Color Of One Object

Feb 22, 2007

I have a color picture and I wanted to change it to black and white but I want to keep a necklase that im wearing the same color (green). How can I turn my picture into black and white without changing the color of my necklase?

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: Insert Block With Attributes - Fill From Object Data Assigned To Polylines

Jan 31, 2012

Running a Query that inserts a block with attributes filled with text derived from a file that has a large set of polylines with object data (text)? Is it easier just to  insert this object data as text with a query. Or can I place this object data (text) into a block that inserts?


- You have land locations defined within the object data assigned to a set of closed polylines. (Large subdivision)
- Field name for object data on each closed polyline is "LAND_LOC"
- Now, I'd like to label these locations with a block that inserts to a central point within the closed polyline.
- Block Attributes with "get" the information from the polyline / object data and place this value in the block attribute. 
- I have 1 drawing file that has closed polylines with object data assigned to them.
- What is the best method for this? I'd like a block with attributes to insert and pull the object data / field and place it into the block with a defined attribute, that is central to each of the closed polylines. (LAND_LOC)

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