Photoshop :: Button Set - Stuck At Making Selection...

Apr 24, 2009

I have been trying to create a button set with a foreground shape. What I am trying to accomplish is when this guy creates a selection with pen tool and deletes part of gradient from the button set, this gives it a shape/theme to the button set – This way I can create any shape on the buttons and they look like a theme. (maybe I am not explaining well but you get the idea)Where I am stuck is when I select all buttons and apply gradient to all, it only applies to a single layer (button) instead of all even though I can see all selected. Also when I make selection with pen tool and delete the gradient, it deletes from only one.

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Photoshop :: Making A Button Cropped Out Of A Whole File NOT Look Like A Button

Aug 3, 2004

I have a .psd file that was created by someone else for my friends web page. The psd file is the background, logo, and navigational bar for her home page. Each button is a "slice" I think because there are lines around each button on the left side navigational bar (not a true navigational bar just created by buttons) and around the head and body etc. (The lines are blue if that tells you anything - each section is numbered with a little tiny icon that looks a little like the back of an envelope.)

My question - we wanted to change the word on one of the buttons - I did that saved the psd file - no problem. Then I cropped out the button that we had changed. When I saved it to the web (as a jpg) the button looks like a button (a box around it - not a line a raised area that looks like a button.) The other buttons do NOT look like a button (even though the layers are named buttons.)

How can I change it so it looks flat (not button like) like all of the rest of the items on the navigational bar.

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Photoshop :: Feathering A Selection Outwards After Making A Selection

Dec 26, 2003

If I have mad a selection with say an ellipse marque, of say 100px and now I want to fether that same selection outwards, ie to start the feather 10 px outward of the 100px selection so that the 100th px has a 100% transparency and the 110th px has a transparency of zero,thus making the new selection 110px, how could I go about doing it. With the current feathering of the selection, it feathers only in the marquee already selected, not outward, and you cannot place negative feathering px. I know that there is most likely some sort of a ration where you would expand the selection by a certain amount of px, and then apply a ratio of feathering to it to enalble it to feather outside of the 100px marquee.

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Illustrator :: Perspective Selection Tool Stuck On Plane Left (1)

May 23, 2013

I have been working with the perseptive tool for a couple of hours now. I've watched 3 or 4 videos, and read writting directions but I can't for the lift of me figure out what's going on. I am using the perspective grid and selection tool. I can get my objects onto the left plane only. When I try to select for the right plain (2) or the horizontal grid (3) it keeps moving my shape back onto the left plane. I've tried using the icon to select the areas and I have tried using keyboard shortcuts. What am I doing wrong?
Working in CS6

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Photoshop :: Button (pin) Badge Making On Cs3

May 14, 2009

Ive recently started making button badges (or at least trying to make them) on Photoshop CS3 Extended. I have downloaded a good template for a 1" button badge, complete with layers & guide lines. I have managed to figure out how to make my own designs and Im slowly getting to grips with how layers work, so as you can tell, Im a real novice!

What I would like to be able to do in import or insert a scanned image or photo onto the template so I can make badges with photos or images from the web (e.g. football team emblems etc.). Is it possible to do this? Also can you import/insert images & then re-size them to fit the template so the image will be the right size for the badge?

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GIMP :: First Selection Disappear While Making Second Selection

Nov 21, 2013

Every time I make the second selection in a picture with the lazo the first selection disappear. what can I do to fix it?

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Photoshop :: Whats Next After Making A Button...installing It?

Jul 30, 2004

photoshop/ImageReady, then Lightwave, Director, Flash, etc... that it's been a while since I've installed a button onto a web page.

I've looked high and low for a tutorial that will show me how to do that, but they're all just showing how to make buttons, (gel, liquid, glass, metal, plastic etc...)

What I need to know is what do I do with the button after it's made. :]


I have a folder with "Pg_1" and "Pg_2", and I have this button I just made in ImageReady, and the rollover, and the down positions work well when tested. Now how do I get it onto "Pg_1" on the righthand side, and then have it take me to "Pg_2". What parts of the Javascript to I copy and paste into the header? etc...

