Photoshop :: CMYK Color Separation?

Apr 20, 2006

if i can do CMYK color separation in photoshop?


Photoshop :: Multi Channel Color Separation?

Sep 9, 2004

For a long time I have been struggling to find a good workflow for what I would call "multi channel color separation". What I want is to reduce a full color RGB image into an image with only a limited number (e.g. 5-8) well-chosen colors, for instance to use as set of masks for screen print. (I'd also like to use this as an effect in itself, mimicking a typical 'screen print' or 'litho' effect on an inkjet print)

The idea is to create a set of monochrome layers or spot color channels. Colors are to be selected by myself (so not necessarily RGB or CMYK). Each channel/layer has to be a continuous tone that I transform myself into a dedicated half tone screen (e.g. with the Andromeda screen filter).

Till sofar it is clear to me. My issue is: How to separate the image in the predefined set of colors?

I can not just select a color range: I can adjust a "tolerance" but that is too general. I need the pixels of with a specific hue but with the full range of lightness (e.g. all the purple pixels that range from dark/medium purple to very light purple). The dark colors can be made dark with a black channel. I'm not sure how to deal with the saturation range.

An approach that gives sometimes a result that is to some extent acceptable is to transfer from RGB mode to an Indexed Color mode and use a custom palette. However, this does not give much control on the halftone screening process.

I envision for instance an approach of filling a layer with a solid given color, select in one way or another only those parts that correspond to the original image and subtract that layer somehow from the image. This process is then to be repeated for each color. Up till now I have not been able to figure the right options to do this. But maybe there is a better way to do it.

One final wish: it would be great if the process can take into account that some layers in the final print are (semi-)transparent. In my opinion this would exclude just selecting a color and deleting de pixels.

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Photoshop :: How To Print Color Separation With Half Tone Using CS6 With Canon MP970

Mar 12, 2013

how to print a color seperation with half tone using photoshop cs6 or cloud suite with a canon mp970 printer with no postcript function

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Color Separation In V16.4

Aug 29, 2013

Yesterday CD upgraded itself as I turned it of to go home from work, when starting it the day after all seemed to be as it was util I should print out a color separation. Suddenly I now have to check every color that I want to print out, the only color that doesn't need to be checked is black(cmyk black) all pantoen colors have to be checked.

Why is this changed?

Can I set it up so all colors is to be printed as default?

Also having some trouble in exporting to EPS, when exporting all seems fine, but the file appears to be empty, the next exported files seems to be fine thou. First export is always empty.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Color Separation For Screen Printing

Jun 6, 2011

Well as much as I do design work for customers for tee shirts,I never had to do color separation, for the screens.I’m wondering how do you do this? ( how do you separate colors in corel, for screen printing) .

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Photoshop :: Which Color Mode In CS4 Is Best To Use For 2-color Project / Grayscale Or CMYK

Mar 21, 2012

The project is a photo montage. It was 4-color, now must become 2 colors. So I've changed each of the original 4-color photos (jpg and eps) into separate psd files (as grayscale/duotone/montage-and assigned it One pantone color)
In a new psd "montage"  file, I plan to place each photo on its own layer, adjust tints, transparency, etc, to  create one new montage/flattened.I'm not sure which color mode is best when setting up this new file, CMYK or grayscale?
Once the PS  doc is done, the job will be saved as a PDF for 2-color printing.I want to insure the 2 pantone colors separate properly at press.

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Photoshop :: Cmyk Color

Oct 17, 2007

i have always used a designer to come up flyer designs for events. They all go for commercial printing. Thing is when i try and design something in cmyk, the colours always go slightly dull, but yet when my designer does the design in cmyk the colours remain bright.

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Photoshop :: Only B&W Color In CMYK File?

Jun 8, 2012

I have a CMYK file.

In it I made a selection, and in this selection I may only have B&W values (means only real "black", no more Cyan, Magenta, Yellow).
My question:

How to interpretate CMYK colors/Values into real Black (K) color?

