Photoshop :: Alpha Channels & Quark

May 19, 2006

I am still a hold out on using Quark Xpress (v6.5 for Mac OSX 10.3.9). I would like to use product photography in my layouts that include drop shadows that would have a transparency effect once placed in Quark. I suspect that this needs to be done with Alpha Channels in Photoshop, but for the life of me cannot figure this out.


Photoshop :: Channels/Alpha Channels?

Jun 29, 2006

What are they used for? I have been using PS for around 3 years primarly for web design and I have never used channels outside of loading a selection. I searched for more info; I mostly got tutorials that use alpha channels, but no real explanation as to what they primarly do.

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Photoshop :: Alpha Channels

Sep 20, 2002

blending 3D pictures(w/ black blackground) into another 2D picture with alpha channels in that 3D picture. Everytime I try to copy and paste under LOAD Selection, i get the 3D picture stuck with the black background or totally white with no picture when paste onto the 2D picture. I want to paste the 3D picture(minus the black background) to blend into 2D picture.

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Photoshop :: Using Alpha Channels?

Jul 15, 2005

alpha channels, and how to use them?

how can i apply the alpha channel to the original to get all the green stains out?

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Photoshop :: TIFF Alpha Channels

Jul 16, 2013

When importing some flat TIFF files from Photoshop CS5 into After Effects CS6, AE asks what kind of alpha channel these images have — straight or premultiplied.
What type of alpha channel does Photoshop use for non-layered TIFFs?

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Photoshop :: Alpha Channels Are Global, Not

May 21, 2009

Using PS CS4, I noticed that obviously every layer in the image has its own Red, Green and Blue channel. But when I add an additional channel (Alpha channel), the contents there are not stored per layer, but "globally" i.e. one alpha channel for the entire image. Is that correct, or am I doing something wrong? Note that when I add a mask instead of an alpha channel, it does work as expected (each layer can have its own mask, just like they each have their own R, G, B channels).

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Photoshop :: Copy The Alpha Channels?

Jun 8, 2006

When I copy over a pic or a part of it to a new 'picture' the alphachannels are lost.

Can you copy both the RGB color and the Alphachannels?

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Photoshop :: Alpha Channels And Layers

Mar 9, 2008

did some pixel art for my programming projects and some GIMP stuff for banners and such. Photoshop and have found myself in need of alpha masks.

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Photoshop :: PS-CS: Alpha Channels Question

Feb 28, 2004

I don't use Alpha Channels that much; well, actually, never, so I don't know how to do this: When applying an effect to an alpha channel, how do I "apply" it to the finished image? I'm using the Lens Blur Tool and when I finish running the tool, I am not seeing the result it should have applied. I know, "DUH!" but I can't figure it out.

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Photoshop :: Masks And Alpha Channels

Nov 10, 2005

I'm wanting to take and existing graphic and use the outer edge to shape another graphic. In other words, I'd like to make the first graphic a 'cookie cutter' so to speak that I can use on other graphics.

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Photoshop :: Alpha Channels/ Transparency...

Mar 14, 2003

transparency and alpha channels. I'll explain what I want to do, and hopefully someone can tell me how. I'm creating an image in a 3d modeling program. I want to export an image file (Targa, 32 bit, with Alpha Channels) into photoshop, then extract the alpha channel(that being the black background in this case) so that i'm left with the actual image of the 3d model over transparency, with which I can use to layer on top of things created in photoshop. Ok, that said, i'll explain it one more way, in hopes to make it clearer. I'm doing weather graphics for a news program, and have rendered out a cloud in a 3d modelling program(3d studio max). I want to import this image of the cloud into photoshop, and layer it over graphics I created in photoshop, minus the background created in the exporting from the 3d program.

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Photoshop :: Alpha Channels Pallette

Oct 4, 2005

how to use alpha channels but what`s the use of the channels pallatte.

why duplicate a channel?

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Photoshop :: Image Alpha Channels

Apr 29, 2008

I cannot find much on the web about it, how to use an alpha channel. However, none of them address this issue.

I use photoshop cs3 extended.

I am using png and tga image formats

When using an alpha channel, you can set the alpha to absolutely transparent. However, when you do and save the image it removes the other channel information on the rgb channels. This is problematic because I have to use a 1 transparency value to retain my rgb channels. This causes issues as I need the full alpha but also the texture information.

This is for texture work on a game and the engine uses the alpha channel for a team color overlay on top of the rgb image. So I need all 4 channels rgb for texture, and the alpha is a team color overlay.

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Photoshop :: Drop Shadows With Alpha Channels

Aug 25, 2005

im trying something very basic on Photoshop 7.

I'm creating a text layer, and then applying a simple drop shadow to it. but when i create an alpha channel it ignores the dropshadow and only creates the alpha for the basic text.

i know its possible using the "magic wand" but i have to apply this to over 100 different *.psd files so want to be able to easily automate it..

at present to create an alpha channel i use CTRL + the relevant text Layer, then go to CHANNELS + SAVE SELECTION AS CHANEL

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Photoshop :: Saving Tagra Files With Alpha Channels In Photoshop 7

Mar 8, 2004

when I try to save a tagra file with a alpha channel in photoshop 7 the box for the alpha channel is greyed out, with an warning sign next to it, and the line below stating "file must be saved as a copy with this selection" When I examine the saved file the alpha channel is not there!

Has anybody got any idea why?

My old version of photoshop 6, allows you to save alpha channels!

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Photoshop :: Alpha Channels In Photoshop CS4 Not...

Jul 16, 2009

I'm not an expert at using alpha channels, but I was trying to clip someone from a background. I followed the directions according to a tutorial I found (choose which color channel looks best, then Alt-click on New Channel). My alpha channel always looks black. Anyone else have this problem?

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Photoshop :: Missing Layers In Quark

Aug 15, 2013

I am taking 4 images and putting them together into 1 image.  When I import that image into Quark only the first image appears; the other 3 are missing.  I have done the same procedure many times before with success. 

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Photoshop :: Inserting Image Into Quark

Aug 6, 2004

I am trying to prepare a POS document in Quark which needs me to insert our company logo

the company logo images that i have on cd are red logo on white background.

The POS that I need to do are White on blue background.

I have converted the imaged to white on blue, but when the image is inserted into Quark, the 2 blues are different shades.

The logo image is a cut out but has been flatten. How can insert just the wording with no background into my Quark document?

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