I already have a webiste up, and all I have on it are "text links" because I can't get all these great buttons I've made onto it. How do I do that?

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Photoshop :: Making Button Badges On Cs3 Extended

May 14, 2009

Ive recently started making button badges (or at least trying to make them) on Photoshop CS3 Extended.

I have downloaded a good template for a 1" button badge, complete with layers & guide lines. I have managed to figure out how to make my own designs and Im slowly getting to grips with how layers work, so as you can tell,

What I would like to be able to do in import or insert a scanned image or photo onto the template so I can make badges with photos or images from the web (e.g. football team emblems etc.). Is it possible to do this? Also can you import/insert images & then re-size them to fit the template so the image will be the right size for the badge?

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Photoshop :: Making A Selection

Aug 16, 2013

For example, I will use the lasso tool to make a selection on a photo, as soon as I attempt to do this the image disappears, goes black, it will flicker on and off, when eventually the image reappears the selection has not been made. This is the new Photoshop CC.
<moved from download,setup&install by mod - kglad>

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Photoshop :: Making A Selection

May 23, 2009

I am trying to make and save a selection to then manipulate.  (I am following two different books.)  In my attempt to make and save a selection, I've used several of the selection tools.  I can easily get to the point where I have the 'marching ants' around the selection. 

But when I try to save the selection a little window comes up that says there are 'no pixels selected'.  I get to the point (using, for example, 'load selection' and 'save selection') that I name the selection but when I hit 'OK' the 'no pixels selected' notice pops up.

I've created a new layer and tried to save the selection in the layer.  Same 'no pixels selected' notice comes up.  I've tried to simply 'save the selection' - same 'no pixels selected' notice appears.  I've tried 'copy as new layer', I've even tried to drag the selection over to the layer - nope, doesn't work! 

Oh, and the really frustrating thing is that when I click out of the 'no pixels selected' notice window, my marching ants are gone and I have to start all over.  How do you 'get' the selection into a layer?

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Photoshop :: Making A Selection

Oct 4, 2005

I was hoping someone could tell me what the best way would be to isolate the palm trees in this photo. I want to make a silhouette out of them.

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Photoshop :: Making A Selection?

Nov 1, 2007

I am trying to cut parts of a face out but just leave the eyes/mouth/and browse in tact and from what I heard I have to press ALT while making my selection but when I do that one part it's fine, but then when I press alt again on another part and make a selection I do not get those little crawling ants to show me what I have selected.

I am using the lasso tool.

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Photoshop :: Making Aliased Selection

Mar 27, 2012

I have a lot of images that were rendered out of 3DS MAX. A long time ago I recorded an action to make an alpha channel, use it as a mask, and save as 2 different file types. Worked great. Now, I need to open a bunch of these and somehow get rid of the anti aliasing around the image. I need crisp jaged edges. how to make an aliased selection?

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Photoshop :: Making Selection On Paths

Oct 17, 2012

I may have changed a setting somehow. When I go to "make selection" of my path it only selects the very outside border of what I outlined and not anything inside of it. Also I have to select "inverse" before I copy and paste to get the part of the image I want.

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InDesign :: CS6 Hand Tool Gets Stuck And Can't Use Selection Tool

Sep 7, 2012

In Indesign CS6 using Mountain Lion, the hand tool appears and I can't select or work with any other tool. All I can do is move the document around. After trying the space bar and other key commands I restarted and it worked for a while. Then it happened again. I work on a Macbook pro, so when I removed the mouse and worked only with the trackpad there was no change. When I quit and reopened, no change. I then deleted prefs and restarted and it worked, but it's been happening from time to time. Any other fix without restarting or deleting prefs.

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Photoshop :: Making A Clean Selection Of Tree

May 31, 2013

I need to make a selection of this tree:

so that it looks like this:

and its proven to be very difficult. My tree looks pretty terrible, and it's definitely not as clean as the tree in the poster. I'm using the quick selection tool.