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Photoshop :: Color Setting Required To RGB To CMYK

Apr 5, 2012

We done a photop for brochure & convert to RGB to CMYK, Can i take any color setting in my Photoshop CS5 (I have a MAC)

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Photoshop :: CMYK Color Shift When Placed In New File

Jan 23, 2013

I am working on a very large poster graphic and am coming across some odd issues, at least odd to me. I'm not sure the reasoning behind it, or if there is reasoning behind it? I must be doing something wrong.

I created a ribbon/wave graphic in Photoshop in RGB color mode then converted to CMYK. I then cropped the large (310.875") canvas in to 4 separate images).

I created a new Photoshop file for each canvas to then begin placing different text and graphics on each. The idea was to have the wave behind the images in the forefront of each poster be continuous and flow from one poster to the next. Once done I saved each poster as a tif and then laid them out in inDesign to verify the transition. To my surprise the color for each wave was off or slightly different than the other.

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Photoshop :: CMYK Channel Color Substitution

Jun 17, 2004

I've got a cmyk image with nothing in the black or the cyan channels.

All I was wanting to do is make the yellow channel black and the magenta channel brown.

So, the yellow channel prints in black and the magenta channel prints in brown.

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Photoshop :: CMYK Color Profiles For China

Mar 12, 2009

I am using CS2 Indesign and Photoshop 7 on a PC. I have to prepare color
photos for a printer located in China. They want all images to be CMYK

I now have an assortment of about 100 images from various sources around the
world, there are .tif, .jpg. .bmp, and .psd. All of them appear to be RGB.
There are images with: 1) no color profile, 2) sRGB IE60966-2.1, and Adobe
RGB 1998.

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Photoshop :: Final CMYK Print Out Color Quality

Jul 29, 2003

I'm making an ad with alot of bright colors. It's gonna be printed to a glossy photo paper for distribution, but I'm having a hard time getting the monitor colors to match the printout colors.

I started as RGB workspace, then once finished I converted to CMYK, but the colors drastically get dull.

I know that it is normal for colors to change during RGB to CMYK transition, but is there any way I can preserve those bright colors?.. (it's mostly bright orange and green.)

Workspace specs :


CMYK : SWOP V2 20%

Conversion : ACE

Intent : Relative colormetric.

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Photoshop :: Color Difference When Saving CMYK Image

Nov 25, 2008

I made an image using CMYK (for printing later on), and the color is fine when I try to print it onto printing paper by just selecting the Print button on PS. However, when I saved the image as a .JPEG, the color changes drastically.

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Photoshop :: How In A Blue Moon Do You Convert A CMYK File To 2 Color?

May 7, 2004

Alright, so I'm a photoshop intermediate who's really used this fine program for making web images and a few other things. Now, I've gotten into print advertising at work (yeah, get me to do it rather than outsource it and then pay me a lot less for the effort.

My issue is that I can make ads in B&W or 4C, no problem. This issue comes when I want to do a 2 color ad using a specific color. In my naivety, I presumed using 2 colors in Photoshop and outputting to a CMYK TIFF would be sufficient. The printer has informed me otherwise.

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Photoshop :: CS5.5 - How To Enter CMYK Color Code To Change Black To Green

Aug 4, 2013

PhotoShop CS5.5: I'm trying to change the color black in a simple, scanned logo to green. I can't get the fill to accept the CMYK formula.

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Color Change CMYK To RGB

Oct 22, 2012

A few months ago I made the switch from X3 to X6. I use Corel for lasering, and need a RGB red hairline for the vector cutting. All of my old files were done this way, but for some reason when they are opened in X6, they are opening with a CMYK red hairline, which does not cut on my laser.

Is there a way to get this to change automatically on old files, or do I just have to do it manually as I need them? I have thousands of files, and I seem to forget to change this sometimes.

I do have it set for RGB to be my default now, so anything new I create isn't a problem -- just the old files.

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