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Photoshop :: Making A Selection Around Multiple Layers

Jun 26, 2012

Before I start looking for work on transforming PSD's into working websites, I would like to learn some of the functions and features of Photoshop Creative Suite 5.1.  
I recently learned:

Ctrl + Win + Click on Desired Layer… To make a selection around the layer 
Then I clicked on, "Refine Edge"… I was able to make a perfect selection around what I wanted using this feature. Very nice, by the way.  
There were multiple layers, I merged the visible ones to make one layer. All of the stuff that makes up the banner, at the top of the page. My question is:
Can I make a selection around multiple layers, i.e. buttons, other pictures, etc.?
Side note question:

Does the document size have any effect on the overall size? Meaning: let's say that banner up top is 775 pixels across & maybe about 450 pixels tall… That's about the size of the image (the selected layer). The document size is laying on, is also 775 pixels across… But, 950 pixels tall. Will that document size have any effect on load time for a webpage?

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Photoshop :: Making Selection In Illustrator - PS Integration?

Nov 25, 2012

I was wondering whether one could proceed as follow. Say, you want to make a vector mask of a given image, part of a photograph. One could of course use the built-in vector features of Photoshop (pen tool, vector shapes tool) to create the vector outlines used for the mask. But, it is possible to export the image in Illustrator, use all of the Illustrator vector tools to create the vector outline, and then import those vector outlines back into Photoshop, at the *exact* same place as they were in Illustrator (relative to the image being traced/masked).
I know how to go back and forth between Illustrator and Photoshop, but I don't know how to ensure that the vector paths (from Illustrator) and image (from Photoshop) keep their relative positions between the programs.

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Photoshop :: When Making Selection With Magic Wand Cannot Stroke It

Mar 12, 2011

why is it when making a selection with Magic wand I can not stroke it,I need to switch tools to get it done.

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Making A Most Used Tool Button For Toolbar

Sep 22, 2011

I also note I could use excel but I have this thing where id like to have the lisp and AutoCAD run independent from other external programs.

I’m the CAD monkey at work and I’m given unbelievable autonomy to what I build (sometimes I confuse work with hobby) put all to one side. My functions often require toolbars with several buttons on them what I would like for one toolbar in particular is to make a most used function button. Better said a button at the beginning of my toolbar, which execute the most used button from within that entire toolbar.
The ideas so far is to add a write-line (append) function lisp for every button this would intern write a button codename/ reference example SNP for snap and SAV for save and so on. All easy I can do this.
What I’m having difficulty with is actually counting the instances of the most used button using lisp. At the moment I’m resorting to a program, which needs to be shelled first, to recalculate the whole list it works but is messy and quite patch worked. The highest instance would then be used to set a variable, which would be used as the command in the so-called “top 1 tool button”

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Photoshop :: Making A Selection Using CTRL+Click Layer Accurately

Feb 27, 2012

For some reason when I make a selection using CTRL+Click it never fully matches the cutout of the layer I am mimicking.  There is always trim. I've posted a picture to best describe what is happening. 

Fig A.
I've made a cutout using the background eraser.  Because of this you can see how the cutout appears to be somewhat transparent around the edge.
Fig B. 
When placed on 50% gray the hair trim is as detailed as I wanted.  It's a satisfying result.
Fig C. 
I now make a selected of this semi transparent cutout by cimply CTRL+Clicking the layer. 
Fig D.
I now duplicate the original (not cutout) and use this selection to cutout again (don't ask why) but the cutout doesn't match 100%.  It's close, but it simply doesn't match.  I've also tried using this selection to make a mask on the non cutout image and the edge is exactly the same.
I thought some auto anti-alias may be turned on but I can't seem to find anything.  I really need a duplicate of this cutout to match precisely.

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Photoshop :: Clear Backgrounds Making Selection Black Not White?

Oct 19, 2011

I am having some trouble clearing out the backgrounds of certain images. I'm taking images and want to quickly delete out any pixels not on the product I'm shooting (make all pixels white). Once I have my selection I go to "Edit" and then "Clear". Instead of making the selection white, it makes the entire selection black.

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Photoshop :: In/decrease Points Used When Making Work Path From Selection

Aug 22, 2007

I'm sure you know you can convert a photoshop path in to a direct selection, but did you know you can convert a selection into or back into a path?

It's as simple as making a selection via a lasso tool, marquee box or magic wand, open the path window from windows and press the "make work path from selection" button on the tool bar. It is as easy as that. However the toolbar button defautls to a tolerance of 2 pixels which can give you a loose fitting path in places.

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GIMP :: Selection Not Visible Until Mouse-button Released

Apr 28, 2011

I'm trying to use GIMP on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick), installed using the regular packages. It seems to work fine apart from one problem: when I make a selection with e.g. the rectangle selection tool, there's no visible feedback of how big the selection is, only the cursor is visible(couldn't take a screenshot while the mouse button was clicked, but tried to show it at [URL] ......).

If I try to resize a rectangle, the inside purple line moves, while the outside purple line stays where it was (instead of showing how big the new rectangle will become when I release the mouse button).

Also, possibly related, there are sometimes purple artifacts from old selections.

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Photoshop :: Making An Arrow Button In Photoshop

May 25, 2007

I am making some forward and back arrow buttons.

I have made some buttons with a rectangular shape using the rectangular marquee tool.

Can you suggest a way of adding a pointed arrow to one of the ends of my rectangle to make an arrow ?

I have tried using the Clone Stamp, this kind of works but it is not that great.

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Photoshop :: Why Does Making A Selection Inside Of A Smart Object Disable Free Transform

Nov 14, 2012

Why does making a selection inside of a smart object (say with the rectangular marquis tool) disable Free Transform?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Clicking Escape Button Disables Selection Events?

Nov 25, 2013

When I click the Escape button, All the selection events are stopped working. Please follow the steps below reproduce.

1. Create the Select Events Object using the following steps.

hr = m_spiInteractor->get_SelectEvents(&m_spiSelectEventsObj);


2. Open the part and Select any face in the model.

I get the following event.

STDMETHODIMP CSelectionEventHandler:nEvent_OnSelect(ObjectsEnumerator * JustSelectedEntities,SelectionDeviceEnum SelectionDevice, Point * ModelPosition, Point2d * ViewPosition, View * View )

3. Now click on the Escape button. Now if you try to select any face , no call back is received.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: 2 Second Delay When Making A Selection?

Mar 31, 2013

Ive recently started having a problem w Smoke 2013.

Whenever I select ANYTHING (click on an item) there is a 2 second delay before it actually selects and hi lights the item. Its a really annoying delay.

Ive never had this issue before. Happens with just about any command I have Smoke do. Moving the timeline and zooming have the same issue.

This only happens with Smoke. Not with any other program I use. This happens when all the time. Even when Smoke is the only program I have open.

Currently TRYING to LEARN (key words): SMOKE for MAC
Currently using: Final Cut Pro 7, Photoshop/After effects on CS6
Current system:
12-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz
RAM: 12 GB
ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB
OSX 10.8.3

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GIMP :: Making Floating Selection Blend In

May 20, 2012

I don't know if what I am asking is allowed because I am trying to make something adult oriented...

I want to turn a dragon picture into an adult furry picture by adding a ***ina to it, I have selected the part from another photo but I want to adjust the color of the part to match the dragon's skin color..

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: No Dragging Of Objects While Making A Selection Window

May 11, 2012

 While making selection by drawing a selection window, the objects often get seelected and get dragged. These objects lie on the starting vertex of the selection window. Therefore I have to find the desired bjects to be selected in object manager lying in haphazard order. Is there a way , the objects don’t get dragged while making a selection window from left to right. That means, the objects get selected which are present in the selection window only. 

Windows 7 [64-bit], Core i3 - 3.02 GHz, 4GB DDR 3 RAM

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AutoCAD LT :: Enlarging Button Icons On Toolbars No Button Image Editor In CUI

Jan 2, 2013

I am growing increasinly frustrated.  I just installed AutoCAD LT 2013 on my laptop.  I managed to get everything customized the way I want, except the button icons on my (classic) toolbar are much too small.  If I go into the menu and select 'use large icons', they are too huge.  My screen resolution DOES NOT need to be changed or adjusted. I went to the help menu to see what I can do, and found that I can go into CUI and adjust the size of the button icons that way, via the button image editor, however there is no 'button image editor' dialog box when I select any given toolbar command.

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